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Minecraft Gives Players Free Skin Pack

Like many other games, Mojang and Minecraft had a Black Friday sale on different in-game items for players to purchase. That sale is still going on now even after the shopping holiday has passed, but even if you're not planning on buying anything, you can take advantage of an offer from Mojang that's made one skin pack % free if you get it from the Minecraft Marketplace while the offer still stands.

The skin pack in question is called "Fall Buddies" and is created by The Lucky Petals. Other skins from the same group cost Minecraft Coins, but this one is completely free. As the name of the skin pack suggests, it's a collection of different skins themed around the fall season with a bit of winter thrown in there too. The Minecraft Marketplace shared a preview of the skin pack on Twitter which can be seen below.

"Fall is here and these group of friends are prepared with their scarves, sweaters and turkey hats!" a description of the skin pack said. "Celebrate the coming of winter and the beauty of fall with these skins! The tree skin has a little surprise on the back of it, turn the skin around to see what's behind!"

Mojang didn't specify when or if the skin pack would no longer be free at some point, but from the way the "Block Friday" announcement post was worded, it's probably best to get it sooner rather than later to avoid missing out. This free skin pack is part of the Block Friday sale that ends on November 30th, so you'll want to get these skins before then to make sure you don't miss out in case they're no longer free after that.

"That's right, the Block Friday sale is pulling a hat trick!" Mojang said about its Black Friday plans. "In this case, the day in 'Friday' actually means seven days because the sale takes place between November 24 - November Up to maps and items will be on sale for 33% off during the entire week, but make sure to check in regularly because there will be two new daily 75% offers each day!"


Minecraft's Fall Buddies skin pack is currently free on the Minecraft Marketplace.

Sours: https://comicbook.com/gaming/news/minecraft-black-friday-free-skin-pack/

The 15 Best Skin Packs For Minecraft Bedrock Edition

For years, many have considered Minecraft Java Edition as the superior way of playing the game. And while that might be true to some degree, there's still tons of things that Bedrock does right that Java can only ever dream of achieving. As Bedrock keeps developing year after year, its capabilities and features grow stronger, too.

One of the cool features for Bedrock users is the marketplace, which is stocked full of resource packs, maps and skin packs for players. Some of the content is free, while some can be purchased with Minecoins. Skin packs are a great purchase for a player who wants to spice up their appearance in the game, as they tend to be big bundles of high quality skins made by the official Minecraft team or by other studios or even fans. Here are 10 of the best skin packs on the marketplace right now.

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Updated on April 30th, by Anastasia Maillot: Mojang recently informed its fanbase that the highly anticipated Caves and Cliffs update would be released in two parts to avoid overworking Mojang's developers. While this is the right choice, it does leave us hoping for some more, fresh content as soon as possible.

One way to freshen up your game on Bedrock Edition in particular is to go on the marketplace and unlock some cool cosmetics. Skin packs can be a great way to treat yourself and change your look quickly, if you can spare the Minecoins. Here are just a few more additional skin packs that look great in-game.

15 Forest Buddies

Starting off with some cartoonish but also somewhat realistically shaded animal skins, Forest Buddies by BLOCKLAB Studios looks great no matter what kind of Minecraft gameplay you enjoy. These skins are beautifully made, with animals dressed in human clothing.

You have multiple options to choose from, between a dog, fox and a beaver, and several other ones as well. Although the colors aren't extremely vivid, the shading is what really brings this skin pack home and makes it shine, even if they don't actually look like Minecraft's passive mobs.

14 Among Sus

Among Us has taken the Internet by a storm after being popularized by streamers and influencers. It's a deserved popularity as well, given how simple yet fun the game is at its core. Due to how almost everyone has played the game by now, it's no wonder the crew member suits have become iconic.

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If you'd like to bring in a bit of Among Us into your Minecraft, this skin pack by The Lucky Petals is perfect for you. There are so many cool variants of the default crew member suit as well to spice things up, so you'll definitely be getting your money's worth with this one.

13 Anime Legends II

Fans of anime are in for a treat with RareLoot's super high quality Anime themed skin pack, of which there are two installments now. The second installment brings in even more famous anime characters in the form of skins, including Itachi from Naruto and Saitama from One Punch Man.

These skins have incredible amounts of detail in them, without being overcomplicated. The use of slightly three-dimensional design brings these skins alive, making them both high definition and immersive.

12 Monsters

Frightening, colorful, and cute in a bizarre way, 57Digital's Monsters skin pack is like something out of Monsters Inc. If you're looking for a super cartoonish skin pack that's full of weird, quirky, and unique monstrous designs from an alien planet, this is absolutely the pick for you.

Although the skins are pretty vibrant and bright, they're really well designed and not over the top. Each monster has a unique style and a color scheme, so you're also guaranteed to find something that fits perfectly into your personal aesthetic.

11 Cats Vs Dogs

Back to something more natural and animal friendly, the big question has always been which one is better, cats or dogs? Thanks to this skin pack, all arguments will instantly be settled, since there's something adorable for both sides. And if one day you suddenly decide to become a cat person rather than a dog person, it's an easy switch.

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57Digial's Cats vs Dogs skin pack is full of small details and expressive animals. These skins are more natural than in Forest Buddies, but they're also far more cartoonish, bright and exaggerated.

10 Star Wars Sequel Skin Pack

The brand new Star Wars trilogy featuring Rey and Kylo Ren is so addictive and fun that it rightfully deserves its spot as a themed skin pack on the marketplace. The pack includes a whole host of familiar characters for the brand new sequel movies, so there are definitely tons of options to choose from.

The skins are very high quality too, with great attention to detail. Most have a nice depth to them, and we especially love the way they all have a very strong three-dimensional look which just adds to the immersion of this pack.

9 2nd Birthday Skin Pack

With every birthday comes a very special skin pack, and Minecraft's second birthday is definitely worthwhile for any Bedrock players looking to really bring their skin game to a brand new level. This pack is full of funky characters, and some very special creatures.

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From animals like birds and to familiar Minecraft mobs like the Wither, this pack has skins that truly change the way a character looks by turning some of the pixels invisible. There's no better way to scare friends than with some of the mob skins in this pack!

8 Coral Crafters

One of the best updates to have come out for Minecraft yet, the aquatic update completely revolutionized the ocean experience and underwater adventuring for players. It was also an opportunity for Minecraft to show its support for oceans and coral reefs, which are at risk of dying through climate change and pollution.

This skin pack, known as Coral Crafters, is another great gem that came out from that update. It includes a few new high quality skins, all themed according to the update, and really unique in appearance.

7 Star Wars Classic Skin Pack

For those extra devoted Star Wars fans, there's even more available, because this pack includes skins for characters from all of the classic, original Star Wars movies that made the franchise so great and popular in the first place.

There are a few to choose from, starting with generic humanoid characters like Leia, Luke, and Han Solo. However, the more interesting skins are definitely C-3PO, Chewbacca, and even R2-D2, the latter of which totally changes what your Minecraft character even looks like.

6 Summer Beach Party

It may not quite be summer yet, but this skin pack will get every player in a summer mood at any time of the year with its ultra-vibrant colors and beautiful cartoon-like appearance. There's no other skin pack quite as colorful as this one, and it's sure to lighten up the dreary world of Minecraft.

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The pack has all the typical summer outfits a player can imagine to see at a beach, including the life guard, surfer and other beach-goer skins. On top of that, the player can also wear an ice cream skin which turns them into an ice cream cone.

5 Our Gift To You Skin Pack

For those who aren't a fan of summer but absolutely love Christmas time, this pack is a perfect pick. These beautifully made textures essentially turn the player's model into solid wrapped Christmas gift packages with tiny bows and other details.

There are a few different gift wrap textures to choose from, and for a skin that fully changes the entire body of the character, it's a really well made one. The details on the wraps are intricate and gorgeous, a perfect choice to get into holiday spirit.

4 Blockheads Skin Pack

Nothing beats a free skin pack, which is exactly what Blockheads is all about. This skin pack is basically a big illusion, which is sure to both impress and confuse other players around. The head of the player is actually a block, while the torso is the skin's head.

There are a few different character and block options, ranging from TNT to Creeper head. The skins are very clean and high definition, with bright, vibrant colors to give them that nice cartoon appearance that looks so good in Minecraft.

3 Block Camo! Skin Pack

Some skins can be great for pranks and surprising friends, and this skin pack definitely proves it. The pack is filled with different full-body skins that turn the player into a specific Minecraft block, ranging from wood to dirt to stone.

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While the skins just basically look like the default Minecraft blocks themselves, this is a super cool idea that can make for some fun hide-and-seek games. With how seamless these look next to the actual blocks themselves, it's a pretty awesome and fun skin pack to pick up.

2 1st Birthday Skin Pack

The first birthday of Minecraft on Xbox brought about some truly fun, cute skins that are still available on the marketplace today. Most of the skins are very simple, with the various mobs turned into Minecraft skins and paired with party hats.

However, there are some more unique ones, such as a Creeper skin with a Steve mask on or a Steve with a Creeper mask on. These are very true to the original Minecraft style, obviously, but that's why they're so good and popular in the first place.

1 Legacy Skin Pack

To say that any other skin pack but the absolute default styles is best would be a big lie. So many players have stuck with Minecraft for years, and will definitely recognize some of these ultra-nostalgic skins that are available thanks to the free Legacy Skin Pack.

From the default Steve to various different alternate versions, it might not look the greatest or most vibrant pack, but it's what Minecraft was built upon and it's what players keep coming back to. It's a surefire skin pack to add into a game for a bit of extra nostalgia spice.

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Squid Game has now been recreated in Roblox, Fortnite, and also on PS1. Well, sort of.

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The Best Skin Packs in Minecraft Marketplace

The Minecraft Marketplace is full of user-created content that players can purchase and download. From mini-games to texture packs, there's no shortage of ways to upgrade the Minecraft experience. Players can even download hundreds of different character skin packs! There's a reason Minecraft is YouTube's most viewed game. Players will have to spend real money on Minecoins, Minecraft's in-game currency. However, spending that money on user-created content should make players feel better about it. It's not like funneling money back into Activision's pockets when purchasing COD Points.

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Downloadable skin packs have grown to be one of the most significant parts of online gaming. Flaunting unique costumes and characters adds a little bit more insult to injury after eliminating other players in combat based games. Minecraft, of course, is far more wholesome than today's modern Shooters. While there are still plenty of competitive ways to play Minecraft, players will be dawning these skins to give themselves and their friends a good laugh. Here are some of the most popular skins currently available on the Minecraft Marketplace. *MC = Minecoins

Derpy Agents - MC

Derpy Agents comes to us from Senior Studios. Players purchasing this skin pack will be getting 12 unique agent skins along with 1 free bonus skin! Everybody likes secret agents. There's a reason James Bond has lasted for almost 60 years now. However, everybody also loves a good spoof on secret agents. Just ask the international man of mystery himself.

Trendy Anime - MC

With convention season most likely sidelined due to Covid, cosplayers will have to dawn their costumes elsewhere. Minecraft might be the answer for some. Trendy anime comes to use from Atheris Games and will also grant players 12 unique anime-inspired skins and 1 free bonus skin.

Cyberwave - MC

What better way to spend your Cyberpunk refund than on some user-created Minecraft content? Cyberwave comes to us from Magefall and grants players 8 unique neon skins. Each skin comes with mind-bending geometric patterns as well as detailed color gradients. Light up the Minecraft EDM scene with this eye-catching skin pack. With Cyberpunk finding new ways to inspire content creators, some modders have taken to re-creating Night City in Minecraft.

Ice Breakers - MC

Keep in the winter mood with this polar-themed skin pack brought to use by House of How.  Ice Breakers comes with 8 winterized skins for players to flaunt on the icy peaks of their islands. With plenty of winter-themed mini-games and add-ons to play, Ice Breakers is a must-get.

Creeper Kai -

There's no arguing that Cobra Kai is one of the most popular shows available on Netflix right now. With three seasons seeming to appear out of nowhere, it's been the karate experience we didn't know we needed. Now, Minecraft players can harness their inner wax on, wax off with the Creeper Kai skin pack brought to us, once again, by House of How.  Creeper Kai comes with 12 on-theme skins for players to choose from.

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Minecraft is available on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Mobile, and PC


Animal Crossing Cat Villager Design Made By Creative Player

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This article is about player skins in Minecraft. For heroes in Minecraft Dungeons, see MCD:Hero. For world textures, see resource pack.

Skins refer to the textures that are placed onto a player or mob model.


Skins are divided into areas that act as the surface area of the character (for example, the front head area, left leg area, etc.). There are a total of 3, pixels that can be customized, with 1, on each layer. The second layer can be used to give the character glasses, hats, or other accessories (even a bigger head).

In Java Edition, a skin allows only a solid color; transparency is not allowed on the skin file except on the second layer, which is transparent by default; playing offline, pixels can be left free resulting in "holes" in the skin. If a skin with transparent pixels on the first layer is uploaded, the transparent pixels render as black pixels in-game. There are about × 10 possible skins in this edition, with × 10 compatible online.

In Bedrock Edition, skins can have double the resolution of a normal skin. This means the skin template can be up to × instead of just 64× The normal templates still apply, but players get 4× the amount of pixels to work with, since both dimensions have been doubled. Transparency can be used, even on the first layer, though there needs to be at least one visible pixel on five body parts, so a fully invisible skin can't be made. The transparency must also be 0% or % as translucent colors are not allowed in either layer.

Pixel size of the 2nd layer on body, arms and legs is pixel bigger than the skin pixel (inner layer). For head 2nd layer (Hat layer) it is pixels bigger than the skin layer (inner layer).

World textures[]

Main article: Resource pack

A skin can also refer to other textures in the game, such as block textures, item sprites, mob skins, etc. A list of these can be found here.

It is worth noting that a zombie and its variants can use typical player skins (and vice-versa). Skeleton mobs can use typical player skins as well, but keep in mind that they have their skinny arms and legs. If a skeleton mob skin is used as a player's skin, their legs and arms do not appear skinny.

In order to use the player skin for zombies, the user must align it to the correct place on the .png to avoid a visual break in the texture.

Changing or installing player skins[]

Java Edition[]

Only players who have purchased Minecraft can change their character's skin. This is done on the profile page or in the Minecraft launcher by uploading a valid texture that is 64×64 pixels or legacy texture that is 64×32 pixels, which then replaces the default skin.

Skins also have the option of having 3 or 4 pixel wide arms, which can be changed on the profile page as well.[1]

The and files in minecraft.jar (Old launcher) or client.jar (New Launcher) can also be changed and replaced via a resource pack, but the effects are visible only to players using the resource pack, and affects all players with the default skin.

Legacy Console Edition[]

There were 18[verify] default skin types (with the exception of the skin packs), 9 of which were based on the Steve model, and the other 9 based on the Alex model, wearing different outfits and skin colors. The skins were available to be chosen in the 'Change Skin' area of Help & Options. There were also a few other skins with the name of Alex or Steve, but they weren't default, such as Developer Alex or Party Steve. The Legacy Console Edition did not allow transparent skins, because the player could not create their own skins. This prevented issues with completely transparent skin users "haunting" other players. The player could add custom skins to the Legacy Console Edition via hacking; however, this voided the warranty of the console, and the player risked a ban from online play for an illicitly modded game or console.

Skins in Default Skin Pack
Name Front Rear File Player Notes
SteveSteve.pngSteve (back).pngChar.pngPlayer 1's Skin The classic Steve.
Tennis SteveTennis Steve.pngTennis Steve (back).pngTennis Steve (texture).pngPlayer 2's Skin A blond Steve in a tennis outfit and a sweatband.
Tuxedo SteveTuxedo Steve.pngTuxedo Steve (back).pngTuxedo Steve (texture).pngPlayer 3's Skin Steve in a fancy-looking tuxedo.
Athlete SteveAthlete Steve.pngAthlete Steve (back).pngAthlete Steve (texture).pngPlayer 4's Skin A darker version of Steve with a sleeveless top, a gold medal necklace, and track pants. Absent from Bedrock Edition's Legacy Skin Pack.
Scottish Steve[note 1]Scottish Steve.pngScottish Steve (back).pngScottish Steve (texture).pngPlayer 5's Skin Steve in a kilt with fancy hair and clothing.
Prisoner StevePrisoner Steve.pngPrisoner Steve (back).pngPrisoner Steve (texture).pngPlayer 6's Skin Steve as an escapee from prison in a bright-colored, prison uniform. It seems as if he resembles an albino, with red eyes and off white hair.
Cyclist SteveCyclist Steve.pngCyclist Steve (back).pngCyclist Steve (texture).pngPlayer 7's Skin A Steve with bicycling shorts, a jacket, and shoes.
Boxer SteveBoxer Steve.pngBoxer Steve (back).pngBoxer Steve (texture).pngA Steve with boxing gloves, a belt with short shorts, no shirt, and fancy boots. There is an error with the arm texture where shoulder and hand textures occupy each other's location resulting in shoulder being on hand and boxing glove being on shoulder. This error applies only to the Xbox Edition.
AlexAlex.pngAlex (back).pngChar9.pngThe classic Alex.
Tennis AlexTennis Alex.pngTennis Alex (back).pngTennis Alex (texture).pngA darker Alex in a tennis outfit and a sweatband.
Tuxedo AlexTuxedo Alex.pngTuxedo Alex (back).pngTuxedo Alex (texture).pngAlex in a fancy-looking dress.
Athlete AlexAthlete Alex.pngAthlete Alex (back).pngAthlete Alex (texture).pngA dark haired Alex with a running shirt and track pants. Absent from Bedrock Edition's Legacy Skin Pack.
Swedish Alex[note 1]Swedish Alex.pngSwedish Alex (back).pngSwedish Alex (texture).pngAlex in the Sweden suit[more information needed] with blonde hair.
Prisoner AlexPrisoner Alex.pngPrisoner Alex (back).pngPrisoner Alex (texture).pngAlex that has escaped from prison in a bright-colored prison uniform with brown hair.
Cyclist AlexCyclist Alex.pngCyclist Alex (back).pngCyclist Alex (texture).pngAn Alex with blue glasses, bicycling shorts, a jacket, shorts, and shoes
Boxer AlexBoxer Alex.pngBoxer Alex (back).pngBoxer Alex (texture).pngAn Alex with boxing gloves, short shorts, red boots and sleeveless shirt.
  1. abThe country-based skins are references to the countries developing the game; Mojang is located in Sweden, and 4J Studios is located in Scotland.
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The specific instructions are: Steve and Alex textures and renders from various birthday packs and official texture packs.

Other versions of Steve and Alex in officially-released skin packs exist:

Bedrock Edition[]

Since Pocket Edition v alpha, players can choose one of the two default skins either Steve or Alex, and can apply their own custom skin. (Uses the same format as the Java edition). The player must select a valid skin image from their photo library, and must choose between the two main models. Players can also spend Minecraft Coins to buy skin packs. The Legacy Skin Pack was also implemented in Bedrock Edition, but the player has to sign in to Xbox Live to access all the skins. It also includes five anonymous skins. Players can also make their own skin packs, which must include a manifest.json file, a skins.json file, and all the desired skins. An additional .lang file can be added inside a folder labeled texts to display the skin names, but the game can register the skins without it.

Character creator[]

Main article: Character creator

The character creator is a feature in Bedrock Edition (and was in Minecraft Earth until discontinuation) that lets players customize their skins with free and paid-for cosmetic items. It can be accessed by selecting the character profile button on the main menu. It can also be used to equip capes. Many clothing items cost Minecoins (Tokens on PlayStation 4), or can be earned by completing certain achievements.

Skin packs[]

Main article: Skin packs

Skin Packs are available in Bedrock Edition as downloadable content. They can be aquired:

  • through the Marketplace. Most of them cost Minecoins (Tokens on PS4), but some have been released for free.
  • through files put in the or folder in the game files (accessible only on Windows 10, Android, iOS, iPadOS, and Fire devices).

Java Edition Skin Packs[]

The following skin packs were released on minecraft.net by Mojang Studios for certain events.

There might be more Java Edition exclusive skin packs released by Mojang Studios not yet listed in this table.


Many players prefer their own unique skin. While many premade skins can be found online, many players prefer to create their own.

A custom skin is a way to personalize the player model and can be done either by using a variety of community-made skin editors, or by editing the or file manually with an image editor like Photoshop, GIMP, Paint.net or similar image editors. The file can be downloaded here and the file here. When editing the or file manually, be sure to keep the original image dimensions and make the background of the skin (the unused pixels) completely transparent. Otherwise, Minecraft may fail to recognize the skin as intended.

Alternatively, some may find it easier to use a program, either downloadable or in-browser, which provides a live view of their character on a three-dimensional model as they are editing the skin. For example, programs may further assist players by providing them with a wide variety of pre-made selections (such as hats, boots, sweaters, etc.), to give the skin creator exactly what they want, even if the creator has little to no artistic skill.

After making a custom skin, either by using a skin editor or by editing the file directly, one still needs to upload the file at the Skin section of the Profile page on Minecraft.net (found here) before the skin is applied. Other players in multiplayer can also see this skin. Note that players cannot see the custom skin if they are not logged in or when playing offline.

Official skin templates[]

Minecraft Help Center Article

Other templates[]

  • The modern layered skin template; every body part can have a second layer.

  • An adaptation of the previous template, color-coded to match the appropriate faces of the skin: front, back, left, right, top and bottom. The checked areas represent the secondary layer.

  • A template for the slim arms/"Alex" model.

  • An adaptation of the slimmer arms template, color-coded to match the appropriate faces of the skin: front, back, left, right, top and bottom. The checked areas represent the secondary layer.

  • Color-coded old skin template with all faces labeled.

  • Another skin guide, but on a black background. For the arm and leg sections only, "right" indicates those facing outward, and "left" indicates inward.

  • Template for deadmau5's ears. Use other templates listed here for the skin.

The modern templates can be used for old (pre–Java Edition ) skins on the skin server, but only the top half of the image is used. (i.e., not the individual arms and legs on the bottom and no overlay on any layer except the head). If the skin is for Java Edition , the old system must be used exactly.

To 6 significant figures, there are ×1023, possible unique Minecraft skins.


Java Edition Classic
June 13, Custom player skin test.
aCustom skins released.
SURVIVAL TESTThe player skin originally had a beard, which was removed in this version.
?The arms and legs of the player are now mirrored on opposite sides; they were previously not.
Java Edition Alpha
vPlayer skins can be modified.[more information needed]
Java Edition
Beta PrereleaseAll "bottom" textures (including hand and foot) have been flipped degrees. It's worth mentioning that the textures were specifically flipped and not rotated because an updated texture with the bottom surface rotated as opposed to flipped may display incorrectly depending on the intended alignment with relation to the rest of the skin.
April 1, On April 1st, all skins applied to players were changed and locked to Villager skins as an April Fools' prank. Capes were still shown, however, if the user had one.
14w03aSkins have received an overhaul; right and left legs/arms can now be edited independently and the hat layer now counts for the whole body, meaning overlays can now be added on skins. This means there are now × 1023, unique Minecraft skins instead of × 1011, previously.
14w04aNow displays the right arm's second layer in first person view.
pre1Added a new player model with smaller arms, and a new player skin called Alex.
15w47aOverlay layers (hat, jacket, sleeves, and pants) correctly render semitransparent pixels, instead of just fully opaque and fully transparent pixels.
Pocket Edition Alpha
vbuild 1Added skins. Players can choose 'Steve' and 'Alex' models or their own custom skin (uses the same format as in Java Edition).
build 10Added the first two skin packs: City Folk and Town Folk. Each skin pack has 5 free skins, and purchasing the skin pack unlocks the rest of the skins. Skin packs cost USD $
vAdded the Halloween Costumes skin pack.
vbuild 5Added the "Biome Settlers" skin pack.
vAdded the Holiday Festival skin pack.
vAdded the Journey to The West skin pack.
vbuild 7Added the Redstone Specialists skin pack.
vAdded Minecraft: Story Mode skins.
vAdded Biome Settlers Pack 2 Skin pack.
vAdded Villians Skin pack.
Sours: https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Skin

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