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The Yosuke Romance Mod For Persona 4 Golden Is Now Available On PC

By Scott Baird


The romance mod for Yosuke in Persona 4 Golden on PC is complete, allowing fans to restore the cut relationship that was meant for the original game.

It's now possible to romance Yosuke in the PC version of Persona 4 Golden, thanks to a new mod that is available online.

The Persona series has had a pretty bad history when it comes to LGBTQ representation, which has included ignoring pleas from fans to add a gay romance option. There were plans to include a gay relationship in Persona 4, but it was cut during development. Originally, the player was going to be able to romance Yosuke, but it was never finished, and only a few voice lines remain in the final version of Persona 4.

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Persona 4 Golden was ported to Steam over the summer, which made it easier to develop mods for the game. One of the first mods that were announced was a gay romance mod for Yosuke, which would restore the cut content from Persona 4 and flesh it out, to bring it in line with the other romance options in the game. The Yosuke romance mod is now complete and can be downloaded on Game Banana.

There are four different versions of the mod: one that only activates at Rank 10, one that's only an S-Link, one that's Rank 10 and changes the controversial camping scene from the base, and a full version of the mod with all content changes. A post-release patch is planned for the mod, which will add more content.

It's still unclear why the Yosuke romance was cut from the original version of Persona 4. This is a series with a demon that has a giant willy monster in a chariot as a recruitable ally, to say nothing of all of the fanservice and outright heresy that is present throughout each entry. There may come a time when the Persona series lets the player have a gay romance, but fans will have to rely on mods if they want Yosuke to be their boyfriend. On the plus side, if Persona 5 ever comes to PC, then we might finally be able to romance Yusuke as well.

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If you hadn’t heard, Persona 4 Golden is on Steam now, and not only is it bringing the series to PC, it’s also put the game on a device that can be easily modded, thus allowing modders to put together some scrapped content that still exists in the game’s files. Including the gay romance social link for Yosuke, which has existed in the game’s files, but never was accessible through the game as it existed on PlayStation 2 or PlayStation Vita.

The mod is still a work in progress, but it uses voice lines and dialogue that exist in the game’s files to make Yosuke a romanceable social link. This is notable for a few reasons, because not only is it adding another romance option to the game, but it’s also the sole gay romantic storyline in a series that has gone out of its way to not be inclusive when it comes to queerness in general.

Here’s a clip from the mod, which shows Yosuke’s confession dialogue, but given that the audio files used are repetitive, you can see that the entire modding process is far from complete.

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The Yosuke romance is a sore spot for some queer Persona fans, as not only is it one of the only times modern Persona appeared to me making steps toward inclusivity, but that it was ultimately removed from a game that already has questionable storylines that intersect with issues of sexuality and gender identity has felt like a nail in a particular coffin about how willing the series is to engage with these topics. Things haven’t improved for the series either, with Persona 5 doubling down on gay panic scenes for no reason beyond using them as an attempt at comic relief. Persona 5 Royal, the enhanced edition of the game that came out earlier this year in the west, did get some key changes to dialogue in its English localization, but even those weren’t enough to make the game itself inclusive to gay men beyond not making them a predatory stereotype.

Now that the Persona series is making moves to PC, maybe Persona 5 Royal will find its way to Steam in the future and people can mod in a Ryuji romance, yeah? Maybe even an Akechi or Yusuke one, too? It would be an easy update, considering each of their stories are oozing with romantic tension between them and protagonist Joker, but they’re all a bunch of clueless buffoons. Maybe one day we’ll even see Persona 3 on Steam and can get an Akihiko romance, whether that be in just a straight port or a much-requested remake.

For more on Persona, check out our review podcast of Persona 5 Royal, as well as our plethora of guides on the 100+ hour RPG. Need some guidance on how to raise your Baton Pass rankings? We’ve got a guide for that. Want to know how best to rank up Ryuji’s confidant? We can help you with that, too.

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Persona 4 Golden mod restores cut Yosuke romance

A long-lost romance in Persona 4 Golden is making its debut on PC, and all thanks to a modder. The Yosuke Romance mod is still pretty far from release, but it will restore a voice line discovered in the original Persona 4 Golden files on Vita into a scene where Yosuke admits his deep affection for the player protagonist. 

The cut scene is particularly notable due to the Persona series' lack of explicitly queer relationship options otherwise. Take a look at the video above to see the work-in-progress version of the mod in action. While the voice line triggers correctly, the written dialogue still doesn't match. Done or not, you can give the mod a try, just to see how it works.

Modder MadMax1960 is still digging through files in search of audio index numbers to make cleaning up the script simpler. They're also looking into editing earlier scenes at social link six to lead the romance in more progressively, rather than have it drop out of nowhere as an option for the tenth social link. 

I'm pretty happy to see scripting mods at the fore of the Persona 4 Golden modding scene. The series has a troubling history with its depiction of queer characters and sexuality, with a blatantly homophobic scene in Persona 5 edited for the Royal update. Persona 4 Golden also whiffs some queer characterization that makes a stronger case for better, more committed representation. 

The issues might lie partially in localization—queerness in Japanese and Western culture are pretty different—but even so, the lack of gay or bisexual relationship options has always stood out to me, especially when the romances have little to no effect on the main narrative. They're truly a flourish, a bit of player choice and expression, so I'm glad to see modders bringing those options back into the fold. If devs don't, modders will. You can find more in-progress mods on GameBanana.

Thanks, Polygon. 

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Persona 4 Golden Mod for Yosuke Romance Now Available

Ever since its release on PC this year, fans have wondered at the potential of modding for Persona 4 Golden and if certain content could be restored. Among the most requested mods for the JRPG classic was to restore the cut Yosuke Hanamura romance. Dialogue for this path can be found in the game files and the existing relationship between the player character, Yu Narukami, and Yosuke has been interpreted as being homoerotic.

A mod that restores the cut Yosuke romance to Persona 4 Golden is now complete and available for download. Worked on by modder MadMax1960, the mod was announced back in June of this year and edits Ranks 6-10 of the existing Social Link to now accommodate the cut dialogue.

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MadMax1960 has added four different versions of the mod: one that activates at Rank 10, one that is only an S-Link, one that is a Rank 10 and removes the campfire scene, and one that is the full version of the mod will all content changes. There will also be post-release support to add more content and to further support the mod.

For all of its generally progressive views and themes regarding self-discovery and freedom among youth, the Persona series has been oddly behind on LGBTQ representation with no same-sex romance options available in the series. In Persona 5, the player can encounter two openly gay men who are portrayed in a stereotypical manner. While Atlus did tone down certain aspects of this stereotyping in the Western release of Persona 5 Royal following fan complaints, the dialogue remains intact in the Japanese edition of the game. Fans have noted the considerable amount of homoeroticism present in the series, particularly in Persona 5 with regards to Joker's relationships with Yusuke and Goro.

Persona 4 Golden was released on PC earlier this year to critical and commercial success. The game sold more than 500,000 copies a month after its release, with Sega now considering porting more titles to the PC and other platforms to emulate its success. The PC port of the 2012 PS Vita original continues to receive post-launch support from Atlus and fans alike and even remains a popular pop culture reference to invoke on Twitter, following the Kanto region in Japan being covered in fog.

More Persona content will be coming out next year with the Western release of Persona 5 Strikers, a Dynasty Warriors-like hack-and-slash RPG. The game, which is a spin-off of Persona 5, sees the Phantom Thieves in a new adventure six months after the events of the original game.

Persona 4 Golden is available for PC and PS Vita.

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