Ax15 5th gear upgrade

Ax15 5th gear upgrade DEFAULT

Jeep AX15 Transmission 5th Gear Needle Bearing

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Jeep AX15 Transmission 5th Gear Needle Bearing

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Jeep AX15 Transmission 5th Gear Needle Bearing

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Jeep AX15 Transmission 5th Gear Needle Bearing

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Originally Posted by emr

I see, so the it is an overdrive gear? So then refering to that part about being able to damage an over drive gear, could you damage it any more than a regular gear? I.E., is it the same type of gear, just much higher?

Same type of gear, just a different ratio.

A "low" gear usually has a (numerically) high ratio - for instance, the "Granny low" in the SM runs down around This means that the output shaft turns oncefor every six and a half to seven turns of the input shaft. The reduction in speed is accompanied by an increase in torque.

Transmission ratios run from "low" up to a "direct drive" (), and then anything past that is "overdrive". In the case of an overdrive, the ratio will be < (for instance, the stated earlier. I'd have to look that up to confirm, but % sounds about right for the AX)

Some six-speed transmissions have a "double overdrive", where fifth andsixth gears both have a ratio lower than (usually something like and , from what I've seen.)

You saw me mention "% overdrive" - that's simple. If you have a "25% overdrive" on a gearbox, that simply means that the overdrive ratio is (25% OD = %% = 75% gear ratio.)

Gear ratios are "inpututput", and are usually expressed as "input:1". This means that for every "input" times the input shaft turns, the output shaft turns once.

Gear ratios numerically larger than are torque multipliers, while gear ratios numericall smaller than are torque dividers(but they increase output speed relative to input speed.)

Let's take a hypothetical powertrain -
Engine Output: pound-feet at rpm
Transmission: Five-speed manual with ratios of , , , , (trying to keep the maths simple)

First gear would really only be used when towing or hauling - it fits in the "Granny low" class. It's good for getting a load moving, but not worth much for speed. In first gear, you're looking at an output speed of /3rpm (/,) but an output torqueof 7, pound-feet. This would be further multiplied by the axle gear ratio (invariably numerically higher than ,) so the output torque could be significant. Now you see how those large Diesels can get forty-tonne loads moving without stalling out

Second gear would net you an output torque of 3, pound-feet (again, multiplied by the axle ratio,) with an output speed of rpm. Now you can turn your wheels a little faster

Third gear? 1, pound-feet at rpm.

Fourth gear? Direct drive - 1, pound-feet at 1,rpm.

Overdrive is only used on the highway for good reason. By that time, you don't need much torque to keepthe load moving (inertia handles the rest for you,) but you need to bring up output speed so you can turn your wheels faster. OD, in this case, would give you pound-feet at /3rpm.

Of course, this is a simplified example - I haven't taken tyre size into account, nor an actualised power output curve, rear axle ratio, However, it should give you the idea. I will summarise below

Input Torque Input RPM Ratio Output Torque Output RPM
lb-ft 7, lb-ft /3
lb-ft 3, lb-ft ~/4
lb-ft 1, lb-ft ~/5
lb-ft 1, lb-ft
lb-ft lb-ft /3

Have you ever looked at a tractor? I learned to drive ('way back when, I was about seven) on an old Massey-Ferguson. Thing actually had twogearboxes - a six-speed manual (six forward, one reverse, no OD) and a "three-way gear splitter" box behind it (one "underdrive" range, direct drive, and one "overdrive" range. I think the "underdrive" was about , and the overdrive was somewhere around 30%, or )

This actually gave an effective eighteenforward gear ratios and threereverse gear ratios. This can be very useful on a tractor - but not so much on a road car. However, you can get "overdrive" or "underdrive" boxes that fit between the transmission and transfer case to give you more ranges (the "low" range in a transfer case is technically an "underdrive" range - since it's lower - numerically higher - than "direct" drive.)

This is probably more than you were initially asking for, but read over it a few times and it will start to make more sense to you. This is the kind of thing we're talking about when we get heavily into planning to complement an engine mod selection with transmission gearing, axle gearing, overdrive/underdrive, tyre selection, for a dual-purpose rig.
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