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What are the Hood Lift Support Shocks all about?

Hood lift support shocks are energy storage devices that work by means of compressing gas in a cylinder. When they’re closed, energy is stored, and when they’re opened, energy is released. You might think of them as shock absorbers or struts, but this is erroneous. Shocks absorb energy and do not release it.

Almost all vehicles use pneumatic struts to hold up the hood. They’re filled with inert gas that hold structures open. The lift supports store the energy when closed, and when they open, the energy is released. If the hood lift supports are weak or leaking, the hood may slowly close when opened or may slam down unexpectedly.

Keep in mind:

  • Any hood lift support will eventually fail.
  • Hood lift supports will operate more efficiently in warm temperatures than in cold ones.
  • Frequent use can cause failure of a hood lift support.

How it's done:

  • The vehicle's hood is opened and supported manually
  • The defective hood lift support shocks are removed
  • The new hood lift support shocks are installed
  • The hood manual support is removed
  • The repair is verified and the hood lift support shocks are tested for proper operation

Our recommendation:

You can extend the life of your hood lift shocks just by keeping them clean. Dirt and debris on the cylinder arm can nick the seal, causing a leak. If you’re experiencing problems with your hood lift support shocks, have one of our expert mechanics replace them.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Hood Lift Support Shocks?

  • Hood slams down unexpectedly
  • Hood slowly lowers when lifted

How important is this service?

It’s very important that your hood lift support shocks work properly as you don’t want to have your vehicle’s hood come crashing down on you. This is a problem that has happened to more backyard mechanics than we could recall. Have weak or failed hood lift support shocks replaced as soon as you can.

Fast and easy service at your home or office

Backed by 12-month, 12.000-mile guarantee

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How to Replace Hood Support Struts

The hood struts, or lift support, support your vehicle's hood while you access the engine compartment. A failed strut is a safety concern.

by Mia Bevacqua on September 15, 2016

The hood support struts hold up the hood of your vehicle. This allows you to access the engine compartment without holding the hood up by hand or with a prop rod. Failed hood struts can be both dangerous and annoying as they could allow the hood to fall on your head.

Part 1 of 2: Removing the old hood support struts

In order to safely and efficiently replace your hood support struts, you will need a couple of basic tools.

Materials Needed

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • New hood support struts
  • Prop for the hood (a piece of wood or pipe)
  • Protective gloves
  • Ratchet and sockets
  • Repair manuals (optional); you can buy these online through Chilton, or Autozone provides them for free for certain makes and models
  • Safety glasses

car hood supported with a prop

Step 1: Support the hood with a prop. Open the hood and support it with a prop such as a length of wood or pipe.

Alternatively, you can have a friend assist you and hold the hood open for you.

retaining clips being removed

Step 2: Remove the hood support strut retaining clips. Remove the support strut retaining clips using a flathead screwdriver.

person unbolting the fasteners

Step 3: Unbolt the fasteners. Unbolt the fasteners that connect the strut to the body.

Typically, this is done using a ratchet and socket of the appropriate size.

hand removing the strut

Step 4: Remove the strut. Pull the strut off the ball joint and remove the strut from the vehicle.

Part 2 of 2: Installing the new hood support strut

new strut loosely mounted in place

Step 1: Mount the new strut. Put the new strut in place and loosely install the mounting hardware, but do not tighten it down.

hand pushing the new strut onto the ball joint

Step 2: Push the strut onto the ball joint. Place the strut over the ball joint and use your finger to apply pressure until it pops into place.

hand tightening down fasteners

Step 3: Tighten down the fasteners. Tighten down the fasteners until they are snug.

Your hood strut replacement should now be complete. However, if you would prefer to have a professional do this job for you, the certified mechanics at YourMechanic offer expert hood strut replacement service.

The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified. Please see our terms of service for more details

Hyundai Azera V6-3.3L - Hood Lift Support Shocks Replacement (Driver Side, Passenger Side) - Morgan Hill, California

I am very happy with the work that was performed on my vehicle by Brock. He was on time and finished in the allotted time. He left the work area clean and asked if I had any questions on the work that was performed. I definitely will be requesting Brock for all of my vehicle's needs.

Cadillac Eldorado V8-4.9L - Hood Lift Support Shocks Replacement (Driver Side, Passenger Side) - Naperville, Illinois

he did a great job didn't waste time in getting things done very professional was very satisfied thank you

Hyundai Sonata L4-2.4L - Hood Lift Support Shocks Replacement (Driver Side, Passenger Side) - Montgomery Village, Maryland

Service with Hugo Galdamez was seamless. He came early, which I preferred. He was professional and courteous. The work seems well done.

Toyota Solara V6-3.0L - Hood Lift Support Shocks Replacement (Driver Side, Passenger Side) - Richardson, Texas

Great Experience! Chris diagnosed & revived my wife's beloved car that had been sitting for years. He made the necessary fixes methodically and promptly. Also asked him do some maintenance on my own daily commuter. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and professional mechanic.

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Get the Best Priced Hood Strut Parts

Hood Strut Information

A faulty Febi Hood Strut ca keep a vehicle operator from holding the hood lifted.

FebiFebi Hood Strut

The parts you need for any automotive job, like a Febi hood strut, are only a mouse click away when you buy from PartsGeek.com. New vehicles are jammed with a wide variety of features that require premium parts. In the majority of cases a car's interior features have been designed to improve a driver's convenience. There are a plethora of options on the market plus generic equipment that can give additional fun to your travels. The vehicle's hood needs a hood strut to keep it in place as the hood is popped. A malfunctioning hood strut can prevent you from keeping the hood lifted. The vehicle's hood strut is critical for your safety when working under the hood. The hood strut is usually found underneath the car's hood; if it is not functioning, it might fail, causing harm. A vehicle's hood strut is intended to prop open the hood of your vehicle. Your vehicle's hood struts often come in pairs, and so if one needs to be replaced you should probably change the set.

An unmaintained Monroe Hood Strut may stop the driver from keeping your car's hood open.


Hunting for a reliable source for trustworthy parts like a Monroe hood strut? The supporting systems of your car, though not absolutely required for the smooth operation of a vehicle, are still parts drivers like to keep in top functioning. The newest cars are packed with a wide variety of features that demand premium parts. A modern vehicle has been engineered to operate using a wide variety of features. Your hood strut is normally situated below your car's hood; if it is not functioning, it might drop the hood, resulting in pain. The vehicle's hood must have a hood strut to support it at the right angle as your hood is open. Your vehicle's hood struts are sometimes installed in sets of two, so when one needs to be replaced you should probably replace both. A fully functioning hood strut is key to lifting your car or truck's hood safely propped. An unmaintained hood strut can prevent the driver from holding your hood open. The car's hood strut is designed to keep open your vehicle's hood.

An old Mopar Hood Strut may stop a vehicle operator from holding your vehicle's hood open.

MoparMopar Hood Strut

Searching for a good source of quality parts such as a Mopar hood strut? The modern automobile is designed using numerous features. To make the most of your car or truck's features, you'll need to use top quality parts. Brand new cars and trucks are packed with new features that call for the most premium replacement parts. The car's hood strut is intended to keep up the hood of your car. Your hood strut is frequently found underneath the car's hood; if it isn't functioning, it might cause the hood to fall, potentially causing injury. A well-maintained hood strut is key to maintaining the hood opened. The hood struts often come in pairs, and so if one needs to be replaced you should probably swap out both. The car or truck's hood requires a hood strut to keep it upright as your hood is open. An automobile's hood strut is key to your safety when working under the vehicle's hood.

An old Sachs Hood Strut can prevent a driver from keeping the car's hood lifted.

SachsSachs Hood Strut

When you want a Sachs hood strut, repairing your cherished vehicle with first class parts is the best investment, time after time. Since the typical motorist spends so much time in his car, it is logical to purchase devices that tend to make traveling more pleasurable. Though they might not be overwhelmingly important systems like your vehicle's engine, the less crucial components of your vehicle can be just as important to having the full pleasure from the car or truck you spent all that money and time on. Your car's manufacturer produces reliable and sturdy cars, but all cars have minor components which can occasionally cease functioning or require maintenance - PartsGeek.com has the aftermarket parts your vehicle requires. A vehicle's hood strut is a part that is designed to keep the hood of your vehicle up. An old hood strut might stop the driver from keeping your hood lifted. The hood strut is usually found beneath your car or truck's hood; if it isn't functioning, it might drop the hood, potentially causing pain. The car's hood strut is engineered to hold up your vehicle's hood. An automobile's hood strut is absolutely necessary for safety when working with your vehicle's hood up. A hood struts sometimes come in sets of two, and so when you replace one you should probably swap out the set. When you order a Sachs hood strut from the team here at PartsGeek, you know that you are finding the highest quality parts at the lowest possible price.

A malfunctioning Stabilus Hood Strut ca stop a vehicle operator from keeping the car's hood lifted.

StabilusStabilus Hood Strut

Often the hardest thing about repairing an older vehicle is finding a dependable source for reliable parts such as a Stabilus hood strut. For lengthy road trips, features that can make for a more enjoyable ride for your passengers include installed entertainment systems. To maximize the use of a new vehicle's features, you need the highest quality OEM and aftermarket parts. Though they aren't crucial features like your car's brakes, the supporting segments of your car or truck may be just as important to having maximum pleasure from the car or truck you direct so much time and energy on. An old hood strut might prevent you from holding your car's hood lifted. Your car's hood strut is used to hold open your vehicle's hood. A hood strut is typically situated under the vehicle's hood; if it isn't functioning, it could cause the hood to fall, causing harm. The vehicle's hood struts are sometimes installed in pairs, and so when one is replaced you should probably replace both. A hood strut is critical to leaving your car's hood opened. Your automobile's hood strut is absolutely necessary for safety when working under the hood.

Hood Strut

What Is a Hood Strut?

How Much Are New Hood Shocks?

How Do You Know If You Need New Hood Struts?

How Difficult Is Replacing Hood Struts?

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Sours: https://www.partsgeek.com/parts/hood_strut.html

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Replacement support hood lift

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