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(A/N: This is the long awaited Damiris report for /tg/. Based off a thread and I did not know where to stop, so it became somewhat long. Though I did curb it down and improve it. A SFW version is being finished.)

(A/N2: Inquistor Yerald appears in a microfic set before this story. Reading it is not necessary, but you might enjoy it and it explains a couple things in this story:

INPUT DATE: 6.542.999.M41
REPORT NAME: MX-278-985-62-3071-TAU
THOUGHT OF THE DAY: 'An unprepared mind ventures into Heresy.'

----------++++BEGIN TRANSMISSION++++----------


This report on the Xenos race, known as the Tau, has been prepared by Interrogator Jonathan Hartmann (born of Endyrthis, Tiji Sector) serving under the Ordo Xenos branch of this sector's Inquisition. For more knowledge of the man himself, I have seen it fit to prepare this preface to introduce him to members of the Inquisition who may be viewing this report.

This report on the Xenos race known as the Tau has been prepared by Interrogator Johnathon Hartmann (born of Endyrthis, Tiji Sector) serving under the Ordo Xenos branch of this sector's Inquisition. He has shown excellent work and dedication to duty in the past and continues to be an Inquisitorial asset, like many other esteemed acolytes who received their training in the Schola Progenium of Tiji Sector. In his youth he was an excellent scholar (taken in at the age of six as one of the few survivors of the Tyranid attack on the planet, believed to be from a minor offshoot of Hive Fleet Kraken). He was later taken in by Ordo Xenos and was eventually transferred into Inquisitor Yerald Xanthis's retinue and promoted to Chirurgeon, becoming a competent researcher on Xenos analysis, as many of her acolytes do. Yerald later decided to retire from active field research and decided to serve in the cavernous laboratories of Cataclysm, in a more advisory position.

The original report with the later addenda Interrogator Jonathan has written is presented below.

-Marcus Aloysius, Inquisitorial Overseer of Schola Progenium, Tiji Sector -


The following documents have been written and compiled by Acolyte Chirurgeon Jonathan. The information contained within has been gathered painstakingly and exhaustively over a long period of investigation by the acolyte himself, concerning the physiology and sociology of the Xenos Tau from a specimen captured on a frontier world.

He has compiled a large amount of data and been a tremendous supplement to my own personal store of research and knowledge. He has demonstrated a keen and perceptive mind and, most notably, an excellent ability to formulate stratagems that could be used to exploit the inherent weakness of our Xenos foes. I recommend him for further promotion within the Inquisition, so that he may have increased resources to carry out his research. I further suggest an Inquisitorial mandate be placed on him, so that he may continue his research unhindered, as several of my most honored colleagues have expressed opposition in the harshest terms. As per his later request, the Xenos female specimen was spared from vivisection so that he may use her for continued research. Already he has taken the initiative of teaching it our language and other feats, disproving several falsehoods and providing a unique perspective for research. The subject continues to be a useful research tool and until this is shown to be otherwise, will continue to be kept alive, despite protests from uninformed Inquisitors.

-Inquisitor Malachi Senex, Ordo Xenos, Tiji Sector-


The enclosed collection of documents represent the researches of one Acolyte Chirurgeon Jonathan. I have attached my concerns in this preface about the line of research this acolyte has chosen to pursue. My learned and esteemed colleagues have eloquently detailed the prior achievements of this Chirurgeon, and I find it regrettable that one with such evident potential was allowed to squander it; rather than being kept in the retinue of a more competent Inquisitor who could have shaped and guided him down a better path.

In the past, I have written at length about the dangers inherent in a modern school of Xenos scholarship that purports to investigate Xenos in areas that have previously been closed and disregarded. The following report and its addenda manifest exactly those dangerous consequences I have been warning against. Indeed, this acolyte has even attempted to teach the captive Xenos our own blessed tongue. While it goes without saying that such an attempt will be no more successful than teaching a lower creature, such as a dog to speak, it is a symptom of that growing movement to see Xenos as individuals with capabilities verging upon that of humanity. Such a movement runs the risk of putting those weak-minded enough to sympathize with aliens at great risk. Moreover, if the regular members of the Guard began to view the aliens as something akin to themselves, there is no telling what untold harm could result. I recommend Chirurgeon Jonathan be kept under watch if he has been tainted irrevocably, the Xenos be disposed of at once and the Ordo Hereticus keep a close eye on his Inquisitor.

-Inquisitor Salvius Vesparian, Ordo Hereticus, Tiji Sector-


The suggestion proposed by Chirurgeon Jonathan to encourage vile Xenos to exist within Imperial borders is a most heretical one. It is an unprecedented suggestion, and to research it is as close as he can get without actually feeling the heat of the pyre on his cheeks. I had to force myself to examine his report on the "examination" of the Xenos female, who he has given the pet name "Damiris". I would recommend a watchful eye on this acolyte and his work, but this man is already under scrutiny. However, not in the manner I would wish. In his defense, on occasion, alien populations have been used as forced labor when their planets have been conquered. His research could serve to smoothen the enslaving process of newly conquered Tau planets, before the native population is eradicated fully. If his success in his laboratory can be put into a larger field study, the locals could be used as slave labor until they succumb to their early old age. If entire populations would submit so easily as his “pet” has, it could be in our interest to let him continue his work.

However, I must object to his more radical suggestions of the Xenos slaves. Suggesting that aliens should be used for carnal recreation when our own perfect and flawless Human women are available as consorts already, could very well convince my esteemed associates within the Ordo Xenos that his work should be sent to Ordo Hereticus instead for greater inspection on what his final fate shall be. -Inquisitor Urma Rosén, Ordo Xenos, Tiji Sector-


In light of his recent and continued work on this subject and the dedication he has shown. I have seen fit to issue him a field promotion to the rank of Interrogator and have had him transferred to my personal retinue. I have been greatly impressed with his work and wish for it to be continued. I also grant him my full Inquisitorial Mandate in his research, ensuring his protection and leaving him to continue his research unharassed by my lesser-minded and shortsighted ‘honorable’ colleagues.

-Lord Inquisitor Thomas Nero Bezek, Grandmaster of the Ordo Xenos, Tiji Sector-

-Report on External Anatomy of recently captured female Tau-


-Subject: Captured Tau
-Age: Unknown-
-Gender: Female-
-Notes: Believed Fire Caste-
-External pre-vivisection anatomy investigation-
-Conducted by Acolyte Chirurgeon Jonathan Hartmann-
Attending: Inquisitor Yerald Xanthis, Ordo Xenos, Tiji Sector
[DATE 3.434.999.M41]



Under Inquisitorial Authority, my Inquisitor has been assigned by Ordo Xenos to conduct research on the upstart Xenos race known as the Tau. A recently captured Tau female has been presented to me from her, for this purpose. I have been given free reign in my investigations, with my only restriction being, that I must keep the subject alive for the time being. Therefore, this will not be an invasive study and I will not harm my subject unduly, as that is a matter of the Vivisection. I am simply here to conduct my research and document the findings. To protect myself from malodorous compounds and smells I am wearing a standard filter with a built in vox bead for recording.

The tau were first discovered in 789.M35, but have been inaccessible until recent times where they have proven to be yet another upstart Xenos race with delusion of grandeur. To combat this delusion, further research on them is being done.

The subject is a female Tau from the fire caste. The males of the fire caste have been fairly well documented so far, but research on the females is almost non-existent. It is important to rectify this gap in the archives. The other castes also have limited information, but they are seen less on the front earning them a lesser importance for the time being. Other esteemed members of Ordo Xenos will investigate them at a later date.

I have assistants available when needed, but it has been requested by Inquisitor Yerald that I make this a solo investigation where possible.

The subject has been restrained on the inspection table, with an inquisitorial sheet covering the subject to keep unprepared eyes from looking at the revolting form. It has been lightly struggling against the tight restraints, but has made no serious effort to escape. The subject will be later delivered to the Magos Biologis for the Vivisection, allowing a more thorough investigation of internal anatomy.

The skin of the female Tau is a pale light blue and gray shade with more vibrant hues than the male. In comparison, the males skin is significantly darker and with more shades of gray. This could be another sign of sexual dimorphism present in Tau, but more subjects are needed, as this could be possibly an occasional mutation. Despite being a warm-blooded race, their skin is surprisingly cool to the touch, as if the body is trying to keep as cool as possible. While ideal for an extreme desert climate, this would be anywhere from uncomfortable to actually a health detriment in colder climates, necessitating a heated suit for long-term operations. That the Xenos must compensate so much shows another weakness. Our own race is able to survive on a wide variety of worlds, with only the barest of essentials for comfortable living. The texture of the skin also varies between the sexes, with the male skin being rough and coarse to the touch and with the female skin being significantly smoother, whether this is due to time taken on skin care or is simply a natural phenomena, is unclear at the moment, from this cursory inspection.

It appears from battlefield information, that Tau skin takes on a dark shade of gray upon reaching Necrosis. This in addition to prior evidence suggests that the deoxygenated colour of Tau blood is blue, even after oxygenation, and evidently darkens shortly after death. However, there are enough proponents of the theory that they also are red-blooded. To confirm the blue blood, I have made a small incision on the leg; the dark blue blood dripping from the incision has confirmed my thoughts on the matter. The subject probably would have tried to scream at this point, but one of the acolytes thoughtfully placed a gag on the subject prior to this, sparing my ears from hearing the foul Xenos screech in pain. In addition, I have scraped off a small skin sample; both this and the blood will be later analyzed.

Moving to the feet, they appear to be slightly smaller and more polished than the males. The "foot" of this Xenos scum ends in a cloven hoof, similar to several terrestrial mammals that once walked on the earth of sacred Terra. The subject shows odd facial expressions, as my gloved hands run over the feet and investigate them, exploring the structure for my notes and drawings. The female Xenos seems increasingly perturbed at my detachment and cool demeanor and is starting to show signs of discomfort and increased curiosity at my investigation.

The hips of the female seem to be slightly wider, and the body itself slightly more curved, than the male; similar in form to human females, but with a more compact frame as is normal for their race. It is possible that these differences between the two sexes are vestigial remnants from when females were used purely for breeding. The modern tau line of thought seems to not vary much from this, though females have been seen serving in the front lines. This appears to be more of a token quantity, most likely supported to simply show their tolerance without any real substance. As typical with such treacherous Xenos, who are the proverbial carnodon in grox hide. This line of inquiry would require further research from infiltrators to verify it, but that seems unlikely at the current time.

What appears to be the main sexual organ of the female is located in roughly the same spot as a human female, but there the major similarities end. The area surrounding it is hairless, as is the rest of the Tau body, with the obvious exception of the head. As my hands draw closer, I note the increase of blood flow to her facial cheeks, the effect is similar to a human blushing, but the cheeks take on a darker shade of blue then the surrounding skin.

The slit itself, at first glance bares a passing resemblance to the similar organ of the human female. I believe it is also serves the same rough function, but it has been reported in rumor and hearsay that female fire warriors are sterilized to increase battle function, which could be presumably to prevent unwanted field pregnancies. This would be the logical conclusion from evidence presented from the limited sociological studies on Tau culture.

I am now donning a second layer of gloves for my protection, as I have been ordered by my Inquisitor to investigate further. The slit itself seems to be in the design of an elongated isosceles triangle. In the upper two corners there seems to be a nub of flesh, each nestled in a corner, with a smaller one on the lower corner. The flesh color inside is a more vivid hue than the normal skin. The texture seems to be similar to a female human.

Subject shows an even more marked increase of blood flow to her facial cheeks, the forehead aperture is increasing its rate of contraction and the slit seems to be moistening. Yet, the subject offers no struggle or resistance and actually appears to have relaxed.

At this point I have paused in my investigation. The subject's eyes are rolled back in what seems to be a pleasurable state. I order a nearby acolyte to remove the mouth gag allowing the subject to “speak” in its barbaric tongue. However, the subject did not begin to speak, but instead began to emit a high-pitched moan. It appears the barbaric Xenos scum derives great pleasure from my investigation. This response is obviously only bestial in nature, as the Emperor's divine light and teaching has bestowed the blessings of true Emotion to humanity. This only further shows the primitive and savage nature of Xenos.


As I resume my investigation, the almost feral moans increase in volume and intensity as I tentatively apply pressure to the nubs; with increasing amounts of liquid dripping from her genitals. I decide to continue this investigation for several minutes, with the Xenos crying out in what appears to be pleasure as I noted the shape and design of the Tau vaginal canal. The lubrication has spoiled the table, but I will endure. At this point I will look at the posterior of the subject. In shape it bears resemblance to a human female, but differs slightly in [DAMAGE IN RECORDING MATERIAL- THIS PART OF AUDIO FILE HAS BEEN LOST] has given me insight on both the external and internal characteristics of the female Tau anus.

At this point the released liquid lubrication has made a mess on the investigation table. I disposed of my second layer of gloves and let the acolytes clean and sterilize the table.

In the meantime, I will reflect on what I have learned so far. I believe these three nubs are the inferior Xenos equivalent of the female clitoris. The presence of three shows that their inferior anatomy must try to compete with the glorious human form; which is sufficient with only one. The interior walls seem to also be filled with additional nerve clusters, but not as sensitive to the extent of the Xenos clitori. I would hypothesize that this shows their barbaric nature, as it serves as further evidence that females were used purely as breeding machines. As many primitive and wild societies often share females between the men. Any female who would enjoy the act would find themselves more willing to copulate. What purpose the excessive lubrication serves in this practice is unknown now, but I will endeavor to find out.

The Tau have since abandoned this simplistic barbarism for a new and equally barbaric idea of twisted equality, in which everyone is equal, except those who are not. This is obviously counterproductive to a military society. In our own glorious Imperium, it is easy to see and determine one's rank. Moreover, even though the Empire may span the galaxy, every citizen clearly knows his or her place, no matter what situation they may find themselves. This shows a weakness in the tau society, as females removed from their breeding and motherly functions, now are forced to serve as warriors; a role in which they are unsuited for. The human female, while in general not as strong as the males of our glorious race, is still capable of being a more than competent warrior, with the skilled females of the Adepta Sororitas Orders Militant coming to mind here. Our flexibility for various tasks and key rank system shows once again superiority, over their barbaric inflexible ambiguity.

The investigation table has been cleaned and my investigation can continue. Deeper forays into the main reproductive organ may involve damaging invasive procedures, so I shall halt my investigation there. The samples taken during the investigation of this orifice have been cataloged and will be later analyzed for biochemical research. The abdomen seems in form to be quite similar to our own females. Both seem to have mammary glands and what could be an umbilicus. The breasts are large for the subject's compact frame, but I am not sure if this is normal for their species or simply an exception. The dark blue shade of the Xenos nipples makes them stand out against the pale blue-gray skin complexion. The flesh here is quite soft, most likely due to the stored fat deposits present. The subject seemingly derives pleasure from my inadvertent stimulation of these areas in my investigation. The presence of only two breasts with two nipples and no udder, as has commonly been reported, suggest that offspring are born in groups of one to a maximum of three.

The Tau heart is larger and has a different rhythm. This inferior version of a heart extends farther; I can feel it along the whole of the upper right and upper left side of the abdomen. It is unknown what purpose this enlarged organ should serve. It could possibly be due to the inefficient nature of the Xenos blood and circulatory system, making it harder for them to properly oxygenate the blood cells. Further information on the oxygenation capability is pending the blood analysis from the sample I took earlier. The actual size of the heart will be confirmed by the vivisection.

Moving onward, I have reached the hands of my subject. The inferior hands contain only three fingers and one opposable digit instead of our superior configuration. The larger fingers are clumsier and make manipulation of fine machinery near impossible compared to our own capabilities. Though I may sound somewhat repetitive at this point, this is once again proof of what I knew at the beginning, that the Xenos is vastly inferior to our form, even though it may be but a pale reflection of the perfect form of our Emperor, it only shows us how perfect He is.

Though, I am surprised by the lack of gross anatomical differences between Humans and Tau, this is of course due to our holy and perfect form being flawless in most respects. The similarity only shows how Xenos evolution tries to match our perfect forms, but fails, for they do not have the divine light of the Emperor to guide their path.

The physiognomy is where the most marked differences are seen, instead of the superior form of the nose, the Xenos have compensated with an inferior facial slit that serves as the main olfactory organ. Though it may have slight advantages over humans in smelling nearby odors, it cannot easily be plugged if needed, for example to prevent noxious particles from interfering with normal function, and the large surface area renders it susceptible to infection and invasion of foreign particles. Males have a slit that is similar in shape to the letter "I" and it runs across most of their face. Females however have a shape baring resemblance to a "Y". This "Y" has roughly one hundred and twenty degrees between each section and is placed higher on the forehead than the male slit. What purpose this sexual dimorphism may serve is unknown to me. In addition, the face is mainly flat, preventing them from having peripheral vision; which is one of our blessed forms most important survival features. Once again, the Xenos has some slight advantages over us in specific areas, but in the end, they are vastly inferior.

The visual acuity of the Tau is interesting. Their vision is superior to our own for long distances, but they lack the capacity to quickly focus on new targets. This makes them excellent snipers when shooting immobile targets, such as those found on a firing range, but any fast movement and their slight advantage is quickly lost to our superior form. This leads to them being the rough equivalent of a fresh Imperial Guard conscript even with all of their technological compensation, such as the sensors in their helmets. They apparently use a system of so called "marker lights" to reduce this disadvantage and make the target easier to hit. This reliance on technology to emulate our superior form only shows more of their weakness and if EMP devices were to be employed, their flashy but unreliable technology would not function, however our durable and superior technology would continue to work, through the blessings of the Omnissiah. Their eyes also seem to make them unskilled in close combat, explaining why they always employ other Xenos to fight for them. Going into specific details I see that though the function is similar, the design is not. The larger eyes themselves lend an almost curious expression to the face. The eye itself is dominated by a large red-colored iris and large pupil. The Sclera is barely visible, but still present.

The “ears” of the Tau are intriguing, as they are indents into the side of the head with a thick membrane covering the entrance into the aural canal. This is most likely a patch of specialized skin studded with nerves, that catch sound waves. I have seen similar systems before and they all are below par at the best with our own ears, but most of them being substantially inferior. I let my gloved hands run gently over the indent. As my fingers are touching the rim, a familiar hue returns to her cheek.

I would investigate the mouth, but the subject seems quite resistant, now that I have been shining lights in her eyes and taking notes for the last half hour, however I do think I have ascertained a weakness that would allow me to overcome this temporary setback.

This simplistic Xenos race is very primitive and easy to manipulate with concentrated external stimuli. I have donned a new set of secondary gloves and using my new found knowledge, I once more cause feelings of bestial arousal in the subject. This is amazingly easy to do, and within moments the subject opens her mouth slightly to continue moaning. With the simple manipulation of the Tau vagina and fondling of her breast, she is brought to high levels of ecstasy, opening her mouth as she screams out in pleasure.

I take the opportunity and hold the mouth open to study its workings. The teeth are mainly grinders, flat and used for plant life. This leads strength to the theory that the inferior Xenos evolved from herbivores. Yet, a significant portion of the teeth seems to be multipurpose, showing a varied diet. There seems to be some anatomical link between the olfactory organs of the facial slit and the mouth, but I cannot fathom what purpose this would serve; and due to the non-invasive nature of my research, I must leave this to the side. I take the time to make a saliva sample before I withdraw my hands from her mouth.

After removing my second layer of gloves, I run my still protected hand through her hair, the texture is very similar to our own, albeit being slightly coarser. Hair colors seen so far are blue, black, white, red and various mixes of those colors. Red may be a result of dye in light of their skin color and white could be easily caused by simple chemical bleaching. Males are either bald, shaving their hair for supposed military efficiency, or wearing it in a decorative top knot; though my subject wears it in a short cut, used by many female warriors. Long enough to show that they are female, but short enough to not impede battle function. I cut a small section off as procedure, but I doubt if this will bring any interesting revelations.
At this point I have covered the important aspects and will conclude my--Excuse me?...


I understand.--I would normally stop with my research, having completed my given task, but I have been ordered to be very thorough and my Inquisitor, Yerald Xanthis, who has been watching my investigation has instructed me to pursue a new avenue of research and sees no reason for me to prematurely stop. She has ordered the other acolytes out of the room and requests that I start greater research on the sexual nature of these bestial Xenos. I wonder if this may have some ulterior motive, but I have no wish to quarrel with a superior; Especially an Inquisitor who is both an expert in both field and lab research.

For the next stage in my research, I have made sure that the bindings on her body are secure but have left her arms unbound. I step back and wait to see what happens next. As I suspected, the subject quickly took advantage of her partial freedom and immediately began to pleasure herself, evidently still highly aroused.

The vast amount of lubrication that exudes from her creates an interesting noise when she pleasures herself. I would be hard pressed to find a word that accurately describes it.

Inquisitor Yerald has approved of my initiative so far and requested that I still take a more personal hand in the research. I see no way to back out of this, so I must go forward. For this I will don protective gear. The suit covers the majority of my body, the exception being my head, where a helmet protects me from unnecessary close contact with the Xenos.

I released the subject fully from her restraints, yet she did not try to flee (though such an attempt would be futile here), but for some reason continued her self pleasure, once again proof of her astounding libido. I climbed on to the table and slowly pushed her hand out of the way. She looked up at me in surprise and then at my drug induced engorgement of the corpora cavernosa.

A facial expression that was superficially similar to a smile crossed her face and then she laid back, apparently in awe that our superior race would be forced to stoop to this level. Thankfully, the thick body covering protected my own body from her filthy Xenos skin. The Xenos had accepted her fate; she realized her inferiority to humans and was willing to submit. The eagerness of their actions shows another weakness, with proper denial of sex, the Xenos will most likely crack and betray their masters.

I reluctantly inserted myself inside her, she screamed out in pleasure and wrapped her frail arms around me, as if begging me for more. I unwillingly complied and adopted a pattern of hard thrusting, apparently pleasuring her to no end. The cries of the Xenos were addictive, she was so willing to be violated that it surprised me. However, that was quickly replaced by the sensations below. The unique physical construction of the Tau vagina turned out to be extremely pleasing. The intense peristaltic muscle contractions dragged me in, with the engorged clitoral nubs providing further stimulation for both of us. The nubs and the peristaltic action would serve as a way to hold the small penis of the tau male in, with the copious lubrication preventing any friction related problems. This evolutionary advantage explains why Tau males feel they must compensate and have developed an army doctrine that seems to solely consist of shooting at their enemies with extremely large and overly long weapons. I will allow you to come to your own conclusion on this matter, but I believe that it will present no problem.

Even under my thick protective coverings I could feel myself being shamefully brought to frenzy. I withdrew. My duty was not to let myself get carried away, but to conduct research. It was not easy, but my faith for the Emperor is strong enough for me to overcome this damning heretical temptation.

This is my noninvasive report on female Tau anatomy. My Inquisitor has requested that I write a series of Addenda, going in-depth on certain subjects and furthering my research. The nature of these addenda would be varied, but I shall put my full effort into them.


-I have prepared these addenda to further complement my research as per my Inquisitor's requests. As an example of this: throughout the whole time, the Tau female continually uttered words in her barbaric tongue. These have been recorded and I will submit them to Orders Dialogous. I will produce a later addendum to my work and this should hopefully cast a greater insight on the psychology of this Xenos race. These small sections will serve to add on my research where no new papers are needed at the time being.-

-Interrogator Jonathan Hartmann

[ADDENDUM ONE]-Limited translations of Xenos speech-

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the wise sisters from the Orders Dialogous, I have a partial transcript of the translated phrases from my investigation. However, I received several curious stares from the Sororitas as they handed me the partially translated transcriptions. Though most of these do little to add additional information and what new information is brought is mainly of a scholarly nature, providing no new substantial information. Though a full lexicon is still lacking and these phrases which I have selected were not fully translated to typical Inquisitorial standards.

It appears that she apologized to her “Shas'el” for her betrayal. From what we know on their complicated caste and ranking system, the first part of a Tau name is rank, with my limited knowledge it seems that she feels ashamed at her betrayal to her fellow Xenos and her feelings of pleasure at my hands. The weak willed Xenos show how easily the command chain is broken.

In addition, the Xenos offered constant cries and begged me to continue, uttering this many times during the proceedings, showing the almost insatiable libido of this Xenos race.

Other parts of her speech referred to a part of my anatomy as a "bonding knife." This apparently has something to do with her newfound enamor towards myself. From what we know, this “bonding knife” is used in some primitive bonding ritual. In addition, other phrases she used further shows how easily the Xenos will fall in "love" (Noting of course that this is impossible, Xenos are not capable of true emotions or feelings) with our superior race.

[ADDENDUM TWO]-Report on the samples taken-

The samples of the subject taken during my investigation have been analyzed by Magos Biologis. For this I have worked with them to complete this addendum.

Most of the standard bodily fluids are close enough to ours that they provide no risk of contamination or damage to our own systems in intimate or battlefield contact.

The blood is not as efficient in oxygenation, explaining the need for the larger heart. The blue blood is explained by a less efficient version of the human Hemoglobus, possibly some mutation of the Hemocyanus seen in lower life forms.

Other biochemical samples of Tau excretions and general body condition were taken. These offered no significant new findings, but were useful to fill the archives in case such data was needed at a future date.

The odor of the Tau themselves is not as revolting as one would think, still mildly discomforting, but I believe with sufficient contact this would not be noticeable.



[ADDENDUM FOUR]-Usage of Xenos Tau for the Imperium-

As shown above, my research shows that female Tau easily betray their barbaric society in awe of our glorious Imperium. However due to heretical nature of the Xenos, this is not a practical solution. Though further methods of Indoctrination, I would not recommend this as a long term solution, but only for an initial run to see how it works in a practical setting.

Rather than rely on expensive and time wasting procedures such as this (capturing individual tau is viable for light research, but becomes unwieldy when dealing with greater numbers), instead we should obtain enough Xenos females to use for a breeding program (To obtain enough samples of genetic matter, so that we can institute a vat growing program. These females would be brought up in the proper methods of indoctrination from decanting and would know their inferiority to the human race. As they would be loyal to the Imperium first, there would be no problems of loyalty, as they would find great pleasure in their service (Though their have been musings of the leadership caste having some form of control; this will be covered in a later addendum).

The usage of these tau would be varied, a quickly growing subservient race that is utterly disposable would be useful for manual labor on deathworlds or other hostile environments in the least. Another possibility (though possibly heretical in nature) is the usage of them as “pleasure slaves”. Decadent noblemen and officers would pay a high cost for such a creature and they could be prepared in a similar manner to arco flagellants, also allowing a useful fail safe method and take out their masters should they be shown to betray the Imperium. Alternatively, they could be used without these preparations, but greater care would have to be used.

The only complication I could foresee is the presence of un-liberated Xenos. For the test run, I would recommend that they be kept far away from Tau space (but this would be no problem, seeing the state of their “empire” and the might of ours).

[ADDENDUM FIVE]-Acclimatization and assimilation of subject into the Imperium-

Subject has shown a marked increase in willingness to embrace life in the Imperium as a subject for non-invasive research. It has become apparent that the Tau can speak Gothic, given sufficient time and motivation, of course. However, due to their inferior vocal cords, they speak it with a heavy accent, forcing them to mangle this perfect language. This will present some minor problems, but could possible be eugenically bred out if this shows to be a great nuisance.

The first step in the indoctrination and assimilation is to sever all ties to her former life. Besides the typical indoctrination drugs and therapy (which seem to have a lesser effect due to the lesser mind and foreign biology) was the giving of a more appropriate name.

For this end I have chosen to name her "Damiris", this seems to be a fitting Gothic name and she appears to be quite pleased at having it. The previous name of “Shas'la Tol'ku Shi'kais” (Please excuse me if I have transcribed it incorrectly, barbaric Xenos tongues are difficult to translate correctly into Gothic) has been properly abandoned and forgotten. The subject has already learned to cast away her false mortal "gods" (the Ethereals) and accept her lower status as a mere Xenos under the immortal God-Emperor.

Apparently the Tau philosophy revolves around a "greater good" sacrificing one's self in order to help the others. This belief requires perfect equality so that it may succeed, but as seen in Tau society this is not the case. They are clearly divided into rigid castes, forced to do the same task until an early death. In these castes, it is impossible to truly advance. This is due to their worship of the "Ethereal" caste. Treating them as mortal gods; (please forgive me for writing down this horrible contradiction, yet it is the only term that suffices). A Tau would live its entire short life as a mere grunt and die quickly. In contrast to our Glorious Imperium, where any may rise from the slums of a hive world or the wilderness of a feral planet, to be one the brave infantrymen of our Imperial Guard. Fighting for the Imperium, a cunning priest of the Adeptus Mechanicus, a wise and just Inquisitor or even to become a member of the most honored Adeptus Astartes!

After experiencing the might and glory of the Imperium, she fell to the ground and recanted her previous beliefs. The subject now prays daily to the emperor, begging forgiveness for her being a Xenos. Though he will not answer her pleas, it still has a calming effect upon her. If this project were to be continued further, then it would be possible for the more free thinking parts Adeptus Ministrorum and Ecclessiarchy to create specialized literature to instruct the Xenos properly of the God-Emperor's might and glory. Once they truly learn of his might, they will surely throw down their pathetic armaments and either present themselves as labor, as atonement or kill themselves in disgrace.

She has tried a variety of foodstuffs and it appears that our metabolism is close enough that food could be provided with no additional hassle for said workers. Through trial and error we can find the optimum amount of caloric intake that would allow them to work and not needlessly consume additional resources. Additional supplements will be needed for the long term, but this should present no major problem.

Clothing design and color does not appear to present a problem, the subject is happy with most common styles worn in the Imperium and the only drastically different piece of clothing that would have to be produced would be some sort of protective “hoofwear”. I have presented her simple patterned sundress’s as seen on many planets. The subject has shown interest in various types of cosmetics, the reason for this being unknown at the present time.

[ADDENDUM SIX]-Musings on the nature of sociology and biological control in Tau society

Armed with greater knowledge of the Xenos caste system and the language, I now understand some of untranslated comments that eluded me, leading to their exclusion in the first Addendum. Her reference to me as “her Ethereal” was one of loyalty and honor, though mixed in with Xenos emotions. She has since learned the error of her ways and feels shameful when that is brought up.

The sexual mores of the tau race seem to be in great contrast to the Imperium. Where we believe in a greater freedom and letting our glorious race propagate and give us the numbers to overwhelm our varied foes that would seek to try to stop our Divine Destiny, the Emperor has layed for us. In contrast, the Xenos practice a highly regimented discipline only allowing reproductive acts according to a schedule and with pre-chosen partners. This once again shows their lack of intellect in such matters, but to be fair, who could expect more? This does bring me to an interesting point about the nature of the Ethereals and Tau. Whenever an Ethereal is present, the Tau under them remain focused and motivated; But upon the death of one, their forces fall into disarray and either show their face as Xenos cowards or rush pointlessly towards the enemy in an attempt to end their lives. These results would suggest some sort of psychic control, yet the Tau themselves have almost no psychic presence (as shown by various research done by the Adeptus Telapathica), which would render this possibility moot. Further research should be directed in this field.

The most likely reason seems to be some sort of olfactory control. The large surface area and complex nature of the olfactory organ would suggest this. Additional evidence in favor is the fact that tau only fight willingly in the presence of an ethereal, once it is removed, they quickly revert to their natural state. As my subject has shown, their loyalty to their pitiful “empire” only exists when they are forced by means of chemical persuasion.

If the loyalty is based on olfactory control, this could work for the Imperium in a myriad of different ways. We could use our superior technology and infinite wisdom to devise some sort of blocking agent allowing us to disrupt Ethereal control over the masses of oppressed Tau. This will result in utter chaos, allowing the Xenos “empire” to splinter and fall apart of its own accord, letting us only use a fraction of our forces in destroying them (which lets us focus on the greater threats and wipe them out with the majority of our forces). We may also use the opportunity to enslave them; in their confused state it will take no effort for them to see the eternal glory of the God-Emperor. An alternative is to use the primitive organ as a means of control, we could drop “scent bombs” on Tau worlds, forcing them to fight each other to the death, besides the initial minor investment this would quickly and easily rid us of the Tau annoyance. If the Imperium wishes to use them as slaves and not resort to olfactory control, then a simple surgery could be performed, once the olfactory organ has been disabled, they will never fight for the Ethereals again.

Whichever option is chosen, it will benefit the Imperium.

[ADDENDUM SEVEN]-Summary and conclusion-

My research has shown much about the biological and sociological nature of these tau, which will help in the future and likely save many lives. If a tau “Ethereal” were to be captured this would be a great benefit to research and new biological weapons, but I doubt they would so easily let one go and it has been shown a far more prudent action in battle is to simply assassinate one. This causes the cowardly xenos to break ranks and retreat, with a few Xenos hanging on and desperately trying to charge our lines (and with the noted tau deficiency in close combat situations they fall easily to even fresh recruits, let alone experienced or veteran guardsmen. And they charge with only their clumsy rifles as a weapon, finding such practical tools like mono knifes and other close combat weapons to be beneath them (yet their idiocy only serves to benefit our own troops).

Their society is equally flawed and fragmented, as they have forced a series of castes and interbreeding programs on the populace which creates schisms between the various organizations of there “empire” serving only to create an inherent instability.

As such, many are dissatisfied with ‘their lot’ and given proper indoctrination, will willingly fight against their former masters. Various methods could be used to control or liberate them from their masters, but these require further research to be effective.

I would request a continued (and if possible, permanent) stay on the female tau, mentioned in the main reports, vivisection, as the research possibilities on a willing subject far outweigh the potential benefits of a mere dissection. Especially as there is no shortage of tau that could take her place.

----------++++END TRANSMISSION++++----------
Sours: http://games.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600085208

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You wake up with a groan and wonder what just happened to you. The last thing you remember was playing Warhammer 40k with some friends and then sat down on the couch to wait your turn to play again and maybe catch a quick nap. "Well that is a good question isn't it my dear?", a very femine voice says.What's next? Tzeench, but way more female and l...

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  1. Walthers catalog 2020 pdf
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Sergeant Abrassos and his brothers Jorgal, Tarnok, Labbiel and Rhazra are tasked with investigating a mysterious incident on a backwater planet. It should be a relatively simple job for the veteran warriors.

Unfortunately, they find a bizarre cube-like artefact, which promptly decides to commit some trickery and takes them to a different world: a Terra far in the past in an alternate timeline, where the Space Marines find that humanity's development has been sent off course by mysterious beings known as Sirens. They also encounter a lot of naval women in heretically bad attire, capable of harnessing the power of warships to deadly effect, and one very stressed out male commanding officer.

This isn't a normal situation, even by the standards that the Blood Ravens are used to. But there's a war going on and humans are in danger. So they get to work, while discovering more about the bizarre place they have ended up in.

Perhaps they might even come to like it. But they'll soon learn that they aren't the only ones with an interest in this world - and that they've got rather a lot in their ceramite-armoured hands.

Still, the Emperor Protects - and they'll have allies in the struggle.

Sours: https://archiveofourown.org/tags/Warhammer%2040*d*000/works
So'Sha was consumed with a desperate urge. Seperated from her unit, with a damaged communications antenna, she had spent the last six hours wandering, semi-randomly, through the overgrown jungle. In that time she had neither heard or seen a single trace of the rest of her squad. Why weren't they looking for her?

Her worries were supplanted by a more immediate need. She walked over cautiously to a patch of ground that was devoid of the more prickly bushes, and looked around conspiratorially. She took off her boots, allowing her to remove her trousers entirely. She didn't want to take any risks. Her panties followed, and she made sure to lay them on top of the trousers. There was no telling what weird spores or pollens were present on the plants' surfaces.

Cringing at the thought of what she was about to do, So'Sha squatted down in the clearing, spacing her feet as far as she could without toppling over. She closed her eyes, and tried to relax.

Mid-stream, she opened her eyes as she heard the faintest rustling sound in front of her. She yelped in surprise at the sight of an Eldar man, standing waist-deep in the undergrowth, the colours of his cameleoline cloak constantly shifting through shades of green and brown.

"Don't mind me," he said, smirking. "Go ahead and finish." His mimicry of the Tau language was flawless.

So'Sha could not bring herself to look at the man. Unable to cease what she had started, she gazed down at the ground, consumed with shame. The only sound filling the clearing was a soft splashing noise. Then, with a few more brief squirts, the ordeal was over. She glowered up at the Eldar man as he began to clap slowly.

"Bravo," he said. "Very nice."

"Satisfied?" she snapped, standing up and taking two steps away from the wet patch, reaching down to her discarded clothes. Her pulse rifle lay alongside them, just out of reach.

"Stop," he said. "You're not putting those back on."

She jerked her arm forward, fingers spreading out in anticipation of grasping the pulse rifle's grip. A projectile zipped through the air, missing her face by millimetres and neatly shearing a branch from the tree behind her. The man tracked his shuriken pistol sideways, leveling it at her chest.

"I don't think so, Tau girl."

He emerged fully from the bushes, shucking off his cloak which flowed to the floor, shimmering as the chameleonic weave tried to keep up with the fast movement. Beneath it, he wore a suit of light mesh armour, criss-crossed with straps. So'Sha caught a glimpse of the longrifle slung across his back.

"You're a ranger," she observed.

"Yes," he said. "The craftworld sends us out to travel the galaxy during our maturation. To work out all our urges. In my case, I found myself becoming too distracted by the comely Eldar girls cavorting in the parks I walked through every day."

He took a step forward.

"So, I decided to deal with my developing proclivities by working them out with alien females, rather than my own kind."

He kicked the pulse rifle away into the undergrowth.

"Take off the rest of your armour," he said.

He regarded her with a grave expression as she reached behind her back, uncoupling the fastenings that held her carapcace in place. She dropped the armour shell to the ground, and his mouth twitched upwards into a grin at the sight of her naked, blue flesh. So'Sha stared at the ground for the most part, wincing a little as she removed the rest of her underwear, exposing herself completely to him. She glanced up at his face.

So'Sha had never seen an Eldar this close-up before. The man's features were androgynous - his chin was narrow, with a decidedly feminine jawline. His skin was pale but not pallid, with a flawlessly smooth complexion. Close-cropped, blonde hair bristled from his scalp above the crisp outlines of his eyebrows, one of which was raised in appreciation of the sight before him. So'Sha hated herself for thinking that he was rather handsome.

She crossed her arms over her chest, trying to regain some of her modesty. The man held one finger in the air in a circling motion, indicating that she should turn around.

She turned slowly, until she had her back to him. There was a soft murmur of laughter.

"Very nice," he said. "Now put your hands against that tree."

She did so. The rustle of footsteps sounded behind her as the man approached, and then she felt his breath tickle against her ear as he rested his chin on her shoulder.

"You could always try and enjoy it, you know," he said.

So'Sha tried to reply with an acid remark, but instead let out a sudden gasp as she felt two of the man's gloved fingers resting between her legs. He stroked them back and forth slowly, his touch unexpectedly soft.

"You scum," she said. "You-" she finished her sentence with an involuntary cry, as one of his fingers made its way inside her.

The slow, back-and-forth motion continued. So'Sha shivered at the man's touch, trying to cast her mind elsewhere but always coming back to the same thought: this actually felt good. His delicate touch bore just the right combination of pressure and tempo, and she could feel the sensitivity of her intimate regions increasing as they awakened into arousal. The man had removed his head from her shoulder now, and she looked around in puzzlement as she heard the ruffling of paper.

He was stood behind her, one hand stroking beneath her crotch, the other holding a small book, the pages of which he was having some difficulty turning. She caught a glimpse of letters written in the strange Eldar alphabet, all lines and complicated pictograms. Alongside one block of text, there was a colour diagram of a blue-skinned humanoid. It was a tau.

He caught her looking at the book.

"Turn back around!" he barked, pressing two fingers deeply into the her rapidly-moistening labia. So'Sha moaned at the sensation, her head drooping down between her arms. Her breathing started to become more rapid.

"To fornicate with an alien girl is one thing," he said. Beneath her armpit, So'Sha saw him return the booklet to his pocket, before he brought his other hand up to cup her breast.

"To have her enjoy it, that is the true art," he finished. His fingertips started to knead at her breast, pausing now and then to tease her nipples with light tweaks. He rolled them between his fingertips as his other hand delved into her sex, making a squishing noise as his second knuckles were enveloped. So'Sha could not help but let out a long moan.

He worked her with his skilful fingers for minutes longer. So'Sha was becoming increasingly incredulous at his expertise, which had elicited such a response from her that a few drops of her juices were actually trickling down the inside of her thigh. She gasped for breath, trying so hard to hate the man for doing this to her, but feeling only the intense pleasure of his stimulations.

He ceased for a few moments, leaving So'Sha panting as he fussed with his belt, stepping out of his trousers and discarding his elegant, silky Eldar underwear to one side. He grasped her firmly by the thighs, and then thrust his cock inwards with a wet sound. He grunted as he withdrew his hips, crossing one arm over So'Sha's chest to fondle her as he took up a steady rhythm. So'Sha spread her palms against the tree in front, steadying herself against the rocking motion.

She gasped uneasily as the depth of his penetrations increased. He returned his hands to her thighs, grappling as he impaled her with greater vigour. After a few more long minutes of thrusting, both of them were straining and heaving, bodies pressed against each other, slick with sweat. With a grunt, the Eldar finished inside her, and So'Sha felt his seed surge into her as she began to come. She let out a long-drawn out cry as the orgasm bloomed in her loins.

Gasping for air, she flattened herself against the tree trunk for support, sliding down it and coming to rest in a heap at its bough. She was too drained to protest as the Eldar man sat alongside her, placing one arm across her shoulders while the other hand rested upon her thigh.

Both of them looked up suddenly as a bright, burning shape streaked across the sky.

"Is that... a drop pod?" she asked.

He nodded solemnly.
Sours: http://games.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600085881&chapter=2

40k tau fanfiction warhammer lemon

Body, traces of a swimsuit, cum inside her and watch the sperm flow out. In all, I realized that he was very comfortable with me. When I stepped on the threshold of the house, my mother met me already naked, with a little powdery pussy hairs.

Warhammer 40k 9th Edition Battle Report: NEW Black Templars vs Necrons

Despite everything, Robert always remained calm, although by nature he was a sociable and active person. And, of course, he had a sense of style. And now, looking at him, Magnus involuntarily noticed how good he was: Rob was wearing tight black jeans that perfectly accentuated his strong legs, a white polo.

Shirt fitted perfectly, hugging every muscle of his body. By tradition, a good Swiss watch with a leather strap shone on the wrist.

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He also did not go unnoticed. Mom began to lick my beautiful girlish breasts. When she reached the nipple, she first pulled it in, then began to bite gently, and my charming titties were licked, my mother directed her tongue straight to the pussy. I slobber well on the surface of the pussy, thighs and anus, and stuck two fingers into the vagina. I was very excited, and the discharge mixed with my mother's saliva, and my mother immediately decided to taste this miracle.

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