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Try High intensity Bodybuilding $1 for 1 Week


This program is a HIGH INTENSITY Bodybuilding Program.   A Hybrid Bodybuilding and functional Fitness Program to help you gain Muscle, Mass, and Fitness!.

$23 a month after Trial
The program has 5 weekly sessions that range from 40-75 minutes total.

You begin testing some of the more basic lifts like Strict Press, Bench Press, Squats, & Deadlift but believe me everything in between will have you feeling the burn. Daily breakdowns of lifts and aerobic style movements will have you push yourself to New PR’S and guaranteed results.

The workouts are designed for the general population with a generally healthy fitness level and basic knowledge of CrossFit style movements. We aim to assist you increase your strength and cardio fitness; however, results may vary for all individuals.

Basic Equipment like a barbell & weights along with a squat rack and some dumbbells are all that you will need to get started on this journey. All movements are easily modified or able to be changed to fit the equipment that you have.


Sours: https://zeus-method.triib.com/signup/
Rogue Fitness offers the ZEUS Custom Build-A-Bar option - choose custom colors, text, and even images for your Rogue Ohio Bar or Bella Bar 2.0

Rogue Fitness makes the best Olympic barbells for CrossFit and powerlifting training.

And now, you can choose a variety of custom colors and design options on these barbells thanks to their new ZEUS | Custom Build-A-Bar ordering page.

How do you get the Ohio Bar or Bella Bar 2.0 of your dreams?

Click to See ZEUS Build-A-Bar Options on the Rogue Website

How does this work?

First of all, they start with two of the most versatile and popular bars – the Rogue Ohio Bar and the Bella Bar 2.0.

Need the ideal Olympic Barbell? Read our Olympic Barbell guide to find out which barbell is right for you.

The Ohio Bar is a rugged bushing bar that is equally at home on the Olympic lifting platform for cleans and snatches, or in the squat rack for heavy back squats, bench presses, and deadlifts. The Ohio bar uses affordable but high quality bushings to ensure an unbeatable combination of performance and quality with minimal maintenance. The Ohio Bar is a 20 kg bar – with a 28.5 mm shaft diameter and made with 190,000 PSI steel.

The Bella Bar is a women’s barbell – it’s got a 25 mm shaft diameter which is easier to grip for those with smaller hands. It’s a bit shorter as well, which means it weights in at 15 kg.

And both bars are made in the USA.

So that’s the starting point – Ohio Bar or Bella Bar – but that’s not your only choice.

Not by a long shot.

Design a whole gym with ZEUS | Gym Builder Rogue’s ZEUS tool is more than just custom barbells – you can even design the home or garage gym of your dreams. Check it out at ZEUS | Gym Builder.

The real fun begins when you pick your custom design options.

First, let’s talk about how it’s possible to have a custom color barbell.

How do you add color to a barbell? You certainly can’t paint it – the paint would start wearing off immediately, especially on the barbell sleeves where the heavy plates are loaded and unloaded constantly.

But you can coat the bar shaft and sleeves with Cerakote – a thin-film ceramic coating that offers amazing durability, protection, and a choice of colors and patterns.

A coating? How’s that going to work on the barbell knurl? Well, it’s just .001 inch thin. It’s so thin it can also be used in firearms (which is where the technology originated) – where tight tolerances are the norm. Knurling is no problem.

Cerakote not only offers color options – it is also a very durable coating that resists corrosion – 2nd only to expensive stainless steel.

The first choice is the barbell shaft color. At the moment there are 12 solid color options, and 2 camouflage patterns – Tek Gray Cam and Woodland Cam.

Rogue ZEUS Custom Build-A-Bar - custom color options for the barbell shaft, including solid colors and 2 camo patterns

All the solid color options look pretty sharp, but to be honest if we’re gonna design our dream barbell – it’s gotta be Woodland Camo for me.

Rogue ZEUS Custom Build-A-Bar - Woodland Camo pattern for the Cerakote barbell shaft

Next, choose the sleeve option. Here you can choose from Black Cerakote or Chrome sleeves.

Because the sleeves are a high-wear area chrome will be your best choice for ultimate durability. But, those black Cerakote sleeves sure do look good, don’t they?

Further, you can add custom text to the inside of the black Cerakote sleeves.

Therefore, we’ll go with the black Cerakote option.

For the bushing color options, you can choose from Bronze, Black, or Red. Red in particular makes for a nice contrasting option with the black sleeve.

Here’s where we are at.

Rogue ZEUS Custom Build-A-Bar - you can choose from one of three bushing colors - Bronze, Black, or Red.

Next, add your custom text to the barbell shaft. You’ve got up to 18 characters to express your thoughts – so you’d better make it short and to the point.

But, you do get to choose one of three different fonts (typefaces). And you can pick the text color.

Need some ideas? How about these:

Custom text on a cerakote barbell?  Yep - thanks for Rogues Zeus custom bar builder option.Rogue ZEUS Build-A-Bar - Choose one of the fonts and put up to 18 characters of custom text on the shaft.  You can also use an image (company , gym, or school logo, etc.)

The opposite side of the barbell will have a Rogue logo.

Rogue ZEUS Custom Build-A-Bar - The Rogue logo is always on one side of your custom bar.

If you chose the Black Cerakote sleeve option you can also select two rows of custom collar text – one on the bottom, one on top.

It will be the same font and color as the shaft custom text.

Here’s what we chose.

Rogue ZEUS Build-A-Bar - with the Black Cerakote sleeve option you can put custom text on the collar.

If you don’t want the custom shaft text you can use a custom image – like your gym, school, or company logo, etc.

You can’t use images you don’t own the copyright to, and there are other restrictions.

But that’s still a pretty neat option.

Click to See ZEUS Build-A-Bar Ohio Bar on the Rogue Website

So, there you go.

The Rogue ZEUS Build-A-Bar gives you unprecedented level of customization for your Olympic barbell.

Starting with the rugged Ohio bar and Bell Bar 2.0, you can add a variety of colors, text, and even images to your custom barbell.

Rogue Fitness offers the ZEUS Custom Build-A-Bar option - choose custom colors, text, and even images for your Rogue Ohio Bar or Bella Bar 2.0

Why Rogue Fitness Products? We’re a Rogue Fitness affiliate – so if you order equipment after clicking the links in this article we receive monetary compensation. But that’s not why we recommend Rogue. It’s because their equipment is tough, durable, well-made, and made in America. Their equipment looks good, and works even better. Their innovative designs and diversity of options make your training better – allowing you to reach your personal goals faster. And that’s why we love them.

Photo & Image Credits

All Rogue Fitness product imagery is property of Rogue Fitness, and provided by Rogue Fitness.

Some images were created using Rogue’s ZEUS Custom Build-A-Bar order page. You should try it for yourself!

Rogue Fitness  ZEUS tool includes the ZEUS | Gym Builder for laying out the home or garage gym of your dreams.  And with ZEUS | Custom you can customize some of their best products - like the Rogue Ohio Bar.
Sours: https://fitatmidlife.com/rogue-zeus-build-a-bar-custom-barbell-design/
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The Internet is a beautiful place. With the likes of r/HomeGym and r/MaleLivingSpace we get a glimpse into some of the most beautiful, well-designed houses and home gyms in the world. When I saw this post by u/peterreis I had to reach out to him to see if I could highlight one of the nicest garage gyms I had ever seen. Hopefully this gym will inspire you to step up your home gym design. A beautiful home gym will make you want to spend time in it. And this should lead to improved fitness gains.

Big shout-out to u/peterreis for letting me walk you through his garage gym. The gym includes some pretty sweet DIY work, great planning and a minimalist vibe that I love. Plus, he was super generous with explaining his equipment choices and storage systems.

Read More:Home Gym Essentials – the equipment you need

The Garage Gym Design

Having the above garage/studio in your back yard definitely puts you ahead of the curve when it comes to creating a beautiful space. However, you can still have a well-designed, multi-purpose garage …even if the exterior doesn’t look like this garage.

The key is to start your home gym design process with a few simple concepts:

  1. How much room do you have?
  2. Does the space have to be multi-purpose?
  3. What vibe are you looking for?

This garage gym answers those questions pretty clearly. The gym space itself is a single-car garage size that serves multiple purposes (gym, storage, hobbies, parking a car). And I would classify the vibe as minimalist and “clean”.

  • garage conversion to gym
  • organized home gym

Using the Garage as Intended – to park a car!

Life is a bit different in the Bay Area vs. where I live in Canada, but nonetheless I feel like a garage gym should still be able to fit your car in it. This garage building has a ton of space in it. However, it only has a single garage door and one parking stall for a car – which happens to overlap with the “gym” portion of the garage.

Our friend Peter designed his garage gym so that he can still park his car inside when needed. You may notice the minimalist Rogue squat rack mounted to the wall.

This Rogue RML-90 SLIM rack extends only 15 inches from the wall it is mounted on. The low profile nature of the RML-90 SLIM means you can fit a squat rack and a car in a single stall garage without having to move equipment or fold a rack away.


Garage gym flooring is a hotly contested subject matter in the home gym design world. In this case, simple horse stall mats are used to clearly delineate the gym space from the rest of the garage.

Stall mats can be found at stores like Tractor Supply or Lowe’s for relatively cheap. Or you can check out similar mats on Amazon here.

You want some kind of rubber flooring to protect your subfloor, in this case the concrete garage floor. Dropping heavy weights repeatedly on concrete can cause damage, which is expensive to repair. Your bumper plates, dumbbells (and your joints) will hold up much better when dropped on rubber vs. concrete floors as well.

DIY Shelves and Storage

The sweet shelving unit across the back wall is a DIY job to hold gym equipment and other supplies.

The shelf surfaces are 2″ x 4″ framed shelving anchored into studs. Because they’re anchored at 3 walls they are able to hold a couple hundred pounds.

The vertical supports are 4″ x 4″s that are notched on their backside for the shelves to fit into. The 4″ x 4″s are actually free standing but their notches make them secure and allow them to support the weight of the shelving.

As a whole, the shelving unit looks sleek and adds to the aesthetic of the space.

Design your own home gym using Rogue’s Zeus Gym Builder by clicking here.

Minimalist Garage Gym Equipment

It is pretty clear that this is a minimalist garage gym. The equipment was picked with intent – each piece serves a distinct purpose, from the Rogue Echo Bike to the speciality football/multi-grip bar and the Rogue RML-90 SLIM rack.

It is so, so important to have the right equipment for your space and your preferred workout style. So many people rush out to buy ALL the equipment when starting a home gym. Instead, you should buy a few key pieces of equipment to get you started. Then as you spend more time working out you can identify the missing pieces that you can gradually add to your space.

Being intentional with your purchases will save you money and keep your home gym looking clean.

Dumbbells, Barbells and Bumper Plates

Rogue Ohio Bar

The Rogue Ohio Bar is a classic barbell for a home gym. With bronze bushings, dual knurling marks and a nice whip, the Ohio Bar can be used for any type of lifting – whether it is CrossFit, powerlifting or Olympic lifting. Because of that, its a perfect “one bar fits all” type of purchase.

Straight up, the Ohio Bar could be the only barbell you’ll ever need for your home gym.

Adjustable Dumbbells

It’s tough to tell which type of adjustable dumbbells are hiding in the back storage area of this gym. They look like the Bowflex SelectTec 552s (available on Amazon). Adjustable dumbbells are a no-brainer purchase in my mind. They give you the flexibility to do all types of lifts, from accessory, small muscle work to heavy presses and lunges. In the case of the 552s, you have the option of having them weigh anywhere between 5 lbs and 52.5 lbs – without taking up much space at all.

Another great option for adjustable dumbbells are the PowerBlock EXP Dumbbells, which you can check out here.

Bumper Plates

There are not a ton of bumper plates in this gym but u/peterreis can still get his heavy lifts in. He has the Rogue HG 2.0 bumpers.

The HG 2.0’s are thicker than competition style bumpers but come in at a much more reasonable price-point. Plus the HG 2.0’s are a step up in durability from the original HG bumpers and have a bit less bounce to them.

Unless you are competing in weightlifting, these are the perfect home gym bumper plates.

minimalist home gym

SquatRack and Bench

This gym showcases the minimalist Rogue RML-90 SLIM Rack. The squat rack looks similar to Rogue’s folding racks but the RML-90 SLIM doesn’t actually fold against the wall. Instead, the RML-90 SLIM extends just 15″ from the wall when assembled. It takes up such little space that it doesn’t need to fold away.

Add in the 3″x3″ 11 gauge steel uprights and the optional pull up bar and it is no surprise that the RML-90 SLIM is a go-to choice for minimalist, small-area gyms. The rack looks unreal and can handle years of heavy abuse.

Other Low Profile Squat Rack Options:

  • Rogue R-3W Folding Rack
    • This rack only sticks out 5 inches from the wall when folded up, making it perfect for gyms that also have to serve as a garage
  • Rogue S-4 Squat Stand
    • These are free standing squat stands that can be easily moved out of the way, but have a 26″ x 22″ footprint – so they do take up a bit of space

Cardio Equipment

Peter has a couple of options when it comes to traditional cardio equipment.

First up is the Rogue Echo Bike. This is a great option for those that like to hammer short, intense efforts. Personally, I have a love-hate relationship with the Echo Bike and other fan-resistance bikes. They suck your soul out of your body during your intervals, but make you feel great afterwards.

Peter removed all the decals off his Echo Bike, which makes it look very sleek and clean. He’s the first person I’ve seen do this and I would definitely do the same if I had an Echo Bike.

Instead, I have an indoor cycling trainer. Click here to learn more about indoor cycling trainers and how they compare to spin bikes.

There’s also an all black Concept 2 Rowing Erg in this well outfitted gym. Rowing is a key component to a lot of CrossFit WODs so it makes sense to have an erg if you’re doing CrossFit workouts. The erg is well suited for both long, low-intensity type training and for shorter, high intensity intervals. For this reason, I would suggest a rower if you were to only get one of the Echo Bike or Concept 2 Rower.

Read More:Home Gym Essentials – the 4 things you should invest in first.

Accessory Equipment

On top of the great “main equipment” choices, we also see some stellar accessory type equipment in this beautiful gym. The choices and storage keep the gym minimalist in style but maximize the functionality of the space.

Most noticeable are the Rogue wood gymnastic rings suspended from the ceiling. The high ceilings allow for a nice length to the straps, and therefore an ability to get a nice swing when doing kipping movements.

We also see some metal plyo boxes, similar to these ones from Rogue, hiding in the storage area. These can serve two purposes: first as boxes to jump onto or over to improve plyometric ability and power. Secondly, they could be used for exercises like step ups, rear foot elevated split squats and box squats.

Personally, I would probably not use metal (or wood) boxes for high box jumps. I’ve seen too many people lose the skin off of their shin on unsuccessful jumps. Instead, I would opt for some foam boxes like these from Rogue or these available on Amazon.

Next up we have a multi-grip (or football) bar hanging on the wall. These bars are great for those that have shoulder issues. Having the ability to change up your grip from the standard overhand or underhand grip when doing presses or rows can be a god-send for shoulder health.

These multi-grip bars, like the MG-3 from Rogue, also allow you to hit different muscle fibre areas than a normal bar. This can lead to more complete muscle development and strength. Since these bars are the same length as a regular bar, they’re also the right size for pressing or rowing out of a rack.

Finally, an often overlooked but necessary expense is a plate storage system. Nothing is worse than having to search through a pile of plates to get to the ones you need. Having your bumper plates organized by weight is simple with storage systems like this from Rogue or this less expensive option on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Quite honestly, this is the most visually appealing home gym I have ever seen. It is clean, simple and well-organized – on top of being very functional. Obviously, we don’t all have the space and natural light to design our home gyms to look like this one, but it can still serve as inspiration.

We should all be intentional with our purchases and make sure we feel a sense of pride every time we enter our home or garage gym.

If we enjoy the space then we will be more likely to spend more time in it. And if we spend more time in our gym, we’ll probably be more likely to reach our goals.

Happy lifting!

Categories Equipment, Home Gym DesignSours: https://homegymlife.com/the-most-beautiful-garage-gym-on-reddit/

Zeus - Fitness Website Template

Zeus Webflow Ecommerce template is highly suitable for creating websites for fitness club, gym, sports services, wellness training and personal coach. Includes collections 3 pre-made Home Demos, Services, About, Shop, Become a Member, Blog and Contact page.

3 Home Page Layouts

Choose one of 3 home layouts or create a new one by mixing and matching components. The template focusses on the theme of fitness club, but can be used for any other purpose.

Fully Responsive

Of course, this Webflow template is optimised for mobile devices such as tablet, smartphone. That's something you really don't have to worry about yourself!

Smooth Animations

You can see beautiful animations all across Zeus template. They makes it feels live and pleasure to use. To learn more about how to use interactions in this template, check out Interactions Video Course.

CMS for Your Blog

Use the power of Webflow CMS to add and edit your blog with ease. The whole structure is configured and ready to go. Learn more about Webflow CMS.

Global Swatches

This template created with global swatches, so you can change the whole color theme with just a couple of clicks. Learn more about Global Swatches.

Sours: /templates

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Introducing the new Rogue ZEUS Gym Builder

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