Sims 3 mods sliders

Sims 3 mods sliders DEFAULT


Arm twist (Bloom)
Arm size slider (pcfreak)
Bicep and Forearm Size (LeWing)
ArmLength (Jonha)



uneven ear (slanted, orbit, rotate) (OneEuroMutt)


Lazy Eye (Bloom)
Crossed Eye (Bloom)
Ptosis Lower Eyelid (OneEuroMutt)
uneven eye rotate (Left) (OneEuroMutt)
uneven eyes (size and height) (OneEuroMutt)
uneven eye distance (OneEuroMutt)
uneven lower eyelid shape(OneEuroMutt)
uneven eye apex (OneEuroMutt)


uneven corner height (left) (OneEuroMutt)
uneven mouth position (OneEuroMutt)
uneven mouth (height and width) (OneEuroMutt)
uneven upper lip split (OneEuroMutt)
uneven upper lip twitch (OneEuroMutt)


Curved nose (millawka) (YM)
uneven nose (OneEuroMutt)
uneven nose bridge (OneEuroMutt)
uneven nose width (OneEuroMutt)
uneven tip width, tweak, and lean (OneEuroMutt)
uneven nostril definition (OneEuroMutt)


Breast Depth, Distance, Fullness, Scale, Vertical Height (Delphy)
Breast Height sliders (NanoSim)
Breast size (Jonha)
Breast Rotate (OneEuroMutt)
Breast scale x and y (OneEuroMutt)


Outer brow slider (Brntwaffles) (YAA)
Frown slider (Sucreomiel) (T-E)
Brow depth (aWT)
Brow Thickness, Outer Corner Height, and Distance (Ahmad)
Brow Ridge (Jasumi) (YF)(YM)
Brows Width (OneEuroMutt)
Brows Out-thick, Brow In-thick (OneEuroMutt)
Brow Mid-thick (OneEuroMutt)
Brows Bend and Brow Rotate (OneEuroMutt)
Brow Depth and Height (Center, Inner, and Outer) (OneEuroMutt)
Brow Width (Inner and Outer) (OneEuroMutt)
Inner Brow Level (OneEuroMutt)


Butt rotate and Butt shape (Anderson.gsm)
Butt-Waist Height (OneEuroMutt) (C-E)
Butt Mass (OneEuroMutt) (C-E)


Cheekbone Size Slider (allieplaysthesims) (YA)
Hollow Cheek Height Slider (Semller)
Cheekbone (Y and X Size/ Distance and Depth) (OneEuroMutt)
Cheek (Depth Scale, Width, and Y scale) (OneEuroMutt)


Chest size (Jonha)
TorsoHeight (Jonha)
Chest height (OneEuroMutt)
Chest Out (OneEuroMutt) (C-E)
Chest Width (OneEuroMutt)


Chin to neck slider (Mallow) ©
Chin to neck slider (Wojtek) (T-E)
Chin cleft (TumTum/mybluebookblog) (C-E)
Chin-to-neck-line (Heiret)
Chin Width (Ahmad)
Chin Bone Height (OneEuroMutt)


Ear height (Sage)
Mid Ear Point (LeWing)
Ears Pointed,Pointed Back and Tilted (Cmar)
Earlobe Stretch Slider (littlecat otherlink)(T-E)
Slanted Ear (OneEuroMutt)
Ear (Stretch, Height Thickness, Width) (OneEuroMutt)


Inner eyelid shape (Sage) (T-E)
Hooded Eyelids (Misty) (Y-EM)
Eyelids width and Pupil shapes (aWT aWT)
Eyelids width and length (OneEuroMutt)
Eyelids Depth (Lower and Upper) (OneEuroMutt)
Lower Eyelid Shape(OneEuroMutt)
Just Eye Height (OneEuroMutt)
Eyeballs (Size and Sunken) (OneEuroMutt)


Foot width (Bloom)


Glasses Sliders (OneEuroMutt)


Hand Size (Sage)
Hand Size,Finger Girth, Wrist, Finger length (LeWing)


Head shape (Jonha)
Head size (Jonha)
Forehead Depth (aWT)
Forehead shape (Sucreomiel) (T- E)
Forehead crease (jasumi) (YM)
Face Width (OneEuroMutt)
Head Depth (OneEuroMutt)


Jawline Height, Rotate and Soften (aWT)
Jawline width, Lower Jaw Height (Ahmad)
Face line/chin (ysstudio)
Jaw Height Only (OneEuroMutt)
Jawline Depth (OneEuroMutt)


Achille’s Tendon slider (LeWing)
Leg Size and Calf Size (Jonha)
Leg Length (Bloom)
Thigh Distance and Off (OneEuroMutt)


Fat upper lip (YF) (wundersims)
Lip fatness (Jasumi YA)
Hermi’s lip shape slider (Jasumi YM)
Upper Lip Shape (Sage(C- A))
Upper Lip sliders (aWT)
Overlip curve slider (whiterider)
Upper Lip Corners Width, Upper/Lower Lip Height, Middle Upper Lip Width (Ahmad)
Upper lip thinlower (ysstudio)
Thin lower lip (ysstudio)
Arched Lips Slider (Centaurisundown)
Upper Lip Split (OneEuroMutt)
Mouth Corners Width (OneEuroMutt)
Lip Pulled (Lower and Upper) (OneEuroMutt)
Lip Curve (Upper and Lower) (OneEuroMutt)
Upper Lip Depth (OneEuroMutt)
Upper/Lower Lip Tug (OneEuroMutt)


Neck size, counterweight, tapering (LeWing)
Neck Height (Ahmad)
Neck Width and Neck Tilt (OneEuroMutt)



Ori nose shape (jasumi) (YM)
Slider for Nose (TUDART) (YA)
Greek nose (YM) (YF) Hiemal
Nose depth (Nik Sim)
Bridge of nose width (ysstudio)
Nose Bridge Bump slider (Voices)
Upper Nasal Bridge (LeWing)
Nose Tip Height and Lower Nose Height (Ahmad)
Nose Tip Width (OneEuroMutt)
Nose Tip Y Scale, Tip Width, and Nose Tweak (OneEuroMutt)


Nostril Length Slider (Starza) YM
Inverted Nostrils (Jasumi(YA)OtherLink)
Smaller Nostrils ((YM Jasumi)
Nostril Slider (Jasumi YF)
Nostril rotate and Nose septum (aWT)
Nostrils Depth (OneEuroMutt)
Nostrils Scale Depth (OneEuroMutt)
Nostril Curve (OneEuroMutt)


Shoulder width (Jonha)
Shoulder Thickness (LeWing)
Shoulder Height by (Ahmad)
Shoulder twist and drop (bloom)
Trapezius Height (OneEuroMutt)
Shoulder Bone Depth, Thickness, Twist, Width (OneEuroMutt)


Hip size (Jonha)
Waist slider (Jonha)
Hot Waist Height(anderson.gsm)
Hip Width (OneEuroMutt)
Butt-Waist Height (OneEuroMutt)


Height slider (CmarNYC)
Body Girths (Jonha/OneEuroMutt)
Body builder (bloom)
Posture (Anderson.gsm)
Eyelash sliders (s-club)
Belly size slider (pcfreak)
Nipple Sliders (Cmar)
Penis sliders (cmar)
Hat Sliders (aWT)
Teeth Height (OneEuroMutt)
Teeth Depth, Thickness, and Width (OneEuroMutt)


Some sliders have stopped working after putting more into the game.

You will need a slider hack to increase the limit to infinity. This tutorial shows how to increase the limit.


Master Slider List: Separated by Locations (Everyone’s Sliders)

Part 2

This list is long and will update. Please click back to the original post to see if it’s been updated.









Miscellaneous Sliders

(P E T S)

Cat’s and Dogs




  • Head size, belly width and muzzle size (Pharaohhound)
  • Leg Size Sliders for All Pets (PharaohHound)
  • Tail Thickness Slider for Pets (PharaohHound)
  • Horse size slider (Bongomazing)
  • Belly, Anti-Derp Eyes (3), Quarter Height, Leg Length, Dished Face, Bridge Location, Tail Set, Ear Curve, Muzzle Height, Forehead Width, Chin Scale (Heather) (Other link)
  • Exotic ear curvature and kyra’s tail length sliders fixed(Walden)
  • arabian ear, back length, dressage riding, butt height (Kyra)
  • tail thickness, neck curvature, draft neck, flagged tails (Eyelet)
  • Baroque neck (Drako)
  • Head sliders (smop95)
  • Ears Lean, Larger, Rotate and Flop Ear  (OneEuroMutt)
  • LEG LENGTH SLIDER  (shorelinesims) 8/19/


  • How do you know what age group the sliders works for?

At the end of the user name (example- Nostril Length Slider (Starza) YM) there will be letter if the slider isn’t for all ages.

  • (YM) = Young Adult Male
  • (YF) Young Adult Female
  • (YA) Young Adults both genders
  • (YAA) = Young Adult and Adults both genders
  • (T-E) = Teen though Elder both genders
  • (C-A) = Child though Adults both gender
  • (C-E) = Child though Elder both genders
  • © = Child only
  • (Y-EM) = Young Adult though Elder Males only
  • Breast sliders are all are only Teen-Elder Females

Some sliders have stop working after putting more into the game.

You will need a slider hack to increase the limit to infinity. This tutorial shows how to increase the limit.

  • sliders that do nearly the same as other sliders but with small differences. (such as age or movement) (link)


If I missed any, please message me or if you have know of an update link to some. Thank you.

Note. If you like, you may edited these posts and delete the slider you don’t use in order to create a cc slider list for yourself. I ask that you please include a link in your post back to this one so other can find the full version of sliders.

Part 1

Original Title Page

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  1. Cash clip art free
  2. Trailer hitch adapter riser
  3. Land rover colors 2016


My name is Vivian, I'm 28 and I'm from Uruguay. Welcome to my simblr where I post pictures of my characters, rare gameplay and sporadic CC.
Don't ask for a follow back please.
    Similar to mods, Sliders cannot be converted to sims3pack, therefore the only way to install them is to place them in your MODS folder.
    Please follow and read this guide.
    No, they don’t, but they might conflict with other sliders.
    Sliders don’t need to be updated, however, it’s possible some might be updated by the creator if they are not working right or are in conflict with other sliders.
    Since the game has a limit to the number of sliders you can have per category, you need a mod like Awesomemod (core mod) or Nraas’ Master Controller (non-core mod) for all the sliders to appear and work properly.

| S I M S |

  • #aWT - Sliders Complete List (Eyelids, Mouth, Nose, Brow, Jawline, Forehead, Pupil Shape & Hat Grip)
  • Ahmad - 17 Sliders - ALT LINK -ALT LINK2 (Eyes, Brow, Chin, Jaw, Neck & Shoulders)
  • Anderson.gsm - Body Shape Sliders
    These will conflict with Jonha’s height sliders.
  • BloomBase - 13 Sliders (Eyes, Arm, Shoulders, Leg, Height)
  • BrntWaffles - Outer Brow Slider
  • CmarNYC - Ears Sliders
  • Delphy - Breast Sliders
  • GnatGoSplat - Chin Width Slider
  • Hermi - Lip Shape Slider (females)
  • Jasumi - Forehead Crease Slider
  • Jasumi - Lip Fatness Slider
  • Jasumi - Hand and Brow Ridge Sliders (males)
  • Jasumi - Hermi’s Lip Shape Slider (male version) 
  • Jonha - 10 Sliders (Head, Neck, Shoulders, Chest, Waist, Hips, Butt & Legs)
  • Jonha - Head Shape Slider
  • Jonha - Height Sliders
  • Klavix - Chin to Neck Slider (children)
  • LitteCat - Earlobe Slider
  • LeWing - 17 Sliders (Ear, Neck, Arm, Hands, Legs and Feet)
    The legs slides might look bad with some poses.
  • MyBlueBook - Chin Cleft Slider
  • NikSim - Feet Slider
  • NikSim - Nose Depth Slider
  • OneEuroMutt - 4 Body Sliders (Back, Breasts & Chest)
  • OneEuroMutt - 11 Facial Sliders (Ears, Chin, Mouth, Nose & Eyes)
  • OneEuroMutt - Amputee Arms & Legs Sliders
  • OneEuroMutt - 27 Uneven Sliders
  • Pcfreak - Arm Width and Belly Sliders
  • Sage - Hand Size Slider
  • Sage - Ear Height Slider
  • Sage - Inner Eyelid Shape Slider
  • Sage - Upper Lip Shape Slider
  • S-Club - Eyelash Sliders (for their 3D eyelashes)
  • S-Club - Glasses Sliders
  • Sucreomiel - Frown Slider
  • Tudart - Nose Curve Slider
  • Voices - Nose Bridge Bump & Upper Lip Corners Sliders
  • Whiterider - Overlip Curve Slider
  • Wojtek - Chin to Neck slider
  • YS3studio - 4 Sliders (face, nose & lips)

| P E T S |


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How to increase slider range with MasterController?

Postby igazor » Fri Dec 21, pm

Hi there. I believe the option you want would be NRaas > MC > Settings > CAS > Slider Multiple:Facial. All of the sliders on the different body sections are considered facial sliders, so that would include custom height ones. The default is 1, so changing that to 2 will extend the slider to 2x maximum in both directions.

Note there is a similar option for Slider Multiple:Body, but a Core Mod such as the one by Consort at MTS is required to prevent sims from snapping back to within range during gameplay on the weight and fitness sliders.

These MC settings will only apply when in an MC command called version of CAS, not in EA's version. The MC Integration add-on module will extend the MC version of CAS to the built-in game ones (except for when CAH is jumped into at the very start of a game session because in that case the mod will not have had a chance to finish loading).


Sliders mods sims 3

Slider Tut in CAS

With Zoom-In CAS Camera mod you can see better the sim you&#;re editting.

If you want to create your dream sim, no matter beautiful woman or handsome man (or maybe a monster) you will need to use the sliders. Those provided by EA as barely enough &#; that&#;s why numerous custom sliders have been created.Below you will find the sliders I use. I use only facial sliders, as messng with body sliders may distort the use of poses and animations and even normal interactions between sims. Like a hight slider, which inappropriatly used may turn a simple kiss into a disaster.

To use many custom sliders you will need a sliders hack. Luckily Nraas Master Controller does also that. Once you have Master Controller Installed, click on your sim in live mode, seclect Nraas / Mater Controller from the pie menu. In the table that apperas, choose Settings/CAS/Slider Multiple: Facial and set the value to at least 3. this will make the number of allowed facial sliders three times bigger than normal.

While creating your perfect sim it is really usefull to see a true close up on their face. Vanilla game allows for some, but it really isn&#;t enough. This problem is easily fixed by Zoom-In CaS Camera mod, that allows for greater close up while editig your sim in CAS.

Both Nraas Master Controller and custom sliders are installed like any other mod. If you don&#;t know how to do it, check here.

To make the game work faster, you can merge all the slider mods into one package. To see how to do it, check my post on Speeding up the game.

Facial sliders I use:

  1. Eye shape + Ear Length Sliders
  2. Hooded Eyelids Slider
  3. Ear Hight Slider
  4. Head Shape Slider
  5. 17 Sliders
  6. Outer Brow Slider
  7. Chin Width Slider
  8. Pointed ears as CAS sliders
  9. Forehead Crease Slider
  10. Lip Fatness Slider
  11. Brow Ridge Slider
  12. Nose Depth Slider
  13. Facial Sliders Pack
  14. Upper Lip Shape Slider
  15. Frown
  16. Inner Eyelid Shape Slider
  17. Three Sliders to the Curvature of the Nose
  18. Overlip Curve Slider
  19. Nose Bridge and Upper Lips Corner Shape Slider
  20. Nose Bump Slider
  21. Big Slider Pack
  22. Cheekbone Size Slider
  23. Hollow Cheek Hight Slider
  24. Cheekbone Sliders
  25. Chin Cleft Slider
  26. Facial Sliders Pack
  27. EyeLids Depths Slider
  28. Eyelids Sliders
  29. Forhead Shape Slider
  30. Forehead Crease Slider
  31. Head Size Slider
  32. Chin to Neck Slider
  33. Thin Lower Lip Slider &#; unfortunately I couldn&#;t find any working download link, so I reuploaded it (of course all the credit goes to the creator, I just make it available again for the public)  &#; download link
  34. Hat sliders &#; download link here

The Sims Forums

I have custom sliders ( of them). :D

I've separated my CC content into multiple folders: one for each game, Do I have to keep the custom sliders in every single game that I play so that I don't bork my sims who have been tweaked with custom sliders?


How far down (in the folder hierarchy) will mods that affect gameplay read (like kap_children_can_get_mail; or NoCameraFadeonSims)? - Will they still read if I put them in a "folder of their own" instead of just arraying them in packages in no particular order after my cc folders?

To explain further:

My core and other mods used to be shoved in willy-nilly into my packages folder like this:

Now I've organized them into a folder like this:
the main game folder which I pull in or out depending on what game I'm playing.

My core mods are in a subfolder called "Main Mods"

I'm leery of sticking core mods down this far in the folder hierarchy because it may cause the game to not read those core mods.

Post edited by Nikkei_Simmer on

Nikkei_Simmer's Sims 3 Blog- For more Sims 3 stories

"The only conceivable use for a vampire is as a sharpened stick tester." ~ Haruo Chikamori, werewolf



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"She lifted her eyes shimmering with lust at me and nodded silently. I helped her put on two pairs of expensive tights, then a belt and black stockings, beautiful lace panties and put me. In bed, my chest often rose and fell, I still could not tear myself away from it and continued to torment the white elastic flesh and pink hard nipples, then squeezing, squeezing them in handfuls, then pressing my mouth to them.

Moving very close, I lowered one hand and directed the head of the penis to the right place, the flesh moved reluctantly, letting me in. Continuing to kiss Annette's lips and breasts, I began to quietly move my hips until I felt that the head rested against the obstacle.

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