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What CC is a Stihl ms290?

MS 290 Specifications - Mid-Range Use (3.45 cu. in.)
ENGINE POWER2.8 kW (3.8 bhp)
POWERHEAD WEIGHT5.9 kg (13.0 lbs.)
GUIDE BAR LENGTHS* (Recommended ranges)40 to 50 cm (16" to 20")

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Then, how many cc is the Stihl ms290?

56.5 cc

Furthermore, how many cc is a Stihl Farm Boss? 50.2 cc

Similarly, is the Stihl MS 290 a good saw?

Designed for rugged homeowner or landscape and farm use, the legendary STIHL FARM BOSS® is a true work saw. With plenty of power to spare, you can let the MS 290 do the cutting for you — from limbing to felling and bucking larger trees into firewood.

How many cc is a Stihl ms260?

Technical Data

Displacement cm³50,2
Power-to-weight ratio kg/kW1,8
Rollomatic E, cutting length cm37
Chain pitch.325″
EPA Certified fuel consumption l/h1,46

Rebuild my MS290 or go with NWP 49mm engine assmbly?

My opinion, I wouldn't do a complete AM engine. Save your self the money and get a piston, cylinder, and oil seals. While you have it apart, I would check the crank bearings too. I am personally running a farmertec/hutzl 49mm 039 p&c. I used all the parts that came with it, including the circlips. I just made sure that they seated into the piston really well. Some guys say to use the OEM circlips. I also used the piston rings that came with the kit and have had no problems with running. I also don't have the decomp on my saw. It doesn't need the decomp. I don't feel that I pulls any different than with my 46mm p&c. I did replace my impulse line, fuel line, oil line and filters while I had it apart. Use an OEM fuel line, as most of the cheap AM fuel lines will kink at the bend to the carb. Hell while your in it, if you haven't done it already, I would rebuild the carb too. I did replace my crank bearings while I was in, with new SKF 6203C3 bearings. This is just my .02.


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Stihl MS290 ( Farm Boss ) Chainsaw

The Stihl MS290 is considered an ideal work saw for landowners, and sits firmly in Stihl’s “Farm and Ranch” category. Known as the “Farm Boss” in the United Sates, it was a one-time best-selling chainsaw in the region. It appears that the MS290 first entered the market around 2004. It has since been replaced in the product range by the Stihl MS271 (Farm Boss).

There are nearly 1000 listings on Ebay for MS290 spares and accessories. This is great news for current owners and testament to just how popular this saw was in the day.

Engine spares, whole engines, replacement housings and regular consumables are all widely available to keep your old saw running. If you are considering purchasing a used Stihl MS290 then you can do so safe in the knowledge that there are plenty of spares to fix it up and keep it working.

Stihl MS290 Engine Performance

Weighing 5.9 kg (dry, no bar, no chain) with a 2.8 kW power output from the 56cc engine, this mid-range chain saw should pack enough power to accomplish the various sawing tasks found on gardens, farms, plantations and orchards. Even local authorities might find the MS290 useful for light maintenance work.

Stihl MS290 Features

The MS290 features a variable-displacement oil pump which precisely controls delivery of lubrication to the chain. The Stihl Ematicâ„¢ chain lubrication system also features which specifically targets lubrication to chain links and guide bar rails. These two features combine in order to dramatically reduce oil consumption by up to 50%.

Stihl have also included a key feature in the carburetor that ensures a consistent air / fuel ratio mixture. The compensator adjusts the quantity of fuel delivered to the carburetor when air flow drops as contamination in the air filter builds up. This system means that the owner has to replace the air filter less frequently. Despite this feature a wise saw owner would replace the air filter more regularly to get the best performance from their machine.

Each Stihl MS290 operator benefits from the designed in anti-vibration system. The system significantly reduces mechanical vibration felt by the operator using the machine.

This feature reduces the likelihood of operators developing Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) which is also know as Vibration White Finger. This is a very important feature because operators who develop HAVS can suffer a loss of sensitivity in their hands and fingers, pain and reduction in their strength of grip.

Replacement Parts on Ebay

Stihl MS290 Cylinder and Piston Kit
Stihl MS290 Replacement Carburetor
Stihl MS290 Replacement Air Filter
Stihl MS290 Replacement Ignition Modules
Stihl MS290 Replacement Bosch WSR6F Spark Plug
Stihl MS290 Replacement NGK BPMR7A Spark Plug
Stihl MS290 Replacement Housings
Stihl MS290 Exhaust Muffler
Stihl MS290 Stihl MS290 Fuel Filter

Stihl MS290 Manuals

Stihl MS290 Workshop Manual

Stihl MS290 Workshop Manual

Stihl MS290 Owners Manual

Stihl MS290 Owners Manual

Check here for links to other Stihl manuals.

Stihl MS290 Chainsaw Specifications

Model NameStihl MS290
Engine Type single-cylinder two-stroke
Engine Capacity 56.5mm, 3.45in
Cylinder Bore46mm, 1.81in
Piston Stroke34mm, 1.34in
Ignition TypeElectronic (Breakerless) magneto (check price on EBay)
Spark Plug TypeBosch WSR6F (check on EBay) or NGK BPMR7A (check on EBay)
Spark Plug Gap0.5mm, 0.02in
Carburetor TypeAll position diaphragm type with built-in fuel pump (check on EBay)
Fuel Tank Capacity0.56 litre
Fuel Mixture50:1 with Stihl two-stroke air-cooled engine oil.
Weight5.9kg, 13lb (dry, no bar, no chain)
Catalytic ConverterNo
Chain Lubrication TypeAutomatic oil pump
Oil Tank Capacity0.68 litre

Positive comments about the MS290

It appears that many users trust the Stihl brand and consider their products to be good value for money.

  • Excellent mid-range saw. Plenty of power for cutting firewood.
  • 10 years of heavy work and it is still going!
  • No mechanical issues other than wear and tear.
  • I have it serviced regularly by a Stihl agent and it’s never let me down.
  • One of the better saws I have used. Good power,very reliable.
  • MS290 is a good saw but I prefer the MS250 for every day use.

Negative comments about the MS290

  • Too heavy, not enough power, cheap build.
  • It cuts too slowly and is heavy and under powered.
  • Very disappointed, really difficult to start.
  • Died after only two years of use.
  • Unreliable, repeated problems with the throttle linkage.

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Stihl MS290 Farmboss Discussion

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