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New line of Magnolia Homes furniture & decor

I heard a few weeks back that Magnolia Homes was adding an additional furniture line (in addition to their higher end line) at Value City Furniture. I was surprised but thought it was a pretty brilliant move. Fast forward to this past girlfriend texted me Saturday evening with photos of some of the items they were putting out and I knew I had to get over there. :)

Of course everything is beautiful. The prices are decent and the quality seems good from what I could tell. What surprised me was the number of accessories they have in the line. I'll show you some of those first. (This is not a sponsored post, I just knew many of you would be as excited as I was to see it!)

I'm sure you're not surprised that there are a TON of galvanized items: 

Fixer Upper decor Value City

That would be cute on a craft table or for serving ware when entertaining. 

These "buckets" were one of my favorites:

Magnolia Homes decor Value City

I almost got one to use as a planter but didn't know where to put it. I may have to go back for one, they are so cute and unique! These were priced at $60, which I didn't think was too bad considering how big they are. 

More metal, this one with the logo: 

Magnolia Farms accessories

Those corbels are in their line too. They are labeled as bookends and were $40 for the set. 

One thing I'm not sure I love is that most of the items have a little Magnolia tag on them. They are well done and work with the pieces nicely (you barely notice it on some), but a bunch of them have it. It's not a big deal but I don't love having a brand name on decor. I guess Magnolia is a cuter name than most though. ;) 

I liked this hanging metal basket paired with the wood: 

Fixer Upper decor at Value City

I ended up getting two of these hanging vases plaques (for $30 each): 

Fixer Upper accessories

They don't work where I was planning to add them so I hope I can find a spot! 

OK, now for some of the furniture! I LOVED this table!:

Magnolia Farms farmhouse table

It has drawers! The farmhouse chairs come in a natural tone and black. 

This cabinet had some great detail: 

Fixer Upper style furniture Value City

The doors slide and I love the hardware on the drawers. So much storage!

I was surprised by the dark green sofa and chairs: 

Green sofa Magnolia Homes

I didn't sit on this one but the fabric was crazy soft. 

These little end tables were really cute and were priced at $130: 

Fixer Upper furniture Value City

This daybed was lovely!:

Magnolia Farms daybed Value City

How pretty would that be on a porch? :) 

I loved this round table and chairs too: 

Magnolia Homes round table and chairs

This living room set was my favorite! The chairs and sofa had metal piping accents underneath (it's hard to see here). And it was actually quite comfortable! The chairs and sofa were nice and deep too: 

Magnolia sofa and chairs Value City

I didn't get a picture of the matching sofa but it's beautiful and pretty big. The sofa sells for $1100. 

There you go -- fun, right? My friend and I joked that this may have saved us a trip to Waco to shop. ;) I was excited by what they had and was impressed with what I could see of the quality. You can see all of their furniture and decor on their website if you want to check out more. Have you checked out any of these yet? 

And if you love the shiplap look on Fixer Upper, check out my DIY version that costs a lot less!: 


The Fix Upper Show was a massive hit, no doubt. The interior décor transformation Joanna Gaines brought – along with her husband, Chip – was remarkable, to say the least. Therefore, when we learned this lovable couple was introducing their custom line of furniture, Magnolia Home Furniture, we were admittedly enthusiastic about landing a piece. But let us for a moment be less enthused about Joanna’s charming smile and aura and talk objectively about the furniture itself.

Is Magnolia home furniture good quality?

Magnolia Home furniture is an artistic masterpiece. They are alluring, bringing that cherished farmhouse-chic look to your home. The product line spans farmhouse scallop coffee tables, benches, sofas, dressers, even as far as cabinets and sideboards. But for all their charm, buyers have complained about their quality. Their longevity, assembly, and even finishing have been repeatedly questioned.

Of course, we know you are drooling to learn more about what Joanna has got for you in this furniture line. Do they last? Specifically, what style is Magnolia home furniture? Where are they produced? How do you clean and maintain them? Allow me to answer some of the most pressing questions in your mind regarding this furniture line.

Table of Contents

What Style is Magnolia Home Furniture?

Magnolia Home Furniture largely reflects the famed country chic style Joanna exudes on the Fix Upper TV show. Her style is not too modern, neither is it too primitive. Yes, you get it, a sophisticated blend between traditional and contemporary.

As abudantly seen in the theme of this furniture, Joanna aims to illuminate and preserve each home’s unique character. According to Joanna, Magnolia Home Furniture helps homeowners in creating functional spaces that reflect their creative identity, delicately combining elegance and function.

With this in mind, Magnolia Home Furniture presents an admirable stretch of furniture genres, with the six predominant styles (from Magnolia Home Furniture) being French Inspired, Primitive, Farm, Boho, Traditional, and Industrial. 

Let me tell you a bit more about each of these Magnolia Home styles.

The Farmhouse Style

This is by far the most popular genre Magnolia Home furniture offers. This style reflects Joanna’s characteristic relaxed look, enhanced with that rustic feel. 

Overall, it gives a charming appearance of an age-worn piece. They bring this cool and sophisticated look to your space.  

The Primitive Style

This is the closest variant to the Farmhouse style. Yes, simplicity is the fundamental theme of the primitive style. It features a minimalistic design, featuring easy carvings, shiplap paneling, and lovable turned legs.

The Industrial Style

This is for the hard guys. The Industrial style is more tilted at interior décor enthusiasts who fancy hardworking materials. This style blends such materials delicately with softer apparel, overall giving your furniture this charming worn-in look. 

The Traditional Style

If you are looking for a sophisticated touch but still like to keep things simple, Joanna’s traditional style is for you. This furniture genre boasts an eclectic spice to it, giving your space a fresh and ageless look.

The French Inspired Style

Looking for vintage? Then search no further than Magnolia Home’s French Inspired furniture lineups. This style gives your space that classical touch, featuring spotlight finishes done in such a way to bring that subtle glamor to your room.

The Boho Style 

Of course, Joanna doesn’t forget that non-conforming category of homeowners who love their spaces unconventional and wild. 

The Boho style attempts to satisfy this class by bringing together unorthodox designs that intelligently complement each other. More practically, you see Magnolia Home’s Boho style trying to mix mid-century designs with modern or even Victorian. 

Is Magnolia Home Furniture Attractive?

Attraction is a strong suite of Magnolia Home Furniture. If there is anything we confirmed from Joanna in her Fix Upper TV show, it is her taste for the exquisite.

You just can’t help fall in love with the aesthetic glamor these furniture products exude, from the Blakely Chair, Rhodes Sofa, Nora Chair, Theo Coffee Table, all the way to the Liam 5 Drawer Dresser. 

The charm of Magnolia Home Furniture has never been in doubt. Instead, what I have seen most buyers complain about is the quality. The bulk of buyers I have come across feel Joanna and her crew could have done better with the build quality, assembly, and finishing.

Who Makes Magnolia Home Furniture?

Magnolia Furniture is jointly owned by Joanna – and her husband, Chips – with Standard Furniture Corporation. We can say the union was born from the TV success of Joanna’s Fix Upper show. 

With such credibility – accruable from her celebrity status – and her outstanding experience with interior décor, Joanna’s signature smile (proudly displayed alongside furniture in retail stores) has accelerated sales of this furniture.  

In a statement during the start of their partnership, Todd Evans, president of Standard Furniture, gushed: 

“Joanna Gaines will bring an element to the furniture business that is unrivaled. Her design style and enthusiasm for creating a lifestyle that promotes home and family will resonate with people of all walks of life.”

Where is Magnolia Home Furniture Manufactured?

While Magnolia Home Furniture is fundamentally an American brand, a bulk of the furniture makeup (and material sourcing) is done in China and Vietnam.

After being manufactured, the furniture is shipped to retailers and shipped to Bay Minette, Alabama, where Magnolia Home Furniture operates an extensive distribution facility. 

How Much Does Magnolia Home Furniture Cost?

You shouldn’t be expecting a product coming from the very stables of Texas darling, Joanna, to come cheap. I admit Magnolia Home Furniture is on the high-end, representative of premium furniture brands. 

Take, for example, while the average coffee table costs anywhere from $200-400. But an Emmett Coffee Table from Magnolia Home Furniture could set you back by as much as $1649. 

Similarly, while the average cost for a sofa in the United States is around $1,000, a Jefferson sofa from Magnolia Home could cost you up to $2,199. What more, the Atticus Sofa, one of Magnolia Home’s loveliest offerings, comes for as high as $4,999.

So you see, Magnolia Home Furniture is more aimed at deep pockets, yearning for a pricey touch of luxury. 

Is Magnolia Home Furniture Wood Quality Good?

While Magnolia Home Furniture is largely purported to be made of solid hardwood, most of those I have seen are made from pine. This is typical of the Farmhouse Scallop Coffee Table from Magnolia Home. 

From my years of experience in woodworking, pine is not the strongest of wood, despite how beautiful and workable it can be. Magnolia Furniture could be a great fit if you are more obsessed with the beauty of your furniture (in the short term) than its longevity. 

How Do You Clean Magnolia Furniture At Home?

It is advised that you don’t clean magnolia furniture with solvents. Instead, use a shampoo or foam upholstery based on water.

Ensure you don’t wet the item you are cleaning too much. If your magnolia furniture consists of pile fabrics, you may need some brushing to get it beautifully clean and shiny again.

Is Magnolia Home Furniture Featured in Fix Upper?

Some of the furniture offerings from Magnolia Home have made grand entries on the Upper Fix show. Most notably, the Gaby Dining chair, which sells for about $379, has appeared on the show. 

Also, the Rory Dining table, which sells for around $1,799, has been featured on the Fix Upper TV show.

Where to Buy Magnolia Home Furniture Online?

While Magnolia Home Furniture may be a household name around Waco, Texas, the brand doesn’t enjoy as much popularity across the United States and the globe. Consequently, it is pretty challenging to procure Magnolia Home Furniture in retail stores outside Texas readily.

Given this geographical handicap, enthusiasts and lovers of Magnolia Home Furniture can still acquire their desired products online. 

There is a varied collection of sofas, chairs, kitchen cabinets, dressers, all available for purchase (and shipping) either on the main Magnolia Shop or on other reputable online portals like Living Spaces. 

How Does Magnolia Home Furniture Shipping Work?

Let me start by stating that as of now, Magnolia Home Furniture doesn’t ship internationally. So if you are not in the United States, you may struggle to get your hands on any of this brand’s furniture items. Such unavailability also extends to express and overnight delivery options.

Within the United States, Magnolia Home operates a standard of 3-5 working days for processing in-stock furniture. You can expect Magnolia Home’s carrier to reach out to you as to when your order is set to be shipped. 

Such correspondence simultaneously serves the purpose of delivery method confirmation and the time for delivery. Contactless Delivery and White Glove Delivery are the two major delivery conduits I know Magnolia Home to use. 

Once all shipping arrangements have been confirmed, it will take anywhere from three to five weeks to complete the shipping of your order. Understandably, transit times and weather contingencies can also cause a delay in your order being shipped.

As typical of many shipping procedures, Magnolia Home rescinds your option of canceling the order once you have successfully placed the order. Similarly, you can’t make changes to the furniture order once it is has been placed. 

Magnolia Home Furniture doesn’t offer replacement parts for all furniture products it sells. Equally, furniture buyers can’t request fabric switches.  

How Does Magnolia Home Furniture’s Return Policy Work?

For furniture items, Magnolia Home’s return policy spans the first 30 days after your order has been delivered. Take note that Magnolia Home doesn’t offer preference-based returns for any furniture item you order from it. Therefore, return requests are only valid in circumstances of delivered items being defective. 

If this happens, you can call Magnolia Home’s attention to such defective delivery by email [email protected] Upon sending this, a service team will initiate the return procedure. Admittedly, this can take a while.

If you want to speed up the resolution process, substantiate your case for a return by submitting accurate pictures of the defects you noticed in your delivered furniture. Support this with the order number of the furniture as its product name.

If done well, it could take anywhere from 7-14 days to fully process your return. Upon completion of the return process, Magnolia will promptly issue you a payment refund. 

This sum is commonly remitted via the same channel you initially used in making the payment. Within seven days (latest and five days earliest), the remittal should be reflecting on your bank statement.

In-person Review of Magnolia Home Furniture 

So much we have learned about Magnolia Home Furniture, right? In this section, we will dive really down and have an in-person examination of some of the furniture offerings from Magnolia Home. 

Let us Start With Magnolia’s Farmhouse Table

At first sight, Magnolia Home Farmhouse tables look great. Telling from the appearance, you get a solid construction featuring a thin veneer sitting on medium-density fiberboard (MDF).

The charm is there, no doubt, but Joanna and her woodworking crew could have done better for the quality. First, the wood quality is less than what you would get from IKEA. 

And given that you can get IKEA tables for a modest $100, I was expecting significantly better from Magnolia Home, given the steep price I was paying for theirs.

Just like me, several buyers have been less impressed with the underside priming. The consistency leaves questions to be asked of Joanna’s team. I have seen homeowners whose tables were woefully broken, and they all seemed patched up and hurriedly shipped across. 

The last thing I would point out about the Magnolia farmhouse table is the placement of the screw holes. Normally, modern tables are furnished with protectors, typically screwed into the table’s corners.

This fundamentally serves a protective purpose so that the edges of your table don’t get damaged when they are in transit. Your job upon getting the table would be to unscrew the protector before moving on to affix your table legs.

For decency and discreetness, I was expecting Magnolia Home to position the screw holes so that they are unnoticeable when you affix the legs. The screw holes were pitiably visible.

Other than this, I was pleased with the table, particularly the charm it oozes. There is no denying that Joanna infused a lot of her signature rustic taste into these tables. The tapering I have seen for other tables like the Carson End Table and Jones End Table is tantalizing. 

Magnolia Homestead Sofa Chaise

This is one of the most beloved offerings from Magnolia Home Furniture. Without mincing words, the Homestead Sofa Chaise is class personified.

The linen-blend fabric upholstery was impressive, enhanced with down-blend seat cushions screaming at you to come and lie on them. Altogether, this sofa adds a casual and relaxed feel to your space.

Nonetheless, I will admit Magnolia Home would need to work a bit more on the down-stuffed cushions’ comfortability. I have come across many buyers complaining of them feeling overstuffed. 

The implication is that the sofa may not absorb you in as much as you would expect of down blend cushions. For the steepness of the price, I couldn’t ignore this disadvantage.

Magnolia Home Dressers

I have had the privilege of testing a number of Magnolia Home Dressers. For some, I have been incredibly impressed, for others, a bit disappointed. 

Aesthetically, I am obsessed with the Wren 6 Drawer Dresser from Magnolia Home. This dresser features a beautiful mahogany design, enhanced with slim metal sides. This dresser is further decked with six drawers. Coming at a sizable cost of US$2,699, this is not your ready low-end dresser.

If you are looking for something more affordable in the dresser category from Magnolia Home, you may want to consider the Palmer Tall Dresser. This dresser sports mango frames inset enhanced with woven came. The Palmer Taller is girded with three drawers, with further storage being provided by a lower cabinet. 

Altogether, I am thrilled with that lovable organic texture the Palmer Tall Dresser infuses into your space. This dresser goes for about $1,199.

If I could whisper into Joanna’s ears, I would tell her to improve the opening fluidity of the drawers. Sometimes, it is a bit of a battle to get them open. 

Tips for Buying Magnolia Home Furniture

When buying Magnolia Home Furniture, watch out for finishing, wood type, weight, and sturdiness. If you don’t want Magnolia furniture made of pine, ensure you point that specifically out to the retail store salesperson so they can direct you to other hardwood alternatives. 

The finishing is another crucial aspect to consider. Before buying, diligently inspect the Magnolia furniture you are buying for signs of wear or scratch. 

You can identify such by rigorously inspecting the laminate used. Feel free to satiate your curiosity by running your hands across the edges to evaluate their smoothness.  

When buying dressers and cabinets, ensure you investigate the fluidity with which the cabinet doors open and close. How readily do they glide? If you notice any roughness, don’t ignore it; call the store attendant’s attention to that. 

After opening and closing the cabinet door, do they snap? Also, does your cabinet remain open even after attempting to close it? Yes, and you should be worried. Another aspect to figure into consideration is the tightness of the hinges. Ensure they are totally free of rust and rough edges. 

Such attentiveness to detail doesn’t suggest that Magnolia Home Furniture’s quality is generally poor. No, it is basic due diligence required when buying just any brand of furniture.


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  • Fixer Upper star Joanna Gaines subtly announced that Magnolia Home Furniture will soon be sold on her website:
  • Fans of Jo's modern farmhouse style know that it can be difficult to find Magnolia Home Furniture online.
  • A Magnolia spokesperson confirmed to House Beautiful that the collection will be available to purchase by the end of the summer.

ICYMI: Joanna Gaines completely transformed Magnolia’s conference room into a grand library complete with deep green walls, rows of books, and Anthropologie’s Gleaming Primrose Mirror. But hidden in the blog post about the beautiful renovation was exciting news about Magnolia Home Furniture that all Fixer Upper fans can appreciate.

In Magnolia’s latest blog post, titled, “Jo’s Library Tour,” the mother of five answered questions about how the library came to be and at the bottom, she listed all the décor used, including a coffee table—but it isn’t just any ordinary coffee table.

“Coming soon to (and yes, that means we’re launching furniture online soon!),” Jo wrote on the Magnolia blog post about the coffee table. A close-up of the furniture piece shows that it’s an oval-shaped, glass-top coffee table with a white bottom and gold hardware.

This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

Soon you’ll easily be able to deck out your home in Jo’s style with a few simple clicks on the Magnolia website. “We anticipate Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines furniture to be available online at by summer’s end,” a spokesperson from Magnolia told House Beautiful.

As fans of the HGTV star know all too well, Jo’s Magnolia Home Furniture can be difficult to buy online, and the collections are only available at Living Spaces and Hickory Furniture Mart. And when you can’t find certain items online, the Magnolia Home Furniture website helps you find a local dealer.

Although there’s still a bit to go before we learn more details about the upcoming online furniture collection, there’s still plenty of Magnolia Home to shop, like rugs, pillows, planters, and candles!

Olive Branch Wallpaper




Embroidered Sadie Pillow




Hand-Knotted Camille Rug




Stoneware Water Pitcher

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia



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Rated 5 out of 5by April Afrom Solid end tableVery sturdy for an end table. I like the bottom shelf for blanket storage

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Rated 5 out of 5by csbeau29from Beautiful QualityWe bought two of these side tables, and we are so happy with our purchase! The quality and style are what you would expect from Magnolia.

Date published: 2019-12-12

Rated 5 out of 5by Arizonaboundfrom Perfect for the PurposeTo complete my southwestern theme, I purchased the Magnolia end table and console table. These are superb quality accent pieces that look perfect in my new apartment. They allow for the natural wood look with a polished, complete look and feel. They are substantial in size, nothing cheap or lacking about these pieces. Thanks, Joanna Gaines... for such nice pieces!

Date published: 2019-07-28

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Farms end tables magnolia

Magnolia Home


The Magnolia Home collection is focused on enabling you to create beautiful and meaningful home or specialty spaces with your furniture. Beloved reality star Joanna Gaines has thoughtfully designed this elegant collection of furniture, rugs and home decor with practicality, aesthetic and family in mind.

Magnolia Farm Farmhouse Living Room with couch, coffee table, mirror and planters on wall.

The Magnolia Home collection invites you to tell your story in a way that is uniquely you.

  • Farmhouse chic
  • Traditional farmhouse
  • French Inspired
  • Boho
  • A little mid-century

The almost playful feel of the pieces with touches of aged patina and metal and wood detailing invites relaxation and gives a chic, but lived-in vibe. Undeniably trendy but at the same time classic, the Magnolia Home collection is the perfect way to bring Gaines’ Waco-based creations into your own home.

The Magnolia Home collection can be found in our Farmville location in Building #8, as well as in our stores in Manassas, VA and Raleigh, NC.

magnolia farm farmhouse bedroom with bed and desk

Magnolia Home Website


Traditional, Industrial, Vintage, Casual, Farmhouse


Sofas, Sectionals, Accent/Occasional Chairs, Ottomans, Coffee Tables, Side Tables, Dining Chairs, Bar/Counter Stools, Benches, Dining Tables, Counter & Bar Tables, Sideboards & Buffets, Beds, Headboards, Dressers, Nightstands, Armoires, Desks, Mirrors, Baskets

Sales Associates

Mary Gordon

Mary Gordon

Sales Associate | Location: Farmville

[email protected]

Debbie Luna

Debbie Luna

Sales Associate | Location: Farmville

[email protected]

Cindy Saunders

Cindy Saunders

Sales Associate | Location: Farmville

[email protected]

Summer 2021 at Magnolia - Commitment

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