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Wot Account Ebay​

5 Minutes to Create a Gmail Account

Creating a Gmail account is so easy even people in their late seventies could do it. You can get this task done in just 5 minutes without any technical knowledge whatsoever. Moreover, it's free as well. Here we will show you 5 minutes to create a Gmail account. It is worthy enough to create a Gmail account because you are making a Google account which provides you access to all Google services. It includes YouTube, Play Store, Maps, and many others. It's a pretty good thing because you will not have to register for each of these services individually. Gmail is part of a free web-based suite of Google. If you are running an online business, you should use all of those tools in one place that can make your life much easier. Steps to Create a Gmail account:  Here is How to make a Gmail account in 5 minutes: First of all, visit Gmail's official website on Google to set up your Gmail account. Enter the information on all fields in the sign-up form. Keep remembering that this is the stage where you are creating your username. Your Gmail address will be your username that will be followed by "@gmail.com." Therefore, if you choose "Black bag" as your username, your email address will be [email protected] This is also the phase where you choose a password. Therefore, ensure to make a note of it. When you have completed all steps, click "Next." The next step in this process will include the verification of your phone number.  It would be great if you use your cell phone for this purpose. Once you add your number, Google will send a code in a text message to the number you have provided.  Google requires you to enter that code to proceed further.  Enter the code in the screen which looks like the image below Then click next. Once you enter the verification code, you will be redirected to the Welcome screen. You should enter your date of a birthday as well as gender to proceed further. Remember that this complete information is private. Therefore, Google needs it to track you as a real human being, not a bot or robot. When you complete all steps, click "Next." At-last, you will get the Privacy and Terms screen. Read it over carefully and click on "I Agree to continue". How to Get Started: Followed all the above steps? That's it. You've done all the steps. Once you click on the button "I agree", you are then directed to the My Account page, where you can easily sign in. You will start using the email address you just created. Furthermore, Gmail and the entire Google suite is extremely user-friendly and convenient. Gmail facilitates you with everything needed to manage the small business, Email communication, and the stand-alone test of time. On the other hand, you can keep your Gmail address for years because your inbox is overrun by spam. Making your email account is so easier, and with all the great features of Gmail, daily management is much convenient. Google, as well as Gmail, are one of a handful of tools. It makes communication easier and more efficient. You can send a maximum of 15MB files by Gmail account. It allows you to upload all your pictures, videos, important files, and other stuff in the One Drive folder of Google. So you can upload them on Google drive by signing in to your Gmail account because it is a much safe and secure platform. Why Should you Create Gmail Account? Gmail has categories of the messages you received that are "primary," "social," and "promotional." It gives you huge flexibility to keep emails in their proper place when you get time to read them. Finally, Gmail has become its user's back. Anyone who accidentally sent an email to the wrong person can empathize. Have you ever clicked the "send" button by mistake and subsequently realized that you had emailed the wrong person? Or after sending a message, you wish you could take it back? Gmail has covered here as well with its undo feature, which is truly life-saving. Once you click "send," Gmail will give you a grace period before sending the email. Select any of the  10, 20, or 30 seconds as a grace period to hit "undo" and stop the email from sending. You can adjust the grace period in settings because this feature is available to everyone easily. A few of the benefits of using Gmail are: •           Google will not sell your email address. •           Superior spam filters. •           Free mail storage of 15GB is more than the average person uses. •           It is easy to sign in to an email that is SmartPhone, tablet, and PC at home and on the go. •           It enables you to view attachments without downloading. •           A plethora of organizational tools include Google's free version of Word and Excel, known as docs and sheets on Google's vernacular.

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selling of wot accounts on ebay

Just for all's information, you cannot sale, rent, etc. accounts as per the EULA. It's not right, but I have also seen the accounts on EBay. Then there are those ads to grind up your account, saw one on The Daily Bounce just the other day.

No Account Sharing

You must keep all information relating to your Account confidential. At no time should you disclose your account ID or password, secret question or answer to anyone. This includes your friends, relatives, parents, children, spouses, co-workers, clan members and clan leader. In case of such disclosure, clause will apply.

You are fully responsible for the conduct and actions using your Account and for all breaches of this EULA committed using your Account. We shall have no liability to you for any loss or damage arising from disclosure of your Account data to anyone, any unauthorized use of your Account, or any unauthorized access, use, alteration, modification and/or disclosure of your personal information.

Any sale, purchase, lease, rent, exchange, other commercial exploitation of Accounts is prohibited.

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Accounts for sale on eBay?

View PostScary_bob, on 21 April - AM, said:

Whilst looking on eBay for an Xbox game I see people selling passwords to there accounts for big money.

They are selling full garages of tier x tanks etc.

Surely this can't be right. Wargaming should not allow this.

What's the forums opinion on this? Personally I think it stinks wallet warriors can simply buy there way in and spoil the gameplay we strived for You got to earn it to enjoy it  

I like how an e-bay buyer kid -1 your post.

And yes, in this game, kids buy and sell accounts, just like on any other game. Wg can't do much about it, there is no proof of someone who buys an account. If the ip changes, the original acct owner will say "yea it's my account" even after he sold it. And the pics you see on ebay can just be pics of any account out there, it's not real proof that it's their account, therefore wg shouldn't ban people simply because their acct stats are posted one bay.

Also, maybe if wg made decent updates to this game, people wouldn't get bored and sell their accounts. Not to mention economy is constantly going worse and worse, so people are getting more and more desperate to get money

Sours: http://forum.wotblitz.eu/index.php?/topic/accounts-for-sale-on-ebay/

Tanks of ebay world

WOT Ebay Account Sellers &#;Hide and Seek&#;

I&#;ll show you how easy it is to track down Account seller on Ebay.

What information i need.

70k battles

Personal Rating 11k

Winrate 68%+

Those informations above are enough to find his name.

* FROM `active` WHERE `global_rating` >= `battles` >= `max_xp` >= `hits_percents` >= 70 ORDER BY `global_rating` DESC

Showing rows 0 &#; 1 (2 total, Query took seconds. (~14M accounts scanned on EU cluster)

This is a 50% chance to find him. All i need now is to check his WN8.

final information he gave to me was WN8 +

1 account left with those informations.


if you think you can sell your account on ebay or elsewhere else&#; i have my methods and i will find you!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/cofny7/wot_ebay_account_sellers_hide_and_seek/

Sours: https://4game.site/games/world-of-tanks/wot-ebay-account-sellers-hide-and-seek/

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