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The best men's underwear brands make up the foundations of every well-rounded wardrobe. But unless you're really desperate for a fleeting serotonin hit, shopping for underwear ain't all that fun. The underwear business isn't exactly trend-oriented, which makes the process of hunting down a new pair mercifully straightforward—if not especially exciting.

But it's one worth taking seriously. Because right now the market is crowded with choices, from wily upstarts promising to solve all your chafing problems to heritage labels touting anti-bunching formulas they've perfected over decades of rigorous trial and error. Looking for a classic pair of supima cotton boxer shorts, or a stretchy pair of moisture-wicking, spandex-enhanced boxer briefs? You won't have to look far. Intrigued by lofty-sounding fabrics like micromodal or breathable elastane blends? There's plenty of brands that'd be thrilled to hear it.

Frankly, it can all get a little overwhelming. So to help you make sense of the mind-boggling array of options, we went deep on all the underwear worth your time—from high end versions you'll genuinely consider washing by hand to ultra-cheap undies you can order by the multipack when the laundry machine threatens to go kaput. No matter your preferences, the best men's underwear brands are up to the task. If you're eager to replenish your supply—or overhaul your underwear drawer entirely—these are the only names you need to know.

Calvin Klein

The first name in designer underwear didn't start out that way. Before Calvin Klein was a billboard-dominating global superbrand, it was an upstart American label credited as the first to slap its name on a pair of briefs, setting off a seismic shift in the men's underwear market in the process. After all these years, buying a pair of boxers stamped with that iconic Futura font still feels like a small luxury, an indulgence only you, your underwear drawer, and a select few others will ever be privy to. If you're looking for undergarments with a bona fide cultural pedigree, Calvin Klein is the place to start.

Calvin Klein boxer briefs (3-pack)

Calvin Klein steel micro boxer briefs (3-pack)


Not too many brands boast a century-long history of expertise in their given field, let alone in the underwear arena. But Hanes isn't just any old brand. First established in the early 1900s, Hanes has enjoyed the type of prolonged relevance lesser brands struggle mightily to approximate. The company has since expanded into other categories—you might swear by their famously tagless T-shirts—but underwear remains the crown jewel of the empire. It's almost ironic that Hanes undies tend to be sold in bulk, because they're apt to last long after you've come down with a hankering for a new pack.

Hanes ultimate tagless boxers (6-pack)

Hanes comfort flex total support boxer briefs (3-pack)


Like Hanes, Jockey has been around in one form or another for a long time. With roots that stretch back to the late 1800s, Jockey—named for the type of support then associated with the jockstrap—is widely credited with inventing the classic Y-front brief, an innovation that set the template for underwear styles that still dominate the market today. Jockey remains the brand to turn to when you're in desperate need of no-frills underwear built with the same attention to detail—and near-indestructibility—that first put the company on the map.

Jockey classic full-rise briefs (3-pack)

Jockey classic boxer briefs (3-pack)


If you're looking for top of the line underwear made by a master of the form, Hanro's got you covered. The Swiss brand has been churning out decadent loungewear for the world's most discerning dressers for close to 150 years, and its stellar selection of undies is no exception. Touting the craftsmanship of a humble pair of boxer briefs might sound ludicrous (they're boxers, for god's sake!) but slip on a pair from Hanro and you'll immediately feel the difference. The brand's serious design chops coupled with a legacy of technical innovation means these are not-so-basics actually worth investing in.

Hanro stretch-cotton boxer briefs (2-pack)

Hanro sporty mercerised cotton boxer shorts


Prefer your underwear built to the exacting specifications of a NASA spacesuit? Saxx is the brand for you. Every pair the company makes comes tricked out with its proprietary BallPark Pouch technology, the (slightly cringe-inducing) term Saxx uses to refer to the hammock-shaped pocket that lends its undies their signature support. Breathable mesh panels and an ergonomic nine-panel construction guarantee all-day comfort, while flat out seams promise to eliminate chafing and that telltale shimmy we've all had to do when something gets caught where it shouldn't. (Oh, and FYI: If you subscribe to our Fall Best Stuff Box today, we're tossing in two pairs of your choice—entirely free.)

Saxx hot shot boxer briefs

Saxx undercover cotton trunks

Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon, a relatively new entrant in the underwear arena, built a business by overthinking the details—in the best way possible. In practice, that means quick-drying, odor-fighting trunks that won't quit on you when you need 'em most, whether you're halfway through a grueling workout or an equally grueling workday.

Mack Weldon AIRKNITx HD trunks

Mack Weldon 24/7 woven boxers

Ralph Lauren

Ever wondered what could possibly prompt someone to love a brand so much they refuse to wear anything not stamped with its name? You've clearly never met a real Lo Head. Ralph Lauren engenders so much adoration among its most ardent fans that depriving them of the chance to rep the brand in underwear form would be almost cruel. Even if you don't know your Purple Label from your P Wing, the brand's briefs are a great introduction to what it does best.

Polo Ralph Lauren 4D cotton and modal boxer briefs (4-pack)

Polo Ralph Lauren low rise cotton briefs (4-pack)

Plus 11 More Brands Making Underwear We Love

Lululemon always in motion mesh boxers

No surprise here: The brand that made leggings (leggings!) a staple of offices around the world also cuts a killer pair of briefs. An ergonomic design and a quick-drying mesh-modal fabric means Lululemon's primo skivvies are equally suited to squeezing in a workout between Zooms or hitting the town for a big night out once you've signed off for good.

Uniqlo AIRism low-rise boxer briefs

AIRism boxers come with all the product specs you'd expect from undies triple the price. A silky-smooth texture, ultra-comfy fit, and odor-controlling tech to keep you smelling as swell as you feel? Hail, hail, the gang's all here.

Entireworld Type A Version 1 ribbed organic cotton briefs

Don't call them tighty-whities.

Everlane boxer briefs

Simple, streamlined, impossibly soft: Everlane's briefs are everything you want in a pair of skivvies and then some.

Tom Ford logo-patch silk-blend boxer shorts

Tom Ford doesn't do "tasteful restraint". Tasteful? Sure. Restraint? Not so much. But the brand's ridiculously luxurious silk boxers are one of the most compelling arguments we've seen for the existence of designer underwear as a genre unto itself, and that's saying something.

Nike Dri-FIT ReLuxe boxer briefs (2-pack)

The Swoosh's high-quality, quick-drying boxers combine the best elements of its Dri-FIT technology with extra-soft recycled polyester fibers engineered to hug your lower body in all the places they should.

Derek Rose Wellington 52 striped cotton boxer shorts

Derek Rose cuts its signature shorts with gently-curved leg seams designed to stay immune to bunching no matter how many times you put 'em through the wringer.

Under Armour UA tech boxerjock briefs

Like its Portland-based competitor, Under Armour makes a lot more than just undies. But the same rigorous approach that defines its activewear also informs the brand's performance underwear. Its boxerjock briefs are cut from a sweat-wicking 4-way stretch material for maximum comfort and then enhanced with anti-odor technology for maximum freshness.

Zimmerli micromodal-blend jersey boxer briefs

Micromodal is a specially-treated form of rayon prized for its unparallaled softness. The Swiss underwear wizards at Zimmerli put it to use, in tandem with a touch of elastane, to ensure your most sensitive parts never feel anything but sheer bliss.

Raf Simons patched boxer shorts

Best worn with a big, billowy banker shirt, scrunched tube socks, and a sturdy pair of hardbottoms.

Sunspel stretch-cotton boxer briefs (2-pack)

There's a reason stylish guys, GQ editors, and Bond himself swear by Sunspel's incredibly soft, luxed-up basics: when it comes to to the type of quality underpinnings you wear day in and day out they're tough to beat. The British label's boxers are pricey but worth every cent.

Sours: https://www.gq.com/story/best-mens-underwear-brands

Hanes’ New Underwear Ads Push the Envelope

Hanes is walking a fine line with the campaign to launch its newest men’s underwear.

The Winston-Salem, N.C.-based Hanes, which is the country’s top-selling underwear manufacturer, has just created a new Comfort Flex Fit Total Support Pouch boxer brief. The model offers a proprietary, patent-pending pouch construction, including unique breathable mesh inserts, and marks one of the largest new product launches in the brand’s history.

The new boxer briefs feature a patent-pending pouch construction.

To introduce the underwear, Hanes is taking what it believes is a lighthearted, humorous approach in the marketing campaign that debuts today. But the campaign may be viewed by some as offensive.

It centers around men seeking “ball-ance” and comfort in their underwear and looking for a style where “all your bits must properly fit.” Other lines in the campaign include: “Let thy dangle be tranquil, May your truffles never shuffle and Less wrestling, more nestling.”

Sidney Falken, chief branding officer for Hanes, said the company tested the campaign before giving it the green light, and results were positive. “We’ve been working on this product for a while and how to best talk to guys about it,” she said. “We wanted to push the envelope on humor and get guys talking about it. So we took a lighthearted approach to the marketing and we’re very comfortable that guys will respond to it. We didn’t see any distaste or dislike for the language we’re using.”

The ads feature a character named Hans in his home, riding a bull, rock climbing and resting in a hammock wearing the underwear. Falken described him as “a guru” to lead guys through the product’s features and functions. The ads are intended to “perfect the idea of being secure and supported,” she said, adding that she believes they are “clever,” and intentionally “surprising coming from Hanes.”

The Comfort Flex Pouch product recently had a soft launch at retail at stores including Walmart, Kohl’s and Macy’s, Falken said, and “results are good and the reviews strong.” Hanes is expecting “a big splash” after the ads launch beginning today. They will air during the NCAA Division I Men’s basketball tournament and will be shown on CBS, TNT, TBS and TruTV. They’ll continue through 2021. Online advertising will run in various editorial and social platforms, with influencer campaigns appearing on Twitter, TikTok, Facebook and Instagram.

Although Falken wouldn’t say how large the media spend is for the campaign, the budget is being increased in the double digits, Hanes said.

While some older guys may be caught off guard, the marketing plan and the tone of the campaign may appeal more to younger guys, a category in demand for the brand.

In the company’s fourth-quarter earnings call in early February, Stephen Bratspies, chief executive officer of Hanesbrands Inc., said the company holds the number-one market share position in men’s underwear in the U.S. in both the over-35 and under-35 age groups. “We have a lot more share, absolute share, in the over 35, and the growth is coming in the under-35,” he said. “So we saw that as a big opportunity for us to understand that consumer a little bit better: how they’re shopping, what products that they want, and we’re going to be very focused and targeted on going after that consumer.”

Falken called the Comfort Flex Fit Pouch “a breakthrough and the most innovative product introduction in the category in decades.” In testing prior to the introduction, Hanes found that 71 percent of men reported that they had never worn boxer briefs with a pouch construction. But after trying the product, 80 percent said they planned to buy the product and recommend it to others. “And guys don’t like to talk about their underwear,” she said.

A three-pack of the underwear retails for $16.98.

Sours: https://wwd.com/menswear-news/mens-clothing-furnishings/hanes-new-underwear-ads-push-the-envelope-1234777983/
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By Mark Wilson6 minute Read

Boxers or briefs. It’s the age-old question for men. Or it was. Now, Hanes is asking a new question: pouch or no pouch?

Today, Hanes is launching its biggest new product in years. It’s called the Hanes Comfort Flex Fit Total Support Pouch. As my editor suggested with all the subtlety of Shakespeare, it’s “a bra for your balls.” After talking to the Hanes team and wearing the underwear myself for a few days, I can tell you she’s right.

Developed over the course of two years, the Total Support Pouch is a patent-pending design that looks like a tiny crossover bra inside your boxer briefs. On the package, the product promises to “separate and support”—in other words, to lift your genitalia away from your body for a more comfortable fit.

The idea was born from competition. Hanes is a clear market leader in men’s underwear, boasting a 36% share of the $6.2 billion North American region. But its challenge, like any big company making classic products, is one of consistent growth. Hanes had been watching trends in the premium and direct-to-consumer underwear market for new trends and noted that pouches were becoming increasingly popular as a point of differentiation. Brands like Saxx, BN3TH, Sheath, and Shinesty (with the explicitly named Ball Hammock) were differentiating themselves through the pouch.

“They’re very expensive, not widely distributed,” says Jaye Powell of these competing pouch products; she’s the VP and GM of men’s underwear and socks for Hanesbrands. “There’s not a great consumer awareness around it.”

Indeed, I realize this may come as a surprise, but men aren’t thinking about their crotch all day. Once you put on just about any pair of underwear, it all pretty much feels figured out. You don’t want to wear loose boxers to play basketball, because that could be very uncomfortable, but that’s about it.

The handful of friends I spoke to for this article shared that they generally wear boxer briefs, which don’t lift anything up but effectively Ken doll your body in place. None of them complained that their genitalia flopped around under day-to-day conditions. However, one friend mentioned occasional chafing in hot weather. Another shared his latent fear that, as he grows older, his scrotum might lose elasticity and he’d sit on it—which can actually happen as men grow older and the collagen in their skin breaks down.

These sorts of responses are not surprising to Hanes. “Men can tell you the basics that they want in underwear: soft fabric and a nice waistband,” Powell says. “But when you get into how to construct a product, they can’t say.”

Developing the product

Hanes put together a team of five designers and four seasoned pattern-makers to study the category and begin prototyping how a Hanes pouch might work. They identified all sorts of approaches to pouch construction, ranging from athletic cups to pockets to an internal bag or tube, or something worryingly called “inside keyhole support.”

What they ultimately concluded was that most pouches offered lateral support, which controlled genitalia moving from side to side, but not much support beneath the scrotum. And the Hanes team felt that if it could lift this anatomy, it would lead to more overall comfort, along with less sweating and chafing.

Working with professional fit testers, the Hanes atelier created test garments to pursue potential approaches. To get a better look at what was going on with fabric and seams, they did something unconventional even for an underwear company—they asked testers to wear the garments inside out.

What the team settled on was a crossover, bra-style design. Two mesh panels, which look a lot like the perforated fabric in basketball shorts, slide right up under your scrotum. A light stretch tape adds elasticity to the stitching. Once they landed on a general design, the Hanes team tested various permutations in longer-term fit tests with a focus group of 60 people with various body types to validate and refine the design.

Donning the underwear myself, there was a definite “oh” moment as this structure slid into place. You notice immediately that something feels different in this sensitive area. A glance in the mirror also revealed a secondary side effect: one’s package is pronounced, almost like the underwear doubles as a push-up bra for your pants.

After spending a few days with the product, walking, working, Netflixing, and riding my bike, I found that the Hanes pouch design is generally comfortable, and definitely delivers on that promise to support and separate. I could imagine wearing them for rigorous activities. The luxuriously soft polyester blend—which is more premium than what’s in most Hanes—rivaled my pricier, cotton-blend Calvin Kleins.

However, I’m still unsure of how well they would breathe in the heat of the summer. The scrotum naturally loosens when it’s hot, allowing the testicles to cool, and the pouch doesn’t let this happen. And for my own anatomy, the support was sometimes too tight and tailored to feel relaxed when lounging on the couch. I grew a new empathy for women everywhere who pull off their bra the moment their day is done.

Selling support

My experience with the Total Support Pouch doesn’t seem to line up with Hanes’s own data, however. After the test with 60 people, the company says it received off-the-charts praise. Eighty percent of men across all tested age ranges reported they both planned to buy the product and recommend it to a friend. Hanes says that feedback confirmed the company was onto something big—something that would be worthy of a sizable marketing push.

But the marketing will be a challenge. Mainstream marketing has traditionally steered clear of penis and testicle talk. Even Viagra and Cialis commercials dance around the realities of male anatomy. Modern men’s brands like Hims have attempted slick branding on topics like erectile dysfunction and baldness, but even that lacks the specific anatomical guidance you’ll find in products marketed to women. Tampon and pad commercials touting wings and absorption are commonplace in our culture, but the men’s playbook isn’t so set: “I think communication is the hardest on this,” Powell says. “How do you talk about it? How do you name it?”

The team’s first thought was to just parody it all, and so they began market testing joke positioning. (Brands like Manscaped come to mind.) “We said we should name it something funny and catchy. We tested ‘Man Cave” [and some] out-there naming,” Powell says. “It didn’t resonate. [Men] wanted to know, what exactly are you doing here?”

So Hanes gave up on the fun and landed on far more clinical-sounding branding, including the “Total Support Pouch,” along with the promises of “support and separate.” And then they left it to marketing to bring in the adolescent humor to sell the concept to the 25- to 35-year-old demographic that’s buying the most underwear.

Hanes’s new mascot is a Scandinavian man named Hans. He lies with both his shirt and crotch open and orates with an unshakable, unwarranted confidence that sits halfway between the Old Spice guy and a Will Ferrell character. He’s meant to be “funny and engaging and not offensive,” Powell says, and indeed, you can almost imagine the strategy meeting in which a boardroom of execs homed in on just the right culture to appropriate without appearing to be punching down.

The Hanes Comfort Flex Fit Total Support Pouch is available nationwide at retailers starting today. Each pair will cost $6 to $10.

Sours: https://www.fastcompany.com/90614083/haness-new-underwear-is-like-a-bra-for-your-balls

The 17 Best Men’s Underwear You’ll Want To Wear Right Now

Guys, it’s time to start to forget the saying, “Out of sight, out of mind” (at least when it comes to picking out underwear). Believe it or not, style is very important when it comes to choosing underwear — even when it won’t be on display for the masses. When choosing underwear you want to select styles that keep you comfortable throughout the day.

As one of the first pieces you put on and the last to take off, choosing a quality and durable underwear should be a priority. Underwear left the common, tighty-whitey world long ago. It’s now possible to find it in so many styles, fabrics, colors, and patterns that making a decision about what pair to wear is almost as complicated — and statement-making — as the rest of your wardrobe. Here we’ve attempted to cut through the noise a bit, offering our selects for the best briefs, boxers, and boxer briefs in various price points and styles.

Best Briefs

Briefs are probably the most iconic representation of men’s underwear, growing out of swimwear styles from the south of France. In the 1930s they took the world by storm, first selling from the legendary Marshall Field’s department store in Chicago, Ill.

Todd Sanfield Noir Sport Brief

You won’t find the founders of most underwear companies featured on their product packaging or on the brand website. Todd Sanfield is the exception. The fitness model turned entrepreneur launched his underwear collection as a creative outlet, and now his briefs are a go-to for Instagram bodybuilders. Show off the muscles from your WFH workouts with these clean-cut sport briefs that offer support and movement.

Sunspel Super Fine Cotton Brief

There’s just something about a classic pair of tighty-whities. They look great on just about every guy, and keep everything — more or less — under control. In Sunspel’s case, this 100% cotton brief is also extremely comfortable. The company knows what it’s doing, having been in business since 1860.

Hanes Men’s FreshIQ ComfortSoft Full Rise Dyed Briefs, 6-Pack

Hanes updates classic briefs with FreshIQ, its advanced odor-protection technology that combats stank, yet the premium 100% cotton fabric still feels as comfortable as a broken-in t-shirt. (Just as cozy, the heathers are a cotton/poly blend.)

UnderGents Inspirato Modern Briefs

UnderGents brings briefs into the 21st century, updating a classic silhouette with moisture-wicking Cloudsoft fabric (95% micro modal/5 % spandex) and “Vitruvian Man” multi-panel construction.

CDLP Y-Brief

Made of silky, comfortable Lyocell fabric (a kind of rayon) with a bit of stretch, the CDLP Y-Brief offers a minimal silhouette with a lower waist and an enhanced pouch for comfort and fit. The fiber is naturally anti-bacterial. Machine wash warm, but hang dry.

Calvin Klein Ultra-Soft Modal Hip Brief

These classic Calvin Klein briefs shape perfectly to the body for a comfortable and snug fit.

Best Boxers

Boxers were born in the 1920s, first developed for pugilists by Everlast. For many men they are still the only underwear to wear, and are particularly popular with would-be fathers because their loose construction tends to keep “the boys” cooler and more — ahem — productive.

Mack Weldon 24/7 Woven Boxer

Mack Weldon has updated the woven boxer with stretch and added a more tailored fit. These are mostly cotton, with some spandex;engineered so they won’t ride up as you’re wearing them. We think the two-button closure is also a cool look for lazy days around the house.

Tom Ford Silk Boxers

If you’re going to go luxury, let’s go all the way. Tom Ford elevates the classic silk boxer with this pair featuring a black velvet waistband and signature jacquard logo. Of course, they’re made in Italy. There are 11 colors available, but we think the nude says it all. Save these for date night or your most sophisticated lounging.

Derek Rose Modern Fit Boxer Shorts

This updated take on the classic features a modern fit in a classic silk medallion pattern. Dubbed the “Brindisi 58,” they’re streamlined and comfortable and feature a magnetic fly closure.

Hanro Fancy Woven Boxer

Another classic representation of the classic silhouette, Hanro is considered to be one of the most luxurious underwear companies on the planet, originally founded as a knitwear company in Switzerland. These boxers get the benefit of all that experience with a superior fit and amazing comfort.

Goodfellow & Co.Striped Woven Boxer Briefs, Two-Pack

Update your underwear drawer with classic style at an excellent price. The two-pack underwear set features mid-rise boxers with fly buttons.

L.L. Bean Scotch Plaid Flannel Boxers

Perfect for every day during the winter, or just for lounging around anytime; L.L. Bean’s classic tartan boxers are 100% cotton Portuguese flannel.

Best Boxer Briefs

Peanut butter and jelly. Gin and tonic. Bacon and eggs. Some things just go together. Somewhere along the line some smart underwear designer decided to put the comfort of knit briefs together with the flattering coverage of boxers for a perfect combo.

Nice Laundry Customized Boxer Brief

What’s better than a super-comfy pair of underwear? A pair that are customized just for you. Nice Laundry offers a classic brief in five colors, with eight selections of embroidered icons to fit your personality or mood.

Lululemon Always In Motion Boxer

Featuring quick-dry fabric, these boxers are perfect to wear for some extra support during your workout, but comfortable enough to wear all the time.

Boody Men’s Original Boxer

Boody takes your favorite boxer brief and upgrades it with a fabric derived from bamboo. The (mostly) sustainable fiber makes for a smooth-as-silk knit that will keep you cool and comfortable.

Saxx Viewfinder Boxer Brief

We’d love these boxers for SAXX’s BallPark Pouch (a 3D hammock-shaped pouch to keep everything in place), but this great modern camo pattern, excellent fit, and moisture wicking capability hit it right out of the park.

Proof Free Fly Comfort Boxer Brief

Gone fishin? These are just for you: The premium, bamboo-infused fabric is odor-resistant, antimicrobial, moisture-wicking, and highly breathable; it also features stretch and softness for comfort. Finally, they offer UPF 50+ sun protection if it turns out to be that kind of day.

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Editors' Recommendations

Sours: https://www.themanual.com/fashion/best-underwear-for-men/

Mens underwear hanes

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Hanes Men's Cotton Briefs (Pack of 4) Unboxing \u0026 Close Look

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