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3-point hitch tractor receiver hitch
Shown with standard 3-point hitch

Shown with standard 3-point hitch

Compact utility tractors should be as versatile as possible. Add this receiver hitch to any compact tractor with a Category 1, 3-point hitch and now the tractor can be used for towing a variety of items such as:
  • Water craft
  • Small trailers
  • Manure spreaders
  • Other item with standard trailer hookup

This hitch can fit either a standard 3-point hitch or with the addition of a shoulder bushing kit, can fit the iMatch Quick Hitch. The receiver slot is a standard 5-cm (2-in.) opening.

Towed weight must not exceed 2268 kg (5000 lb) or towing vehicle manufacturer's recommendation, whichever is less. This will vary with tractor model on which it is placed.
Shoulder-bushing kit

Shoulder-bushing kit

This shoulder bushing kit is available from Femco to put this hitch with an iMatch Quick Hitch. It takes the pins from the hitch from Category 1 to Category 3 so they will fit properly in the hooks on the iMatch Quick Hitch.
Ordering information
Please contact your local John Deere dealer for availability and pricing information.

3-point hitch tractor receiver hitch

NOTE:  This item is only available through John Deere Order Zone.

iMatch Quick-Hitch bushing kit

NOTE:  This item is only available through John Deere Order Zone.
 Last Updated : 08-Sep-2021 

Should You Invest in a John Deere iMatch™ Quick Hitch?

One of the benefits of owning a Compact Utility Tractor is the number of availableimplements and attachments. While it’s handy being able to take on multiple tasks with just one machine, depending on the number of attachments you're using and how often they’re being changed out, the actual switch can become a dreaded chore rather than a benefit. That’s why John Deere has the option to include a quick attach system, the iMatch™ Quick Hitch, which can save you time and effort when handling multiple attachments, but does that mean you should purchase one for your tractor?

In this issue of the Toolkit Manual, we will run through the differences between the iMatch™ and a standard 3-point hitch to help you decide if the Quick Hitch is a necessary time-saver or something you can do without.

Differences Between the 3-Point and the iMatch™:

The standard 3-point hitch is set up with 2 draft arms on either side and a center link, that requires the operator to hook into the implement with pins at these points. While it’s a fairly simple setup, this does require you to back up in line with the points of contact and do the attachment or detachment process by hand.

The iMatch™ differs, by replacing the 3-point hitch and remaining on the tractor at all times. Instead of connecting/removing pins between every implement, a snap ring, and bushing is always connected to the implement side, meaning that the operator can remain in the driver's seat, back up to an implement, raise it into place and lock it in place with a flip of two levers.

What Implements is the iMatch™ Compatible With?

Most Category 1 John Deere and Frontier implements are compatible, aside from a backhoe, posthole digger, and some fertilizer spreaders. The most common implements we see our customers purchase are a tiller, rotary cutter, box blade, rear blade, and landplane. One thing to note is that off-brand implements are not compatible, so be sure to keep that in mind when considering the purchase of an iMatch™.

Why Does This Matter?

While these differences may seem inconsequential, the time-saving elements of the Quick Hitch do make a difference when switching between multiple implements on a consistent basis. The iMatch™ may be a worthwhile investment if you find yourself dreading the change between implements, see yourself losing a lot of time actually working on your property or if you’re looking for a fluid attachment system that keeps you in the operator seat. If you only utilize one or two attachments or switch them out every once in a while, the standard 3-point hitch will fit your needs nicely and you most likely don’t need a quick attach system at this time.

If you're interested in or still uncertain if the iMatch™ Quick Hitch is right for you, contact your local Papé Machinery, we have equipment specialists ready to help you determine if it’s a good fit.

For more tips and tricks, be sure to subscribe to the Papé Machinery Agriculture & Turf YouTube channel, where you can catch our weekly series The Toolkit - Product Insights From the Pros. Have additional questions about the iMatch™ or a question on a different topic you'd like us to answer? Send them into [email protected] and it may get featured in a future video or blog post!

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