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AMD Direct Restock Helper

This project is discontinued (again), and this time for good. AMD Direct's been working hard to break the restock helper, and I've reached my breaking point.

For context, here's what AMD's done to their store since development began:

  • /03/ AMD broke directly accessing their "add to cart" API, meaning all stock checks must occur with the AMD storefront loaded (referrer
  • It was then I announced the first project discontinuation.
    Seeing these successes motivated me to resume development, but little did I know what AMD was up to next.
  • /04/ AMD Direct did not restock even though it's a Thursday. This starts a potential cycle of random drops, piling on additional stress.
  • /04/ AMD found a loophole in the restock helper, dishing out error 's when checking for stock. This is because the "add to cart" API now requires specific cookies in the request header, which the restock helper would clear to circumvent a ban for refreshing too much on the same set of cookies. It took a while, but I identified the required cookies and kept (or spoofed) them, which worked for a few days.
  • /04/ AMD implemented the Akamai Bot Manager to the store, specifically designed to break tools like this restock helper. Unfortunately for us, the Bot Manager works well. It can somehow distinguish manual refreshes from automated ones, making it difficult to resanitize cookies from the aformentioned cookie ban. Worse, AMD now imposes IP bans only for the "add to cart" API and not the storefront, meaning we can no longer distinguish cookie bans from IP bans.

As a result, I've spent way more time combatting AMD site changes than adding new features. I'm sorry, but it's just not worth the time and effort to keep the project going, especially with all the forces going against it.

If you'd like to continue the work done on this project, feel free to fork/clone this repo. I am more than happy to answer any clarifying questions via the contact methods below.

I continue to wish all of you the best getting that new graphics card. May more cards arrive to the hands of those who will actually use it.

~ TimTree

Download the latest release

Email: thetimhsu at Google's mail
Discord: TimTree#
Donate via PayPal

Buying a new graphics card at MSRP is incredibly hard these days, thanks to sky-high demand from gamers, cryptocurrency miners, and scalpers. It oftentimes feels impossible to beat the bots before they snatch the cards.

So if we can't beat 'em, let's join 'em.

This browser extension helps you buy any desired product from the AMD Direct store, including the RX XT, RX , RX XT, and RX XT. When a restock happens, a new tab will automatically open initiating checkout for the item of your choice.

Other open-source restock helpers include this Python program for Amazon and this TamperMonkey script for Best Buy.

Does it work?

On March 25, , I successfully purchased the RX XT at AMD Direct thanks to the helper. Here's my proof of purchase.

My order confirmation


  • The helper cannot guarantee you'll get a graphics card. You must be present on your computer when a restock happens and be quick enough to complete any manual steps.

  • The helper is designed to only checkout ONE product. Bulk buying will never be added as the intent is to help gamers, NOT scalpers.

  • You may receive a temporary IP ban from if the helper refreshes for stock too quickly. These bans tend to last for a few minutes, and you can configure the settings to refresh at a slower pace.

  • The helper directly edits cookies. If for any reason you have important cookies at, install the extension in a separate profile.


Installation and prep

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. It is CRUCIAL you understand/complete EVERY step.

Installing the helper

To use the helper, you'll need the latest version of Google Chrome or Chromium on desktop.

  • Microsoft Edge, Brave, Vivaldi, or any other Chromium-based browser might work, though not tested.
  • Firefox, Safari, and mobile browsers are not currently supported.

I strongly recommend using the helper in a separate Chrome profile so it doesn't interfere with your normal browsing data.

  1. Download the latest release of AMD Direct Restock Helper.

  2. Unzip the download. One folder should be extracted.

  3. Go to the Chrome Extensions menu (). Enable Developer mode.

  4. Click "Load unpacked" and select the extracted folder.

Load unpacked extension

Congrats, you have installed AMD Direct Restock Helper! You can optionally allow in incognito if you want to use the helper in incognito mode.

Updating the helper

The helper will notify you if a new update is available. To update:

  1. Remove the previous version of the helper from Chrome.

  2. Repeat the above installation steps.

Setting up PayPal One Touch

The fastest way to checkout at AMD Direct is through PayPal, and it's even quicker if you enable One Touch to automatically log you in.

  1. Log in to PayPal. If you don't have an account, create one.

  2. Go to the PayPal One Touch page and complete the steps.

  3. Double-check that your shipping address and default payment method on PayPal is accurate.

Enabling pop-ups at

The "Pay with PayPal" button during checkout opens as a pop-up window, which is blocked by default in Chrome. You need to override this preference.

  1. On, click the padlock on the address bar -> Site settings. site settings

  1. In the permissions list, change Pop-ups and redirects to Allow.


PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. Make sure you COMPLETELY understand how everything works!

On the AMD Direct Buy webpage, you'll find the Helper pane.

Helper pane

You can configure the following settings:

Check forSet the desired product you want to monitor for stock.RX XT
Min delay between requestsSet the minimum time (in milliseconds) the browser waits before checking for stock again.
The lower the delay, the higher the risk of getting temporarily IP banned, so adjust carefully!
Sound alertsReceive a sound alert when your desired product is in stock and when you get IP banned.
In-stock sound effect preview, IP ban sound alert preview
Use PayPalAutomatically click "PayPal Checkout" on the checkout page.
Uncheck if you don't want to use PayPal, though not recommended.
Consent to promotional AMD emailsChoose if you want the extension to check "Yes, I'd like to receive the latest AMD product/technology announcements and promotions" on the checkout review page.
Promotional checkbox

Once you're happy with your settings, press the Start button to start checking for stock.

The helper keeps a running count of the amount of stock checks, as well as the response of the last check. Responses are as follows:

Not in stockThe product is not currently in stock.
Listing in maintenanceWhen checking for stock, the AMD stock API redirected to a maintenance page. This typically means the product isn't in stock, and it should change back to "Not in stock" when a restock nears.
If you get this message on an item in stock, it means AMD is onto us and broke the helper. Fun fact: this actually happened during my initial runs. Please file an issue if you encounter this.
Subsequent stock checks will use , which web scrapes listing pages for stock rather than directly querying the API. The checkout flow also changes (see below).
Temp IP ban - Your IP address has been temporarily banned from for refreshing too quickly.
The ban usually lasts for a few minutes. In the meantime, pause the checks and readjust the min delay between requests. (>= ms is probably safe.)
Client error - 4xxAny HTTP error that isn't an IP ban.
I haven't encountered this yet, but just in case, it's here. Stock checks will continue as normal.
Server error - 5xxAMD's servers are overloaded with too many other people checking for stock.
You'll often see this on Thursday mornings (when restocks usually occur), but don't worry. While everyone's fighting for the checkout page, you have an advantage with auto-refresh. ;)
No Internet connectionUh oh, your Internet's kaput! Make sure you fix that ASAP.
In stockThe product is in stock! When this happens, stock checks automatically stop, and a new tab will open to the checkout page.
Once you (hopefully) checkout successfully, compare the attached timestamp the product went in stock with popular Twitter/Discord bots!
Unhandled parsing errorAn unknown error occurred related to handling the data the AMD stock API returned.
Stock checks will continue as normal. You should file an issue for these errors.
Unhandled connection errorAn unknown error occurred related to retrieving the data the AMD stock API.
Stock checks will continue as normal. You should file an issue for these errors.

When a restock happens, the following will happen:

, the helper redirects to the desired product listing page.


, the helper redirects straight to the checkout page.

On the checkout page, the helper automatically clicks "PayPal Checkout" (if Use PayPal is checked). Provided you've enabled PayPal One Touch, PayPal automatically logs you in and take you to this page.

PayPal popup

Once you click "Review Order," the checkout review page loads (if the product is still in stock).

Checkout review

If you're booted back to the main products page after PLACE ORDER, that doesn't necessarily mean you've lost. Check your email. If PayPal said you've made a payment to DigitalRiver, you've won!

Checking for multiple products

Per Chrome profile, you can only check for one product on a normal tab and one product on an incognito tab. This is intentional to ensure you don't unexpectedly add multiple products to your cart.

But let's say you want to check for more products, like the RX , RX XT, and RX XT and am willing to buy whichever shows up in stock first. Totally understandable; not every graphics card model will restock, and you want to cover your bases. All you have to do is use separate Chrome profiles for each product. You'll have to repeat the installation multiple times, but it's worth the hassle, right?

Keep in mind you should adjust the min delay between requests for each product, as you're now pinging the AMD server twice as much, thrice as much, etc. For example, if you use a ms delay with one product, setting the delay to ms for two products will maintain the same request cadence. As checking for more products increases the necessary delay, it's up to you to determine cost/benefit.

For context, when I snagged my RX XT, I checked for the RX , RX XT, and RX XT with a ms min delay for all three graphics cards.

Tips and advice

  • AMD Direct usually restocks on Thursday mornings (am Pacific Time).

    • Since you need to be present when the restock happens, prepare to stay near your computer for this time block.
    • That said, you shouldn't need to stare at your computer the entire time. As long as you're in the same room and can rush to your computer within 5 seconds of hearing the sound alert, you should be fine.
    • I recommend having the AMD Direct Buy window on a separate desktop while you focus on your other work. At least on Windows 10, the desktop should automatically switch over when the restock happens.
    • It is speculated that the AMD Direct Buy page "shuffles" the order of products right before a restock, though I cannot confirm this.
  • Practice the checkout flow with the Ryzen x (almost always in stock these days).

    • This is a good way to get a feel of the sound alert and check if PayPal One Touch is working properly.
    • It's ok to continue through PayPal to reach the checkout review page. You won't be charged unless you click PLACE ORDER (ABSOLUTELY don't click that; remember I'm not liable!).
    • If you're not comfortable using PayPal for practice, you can reach the checkout review page with a bogus address/email/credit card number (once again, DO NOT CLICK PLACE ORDER).
  • Determine your min delay between requests ahead of time.

    • You don't want to get IP banned during the restock timeframe. See if you can leave the helper running for at least an hour without an IP ban.
  • On restock day, disable your computer from sleeping when inactive.

    • You have to be quick as soon as you hear the in-stock alert. No time to wake up your computer and log in with your password.

    • I cannot stress this enough. Don't let your logical brain push you out of that $ RX XT you would have scoffed at in normal circumstances. Primal instincts. Go, go, go! Click, click, click! Buy, buy, buy!

Technical writeup

The writeup on how the helper works behind the scenes is coming soon.


Why would you release this to the public? Wouldn't this make the botting situation worse?

Botters are gonna bot anyway, so I might as well release something that helps even the playing field for the rest of us. Although scalpers can take advantage, I believe I ultimately help gamers who intend to use their graphics card more, especially when enforcing only one product in the cart.

I'm also releasing this as a resume piece. It is my first ever browser extension, and it showcases an effective use of handling asynchronous network requests. On top of that, it's got a strong STAR method story (Situation, Task, Action, Result), especially since it worked for me.

Why isn't this extension on the Chrome Web Store?

I doubt Google would approve an extension that tries to automatically buy something.

How can I make sure this extension isn't malicious?

The extension is completely open source. If I really wanted to mess with your data, I've chosen a horrible way to do it. ;)

The extension also cannot auto-update, killing any chance of me pulling a bait-and-switch. Whenever an update releases, you can inspect all the code changes to your satisfaction before installing.

What and how do you use the required extension permissions?

PermissionHow it's used
Access amd.comNecessary to load the menu pane, check for stock, and automate various steps in the checkout process
Access paypal.comNecessary to automatically click the "Pay with PayPal" button
StorageNecessary to store extension settings outlined in the Usage header
TabsNecessary to check if more than one AMD Direct tab is open to prevent running the extension multiple times
CookiesNecessary to periodically clear cookies from
There is a separate ban for refreshing too much with the same cookies, which the extension circumvents.
NotificationsNecessary to send notifications when a product is in stock or if you're temporarily IP banned

Any other questions, success stories, want to donate, or just want to reach out? Contact details are on top of the README.

License and credits

AMD Direct Restock Helper is licensed under the GPL

Sound alerts from Notification Sounds.


Where to buy AMD Radeon RX find stock here

Newer graphics cards remain hard to get right now, even the more high-end offerings. So, if you're wondering where to buy the AMD Radeon RX , you either have to wait a while longer for an answer or spend a fortune on one of the very few on hand.

There's little wonder why this high-end graphics card for 4K gaming is in high demand, but production and shipping issues worldwide have affected its restocking as well. That means that at the moment, finding the AMD Radeon RX available at its suggested retail price is next to impossible.

That's especially true in the US. In the UK, you might find a card or two that might still be accessible, price-wise, for some – like the MSI Radeon RX GAMING X TRIO , which is at £ on eBuyer.

With the world slowly coming out of lockdown, the AMD Radeon RX will be more readily available and at its list price. We'll help you find out where to buy AMD Radeon RX as soon as it becomes available. So, make sure to bookmark this page, and check in regularly.

See more

AMD Radeon RX stock: try these retailers

There are a host of reasons why you would want to opt for the AMD Radeon RX it's a powerful introductory graphics card at an affordable price, and if benchmark scores are anything to go by, it's been knocking the competing GeForce RTX out of the park.

The latest AMD Radeon RX deals available now

We'll list all the latest AMD Radeon RX stock below as soon as it's available. Make sure you refresh the page though, as inventory will likely come and go from retailers constantly due to skyrocketing demand. 

Where to buy RX in the US

Orders for the AMD Radeon RX went live in the US on November You may need to be patient and refresh occasionally for retailers' websites to get to the page where you can place your order, as many of the retailers have already sold out.

AMD Radeon RX deals at AMD
AMD was selling the RX on its own site. However, as it's a popular choice, it's currently out of stock. Fingers crossed we get an update from AMD on when new stock will be available.View Deal

AMD Radeon RX deals at Amazon
Amazon may be worth checking to see if it has any Radeon RX GPUs in stock. Currently, the card is out of stock, but we're hoping that its inventory will be replenished soon. Some third-party sellers have it available for purchase but they are asking for triple the suggested retail price.View Deal

AMD Radeon RX deals at Best Buy
Best Buy was selling the Radeon RX as well but its stock didn't hold out for long. The GPU is currently out of stock here and currently, there's no word on when the retailer might get a restock.View Deal

AMD Radeon RX deals at B&H
B&H has listings for the RX However, none are available for purchase. We're hoping that they'll replenish their inventory soon.View Deal

Where to buy RX in the UK

The AMD Radeon RX went on sale in the UK on November 18, though stock is proving just as elusive there as well. Here's where you should check:

AMD Radeon RX deals at AMD
The RX is currently unavailable in the AMD UK shop. In fact, we have yet to see these cards live on the UK version of the site, despite having launched in the US.
View Deal

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Radeon RX GPUs Available Directly from AMD&#;s Website

Radeon RX GPUs Available Directly from AMD&#;s Website

RadeonRX and RX XT video cards are now available directly via AMD&#;s website.

The company has actually began doing this during the RXera. Mostly to give users a reasonable buying alternative when the crypto-mining boom was driving prices to unreasonable levels. This was great news for gamers because it meant they are getting MSRP prices rather than abnormally marked-up units.


Buying directly from AMD also means users are genuinely getting the proper product, rather than risking a transaction via eBay, Craigslist or other online resellers. AMD also makes it easier to buy directly from their site since they accept Paypal.

You can check out the sales pages for each of the Radeon Navi video cards below:

What About AMD Ryzen CPUs?

Radeon video cards are not the only products available directly from AMD. They are also now selling their Ryzen CPUs directly. Although right now, it seems that they either do not have it on stock yet or have sold out.

To make it easier for users globally, they also have local distributor links on each of their product pages. So buyers can see if they have a local stock first. After all, it would cost a lot less in shipping, especially if you are from from AMD HQ in the USA.

Xbox PC Game Pass Promo

For a limited time, AMD is also offering a free 3-month Xbox Game Pass for PC with each purchase.

Microsoft’s PC game subscription service normally costs $10 USD a month, so this is worth a $30 bonus with every purchase. Unlike the console version, there is only a single tier for the Xbox Game Pass PC subscription. This grants users access to hundreds of games which they can download, install and play on a Windows 10 PC.


AMD’s new Radeon RX XT GPU will be available to purchase today starting at 6AM PT / 9AM ET, with a retail price of $ Like other GPUs released within the last few months, AMD’s latest Radeon RX graphics card will likely sell out quickly, though AMD tells The Verge that you should be able to buy this graphics card.

The Verge’s Sean Hollister reviewed the RX XT and noted in his review that the GPU is a solid performer that delivers a p experience for most games, but the performance is not quite as good when compared to Nvidia's Ti and RTX cards.

So far, only Micro Center has listings up for various iterations of AMD’s Radeon RX XT GPU. We will continue to update the list of cards and retailers selling them as they become available.

Best Buy Radeon RX XT Listings

Micro Center Radeon RX XT Listings

You may also be able to find the graphics card at AMD’s direct website, Amazon, Best Buy, B&H Photo, and Adorama in the US; Currys and Ebuyer in the UK; or Best Buy CA if you live in Canada.

Sign up for the newsletter Verge Deals

Subscribe to get the best Verge-approved tech deals of the week.


Amd from buy direct

AMD's Direct Store Implements a Queue System For RX Series GPUs

In an effort to get GPUs to customers at MSRP, AMD has begun using a queue system in its own Direct Buy store for purchasing Radeon RX GPUs. At the store, you will be able to purchase all of AMD's products at MSRP once it's your turn to enter the store. But there is one big caveat — not every graphics card is guaranteed to be in stock once you arrive.

The queue is quite simple; all you have to do is access AMD's direct store website and you'll be redirected to the queue if it is open. At the queue, you will get information such as your wait time and updates on product availability. This gives you a chance to get out early if your product is no longer available to purchase.

I entered the queue earlier this morning at the perfect time, with just 5 minutes of waiting. Once time was up, the queue will direct you to enter the store, and there I saw all CPUs and graphics cards in stock, at MSRP except for the RX XT (the midnight edition was in stock though). Seeing multiple AMD graphics cards in stock at MSRP was quite a sight to behold.

But things changed drastically half an hour later. The line was over an hour long and multiple graphics cards were out of stock already. Finally, the line was paused, then officially closed a few minutes later telling us that AMD has sold out of all its available inventory for the day.

Finally, the store opened back up for everyone, with all graphics cards sold out and all of its CPUs in stock. So the queue appears to be exclusive to AMD's RX series graphics cards since CPU shortages aren't really a problem anymore.

So getting into the store to purchase an RX GPU is all about timing and luck of the draw. AMD doesn't hold these queues every single day, and as far as we know, the company does not have an official schedule as to what days the queue opens up for business. The best you can do is check the store daily for updates.

But for some unknown reason, the only exception to this appears to be Thursdays as the queue has opened consistently every Thursday for the past two weeks, so mark your calendars. But, this is in no way an official date, so take this data with a grain of salt as anything could change.

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