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41 Elegant Nail Designs with Rhinestones

Rhinestones will instantly glam up your nails. These sparkly little gems come in all different shapes, sizes and colors so the designs that can be created are endless. We love nail designs with rhinestones and think you will too so, we have found 41 of the most stunning designs. Take a look, we have something for everyone and you can even recreate these at home.

1. Simple Nail Design with Rhinestones

The first nail idea we would like to show you is this simple but stylish look. The nails are painted in one color called Barefoot by ella+mila with five rhinestones on the accent nail. We love the rhinestones on this design as each one is smaller in size. You can recreate this look or maybe try a different color or a different amount of rhinestones.

2. French Nail Design with Rhinestones

Next, we have a French manicure with a sparkly twist. The nails are pale pink with white tips but there is an accent nail full of colorful rhinestones. This is a fun look that gives the classic manicure a trendy and fresh update. Rhinestone nails like these are great for the ladies who want to mix up their nail designs while keeping it chic.

3. Grey and Silver Nails

Rhinestones look gorgeous when used with nail art. Here we have light nails with clear rhinestones and gems, there is also a floral accent nail. The nails would have looked awesome without the flower design but the flowers really glam up the look. You can recreate something similar or choose your own color palette and flowers. The polish used in this look is OPI ‘I am what I Amethyst’ from the soft shade collection.

4. Pink Coffin Nails with Rhinestones

Nails are one of the easiest ways to wear bold colors and the shades of the season. A great color for the summer is vibrant pink and as you can see it looks amazing on nails. You can wear as it is or add a rhinestone accent nail like featured. A design like this is perfect for the ladies who want a sparkly, statement making look.

5. Elegant Coffin Nails

Our next idea brings the bling! The long nails feature a light shade with silver glitter and stunning rhinestone designs. Nails like these are a great choice for a special occasion like a party, prom or a wedding. You can recreate the look or just choose the light nail polish with rhinestones.

6. Glam Matte Nails with Sparkle

Matte nail polishes look so trendy and here is an example of the gorgeous designs you can create. You can see the light matte color, black matte nails with rhinestones and the sparkly black and white chevron design. You can recreate the look or choose the light color with one of the accent nails.

7. Ombre Coffin Nails

This next nail idea features iridescent rhinestones. We love these because when something is iridescent it has luminous colors that change at different angles. When used in nails like featured it gives the design a magical look. These nails are a soft glitter ombre with a rhinestone accent nail. A design like this is perfect for any special occasion.

8. Subtle Sparkle

Want a subtler design? Then these nails could be for you. Here we have very light pink nails with a rhinestone accent nail. The three small rhinestones have been placed along the bottom of the nail which gives the design a stylish look. You can recreate the design or choose a different polish color. Maybe try a different light color for a chic look or a vibrant shade for a bold look.

9. Sparkly Nail Design with Rhinestones

Rhinestones and glitter compliment each other beautifully. Don’t just take our word for it, check out this next idea. The nails feature a light polish color with two accent nails. One accent nail has gold glitter while the other has a glitter strip with rhinestones. This is the ultimate glamour manicure and you can take inspiration from this and create your own sparkly look in any color scheme.

10. Bold Blue Rhinestone Nail Design

Give your nails a bold blue makeover with this next idea. The nails are painted in a vibrant blue shade with a rhinestone accent nail. We love the accent nail because the rhinestones are in different colors and the blue rhinestones matches the other nails. You can use this idea for any color. Just make sure whatever color you use that there is a rhinestone on your accent nail in a similar tone.


15 Gorgeous Glittery Nail Gems You Must Try

Adding nail gems to your manicure is a sure way to make your hands pretty and interesting. There are several ways to do it. You can choose to use pearls, studs, rhinestones, charms and – if you’ve got the budget for it – Swarovski crystals. The color and designs are limitless as well, so you won’t run out of creative ideas for your designs.

Ever wanted to sport nail gems but you’re too confused which design to have? I might just be able to help you choose with some designs I found interesting.

I recently talked to a client who wanted a classy and elegant manicure but she didn’t know what design to get exactly. After several minutes of talking to her and showing her how chic nail gems are, she finally decided on a simple yet classic nude nails topped with pearls.

The design was dreamy, and she was absolutely thrilled with her choice. It also complemented her makeup and outfit choices for work. I, on the other hand, got my creative juices flowing from all the choices of nail gems available.

However, I can’t deny that choosing nail gems can be a really daunting task considering the variety of selections available. So to make things a little bit easier for you, here are 15 gorgeous glittery nail gems you must try. Plus, more nail ideas you can do with these nail gems!


1. Lace and Crystals

Brides are the biggest customers when it comes to nail gems. This nail art mixes a lace design with Swarovski crystals to create a dreamy look, perfect for any wife-to-be. After all, you should always have the best for your wedding day, right?


2. Blooms

Green Smoothie Diet

Another perfect pair for crystals are flowers! I just love blinging out floral designs, especially when they’re put on long nails. Roses, tulips, daisies – add some Swarovski crystals and you’ve got yourself one of the most elegant nails ever!


3. Gradient And Gems

It’s sparkly and it’s definitely catchy. Like gradient manicures aren’t interesting enough,  these almond-shaped nails are topped with Swarovski crystals to make them even more attractive. Adding gems to a gradient manicure will definitely elevate its elegance factor.


4. Color Blocking With Gems

This dark blue and white color block nails becomes even more amazing with some added bling. The crystals become even more emphasized with the dark background shade. Learn how to make some interesting negative space nails with this tutorial!


5. Blue, White And Bling

Blue and white is a classic color combination that can never go wrong. While the two shades combined is eye-catching enough, you can spice things up with a color block design and of course, some Swarovski crystals. You can also apply a matte top coat to raise it up a notch.


6. White Bling

Who says black and white is plain and boring? This manicure added nail gems and some intricate white design to a frosted base and it isn’t boring at all! This is perfect for formal events and even for a bride for her wedding day!


7. Gold and White

Feel like royalty in this gold and white nail art. Keep the white nails plain with just one nail dotted with golden studs, while the others are covered in golden polish. If you’re going for elegant and classy then this is the nail art to have.


8. Red And Silver

Match red and silver coupled with rhinestones to achieve this easy to-do nail gems design. This is also perfect for the holiday seasons! You can also do red and white nails to really make the gems pop!


9. Turn Purple

Combine several shades of purple to come up with a cohesive nail design. To amp up the style factor some more, bring in some Swarovski crystals. I just love how it looks like one color from afar but is actually made up of different shades.


10. Goth-inspired

For fans of black and it’s dark tones, this Goth-inspired nail art is the perfect design for you. The black and silver color combination coupled with studs and a skull charm looks flawless on the nails. This will look perfect with your all-black outfit!


11. Pretty in Pink

Isn’t this the cutest?! This is probably the girliest pink nail gem design in this list. Hearts and gems in pink nail polish, what more could you ask for! Not really into this shade? You can browse through this list of awesome pink designs because I’m sure you’ll find something for you.


12. Nautical

This nautical design makes use of a lot of patterns perfect for a summer outing! Lines and polka dots on white, blue and gray base colors already look amazing. Add an anchor made up of golden beads and you have an elegant-looking nautical manicure. If you can’t manage to putting on gems for your Nautical design don’t fret because made this tutorial without putting one and it turned out perfectly fine.


13. Under the Sea

Fulfill your mermaid dreams by donning nails with shells and glittery stones. Instead of using the common blue base, try a more glittery ombre look to reflect the splendor of the sea. You can also add some anchor designs, pearls and starfish to give it more depth.


14. Wonder Woman Bling

With Marvel bringing Wonder Woman to the big screen, fans of the powerful Dianna will appreciate this pop art nail design. Surprisingly, adding gems to the colorful design makes it even more interesting!


15. Into the Blue

Transform your usual blue, white and silver combination by throwing in some bling. The silver studs give more personality in this favorite color combo. Want a more organic style? Keep your base color just blue!


Here’s a video of a nail gems design from Mobi Turtle you can do at home:

Thrilled to try out these nail gems ideas? Remember you can mix and match to find out just what nail gems work the best for you! I’m a Swarovski girl myself but you can try every nail gem you’ll discovering until you find the one you’d love to wear often! Share which nail gem is your favorite in the comments section below.


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so you should check out this list of diamond nails!


Visit my Pinterest, Instagram as well as my Facebook page for more wonderful nail design ideas.


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17 Best Nail Gem Ideas So You Don’t Have To Search Around

This post is about the best nail gem ideas. 

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I/we may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. Please see our full disclosure for further information.

best nail gem ideas

As a part B to the last post of How to arrange gems on nails, here I have 17 of the best gem ideas on types of gems you can start adding to your collection today. There are so many colors, shapes and sizes to choose you wouldn’t imagine!

It’s always super exciting when it’s time to buy nail supplies, but if you’re anything like me you don’t want to spend FOREVER sourcing your nail gems. As a press on nail artist I know the struggle so I’m giving you a list of some of the best nail gems/stones I love and I found them all on Amazon! Grab yourself a prime membership if you don’t already have one. I’ve had my prime membership for a few years and I can tell you it definitely pays for itself. The convenience of getting my packages within 2 days is everything!

Oh and don’t forget to try the makartt gel glue its amazing for keeping your gems/stones on for a few weeks.


  1. So many shapes, sizes and colors! These are great for those 3D looks.
best nail gem ideas

2. I love the gold framing the gems, you could really build these out with other rhinestones.


4. Looking for a good amount for each size! Well this one offers 6 different sizes in so many colors!

5. Why not get SUPER BOLD and COLORFUL!

6. Looking for gold… well look no further!

7. Pixie Nail Rhinestones…don’t mind if I do. This stuff is so pretty and easy to just sprinkle it on top of the glue, cure and your done.

8. The ideas are endless with these gold and silver stones.

9. Opal gem stones. This would work nice for a mermaid look.

10. These filler beads come in so handly to fill in little spaces between stones.

11. These little mixed packs are great little finds. You create so many custom looks with these.

12. Glow in the dark anything is quite popular.


14. So many unique shapes you can create with these Horse Eye stones.

15. These are fun pieces to add on to your custom press on nail sets.

16. These little bears are the absolute cutest!

17. They’ve pretty much did all the work for you with these gems.

This post is about the best nail gem ideas. 

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5 Ways to Add Bling to Nail Art Services


Five bling experts create luxe nail looks using a flurry of crystals, gems and jewels.

’Tis the season for crystals, jewels and gems. Upselling nail services with embellishments can easily boost profits, but it’s important to keep some prerequisites in mind: Expert technique, quality product, top-notch time management skills and a thorough understanding of your client’s lifestyle are all critical to success. For example, to ensure stones stay in place until the next appointment, you have to know how different adhesives work and then choose the right one for your embellishment type and size (think: resin, gem gel, and good-old hard gel or acrylic).

It’s also a good idea to manage expectations—both your clients and your own. With so many eye-catching embellishments to choose from, it can be tempting to go overboard when making purchases. Instead, opt for crystal packs with a mix of sizes and colors for an economical buy. “Variety packs will allow for creative crystal placement without breaking the bank or overstocking a single gem type,” says United Kingdom-based nail artist Emma Canning. As for your clients, make sure that they’re aware of the extensive time commitment required to meet their blingy expectations.

RELATED: Celebrity Manicurist Elle Creates Nail Designs Featuring Diamonds and Gems

Now that all of the bases are covered, it’s time to start creating! Take inspiration from these five nail artists who created looks that can be adapted to any client for any occasion.


Autumn Accents

Canning captured the essence of autumn with a rose gold rivoli-embellished nail look evoking color- changing leaves. “I wanted to frame the encapsulated leaf,” she says. “The crystals near the top and bottom of the nail represent the motion of leaves twirling and floating to the ground.”

Golden Moment

Earthy fall tones inspired District Heights, Maryland-based nail artist Honey Phan to create this golden topaz tip. Before Phan even touches her embellishments, she always ensures that the nail surface is clean and free of dust and debris. Phan reveals that her secret to gem placement is drawing her design on paper before she begins. “Choose the appropriate gem sizes and colors based on the client, season and color palette,” says Phan. “You’ll know exactly the placement and stone types you need after first sketching your design.”

VIDEO: NAILPRO’s Creating the November 2019 Cover with Gelish


Winter’s Welcome

Nail artist Jeannette Vazquez iced- out her nail look, reminiscent of a wintery night, complete with a marble base, iridescent flakes, foils and frost-worthy bling. To create a standout design, Vazquez painted the entire nail with white gel polish and then marbled navy, blue and purple gel polish diluted with acetone. “I added chrome flakes, outlined the nail with black art gel and added oil slick foil to the outline,” she says. “Then, I sealed my design with matte gel top coat and adhered Swarovski crystals in various shapes and sizes with nail glue.” She reinforced the crystals with hard gel, sealing the edges of each crystal for a secure hold. “Use a thin nail art brush to work with the hard gel to control the amount of product you pick up,” she advises.


Falling Leaves

Wind chimes and transitioning autumn leaves inspired nail artist Diana Nguyen to create an almond-shape vertical ombré nail design, perfect for natural nail clients who want to add a little bling to a minimalist look. Nguyen applied a layer of gold holographic transfer foil gel over a mustard yellow-meets-terracotta-orange vertical ombré. The Black File Nails artist then adhered embellishments using gem gel to allow room to play with placement. Finally, she applied clear structure gel over the entire nail to properly secure and encapsulate the design for a flat, smooth surface.


Bedazzled Bouquet

Traditional Chinese hairpins inspired nail artist Nina Blanchard to create this jeweled bouquet. “I find their intricate floral designs extremely feminine and elegant,” says Blanchard. She opted for two coats of nude gel polish to provide a clean canvas. She then applied Ugly Duckling Nails Schtick It to the left corner of the nail base and adhered three flame-shaped Swarovski crystals in a petal pattern. “To recreate a gem- heavy design, I like to start with the largest stones first,” explains Blanchard. After the centerpiece stones are properly placed and cured, she adds gem gel to the areas where the smaller embellishments will go.

–by Angelina Lewis

[Images: Courtesy of Armando Sanchez]

This story first appeared in the November issue of Nailpro magazine. To receive the magazine, click here to subscribe.

Ideas nail gem

100 Ideas For Nails with Rhinestones – Trendy in 2017

2017 is well underway and it has a lot of exciting nail styles to offer! To keep you ahead of the curve, our team has collected the 100 trendiest ideas for nails with rhinestones. From the wilder and truly bizarre styles, to the more classic looks, we have the biggest selection of glittering and sparkling manicures available! Why rhinestones you may ask? Well, first of all, they are basically tiny jewels for your fingertips! What’s not to love? They give a touch of shine and glamour to your hands. Plus, rhinestones are incredibly versatile – they can be incorporated in intricate and unusual designs but also look great on simple, classic manicures. Not to mention that they are usually used with gel polish which is a lot more durable, and remains flawless at least twice as long as normal polish. So, if you are preparing for a party or a special occasion, why not opt for an eye-catching, glittering manicure? This is especially true for brides. Having your nails on fleek on your special day is just as important as picking the right hairstyle and make up.

Elegant and Classy Nails with Rhinestones

nails with rhinestones, hand holding a bottle of nude colored nail polish, nails painted in same color with rhinestone decorations

Gel nail polish has become very popular in recent years. This is hardly surprising – due to its durable constitution, it adds strength to all nail types, and allows decorations to stay flawless for up to two weeks or more. Add rhinestones to the mix, and you can transform your manicure into a veritable piece of art, without having to worry about scratches or cracks. Are you intrigued yer? Whether you are just causally browsing or looking for inspiration for a special occasion, you have come to the right place! We have ideas for all kinds of nails imaginable – short or long, round or square. Keep scrolling and you’ll be sure to find your perfect nail design!

Top Manicure Trends for 2017

nails with rhinestones, close up of two hands, nails colored in pastel pink and white, one nail has a rhinestone decoration, one nail has a painted rose

Combine delicate rings and beautiful nail polish to create a truly exceptional style

nails with rhinestones, hand with hot pink nails, small gold rings with pearls on fingertips

A simple elegant suggestion

nails with rhinestones, hand with square nails, painted with nude polish, one finger has white and black decoration with rhinestones

Subtle nails with rhinestones and glitter

nails with rhinestones, close up of hand with square nails, pale shiny nail polish, pink glitter with round and heart-shaped stones

Short nails also look great with some additional sparkle

nails with rhinestones, two hands, one resting on top of another, nails in pastel pink with rhinestones and blue, pinkie and index finger nails white with pale blue flowers

This gorgeous design is perfect for any occasion

nails with rhinestones, simple classic french manicure, ring fingers' nails decorated with tiny white and pale pink rhinestones

A selection of nail decorations

bling bling nails, four long round nails with nude nail polish, decorated with golden 3D stickers, box with more stickers in the background

Sharp nails are a very hot look in 2017

bling bling nails, eight long and sharp nails, metallic pink nail polish, ring fingers' nails covered with pink rhinestones

Butterflies belong on your nails – not in your stomach

bling bling nails, two hands with nails painted in pale pink and black matte polish, ring fingers' nails painted with butterflies and decorated with rhinestones

bling bling nails, eight fingers with nails painted in black and pink, pink nails have black butterfly decorations and rhinestones

bling bling nails, round grey nails, decorated with tiny rhinestones, silver textured ring

Sharp nails look more delicate and gentle when combined with pale pastel colors and/or floral motives

bling bling nails, close up of long, sharp fake nails, painted with pale pastel pink nail polish, and decorated with rose stickers and gold details

bling bling nails, close up of hand with sharp, pastel pink and pale lilac nails, one of which has a rhinestone bow decoration

nail designs with rhinestones, round nails painted with pale pink polish, decorated with rhinestones on every finger, ring fingers' nails are entirely covered with rhinestones, and have a heart detail

Don’t be afraid to go for contrasting colors and unusual decorations

nail designs with rhinestones, extreme close up of two hands with multicolored nails, red with turquoise stones, black with gold details

nail designs with rhinestones, two hands with long nails, with rhinestones and sharp white tips, holding fake nail and paint brush dipped in paint

Steampunk-style nails

nail designs with rhinestones, five fingers with metallic nail polish, decorated with steampunk details, tiny gears and stones

Spice up grey nail polish by adding texture and plenty of rhinestone decorations

nail designs with rhinestones, close up of four nails, three dark grey with light grey details, one sparkling grey and decorated with many multicolored rhinestones

nail designs with rhinestones, hand with french manicure, decorated with silver and white rhinestones, golden teardrop-shaped stickers and acrylic flowers, holding pearl necklace

nail designs with rhinestones, two hands with vivid turquoise blue nails, each nail decorated with silver glitter and many rhinestones

If you plan on trying the nails with rhinestones look at home, it might be worth investing in a nail set which contains stick-on stones of different sizes

rhinestone nail art, white plastic box with compartments and a clear lid, filled with rhinestones in different sizes

Black and gold – a classic, stylish combination

rhinestone nail art, long and sharp black nails with gold details, ring fingers' nails fully covered in golden glitter

rhinestone nail art, hand holding bottle of pale brown shimmering nail polish, hand's nails painted in similar colors, with gold details, one rhinestone and a white accent

rhinestone nail art, two hands with differently colored nails, white and grey marble effect, pink with gold detail, glittering silver color with rhinestones

Matte nail polish in different colors remains a popular choice this year…

rhinestone nail art, pale pastel pink and dark pastel purple matte nails, decorated with acrylic rose and white and silver rhinestones

…but worry not – classic shiny nail polish is still in!

rhinestone nail art, two hands with fingernails painted in different shades of pastel pink, decorated with glitter and rhinestones

rhinestone nail art, close up on two hands, decorated with fake nails featuring big blue gems, white rhinestones and blue glitter

rhinestone nail designs, close up of hand holding pink woolen fabric, four nails painted in pale pink with rhinestone details, one decorated with silver glitter

rhinestone nail designs, close up on fingers with grey and black matte nails, decorated with black drawings and stones

rhinestone nail designs, hand with pale pink and silver glitter nail polish, decorated with rhinestones, holding brown object

rhinestone nail designs, three fingers resting on a reflective surface, with black nails decorated with rhinestone flowers

rhinestone nail designs, two hands with rings, wearing pink and white nail design, index fingers' nails covered in rhinestones

Sharp and shiny!

rhinestone nail designs, eight very sharp nails, painted with white nail polish, two nails covered in white glitter, another two decorated with shiny glittering shards

rhinestone nail designs, close up of long round nails, two decorated with several multicolored rhinestones, others with gold designs and less rhinestones

nail designs with rhinestones and glitter, two hands with rings and bracelets, with round nails painted in pale pink polish, each decorated with several rhinestones

nail designs with rhinestones and glitter, two hands with dark purple square nails, two decorated with multicolored rhinestones

nail designs with rhinestones and glitter, hand with sharp nails painted with deep red matte polish, one nail decorated with several rhinestones

Glittering heart-shaped decorations are perfect for Valentine’s Day

nail designs with rhinestones and glitter, many heart-shaped nail stickers in white and red, silver and pink, gold and black

nail designs with rhinestones and glitter, close up of hands with sharp nails painted in milky white polish, two fingers decorated with round, star-shaped and rectangular rhinestones

Nude nails with rhinestones are beautiful and delicate

nude nails with rhinestones, two hands with nails painted in pale nude polish, two decorated with several rhinestones

nail designs with rhinestones and glitter, close up of hand with short nails, painted in pastel and metallic pink, decorated with one rhinestone

nail designs with rhinestones and glitter, close up of four fingers on grey woolen fabric, two nails have silver glitter polish, two are grey with rhinestone decoration

bling nail designs, close up of nails painted in vivid blue polish, decorated with white details and rhinestones

nude nails with rhinestones, sharp manicure in nude tones, decorated with many rhinestones on one hand and plain on the other

bling nail designs, two hands with short square nails, painted in pink and black, each decorated with rhinestones

bling nail designs, hand with sharp nails, three painted in shiny black, one in pale pink decorated with rhinestones, one white with silver and black rhinestone details

Red nails with animal print and gold details, for ladies who like to experiment

bling nail designs, long square nails, painted in red polish, decorated with black shapes, leopard print rhinestones and gold details

bling nail designs, two hands with black matte nail polish, decorated with gold rhinestones on each finger

Crown your nails with these adorable golden stickers

bling nail designs, hot pink fake nail, decorated with golden crown with rhinestones, next to several more crown decorations

bling nail designs, dark nude nails, each decorated with a single rhinestone, ring fingers' nails fully covered in rhinestones

Subtle nail design for brides

nude nails with rhinestones, square nails painted in nude polish, two decorated with rhinestones

nude nails with rhinestones, close up of two hands with nude nail polish, one rhinestone on each nail

Your manicure choice says a lot about your personality and style, so express yourself!

close up of pale pink nails, decorated with black painted flowers, and tiny rhinestones

two hands with very sharp nails, painted in dark purple polish, two nails kept clear and decorated with black drawings, another two decorated with rhinestones

White nails with exquisite golden details

hand with long square nails, four painted white and decorated with a single golden rhinestone, one entirely covered in gold rhinestones, holding black business card

close-up of five nails, base painted in clear pale pink polish, tip painted in dark violet, acrylic flower decoration, rhinestones and silver details

Unique design with transparent accent

long square fingernails, four painted white and decorated with rhinestone, one kept clear and painted with white stripes, and decorated with several rhinestones

Metallic nail polish was super popular last year and still remains a favorite. Add rhinestone details for a cutting-edge look

eight nails painted in shiny, metallic silver polish, ring fingers' nails covered in silver rhinestones

two hands with violet nail polish, several nails decorated with gold and silver drawings, rhinestones and pearls

Glamour for your fingertips

extreme close up of nails painted in white, dark nude and glittering gold, white nail decorated with pearl-shaped rhinestones

hand with square nails painted in pink, two nails decorated with black hearts and rhinestones, other two nails decorated with gold glitter and black stripes

Long nails make your fingers seem more slender 

tan hands with long sharp and semi-square nails, turquoise and pink nail polish, white glitter and rhinestone decorations

nude nails with rhinestones, long round nails with nude polish, index pinkie and thumb nails decorated with rhinestones

close up of tan hand with semi-square nails, painted in deep turquoise, two of the nails are decorated with silver rhinestones

A more extravagant suggestion for brides

french manicure with long white tips, both nails and finger tips decorated with rhinestones

hand with nails painted in nude polish, decorated with black rhinestones, pinkie finger's nail covered in black rhinestones

Nude nail polish with gold details

nude nails with rhinestones, close up of two hands with pale nude matte nail polish, two nails covered in gold glitter, the rest have rhinestones

Nails with rhinestones for ladies who love standing out from the crowd

close up of two hands with finger tattoos, decorated with clear fake nails, with rhinestones and black details

nude nails with rhinestones, eight long square nails, four with white polish and glitter, four with nude polish and rhinestones

extreme close-up of two hands, five dark blue-green nails decorated with rhinestones, two clear nails with rhinestones and black drawings

tan hands with pale peach-colored nail polish, ring fingers' decorated with rhinestones, and painted over with white figures

two hands with very pale lilac nail polish, ring fingers' nails entirely covered in rhinestones

Having your nails on fleek can really boost your mood – just ask Gwen Stefani!

Gwen Stefani laughing and holding her hands in front of her face, light blond messy hair, red lipstick and pink and black nails

hand with white nails, one decorated with several rhinestones

Pale pastel pink matte nail polish and rhinestones – one of 2017’s top trends

close up of nails in different shades of pale coral pink matte nail polish, four nails decorated with white acrylic flowers or/and rhinestones

two hands with round nails, painted in grey and decorated with black gold details and/or covered in gold glitter

close up of four sharp nails, painted in white polish, and covered in light glitter, with one rhinestone each

Nails, lips and eye make-up in matching colors

extreme close up of woman's face and fingers, brown eye make up, red lips covered with pink and purple rhinestones, fingernails covered with rhinestones in the same color

eight fingernails painted in turquoise green, with black details and rhinestone decorations

very pale nude nail-polish with rhinestone detail, on hand with several fingers

vivid blue matte nail polish, on three nails, one decorated with black sticker, one with black and white rhinestones

Here are some nail design ideas to inspire you

twenty-four fake nails with different designs, animal prints and stars, flags and stripes, red and blue, white and black,

Nude nail polish with multicolored rhinestones accent

close up of two hands with nude nail-polish, only one finger decorated with three multicolored rhinestones and gold elements

Eye-catching and elegant – the perfect nail look for a bride

hands with round nails, painted in creamy white nail polish, decorated with round, silvery white rhinestones

close up of hand with marble-effect nail polish, red brown and white, decorated with tiny rhinestones

Red is always a good choice

two hands with deep red matte nail polish, decorated with golden rhinestone details

Love is in the air

wine red, dark hot pink and white nail polish, decorated with rhinestones and painted hearts

Mermaid nails are the new big manicure trend. Are you brave enough to try it?

sharp mermaid nails, painted in iridescent nail polish and decorated with rhinestones

hand with clear nails, decorated with white acrylic flowers, silver rhinestones and glitter, holding pearl necklace

Rhinestones and pearls – a delicate, elegant and timeless look

hand holding pearl necklace, pale pink nails with white tips, decorated with white dots and one rhinestone each

two hands with short nails, painted in pale pink and dark blue matte polish, with tiny gold hearts and chequered detail

A tad too extravagant or just right? It’s up for you to decide!

sharp nails with steampunk details, tiny gears and googles, top hat and lace details, in black and gold tones

eight nails, four of which are painted hot pink, the other fore visible are entirely covered with rhinestones

round nails colored in light and dark plum nail polish, decorated with silver rhinestones

Pastel colors create a very cool and stylish effect

pastel blue and pastel pink nails, decorated with rhinestones, white and silver details

Go golden for an unforgettable, regal look

close up of woman's face and fingers, gold eye make-up and golden nails, decorated with multicolored rhinestones

close up of five sharp nails, painted in nude colors in different shades, and decorated with differently shaped and sized rhinestones

slim hand with long fingers and a pearl ring, fingernails painted in nude polish, one fingernail has decoration with metal details

close up of hand with long square nails, painted in white nail polish, decorated with black drawings and rhinestones

two hands with square nails, painted with dark nude matte polish, two of them decorated with round and square rhinestones

How to pick good rhinestones for nail design? Swarovski, glass or plastic?

The wonderful world of acrylic nails is home to so many fun and innovative designs. Although they're frequently associated with extra-long looks, acrylics actually let you can experiment with different lengths and interesting styles, whether you want a short, square French manicure or a set of lengthy, neon-pink, stiletto-shaped nails. The possibilities feel fairly endless (and, at times, overwhelming), but this gallery of 60 images of acrylic nail art ideas can be a guide for your next appointment. 

You'll want to make sure the design is one you love because these types of manicures are long-lasting. Acrylics tend to be harder than gel, nail artist Brittney Boyce previously told Allure. They're created by mixing a powder (polymer) — usually clear, but the powders come in a range of colors — and a liquid (monomer) into a dough-like consistency that can be filed and molded. From there, a talented nail artist can create whatever your imagination conjures. 

And if you're worried about potential damage to your nails: don't be. The key to healthy nails with acrylics is proper removal with the right tools (like lots of acetone) and tons of time and patience. (This how-to guide has all the steps for at-home removal.) The right nail technician will be able to care for your natural nails regardless of whether you use acrylic powders, gel polishes, or gel extensions. So peruse this gallery full of acrylic manicures in square, stiletto, coffin, almond, and even lipstick shapes. We're sure that you'll be able to find exactly what you need for your next nail appointment.


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As much as my ideal Sunday involves spending hours in the nail salon aimlessly thumbing through magazines, the reality is my weekends lately have hardly afforded me time for a 10-minute face mask, let alone a deluxe mani-pedi. (Surely I'm not alone.) That's probably why my saved tab on Instagram is suddenly brimming with minimalist nail art. The trend, as the name implies, is for subtle and simple designs that still give your nails an undeniable cool factor.

Think of the look as the mani equivalent of thin, stackable rings or a dainty gold necklace: It's a small upgrade that makes a big impact. Some of the takes on minimal nails—like rainbow, color-block, or gradient nails—are literally as easy as painting each nail a different color. (And, might I add, perfect if you—like me—can never decide which shade you want to go with.) Others take a cue from jewelry and get their sparkle from tiny crystals or pearls.

"Adding small pearls, gems, or accents is very easy, and you don't need to be very savvy with a paint brush," says nail artist Betina Goldstein, who has practically become the queen of minimalist nail art on Instagram due to her delicate, simplistic designs. "It allows you to play with color, design, or gems without overwhelming your look or hands."

Whether you're planning to DIY or bring a screenshot into the salon, these 30 ideas will instantly upgrade your look without the effort. Matching rings optional.

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