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The Voice recap: The Top 5 sing for the title

Here we are, folks: We've reached The Voice season 19 finale week. Tonight, our Top 5 get two chances to make their case for The Voice trophy &#x; they'll each be singing one new cover and an original, debut single. Tomorrow, one artist will be named the winner. But before all the confetti and the filler performances and, fingers crossed, the triumphant return of John Legend's creepy glove-on-a-stick, let's take a look at the Top 5's final competitive performances of the season.

Team Gwen: Carter Rubin // The Climb by Miley Cyrus

Gwen&#x;s teen sensation Carter Rubin could become the youngest male winner of The Voice ever, as well as Coach Gwen Stefani&#x;s first victory. He kicks off the finale doing what he does best &#x; a pop power ballad. What more can be said? The kid has perfect vocal control and is unreal at connecting emotionally to whatever he happens to be singing. His coach praises him once again, calling out how calm and natural he is as a performer: It feels like you&#x;re just meant to be doing this, Gwen tells Carter as he effortlessly puts another performance behind him.

Team Kelly: Desz // Holy Ground by Desz

Desz is the first contestant to debut her original single. In meeting with one of the song&#x;s producers, Justin Tranter, he compares Desz to her coach, Kelly Clarkson: a technical superhero who can tell a story. Desz displays exactly that in her performance. Uh, friends, the second half of this performance is unreal. There&#x;s so much emotion and power there, but it&#x;s never over the top &#x; it feels like the only way to sing this song. John Legend applauds Desz&#x;s song choice because it shows that she knows who she is as an artist. She&#x;s always sung with a purpose and this is just another example of that. And then we go to Coach Kelly Clarkson, who is bawling and thanks Desz for singing a song that she needed to hear. Hands down, you&#x;re the greatest vocalist I&#x;ve ever worked with on this show, Kelly barely gets out. Anyway, we&#x;re all bawling now. 

Team Blake: Ian Flanigan // In Color by Jamey Johnson

Who doesn&#x;t love a good one chair turn who makes the finale story on The Voice? Blake believed in Ian and his distinct voice from the beginning, even if Ian didn&#x;t &#x; he considers himself more of a songwriter than a vocalist. So it feels appropriate that for his finale cover, Ian picks a storytelling song. It&#x;s a country favorite but feels a little sleepy for the finale. Ian&#x;s post-performance comments are less about the specific performance and more about noting once again how much of a unicorn voice Ian has. Coach Blake Shelton still can&#x;t place where Ian belongs but calls his voice iconic sounding. That&#x;s the way you want to end your journey on The Voice, for sure (well, also winning but, you get it).

Team Blake: Jim Ranger // Last by Jim Ranger

We&#x;re getting the softer side of Jim Ranger tonight. For his single, he&#x;s picked a country love song. This song is like country catnip. Jim&#x;s playing to the Blake fanbase! He tells his coach that he really connects to the song through his year marriage, but some of what makes Jim Ranger so special as an artist is lost here. He keeps things toned down throughout most of the song &#x; or, as Gwen says, he keeps it understated &#x; and only fully opens up Jim Ranger-style at the end. This is Jim really leaning into country music and Blake assures his artist that if country ends up being that lane [Jim] wants to stay in, there&#x;s a place for [him.] Jim did his coach proud.

Team Legend: John Holiday // Where Do We Go by John Holiday

We know that John Holiday could go anywhere with his voice &#x; both technically and genre-wise &#x; and he ends up picking a pop-rock song for his original single. By the end of it, John&#x;s hitting those signature high notes, but even though he can really navigate through any song, this particular one isn&#x;t going to win him any new fans. There&#x;s no real place for an emotional connection nor does John get to let his vocal acrobatics fully fly. Still, Kelly praises his ability to nail a song with very little space to breathe and John&#x;s coach, John Legend, loves that they&#x;re continuing to see his versatility as an artist and he applauds him for always challenging himself throughout the competition.

Team Kelly: Desz // Landslide by Fleetwood Mac

Just when I was finished crying over Desz&#x;s last performance, she&#x;s going to step on stage and sing Landslide ? LANDSLIDE. Coach Kelly Clarkson admits she was a little surprised by this song choice since it was so different from anything Desz has done on the show, but in rehearsals, she&#x;s immediately reduced to tears and then realizes Desz made a smart choice to show this side of her artistry now. Like Jim Ranger&#x;s performance, Gwen Stefani calls this understated but even in its most intimate, quiet moments, it feels very Desz (at the end, Carson Daly tells Desz that he&#x;s heard that song countless times, but "never Desz-ified like that ). Her runs are effortless and the emotion pours out of her. Kelly Clarkson tosses loving, high-praise adjectives at her artist, calling her believable, pure, raw, and full of precision. 

Team Blake: Ian Flanigan // Never Learn by Ian Flanigan

Listen, I didn't show up this evening expecting to be crying so much but I am fragile and here we are. Ian Flanigan! Singing a heartfelt song to America&#x;s youth! Ross Copperman, who co-wrote the song, wants Ian to show off his pure head voice and his big chest voice and Ian gets to do that with this lovely little song. In rehearsal, Blake had very aptly referred to Ian&#x;s voice as a friendly monster and he does it again afterward. It&#x;s kind of perfect? Ian&#x;s unique sound draws you in and as Blake says, people listen to what [he&#x;s] saying because they just want to hear [his] voice. This song put Ian&#x;s quiet storytelling ability on display. 

Team Legend: John Holiday // Halo by Beyoncé

This! Song! Choice! As John Legend points out, Halo shows everything [John Holiday] can do in one song. It&#x;s a great note (or, like, all of the notes) for John Holiday to go out on. We&#x;re always blown away by his spectacular high notes &#x; which he shows off here, naturally &#x; but the low notes he hits in this song moved me. Kelly Clarkson &#x; who had turned for John in the Blinds but was blocked by John Legend &#x; calls his range stupid incredible and his performance beautiful and loves that she could hear what kind of record John might make in that rendition of the song. John Legend heaps on the praise: He loves how much John shows his heart in everything he does, and says he&#x;s so happy [John] got to soar on this song. 

Team Gwen: Carter Rubin // Up From Here by Carter Rubin

Has Carter ever sounded so contemporary and ready-for-radio as he does on this song? He gets to go out showing a new shade of himself and that&#x;s important. Gwen Stefani loves the song choice because yes, it sounds modern, but also it easily lets Carter put his own stamp on it. Gwen reiterates how incredible it is that Carter remains calm and cool and in the moment throughout this entire thing. He has a ton of confidence on stage and he shows that off here, debuting his own single. 

Team Blake: Jim Ranger // With a Little Help From My Friends by the Beatles

This is the Jim Ranger I had been hoping to see in this finale. From the moment he opened his mouth on this song, it just felt like the right way to close the show. This performance is full of emotion and storytelling but also just lets the dude wail (plus, all the points for a perfect outfit choice). Kelly Clarkson tells him that this song felt like it could&#x;ve been [his] original because it was perfect for both his voice and this moment. Gwen tells him that watching him was like watching a huge star up there because it was just so natural. And Blake Shelton tells his artist that he timed it just right to let it all out. It&#x;s Jim&#x;s best performance on this show, which is one way to end your run on a vocal competition.

So with all of our performances wrapped up, who do we think has done enough to win this whole thing? 

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The Voice

A rotating chair-full of judges search for the next great superstar singer on this NBC reality show.


Going into Tuesday’s Voice Season 19 Semifinals results show, we were all anticipating a repeat, more or less, of the Live Playoffs results, weren’t we? I know I figured the same four singers that had been previously saved by viewers’ votes would be again.


If Team Gwen’s Ben Allen hadn’t garnered enough country support before to beat wunderkind Carter Rubin, he seemed unlikely to do so now that the youngster has the Muppets on his side. Cami Clune’s painful rendition of Brandi Carlile, as well as DeSz’s roof-raising En Vogue cover, virtually guaranteed that the latter would be Team Kelly’s rep in the finale. A dubious song selection for Team Blake’s Jim Ranger appeared to clinch Ian Flanigan’s advancement. And a fairly dreadful Beatles re-arrangement took Team Legend’s Tamara Jade right out of John Holiday’s way to the Top 5.

At least that was how I expected it to play out. More interesting and suspenseful, I reckoned, would be the Five-Way Wildcard Instant Save face-off. Ben and Team Legend’s Bailey Rae are straight-up country, which would seem to give them the advantage. But Jim is Team Blake, which is like being country-and-a-half. So I figured it was his to lose unless Team Legend’s Tamara Jade took us to church and reeled in the religious crowd en masse.

But enough pre-viewing guesswork. What actually happened when the Top 9 became the Top 5? Before we found out, coach Kelly and Brett Eldridge teamed up for a spirited rendition of “Under the Mistletoe,” and coach John went, as the title of his new single promised he would, “Mild.” Sorry, “Wild.” It was called “Wild,” it was just for the most part kinda a tame song for that name, no? (Maybe I’m just not as excited about convertibles as he is.) And in the moment(s) of truth…

SAVED BY AMERICA’S VOTE (in Chronological Order)

DeSz (Team Kelly)
John Holiday (Team Legend)
Jim Ranger (Team Blake)
Carter Rubin (Team Gwen)


Ben Allen (Team Gwen), “Prayed for You” — Grade: C+ | Hated to see Ben fighting for his life like this; he was one of my early favorites. Even more, I hated to hear him singing what struck me as such a flatline of a song. But what I hated to hear most of all was one of his weakest performances to date (if not his weakest ever). At this point, I figured the Save was Ian’s to loose.


Cami Clune (Team Kelly), “When the Party’s Over” — Grade: B- |

I got what Cami was going for with her muted vocal at the start of her Billie Eilish cover, but she was so muted, we could barely hear her. From there, she turned out a performance that was definitely an improvement over her efforts Monday but, alas, not nearly enough of one to keep her in the contest. Kelly was fighting a losing battle trying to sell the difficulty of the restraint in Cami’s vocal.

Bailey Rae (Team Legend), “Your Cheatin’ Heart” — Grade: A- | Now this was the kinda number that Bailey should be doing. She sounded so at home on it, it might as well have been the range. She even looked more comfortable. And I loved that hint of a yodel that snuck into her vocal now and then. Maybe this wasn’t going to be as much of a slam-dunk as I thought it would be for Ian.

Tamara Jade (Team Legend), “Feeling Good” — Grade: B | Ooo… good song choice. And I dug the casual jazziness that Tamara brought to the number. But oddly, as big as she went with it, it never felt quite big enough. It was like she swung for the fence, and it just wasn’t interesting enough to keep me from checking my cell phone. Perhaps I was just spoiled after DeSz’s massive En Vogue cover Monday.

Ian Flanigan (Team Blake), “Anymore” — Grade: B | For what could be his final performance, Ian played it smartly safe, leaning into his strength as a storyteller kinda singer who always comes off like someone who’s lived every one of his songs. A sit-up-and-take-notice thriller sorta performance this wasn’t, but it was pretty much what you’d want from Ian. I’m sure I’ll take [bleep] for it, but I actually preferred Bailey Tuesday.

SAVED BY AMERICA’S VOTE | Ian Flanigan (Team Blake)

ELIMINATED | Ben Allen (Team Gwen), Cami Clune (Team Kelly), Tamara Jade (Team Legend) and Bailey Rae (Team Legend)

So, are you pleased with the Top 5? Which of the four eliminated singers will you miss most? Vote in the polls below, then hit the comments with your finale predictions.

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The Voice recap: Who's headed to the Season 19 finals?

Last night our season 19 Top 9 sang their little hearts out (twice!) for one of five spots in the finals. The artist with the most votes on each team will move forward and the rest will be duking it out with one more performance for the coveted Wildcard Instant Save. 

After a nice holiday excursion thanks to Kelly Clarkson and Brett Eldredge and their Christmas jam Under the Mistletoe, and a quick stop to bask in the glow of John Legend&#x;s new single Wild, we learn who are first four finalists are:

Team Kelly: Desz!

Team Legend: John Holiday!

Team Blake: Jim Ranger!

Team Gwen: Carter Rubin!


Team Gwen: Ben Allen // Prayed For You by Matt Stell

Gwen&#x;s country hopes are still alive with Ben Allen, but he starts off his last chance to make the finals a little shaky. Eventually, he seems to calm himself and deliver the kind of contemporary country performance he needs to stay here. His coach Gwen Stefani applauds his song choice, affirming that he should stick to this lane, and loves that he&#x;s willing to show us different sides to his voice, hopping from a party song last night to this country ballad.

Team Kelly: Cami Clune // when the party&#x;s over by Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish has the perfect song for Cami to show her stuff in the hopes of grabbing that last spot in the finale. Her low register isn&#x;t exactly as strong as it&#x;s been in the past, but her head voice is impressive and she packs an emotional punch. That voice break? That&#x;s what the final Instant Save of the season calls for. Kelly calls out how hard it is to sing the way Cami just did, having to use all that air and still being able to nail [her notes] with precision. She calls her tasteful and dramatic and commends her storytelling ability one more time.

Team Legend: Bailey Rae // Your Cheatin&#x; Heart by Hank Williams

It&#x;s been her story this entire season: Bailey Rae knows exactly what kind of artist she is and when she leans into that, she does her best work. This Hank Williams classic is a great choice for her in this moment. Of the three artists who&#x;ve performed so far, she seems the most confident tonight. John Legend agrees and tells his country artist that she&#x;s charming and fun and that her voice sounded splendid.

Team Legend: Tamara Jade // Feeling Good by Nina Simone

What can&#x;t Tamara Jade sing? This song not only lets Tamara show off her considerable vocal talent but also lets her play around on stage and put on a show. She&#x;s the best performer of the season, hands down. John Legend is excited by this performance, guys. He praises Tamara&#x;s power, her soulful voice, and tells her it&#x;s so engaging for us to watch [her] be [herself] time and time again. 

Team Blake: Ian Flanigan // Anymore by Travis Tritt

Um, okay, Ian Flanigan. Just out here breaking hearts in hopes of earning a spot in the finale. His voice sounds great on this kind of sad boy country song. His coach says he&#x;s surprised to see [Ian] here but is confident he&#x;ll pull through and win this wildcard. He calls Ian a once in a lifetime voice. He&#x;s a fan, clearly.

This is a good group of five here, friends, and I feel like I change my prediction every few seconds. It&#x;s a close one! In the end, however, America votes to give the final spot in the finale to Team Blake&#x;s Ian Flanigan! And with that, our final five is set. Who&#x;s taking this thing home next week? 

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Voice 2020 recap the

After the Top 9 artists performed on Monday&#;s episode of &#;The Voice,&#; tension filled the air as four of them knew they were about to be eliminated. Gold Derby&#;s exclusive odds named the following four contestants as likely eliminees: Jim Ranger of Team Blake Shelton, Bailey Rae of Team John Legend, Ben Allen of Team Gwen Stefani and Cami Clune of Team Kelly Clarkson. Did our predictions come true, or were viewers left stunned? Here&#;s how Tuesday&#;s results show played out: one artist from each team advanced to the finale based on America&#;s overnight vote, and then the fifth spot went to the winner of the live instant save.

SEEMake your ‘The Voice’ Season 19 predictions right now: Who will win? Who will be eliminated?

Below, read our minute-by-minute &#;The Voice&#; recap of Season 19, Episode 15 to find out what happened Tuesday, December 8 at p.m. ET/PT. Then be sure to sound off in the comments section about your favorite artists on NBC&#;s long-running reality TV show, which coach you&#;re rooting for this season and who you think will ultimately join &#;The Voice&#; winners list.

Keep refreshing/reloading this &#;The Voice&#; live blog for the most recent updates.

p.m. &#; &#;Previously on &#;The Voice&#;!&#; In the 14th episode, all nine artists took the stage twice: for solo songs and for trio performances. The three groups were: Carter Rubin, DeSz & Jim for &#;Will It Go Round in Circles,&#; Ben, Ian Flanigan & Tamara Jade for &#;Tulsa Time&#; and Bailey, Cami & John Holiday for &#;Pompeii.&#; The wait is finally over as we&#;re about to find out which five artists advanced to the finale and which four were eliminated. Let&#;s go!

 p.m. &#; Host Carson Daly explains that the top vote-getter from each team will advance to next week&#;s finale, with the remaining contestants competing for the instant save to round out the Top 5. Then he introduces Kelly for a holiday performance of &#;Underneath the Mistletoe&#; with country star Brett Eldredge. Immediately after the duo fills the room with Christmas joy, Carson comes along to remind everyone of the stressful reason they are actually together tonight. To announce the Top 5! Team Kelly is up first and the artist who will advance straight into the finale is Desz! Cami will compete for the instant save.

p.m. &#; It&#;s time for Bailey, John and Tamara to find out who will be representing Team Legend in the finale. The artist with the most votes is John! Bailey and Tamara will compete for the instant save.

p.m. &#; Team Blake steps on the stage to find out who will be moving forward. The artist with the most votes is Jim! Ian heads backstage to prepare for the upcoming instant save. That was a bit more surprising than the other two team results, but Blake has been saying Jim would be in the finale for weeks. He was right!

p.m. &#; Team Gwen will have to wait a few more minutes to hear their results while Legend sings his latest single, &#;Wild,&#; from his Grammy-nominated album, &#;Bigger Love.&#; After the EGOT winner delivers his powerhouse ballad, Team Gwen takes the stage to find out who is heading to the finale. The artist with the most votes is Carter! So Ben heads off to prepare for the instant save. Five performances coming up!

p.m. &#; Up first competing for the instant save is Ben Allen for Team Gwen, singing &#;Pray for You.&#; Gwen thought his performance was beautiful. She loves how he is able to show different sides of himself each time he performs.

p.m. &#; The second artist singing tonight is Cami from Team Kelly. She&#;s taking on the emotional ballad, &#;When the Party&#;s Over,&#; and this may be better than her performance Monday night. Kelly tells America that Cami has just shown what she is capable of and endorses her to win the instant save.

p.m. &#; Bailey Rae is up for Team Legend, keepin&#; it country with &#;Your Cheatin&#; Heart.&#; John thought her rendition was fun and loves her charm.

p.m. &#; Also from Team Legend is Tamara singing &#;Feeling Good.&#; It&#;s definitely the most vocally dynamic performance of the night and she&#;s leaving it all on the stage. John calls her &#;engrossing&#; and &#;engaging&#; and says &#;her light shines through everything.&#;

p.m. &#; Last up is Team Blake&#;s Ian Flanigan singing &#;Anymore&#; for his chance to become a finalist. He&#;s up there without the guitar tonight and seems a little less comfortable, but his voice is still up for the challenge. Blake says he&#;s surprised to see Ian in the instant save and he feels strongly that America will put Ian into the finale. He calls him a once-in-a-lifetime voice. And now it&#;s up for America to decide who will win this instant save.

p.m. &#; Five artists have competed to become one of five finalists and America just had five minutes to vote for which one that will be. Joining Carter, Desz, Jim and John in the finale will be&#;Ian! Team Blake will have two artists in next week&#;s finale.

SEEexclusive predictions: Who will win &#;The Voice&#;?

Be sure to make your predictions to influence our reality TV racetrack odds. You can keep changing your predictions until just before the live results episode airs on NBC. You&#;ll compete to win a $ gift card each week and a spot on our Season 19 leaderboard. See our contest rules and sound off with other fans in our reality TV forum. Read more Gold Derby entertainment news.

The Best Performances from the Final Week of the Blind Auditions - The Voice 2021

Heading into the fourth episode of &#;The Voice&#; Season 20, the teams were almost evenly divided as John Legend, Blake Shelton and Nick Jonas all had six artists and Kelly Clarkson had five. The ultimate goal coming out of these blind auditions is for each coach to have 10 artists on their teams, so we&#;re more than halfway there. Reminder: thanks to John blocking Nick from getting Ciana Pelekai on his team last night, all of the blocks are now out of play. So what types of artists did the coaches discover during Tuesday&#;s hour-long episode?

SEE‘The Voice’: Past Winners (Seasons 1 – 19)

Below, read our minute-by-minute &#;The Voice&#; recap of Season 20, Episode 4 to find out what happened Tuesday, March 9 at p.m. ET/PT. Then be sure to sound off in the comments section about your favorite artists on NBC&#;s long-running reality TV show, which coach you&#;re rooting for and who you think will ultimately join &#;The Voice&#; winners list for this 10th anniversary season. Here is a closer look at each coach&#;s team (so far):

Team Blake Shelton: Cam Anthony, Pete Mroz, Aaron Konzelman, Ethan Lively, Emma Caroline, Avery Roberson

Team Nick Jonas: Dana Monique, Devan Blake Jones, Raine Stern, Zae Romeo, Andrew Marshall, Jose Figueroa Jr.

Team John Legend: Christine Cain, Victor Solomon, Carolina Rial, Pia Renee, Ciana Pelekai, Durell Anthony

Team Kelly Clarkson: Kenzie Wheeler, Corey Ward, Gean Garcia, Ryleigh Modig, Halley Greg

Keep refreshing/reloading this &#;The Voice&#; live blog for the most recent updates.

p.m. &#; &#;Previously on &#;The Voice&#;!&#; In the third episode, nine more artists made it onto the show when the coaches turned their chairs around during Night 3 of the blind auditions. Ryleigh Modig (18 years old) and Halley Greg (29) joined Team Kelly, Pia Renee (37), Ciana Pelekai (20) and Durell Anthony (34) joined Team Legend, Andrew Marshall (21) and Jose Figueroa Jr. (34) joined Team Nick and Emma Caroline (25) and Avery Roberson (20) joined Team Blake. Of these, only Avery was a four-chair turn. But enough about last night &#; let&#;s start tonight&#;s show!

p.m. &#; Up first tonight is Connor Christian, a year old from Ohio singing &#;Bright Lights&#; while playing guitar. He&#;s got a cool, smoky rock tone that inspires Blake to turn his chair after one verse. The other coaches are shaking their heads and seem intrigued, but no other bites just yet. At the last second Nick turns around, much to the dismay of Blake and then Kelly sneaks in as well. Kelly loves his rasp and says he&#;s in a lane all by himself. Blake says he is &#;pumped&#; right now and thinks Connor has complete control of the stage and is &#;blown away&#; by the singer&#;s talent. Nick would love a chance to blast some music with Connor as well, but the rocker ultimately chooses Blake as his coach.

p.m. &#; Next up is Kaitlyn Myers, a year old from Pennsylvania who grew up listening to rock music but is really inspired by Motown. Tonight she&#;s singing &#;If You Really Love Me,&#; showing off a voice that&#;s mature for age with depth and soul. Her tone is unique, but she veers slightly off pitch at times. Sadly, none of the coaches turn and are shocked to see the youngster on stage when they finally see her. Kelly tells her to sing a song with more space, but she&#;s impressed by her power. Nick encourages her to keep going down the same path because she has potential.

p.m. &#; The next artist is Bradley Sinclair, a year old living in Nashville who has been singing since he was He&#;s a techy guy who worked for Apple, but his passion for music took over and led him to move Tennessee from Michigan just a month before his audition. He&#;s singing &#;Say You Won&#;t Let Go&#; and has a nice, pure voice with a bit of a rock edge. About halfway through Bradley&#;s performance Kelly turns her chair and a few seconds later Nick challenges her. Nick says Bradley has an amazing foundation. Bradley says he sold someone from Nick&#;s crew an Apple watch once and Kelly is starting to feel discouraged. As she feared, Bradley joins Team Nick.

p.m. &#; Auditions continue with a hidden vocalist singing &#;She Used to Be Mine,&#; emotionally delivering the powerful lyrics with fantastic precision. It seems to take forever, but Kelly finally turns around, revealing the vocalist to be Gihanna Zoe, a year old from California. Nick turns to challenge at the last second. Kelly says the beginning of Gihanna&#;s performance was pitchy, but loves her voice and thinks they&#;d make a good team. Nick wants to spend time conquering the youngster&#;s nerves and the two bond over being preachers kids. Gihanna has a tough choice, but she ends up going to Team Kelly.

p.m. &#; The next artist is JD Casper, a year old from Austin, Texas who joined the Navy after high school. JD&#;s father gifted him a guitar when he deployed and playing music was a lifeline for the singer while he was at sea. Tonight he&#;s singing &#;How to Save a Life&#; while playing guitar and doing some of his own percussion work with his feet. Kelly is signaling from her chair that she hopes the singer will go up an octave. Towards the end of the performance, JD does enough to capture Kelly&#;s attention and she turns her chair uncontested. JD will claim a spot on Team Kelly.

p.m. &#; The final artist of the night is Deion Warren, a year old from North Carolina. He gets emotional while talking to his parents about dreaming of this moment since he was three years old. Deion grew up in an underprivileged area but says church helped keep him out of trouble. He now works as a probation officer and loves to see offenders he works with make progress. He&#;s singing &#;Shallow&#; and after just a few notes Kelly says &#;Wow&#; from her chair. This guy&#;s voice is like pure velvet with effortless power. John turns his chair and Kelly quickly follows. He&#;s got a little rasp and grit at the top of his register, which adds some character. Nick turns around before the audition concludes. Blake says he didn&#;t turn around because he made a promise to one of his other contestants that he would keep the lane clear for him. Nick thinks he could take Deion all the way to the finale, John loves the singer&#;s rich, low voice and Kelly calls him an emotional vessel for music. After some calculated thought, Deion chooses to join Team Legend.


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The Voice


Tonight marked the end of season 19 of NBC&#;s hit reality competition The Voice. The finale event featured performances from each of the coaches and other music industry stars prior to the official announcement of which contestant and coach won the majority of votes from viewers and won the season.

The finale event was made up of two different episodes; the first hour, from 8 p.m. ET/PT to 9 p.m. ET/PT featured a recap of live performances hosted by Carson Daly. Then, Daly hosted the live finale which featured the results from the previous episode.

Coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton were all hoping to take home the win at the end of the night. The performers in the competition were Team John&#;s John Holiday, Team Gwen&#;s Carter Rubin, Team Blake&#;s Ian Flanigan and Jim Ranger, and Team Kelly&#;s Desz.

WARNING: Spoilers for the season finale of season 19 of The Voice follow. Don&#;t read on if you don&#;t want to know who won the competition. 

&#;The Voice&#; Season 19 Finale Live Recap

The show opened with a holiday performance from contestants that made it to the live shows. Together, they sang &#;Rockin&#; Around the Christmas Tree.&#; Then, Carson Daly introduced coaches Kelly Clarkson, Gwen Stefani, John Legend and &#;he&#;s had a couple&#; Blake Shelton.

Each of the coaches talked about their love for their contestants and what they hope they go on to do following the season. Stefani said she hoped that Carter Rubin would learn to play an instrument and write songs and Clarkson said she hoped that Desz would do something great in the music industry and offered her help in any way possible.

The first performance came from Nelly and Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line with their collaboration song &#;Lil Bit.&#; Then, the show played a video of Shelton and Stefani living the &#;country&#; life.

For the second live performance during the finale, Lewis Capaldi came on to sing &#;Before You Go,&#; and then the show took a commercial break. Following that performance, Ian Dior and 24KGoldn performed &#;Mood.&#;

Kelly Clarkson and Desz then teamed up to sing &#;I&#;m Every Woman&#; in order to showcase their powerhouse vocals. After the break, Lauren Daigle stopped by to sing her hit &#;You Say,&#; and the show had Jason Derulo perform two of his songs.

That was all followed by John Legend and John Holiday performing &#;Bridge Over Troubled Water&#; together and Dan + Shay performing &#;Take Me Home For Christmas.&#;

Shelton performed with both of his contestants, Jim Ranger and Ian Flanigan. Following another skit from the coaches, Julia Michaels performed her song-of-the-year nominated song &#;If the World Was Ending.&#;

Rubin and Stefani then performed &#;You Make It Feel Like Christmas&#; together on the stage, with Rubin filling in Shelton&#;s shoes, as he&#;s usually the other performer on that song. That was followed by Keith Urban and P!nk performing their song together.

Who Won &#;The Voice&#; Season 19?

After all the performances throughout the night, it was finally time to get down to the nitty-gritty and announce the winner of the season.

All five finalists took the stage. DeSz, Carter Rubin, John Holiday, Jim Ranger and Ian Flanigan were lined up and listened to Carson Daly announce the placements and, ultimately, the winner.

In fifth place with the fewest amount of votes from viewers was John Holiday (Team Legend). In fourth place was Desz (Team Kelly). Next, Daly announced that Ian Flanigan (Team Blake) came out in third place.

The winner was announced to be Carter Rubin (Team Gwen), meaning the runner-up this season of The Voice was Jim Ranger and Team Blake.

The Voice will return in for season Some of that season has already been filmed, with Nick Jonas replacing Gwen Stefani in the coach&#;s chair next season.

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