Pc monitor splitter cable

Pc monitor splitter cable DEFAULT

11in 2-Port VGA Monitor Splitter Cable

Product Specifications
Color :Black
Length : Inch
Warranty :1 Year
Vendor :C2G
Weight : LB

General Specifications
• Signal Types Supported - VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, UXGA, Multisync
• Video Bandwidth - MHz
• Maximum Video Resolution - x @ 60Hz
• Maximum Cable Length Supported - ft

Power Specifications
• Power Input - 5V, mA
• Pin Diameter - mm
• Center Pin Polarity - Positive

Physical Characteristics
• Video Input Connector - HD15 VGA Male
• Video Output Connectors - HD15 VGA Female x2
• Input Cable Length - VGA - 11in
• USB Power Cable Connectors - USB A Male, mm DC Power Pin
• USB Power Cable Length - 23in
• Housing Material - Plastic

Package Contents

• Splitter
• USB Power Cable
• Owner&#;s Manual

Sours: https://www.cablestogo.com/product//11inport-vga-monitor-splitter-cable

How to Use a Dual Video Monitor VGA Y-Splitter Cable

Running dual monitors can add some serious efficiencies to your working process. You can customize the configurations and bounce between both screens. Use them separately or connect them to drag applications between the screens. The setup is very common in business and personal use. The VGA splitter cable makes the connection seamless without hogging all of your output ports.

Best Uses for the Cable

You can actually run separate cables off many computers to achieve the same effect. Many computers have dual ports and some monitors will work off USB connections. Numerous different configurations are possible, especially when using adapters.

The VGA splitter is one of the more efficient ways of creating a dual monitor connector. The cord is specifically designed to bridge the gap between two monitors while only taking a single port on your computer.

Businesses and professionals in fields like graphic design often use the splitter to build a dual monitor system. Gamers also like having dual monitors to expand their screen or utilize dual screens for maximum efficiency.

The top reason for using this specific cable is to leave your other computer ports free for your keyboard, mouse and other attachments. It minimizes cable clutter and makes a secure, highly function connection between the monitors. You are essentially sending a single video signal to both monitors. Very little quality is lost but it can downgrade slightly on high resolution applications across both screens.

Attaching the VGA Splitter

Turn off the computer and the monitors. Just unplug your power source to be on the safe side while connecting the new cable. Locate the main cable coming off the splitter and connect it to the VGA port on your computer.

Some cables come with screws to secure the attachment and hold it tight. Make sure everything is snug but avoid over-tightening the screws. They are often easy to strip or break. Finger tight is just fine. If no screws are setup on your cable, simply plug it into the VGA port.

Connect the first VGA connector to the VGA port of one of your monitors. Secure the connector with the thumbscrews using the same process as before. The port is very obvious and is the only one that will fit anyways.

Next, connect the second VGA connector to the VGA port of the second monitor and secure it using the same finger tight process. Your connections are complete and the dual monitors are ready for configuration.

Test Your System

Turn on power to your computer and monitors. The screen will now expand across both monitors. At this point, you can use the system with the default settings or customization everything.

To customize, you must enter your screen settings. On the screen menu you can choose which is the primary screen and which is secondary. For example, if you choose the left as the primary, this will act as your home screen. You can still drag applications across to the secondary screen and use it normally however. You read left to right and the left monitor as a primary is very common. It does however come down to personal preference.

You can also opt to use the screens like one large monitor. This is where some resolution quality is potentially lost as you are sending the same video signal to a larger area. It does however create a nice big screen.



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Sours: https://smallbusiness.chron.com/use-dual-video-monitor-vga-ysplitter-cablehtml
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StarTech.com 1 ft. VGA to VGA Splitter Cable - M/F Dual Monitor Video Cable Splitter (VGASPL1VV) - VGA splitter - 30 cm

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