Roblox xsolla not working

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I can't make a payment

Xsolla uses card verification to help ensure safe and secure in-game payments. The same type of verification is required for adding a credit card to a PayPal or a Steam account. 

After you enter your card information, our system will redirect you to the verification page. Verification is applied to make sure that a person who is making a purchase is actually a cardholder. This is how the verification works:

  • To verify that you are the holder of the card, we will temporarily debit an amount of less than $ USD from your account (it will be released within 12 hours)
  • You can find this info in your online bank statement under pending or held transactions or in an SMS notification from your bank
  • If you see multiple debits of less than $ USD, please enter the amount for the most recent transaction
  • Select the currency that the amount was debited in and click verify. After that, your payment will be completed.

In case you don't have an online account, please create one.
If the small amount doesn&#x;t appear, it&#x;s possible there is a delay from your bank in posting them. Please check it again later, but note that the held amount is only valid for three hours. If it still doesn&#x;t appear, we recommend using a different bank card or contact your bank to find out how much the small held amount is.

If you are not able to verify the card, you may also link the card to PayPal or Amazon account for future payments. 

You may also see an error or your payment was declined for security reasons. This error may appear when our security system recognizes your attempt as abnormal. In order to complete a payment, we would ask you to provide additional proof of account ownership.

Please note that after several unsuccessful attempts you may face error or it looks like you have exceeded the maximum number of attempts allowed. please try again using a different card.

To resolve this issue please contact our support so we will be able to remove restrictions for your account.

Contact us &#x;Sours:

Hi all.

So I'm a long time EU fan and have them all up to EU3. Now, with the midsommer sale I figured I'd jump into EU4 by getting the entire pack for around £64 pounds.

However, there is some sort of "extra check" in place where Xsolla does a mircotransaction to my card and I have to fill in the amount to make my order go through. Problem is, the amount never shows on any of my cards. I tried using both my UK debit card (English banks take FOREVER to show transactions), and my Dutch VISA credit card doesn't show any microtransactions either.

Does anyone have any ideas on this? How to get around it? I've never encountered a system like this where a microtransaction is made to verify a card. It effectively means I can't buy from Paradoxplaza as the system they have in place simply doesn't work. It also seems unnecessary as both VISA (verified by VISA) and my UK bank have systems in place to avoid abuse.

What's your experience with Steam? The prices on Steam don't reflect the midsommer sale prices on Paradoxplaza. Do you reckon the sale would be available on Steam too? I would get the bundle there if it were available there at some point.




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roblox verification not working

There is no doubt that Roblox is one of the biggest platforms for creating and playing games designed by users. Every single year, millions of games are made in Roblox. However, to properly have access to Roblox, one has to make an account and login to it. People seem to run into all kinds of troubles while doing so.

One of the most common issues when trying to log in is that the users get stuck on verifying whether the account is his. This can be very annoying as the user gets unable to login into his account.

How to Fix Roblox Verification Not Working?

In today’s article; we will be mentioning all the things that you can do in order to fix verification not working in Roblox. We will be listing a few ways on how you can fix this issue. So, if you are also facing this issue, then be sure to stay with us!


However, they are very important to make sure that no bot tries to log in.

In either case, what you might want to do is to try zooming out. Also, it goes without saying but does make sure you input the correct information.

2. Login from The Official Site

Weirdly enough, this is quite common among users. According to them, there is nothing much the user can do about it.

If that is the case, you will need to log in from the official website instead. Simply go to and log in here. This will let you get into your account.

3. Failing 2-Step Verification

If you have 2-step verification turned on, and can’t get it to work. Chances are that you have too many emails stacked up. Also, we suggest you try checking out the spam and other folders of your emails.

Also, it is worth mentioning that the code sent to you should automatically expire after a few minutes have passed. So, if you are too late at entering the code, it will give you this error. The same can be said for users trying to enter an older code. Make sure you tap send a code to your email only once to avoid confusion.

The Bottom Line

These are the 3 ways on how you can fix Roblox verification not working. Make sure you follow all of the details mentioned in the article. Doing so should help you ultimately fix your issue for good. If you still are stuck, then try contacting the support team. It could be that there is something wrong with your account.

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Not roblox working xsolla

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Roblox - How to Buy Robux on Roblox (PC/Mac)

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