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Ohio Singing Telegram Messages 

Non-Mascot Characters:
Medieval Knight & Jester
Race Car Driver,Barbie
Oz - Dorothy & Scarecrow 

Alice, Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter

Pirate, Captain Hook, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell

Cowboy & Cowgirl

Octoberfest Characters
Hippie Girl or Guy

Princesses & Friends:

Belle, Beast & Lumiere
Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) & Maleficent
Cinderella, Mulan
Tooth Fairy
Elena of Avalor, Snow White, Tiana
Elsa & Anna, Olaf & Sven

Jasmine, Aladdin, Genie & Jafar
Pocahontas, Rapunzel, Moana, Unicorn Princess

Sea Fairy Mermaid, Little Mermaid

Food Characters:

Hot Pepper, Cookie, Cupcake


Pink Flamingo, Turkey, Ducky & Chicken
Purple Dino, Baby Shark, Bluey
Panda Bear, Kung Fu Panda, Gorilla
Brown Dog, Blue Dog, Cat, Chipmunk 

Red Bird, Yellow Bird, Big Bird

Pony, Reindeer, Unicorn
Max The Rabbit
Bunny Rabbit, Pink Pig, Ballerina Mouse
Baby Elephant, Lion, Tiger, Tigger

Holiday Characters: 

Santa Claus & Mrs. Claus
Holiday Mickey & Minnie - Christmas, Hanukkah, Halloween

Holiday Snowman, Holiday Panda Bear

Grinch, Holiday Minion, Ghost of Jacob Marley
Valentine's Day Heart
Gingerbread Cookie, Rudolph (nose lights up)
Vampirina, Zombie, Witch, Scarecrow, Halloween Mickey
Giant Turkey, Leprechaun, Easter Bunny, Uncle Sam
Buddy the Elf, Holiday Elf, Elf on the Shelf

Sours: https://www.columbusparties.com/singing-telegrams-ohio

Singing Telegrams Near You

  1. FAQ about hiring a Singing Telegram
  2. FAQ about becoming a Singing Telegram

FAQ about hiring a Singing Telegram

What is a singing telegram?

A singing telegram is fun way to send a message through song! An artist is hired to perform—oftentimes in costume or formalwear—a specific song that’s generally delivered to a loved one.

How much do singing telegrams usually cost?

On average, singing telegrams cost between $100-$200. This range can vary depending on the services included, your location, and any special requests you may have.

What kind of events should I get a singing telegram for?

Singing telegrams are great for events like birthdays, anniversaries, and proposals. They’re also a fun way to deliver a congratulations, farewell, or even an apology message!

What songs can the artist sing?

This depends on the artist you’re looking to book. Most artists will provide a list of songs they typically perform, and many can work with you if you have special song requests.

How long do singing telegrams last?

Singing telegrams generally last between 3-15 minutes depending on the number of songs or other services provided.

Will the artist help me choose a song?

Of course! Singing telegram artists are the experts when it comes to performing. If you’re unsure about the message you want to send, ask if they can help give you direction.

FAQ about becoming a Singing Telegram

Can I make money as a singing telegram provider?

Absolutely! Singing telegram artists generally make between $100-$200 for a gig. If you’re performing outside of your local area, it’s wise to factor travel costs into your overall total.

How much musical experience do I need?

There’s no specific amount of experience needed to deliver singing telegrams. However, to provide the best experience for your client, it’s important for you to be comfortable performing and singing.

Do I need to have a costume?

It’s up to you! Some artists offer additional packages that provide a performance with various costumes or formal attire. Others offer small gifts like flowers or balloons.

Sours: https://www.gigsalad.com/Variety/Singing-Telegram
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Scroll down to see more music entertainer photos. Click on photos above for more details.

Planning to send a surprise singing telegram in New Jersey? Looking for NJ Singing Telegrams, such as: Hershey Chocolate Kiss, arresting Lady Cop,the Lady in Red, Marilyn M impersonator, Elvis, 1920's Gatsby Girls, Funky Chicken, Clown, Gorilla Gram, Pirate, Cowgirl, Candy Fairy, Cat in Hat, Little Mermaid, or Fairytale Princess? Send a singing telegram or hire professional Singers, Musicians, children's Musical Entertainers, and top high-end Variety Entertainers from the best musical and singing telegram company in New Jersey:Beauty & the Beast LLC - NJ Party Entertainment.

CHildren's Musical Entertainer show- professional actress, trained singer, musician, guitarist, and children's recording artist presents fun with music, singing and dancing, her vareity musical show includes bucket of percussion instruments for the kids, pocket magic tricks, interactive musical games, story time, puppet, and balloon art or face paintingBeautiful stage actress and singer poses as Marilyn Monroe, arrives with professional driver to getinto celebrity character, NJ Marilyn Monroe impersonaorClown Singing Telegram includes souvenir animal balloons, background circus music, professional singer sings original company birthday song or composes an original personalized song based on personal information about the recipient, lots of laughs and funEva- Lady Cop Singing Telegram in New Jersey, professional singer and recording artist poses as Lady Cop in official police uniform, delivers your personalized telegram message, balloons, silly all ocassion song, and composes an original song based on personal information about the recipientActress singer Kerry Ann poses as Marilyn Monroe, celebrity impersonatore singing telegram with souvenirs, autograph photo, Marilyn M show includes singing several Marilyn songs and short roast of recipient basedonpersoanl informationLollipop the Candy Fairy Singing Telegram features a professional actress and trained singer presenting an original birthday song with orginal music, includes printed copy of the any occasion song, telegram message, candy, and souvenirsProfessional actress and trained singer poses as Marilyn Monroe, sings medley of Marilyn Monroe songsFunky Chicken singing telegram- includes costumed performer in comical chicken costume, professional singer sings silly song and composes an original song based on personal information about the recipient, animal balloons or helium balloons, typed copy of the personalized songLovely Fairytale Princess Singing Telegrams- choice from Bell of the Ball, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Ice Queen or Ice Princess, Tinkerbelle, beautiful professional young actress and singer poses as story book princess, sings original any occasion song, souvenir silk rose, tiara, printed copy of the original song, and telegram messageProfessionalChelsey- professional musical theater actress and trained singer performs romantic Singing Telegram as the Lady in Red, sings an original song set to original music, printed copy of the song and telegram greeting with souvenirs

Don't neglect to celebrate that special upcoming occasion or milestone birthday.
Let's let the show go on! This is our safe and distanced answer to the coronavirus:

"I cannot thank you enough for the smiles and belly laughs that my nephew and his family got from the recent outside on-site Singing Telegram. They had me on face time and sent me the video! You actually turned what could have been a sad overlooked milestone birthday into an EPIC birthday for my nephew. The performer was PERFECT. This is a memory that will never be forgotten. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
-client: Kristin M, Flanders NJ,delivered 4/25/20

Send a costumed character Singing Telegram such as a comical Gorilla Gram (balloons & banana), Funky Chicken, or Cowgirl (with accoustic guitar) delivering balloons, telegram greeting, with an original composed song based on personal information about the recipient (includes printed copy of song). Send a Hershey Chocolate Kiss (includes chocolate candy), Candy Fairy (make-a-wish confetti & lollipops),arrestingLady Cop(false pretense, traffic violation or complaint, souvenir deputy badge),Cat in the Hat, Fairy Tale Princess (souvenir tiara),Circus Clown (animal balloons and clown nose),Xmas Fairy or Elf Singing Telegram, for any occasion with character theme souvenirs, balloons, and a personalized telegram message.

Marilyn Monroe impersonator show features a talented young actress and trained singer in characteristic Marilyn make-up, platinum Marilyn wig, long gloves, feather boa, flashy jewels, and stage-quality Marilyn ensemble costume. She sings several Marilyn songs, such as: "Diamonds", "My Heart Belongs to Daddy", "Loved by You" and Happy Birthday Mr President style. Her show includes souvenir lipstick kiss sticker, costume ring, autograph photo, personalized telegram greeting, plus a short roast based on personal information about the recipient and strolling in character posing for photos.

1920's Gatsby Girl actress and trained singer, hire Gatsby Girl singer for singing telegram in NJ, Gatsby Girl actress singer for flapper for 1920's type parties or corporae events, sings jazz belt songs from the 20's, can optionally include Candy Tray with vintage candies, candy cigarettes and cigars1920's theme party or event, Gatsby Girl actress and singer with candy tray1920's Gatsby theme parties, photo booth for your patrons or guests with zany comical props, mongrammed photo strips, autograph scrapbook of digital prints1920's Gatsby Girls duet or trio for 1920's roaring 20's theme parties or corporate events, strolling Gatsby Girls, sing 1920 jazza belt songs, teach clarleston danceJennifer-lovely, elegant formal gown romantic singing telegram, professional stage actress and trained singer is The Lady in Red, great for Valentines Day greeting, engagement proposal, romantic surprise, or any special occasion

The Lady in Red elegant romantic singing telegram features a professional musical theater actress and singer dressed in lovely red dress. She sings an original song for any occasion set to original music or original "I Love You" song. Includes printed copy of the song for the recipient plus personalized telegram message, heart balloon and souvenirs. Great for romantic surprise, engagement proposal, anniversary, Valentines Day greeting, or any special occasion.

Bridgette-professional opera singer, hire classically trained opera singer for milestone occasions, anniversaries, weddings, engagements, formal affairs, corporate eventsOpera Singer- hire an accomplished musical theater stage actress and classically trained singer having performed on stage and numerous productions including solo opera roles with many nationwide opera companies. She arrives dressed in elegant formal performance gown or costume. Can sing classics or aria. Available for duets with baritone male opera singer couple singing romantic songs. Solo or duet is ideal for milestone occasions, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, etc.

1920's Gatsby Girl Singing Telegram- stage actress, dancer and trained singers in glitzy sequinned flapper outfit presents surprise singing telegram. She sings all-time favorite 1920 jazz songs, teaches the a Charleston dance, poses for photos, and sings an original song set to original music with the recipient's name in it. Includes printed copy of the song, personalized telegram message, and souvenir flapper garter.

Elvis impersonator show features a professional entertainer singer posing as Elvis in black leather jacket and white gold-embroidered jumpsuit. He sings a medley of Elvis hit songs with karaoke background music and dances with the recipient, poses for photos. Also includes an Elvis souvenir.

Serving northern NJ and central New Jersey, our Singing Telegrams, Singers, Musicians, Marilyn M singer, Gorilla Grams and costumed characters book quickly. Singing telegrams are great for milesgtone birthdays, promotion, best wishes, leaving work, anniversary, bosses day, proposal, and any special occasion. Call now for detailed descriptions of the best singing, dancing, and musical entertainment at the most affordable best prices.

(908) 236-7353

Sours: https://www.njpartyentertainment.com/singing-telegrams-singers-celebrity-impersonators-nj.html

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