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Virginia Sanctuary Cities; SCOTUS Gun Rights Case; 2A Needs to Show Up: Gun Talk Radio|12.8.19 A

In this hour: - Bearing Arms editor Cam Edwards and Tom talk about the tidal wave of support in Virginia for Second Amendment sanctuary cities - Patriot Picket's Paul Brockman discusses the SCOTUS argument and the need for 2A supporters to show up at rallies, protests, and anti-2A events - VA caller updates listeners on what's going on in communities and city councils Tom Gresham's Gun Talk 12.8.19 Hour 1


8 Dec 2019

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SAFE Act Conviction Dismissed; Alternative Carry Methods; Gun Sanctuary Counties: Gun Talk Radio | 7.14.19 A

Tom talks with Western New York gun rights group 2AWNY's Steve Felano about the recent SAFE Act conviction dismissal. Plus, alternative carry methods, and gun sanctuary counties. Tom Gresham's Gun Talk 7.14.19 Hour 1


14 Jul 2019

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HSM's Double-Duty Ammunition; FN's 509 Tactical Pistol; Missouri Duck Boat Tragedy; Changing How You Carry: Gun Talk Radio| 7.22.18 B

Tom talks with HSM Ammunition's Boyd Metz about the company's 50th year in business, new loads for hunting and long range, and their double-duty ammo with both training and self-defense loads in one box. Also, FN America's Tom Victa talks about the new 509 Tactical with threaded barrel, a 24-round magazine, and red dot optic mount. Plus, lessons learned from the Missouri "Duck Boat" tragedy, and changing how you carry.  Tom Gresham's Gun Talk 7.22.18 Hour 2


22 Jul 2018

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Building a Survival Mindset; Aiming Techniques; Feinstein's Comments: Gun Talk Radio| 9.9.18 A

Tom talks with Gunsite's Ken Campbell about different ways to build a survival mindset. Also, Tom talks with special guest Ray Oeltjen about aiming techniques for rifles and shotguns, and Dianne Feinstein's ridiculous comments during the confirmation hearings.  Tom Gresham's Gun Talk 9.9.18 Hour 1


9 Sep 2018

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3D Gun Blueprints Legal, Says DOJ in Lawsuit Settlement; Gun-Friendly Banks: Gun Talk Radio| 7.15.18 A

Second Amendment Foundation's Alan Gottlieb discusses the DOJ lawsuit and settlement regarding Defense Distributed's online 3-D blueprints website.  Plus, making the switch to gun-friendly local banks. Tom Gresham's Gun Talk®, 7.15.18 Hour 1


16 Jul 2018

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Assault Weapons Ban Lawsuit; Media's Anti-Gun Slant; Home Defense: Gun Talk Radio| 12.10.17 C

The CalGuns Foundation’s Gene Hoffman joins Tom with info on a new “Assault Weapons” lawsuit. Tom also talks about the media's anti-gun slant, and home defense. Tom Gresham's Gun Talk®, 12.10.17 Hour 3


11 Dec 2017

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New Book on Wingshooting; Cutting Back on .40 S&W?: Gun Talk Radio|12.1.19 B

In this hour: - Master shotgun coach Warren Watson discusses his new book Shotgunning in the Automatic Mind, and how it can help improve any shotgunner’s performance and skill set - Is the .40 S&W cartridge still viable? Why are gun makers cutting back on this caliber? - Should a caller cut down the barrel on a family heirloom shotgun? Tom Gresham's Gun Talk 12.1.19 Hour 2


1 Dec 2019

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Gun Laws and Traveling in the U.S.; Self-Reliance; Media's Intentional Lying: Gun Talk Radio| 2.18.18 B

Scott Kappas wants armed citizens to travel safely and legally, and compiles the “Traveler's Guide to the Firearms Laws of the Fifty States” every year to help. Get your 2018 copy at  Also, Tom talks about self-reliance and the media's intentional lying. Tom Gresham's Gun Talk®, 2.18.18 Hour 2


19 Feb 2018

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Inaccurate, Biased Media; 49ers Policy; Anti-Gun Military Personnel: Gun Talk Radio| 10.29.17 B

Tom talks media bias with Don Irvine of Accuracy in Media (AIM,, the San Francisco 49ers stance on gun control, and military personnel that are anti-gun. Tom Gresham's Gun Talk®, 10.29.17 Hour 2


29 Oct 2017

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How to Become a Gunsmith; Being Outed While Carrying; Hot Barrels and Accuracy: Gun Talk Radio| 7.15.18 B

Tom talks with Jodi Gritus about her career as a gunsmith at Robar Guns, and steps to take to make gunsmithing a career. Plus, being outed in public while carrying a gun, and hot barrels affecting accuracy. Tom Gresham's Gun Talk®, 7.15.18 Hour 2


15 Jul 2018

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Removing Wayne LaPierre; Advance Your Training; Steve Fjestad Tribute: Gun Talk Radio | 7.21.19 A

Tom talks with Randy Luth, a longtime firearms industry leader who is now working to have Wayne LaPierre resign from the NRA. Plus, advancing your training, and a tribute to the late Steve Fjestad, longtime friend and guest, and creator of The Blue Book of Gun Values. Tom Gresham's Gun Talk 7.21.19 Hour 1


21 Jul 2019

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High School Clay Target Teams; Situational Awareness; Defensive Gun Uses; Gun Belt Benefits: Gun Talk Radio| 12.10.17 B

Rich Elliott, Trap & Skeet Team Assistant Coach at Calvary Chapel High School, discusses how he got involved in the USA High School Clay Target League.  Tom discusses situational awareness, defensive gun uses (DGU's) and the benefits of gun belts. Tom Gresham's Gun Talk®, 12.10.17 Hour 2


11 Dec 2017

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Ammunition Bans; Voters for Gun Rights; Julianne Moore: Gun Talk Radio 10.29.17 After Show

Tom, Jim, and Michelle discuss attempted ammunition bans, how voters turn out for gun rights, and what Julianne Moore had to say about the 2nd amendment.


29 Oct 2017

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Supreme Court to Hear 2nd Amendment Case; CCW vs. Self-Defense Training: Gun Talk Radio| 2.3.19 A

Tom talks with author Frank Miniter about the importance Second Amendment case heading to the Supreme Court this year. Find out more here and here. Plus, knowing the difference between CCW class and self-defense training. Tom Gresham's Gun Talk 2.3.19 Hour 1


3 Feb 2019

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Ruger 10mm; Gun Trusts; Training DVDs; Handgun Hog Hunting

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk®, 7.16.17, Hour 2: Tom talks new and cool guns with Ruger's Mark Gurney (; setting up a trust vs. using a will to pass guns on to family members; training DVDs from Shop Gun Talk (buy through GunDealio for a % off!); handgun loads for hunting hogs; and more!


16 Jul 2017

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Long Range Competitive Shooting; Oregon's Proposed Ammo Limit; Self-Defense Loads: Gun Talk Radio| 3.10.19 A

Armageddon Gear's Tom Fuller talks with Tom Gresham about long range competitive shooting and how to get started. Plus, more on Oregon's proposed monthly ammo limits; and what to consider when choosing ammunition for self-defense. Tom Gresham's Gun Talk 3.10.19 Hour 1


10 Mar 2019

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A New 10mm, NFTs, and SCOTUS
Despite Scrutiny, Wayne LaPierre Re-Elected as Head of the NRA
How Small Is Too Small?
Smith & Wesson M&P12: Juiced Up and Ready to Rock!
No Goat? No Problem.
S&W Relocating to TN; Air Guns; First Big Game Hunt
FBI: 'Armed Citizens Killed More Criminals Than Police'
Smith & Wesson to Relocate HQ to TN
*NEW* Springfield Armory XD-M Elite 10mm Compact OSP



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“Why is it that the “good guy” with a gun is always the mass shooter that takes his own life? You rarely hear of a good guy taking out the shooter. Gun nuts are weirdos. Literally, they are weird.”
Derrik Sovak via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 07/30/21
“The good guy in Colorado was a hero. And he did save lives. Sadly, he was murdered by a poorly trained second cop. Lots of lessons there, don’t pick up the bad guy is gone, holster your own. Also for LE: think, think, think, they murdered a good guy. That cop was very poorly trained, but there’s...”Read full review »
Need smaller pants. ;) via Apple Podcasts · United States of America · 06/30/21
“I’ve been listening to Tom for 15 years. I never miss an episode. Great job Guntalk Team. Keep it up!!”
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Springfield Armory Adds 10mm to XD-M Elite Platform - Gun Talk Radio

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