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We are always on the lookout for vape brands that strive to deliver great taste and quality. Rove meets both criteria. Rove believes in honesty, simplicity, and transparency. They use art and science to create cannabis oil vape cartridges that are flavorful and safe to inhale.

The Rove line of cannabis oils is made using 100% California grown cannabis. Using liquid carbon dioxide extraction, Rove scientists produce fine quality oils to create clean and potent vape cartridges.

Rove Cartridge Design & Packaging

Rove cartridges are made with high-quality stainless steel and pyrex glass. Each cartridge is compatible with universal 510 threaded batteries. Rove cartridges produce large clouds thanks to their dual coil atomizer and efficient air flow design. Each cartridge and its packaging is color coded to indicate the strain phenotype (Indica, Sativa or Hybrid).

Rove Vape Cartridges

Rove Carts Potency

All Rove vape cartridges are quite potent with high THC levels. Each cartridge tests in the ranges of 70%-80% THC and 1%-2% CBD. Check the Rove Brand website to see their latest lab results on their entire vape cartridge line.

Rove Strain Selection

Rove provides a wide selection of strains:

  • OG (Indica) – 78.27%
  • Kush (Indica) – 77.94%
  • Ape (Indica) – 78.37%
  • Cookies (Hybrid) – 78.23%
  • Sherbet (Hybrid) – 78.82%
  • Dream (Hybrid) – 78.08%
  • Glue (Hybrid) – 78.23%
  • Waui (Sativa) – 78.11%
  • Haze (Sativa) – 77.56%
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Our Experience with Rove Cartridges

Thick Cannabis Oils

We were pleased with the quality of Rove’s products. Their vapes are portable, potent and tasty. The only drawback we noticed was with the thickness of the oil.

Because their oils are so thick, it can be difficult to get full hits. But, if you preheat the oil, you should be able to get satisfyingly smooth, dense clouds. These carts work best with a push-button vape battery. Hold down the button for a few seconds before taking a draw.

Some vape batteries like the Rokin Mini vape, have a pre-heat feature to loosen up thick or cold oils.

Flavors & Effect

All Rove cannabis oils pass through a solvent-less purification system which gives rise to their clean, crisp flavors. We were fortunate to try the Sherbet (hybrid) and Ape (indica) cannabis oil vape cartridges. The hits on both cartridges were smooth on the throat and delivered yummy flavors.

The Sherbet cartridge had an amazing buttery taste with a citrusy aroma. After taking a couple hits of the Sherbet oil, we started to feel very relaxed. It was definitely a great mix between a head and body high. The high itself was not too over-powering.

The Ape cartridge was rich in flavor with notes of sweet berry flavors and aroma. The Ape cannabis oil gave us a nice head high. The high started in the eyes and went from head to toe allowing for a perfect indica high.

Rove Carts Price & Where to Buy

Rove cartridges are available throughout California dispensaries for around $30 for half gram cartridge (500 mg) and around $45 for a full gram (1000 mg) cartridge.

Emjay Delivery

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Rove also offers a their own branded 510 threaded batteries which are sold separately.

You can find Rove products and prices at your local California dispensary. Visit the Rove Brand website for specific locations where available.

Check out all of our vape cartridge reviews to find the best cannabis oil brands.

Rove Vape Cartridge

Rove Vape Cartridge


  • Great flavors
  • Great aromas
  • Very potent
  • Sturdy cartridges
  • Color coded vapes
  • Nice packaging

Most of MERRY JANE’s vape cart guides expose the fake brands so you, the consumer, can make better informed decisions about what you’re putting into your lungs. The good news here is that RoveBrand carts are legit and licensed in California and Nevada. Unfortunately, like a lot of quality vape brands, underground producers are making fake, knock-off versions, which aren’t lab tested for quality or safety assurance. You’ve got no idea what’s actually in a fake vape.

So, how can you tell the real Rove vape carts from the fake ones? Here are a few things to look out for.


Real Rove Vape Carts Come with a Lab Data Sticker

All state-legal cannabis products should include a sticker with lab data results somewhere in or on the packaging. With Rove carts, the sticker can be found directly on the cart itself. 

Legit vape brands will never print things like THC content directly onto the packaging. That’s because every cannabis product batch has varying levels of cannabinoids and terpenes, and the values won’t be identical among different batches. That’s why you want to locate that sticker, for peace of mind.



These are fake

Fake Rove Vape Carts Are Coming with Stickers Now, Unfortunately

It was just a matter of time before the underground producers realized that not having lab data stickers was a dead giveaway for their counterfeits. Some fake Rove vape carts now have stickers that look just like the official California ones, so the sticker check isn’t fool-proof.


Real Rove Vape Carts Come with QR Code Stickers, Too

Since some of the knock-offs are almost indistinguishable from the real thing, Rove began including a QR code sticker on all of its vape products in August 2019. If you’re concerned that you have a fake Rove cart, contact the company and provide them with the QR code. If it’s real, they’ll verify the code on their end.

Gallery — Don't Smoke These:

Real Rove Vape Carts Are Only Sold at Authorized Retailers

Since stickers aren’t the most reliable tip-off for a fake Rove cart, stick to buying your Rove products at the stores the company has partnered with. Unlike most fake vape brands, Rove has a website. And it looks professionally designed, too. On the Rove website you can find a Store Locator, which lists the only dispensaries that are allowed to sell Rove vape carts.

If you bought your Rove vape carts at any other location than the ones listed on its website, you’ve probably got knock-offs on your hands.


Real Rove Vape Carts Are Only Available in California and Nevada

Since Rove is only licensed in California and Nevada, you can only find legit Rove carts in those two states. If you bought your Rove carts in any other state, it’s safe to assume you’ve got counterfeits. 

If you don’t reside in California or Nevada, and you got some Rove carts, it’s possible that you got real ones that were smuggled across state lines. But given the vaping health crisis in the US right now, do you want to take your chances on a hunch?

Normally, we’d tell you to check your state’s cannabis licensing search website to see if your vape brand is listed and licensed. But at the time of this writing, the California Bureau of Cannabis Control license search is down for maintenance, so you can’t check that way. 

However, the RoveBrand website, as noted above, lists its authorized retailers, and the dispensaries listed on its site are licensed and legit. MERRY JANE reached out to Kannabis Works, New Generation, and South Coast Safe Access, three legal dispensaries based in Santa Ana, Orange County, that are listed as authorized Rove retailers. All three confirmed that they carry RoveBrand vapes, and that RoveBrand is, in fact, a legit company. Also, Rove is listed as a genuine brand at Leafly, which keeps track of that stuff, too.


Why Should You Avoid Fake Vape Carts?

There’s a vaping health crisis occurring in the US right now. The vaping injury/illness, which is caused by vaping certain dangerous products, has sent over 2,000 people to the hospital and killed at least 40 as of this writing. Doctors believe that the damage caused by this illness is not reversible, and recently, one patient required a double lung transplant to survive.

Authorities still don’t know what’s causing the vaping health crisis, but there’s good reason to suspect it’s being caused by unlicensed, untested vapes sold on the black market — these are known as fake vapes, like the knock-off versions of Rove’s licensed products. 

The US Centers for Disease Control is advising everyone to avoid vaping altogether. But if you still insist on vaping your weed, stick to the licensed, lab-tested brands available in your state. Or you can skip the pre-filled cartridges and just vape pure flower instead.

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rove cart barcode scanner

Surface Barcode Reader I have been looking if and how the Surface can read barcodes using the camera on the device itself. QR & Barcode Scanner can scan and read all QR codes / barcode … I cannot go to a dispensary of course as possession of weed for any reason is illegal here, matter of fact getting caught with one cart is a felony. Any barcodes that match a published structured specification, such as AAMVA, GS1, or VIN will also be parsed. The QR code says they’re fake though. Lemony taste could be real. NETUM NT-R3 Bluetooth Wearable Ring CCD Barcode Scanner, Mini 1D Bar Code Reader Compatible for Windows, Mac OS, Android 4.0+, iOS,Support Scan on Screen and Paper. There’s ways to tell if a cart is fake just look up how and make sure you buy carts from a dispo if your buying them from the streets there most likely blackmarket carts. I have also had a few I knew were bunk after trying rigorously and my bonehead kept cheifing away., if you post there someone will respond within a day, Hey I’d love to see the pic I have some to share as well, Rove support is ass. Bus Pass with Barcode Card scan The project is designed to provide an effective solution of maintaining bus pass information using a barcode. Plus by scanning QR code you will earn Rove Points which can be used to exchange for cool prizes. Enable your Windows application or Web Service to read barcodes from any image file, database, mobile phone camera, scanner or fax. Here in lake county Florida as well. 1 Tag & environment dependent. Many of the fakes out there now have stickers too, although they contain made-up figures on the oil since the oil is not even in the cartridge yet and no one knows what oil will be put in it. They’re in our social media apps and on store windows. MC9090-GF0HBJGA2WR Motorola Barcode Scanner 64MB 1D Laser Windows CE 5.0 – Refurbished $ 249.99 Add to cart MC9090-GF0HJAFA6WR & 4 Slot Charging Dock – Motorola Barcode Scanner 1D Laser Windows Mobile 5.0 – Refurbished So, try the products reviewed above and eliminate the task of having to compare the various brands on the market while trying to get the best handheld barcode scanners for mart. The versatile DS4608-HC accurately and easily captures virtually every barcode type found throughout the hospital, and includes innovative features that further boost workflow efficiency and the patient experience. Now take a look below at a fake Rove cartridge in its box. Below are some more real Rove carts that came in white boxes. Or if anyone know some legit places to shop in DC? Barcode Scanners and Data Capture. You can also share the created code as … My friend sold me a few rove carts, and the oil is brown… NOTHING like the color of the oil in all the pics on the site…IS IT FAKE ?????? Click the agent name in the header and then click Save Transcript. I can tell you I have smoked quite a few brands and I have had many dank vapes get me high. Wtf would you sell something and then fake a QR code to warn people from buying it. Get 3 barcode scanner plugins and scripts on CodeCanyon. They explain Rove Rewards on dual posts to their Reddit and Instagram channels. The box and everything looks legit other than the strain on CA sticker and both bunk labels are crooked. The Honeywell Xenon 1902 is redefining the standard for handheld scanners. Put advanced barcode scanning in the pockets of your healthcare workers to improve patient safety and the patient experience with this pocket-sized wireless enterprise-class 1D/2D medical barcode scanner for carts and more. HEADS UP: Rove products (manufactured after April, 2019) have a QR code now which u can scan using the Rove Rewards app (Android/iOS) -> it will tell u if it’s Genuine or not. looks like some of their friendly farms ones do not, Real roves from my experience bubble up a lot and have both qr code and thc test ive seen some without the qr code and the wax is just off by alot. Do all Road Park have the Strand printed on they lip piece? Gryphon™ Datalogic 4130 Bar Code Scanners. Mammoth Microbes: Inoculates Proven to Increase Plant Growth, Chronopoly Carts: Any Oil Could Be In There, Standard Wellness Live Resin Sauce Cart Review – Amazing Flavor, Vivant Ambit Review – Compact, Portable and Effective Dry Herb Vaporizer, Runtz Sauce Cartridge Review – Smooth and Tasty, Extract Labs Cartridge Review- Quality Delta 8 Delivers Smooth and Clean Hits, Vivant VLeaf Go – Simple, Discrete On Demand Dry Herb Vaporizer, Find out which scanners suit your needs based on your industry, environment and requirements. That’s why Zebra healthcare scanners are designed to operate all shift long, work quietly through the night, and withstand anti-bacterial cleaning. Samsung printers refer to a 'product number' as a 'model code' designated with 'M/C', and typically start with 'SL-_'. Da die Module in 2D-Codes nicht nur neben-, sondern auch übereinander angeordnet sind, spricht man von einem zweidimensionalen Code. Astrum USB Laser Barcode Scanner, USB2.0 Barcode Laser Scanner, up to 60 times / sec Continues Speed, Stand / Hands free, 10-700mm distance scanning [more info] This product has been added to the cart. When you get them on the street in other states, make sure to check out the sticker situation explained above. You can learn more about the cookies we use as well as how you can change your cookie settings by clicking here. QR code or don’t get it. I would hope not, but it did happen with Kushy Vape!

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Real or Fake, Exposing the Real Rove Brand Vapes

Edra Izzo

Real or Fake, Exposing the Real Rove Brand Vapes

While the legal cannabis market is booming so is the illegal one. Increasing prices have been pushing people to shop for cheaper thinking that less is best and when it comes to cannabis products like vape oils that could not be farther from the truth.

People often question which brands are real and which are fake. Shopping at an unlicensed location is not helpful in this confusing time so knowing where you shop is even more of a priority that knowing that brand you are going to vape.

The Remedies 2:1 CBD:THC cart that I tried was amazing! It did not give me a tingle in the back of my throat and I felt nice and relaxed. I also tried one of the new Featured Farms, Sativa Sour Tangie and that was also really great! The battery lasted for awhile too, I did not have to recharge in the middle of the cartridge. Overall, I definitely will try more Featured Farm carts along with the Remedies 2:1 one again.


Rove Brand has been around since the beginning of the medical marijuana industry. They have been a consistent brand and other than a few years of changes they have remained pretty much at the for front of my cannabis consumption when I choose to vape a pen and cartridge. Since the recreation market has opened up and concerns for getting safe and pure product have been on the rise Rove Brand has made an effort to not only employ safety measures but also to reward its consumers.

The ONLY real way to make sure that your Rove Brand cartridge is real, is to scan the QR code into the Rove Rewards App. Almost anyone can fake every other part of a Rove, or really any product, but only authentic products will give you rewards in the app. The rewards can be cashed in to use on brand clothing, hats, bags and in the future they will even have events!


Like this:




Scanner barcode rove cart

illustration of three vapes, rove carts


Vape Rove Carts have been among the most popular names that people use. Their popularity has increased the chances of you coming across their counterfeit. We for a fact know that there are several fake rove vape carts being sold online, and it is very easy to fall for the trap.

We don’t blame the buyers because spotting counterfeit products like these has become increasingly difficult, thanks to the accuracy with which they package and label their products. To spot the fakes from the originals, you need the help of experts like us, which is why our blog today will help you. Read on to learn how to distinguish between the real deal and imitation rove carts.

The Fake Rove Carts Lack a THC Label

The lab data stickers are exclusive to original Rove Carts and contain the composition of the ingredients used. What is unique about the original Rove Vape Cart packaging is that it also displays the amount of THC used in the product so you can make the right purchase.

However, it is unfortunate to see bogus Rove Cart packaging become more and more accurate at getting the minute details of the packaging down to perfection. You have to be more mindful of Rove Carts with lab details or CA stickers to ensure they are genuine.

Use The QR Code Scanner

Every Rove Cart product has a unique QR code that can be verified on the app Rove to spot a genuine product. Before making your purchase make sure to check the QR code on their app to make sure you’re buying an original.

A real Rove Cart QR will confirm it as a “genuine rove product” and the fake ones may indicate the QR already being in use or an invalid QR code.

Only Buy From Authorized Retailers

This is a no-brainer but we see people making the mistake of purchasing Rove Carts from unauthorized dealers and websites. Make sure the store you purchase them from shows up on Rove’s store locator. If you have bought a Rove Cart from locations other than the ones mentioned on the site, you probably own a dud.

Only Found In Nevada and California

Rove is licensed only in California and Nevada, which is why they are available locally. If you spot a bunch of Rove Carts elsewhere, it is most likely either smuggled into the area or a knock-off product. However, do you want to risk your health finding out whether it is real or fake?

Buying fake Rove Carts does more than rip buyers off their hard-earned money. It also puts them at risk of contracting dangerous medical problems because the true composition of counterfeit Rove Carts is not known. Rather than being rushed to the ER because of using fake products, it is always prudent to buy them only from legitimate stores in California and Nevada. We hope our blog helped you discern better and stay safe from imitations!

Rove Cartridges (Real or Fake?)

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