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How to Replace a GripShift Cable

Learn how to disassemble and reassemble a twist shifter to replace the inner shift cable.

Video updates

  • - Take the shifter apart very slowly to avoid losing important components.
  • - Getting the shifter back together correctly can be really tricky and takes some patience.
  • - Watch the front and rear derailleur adjustment tutorials for more help with this step.

Today we&#;ll learn how to replace a Sram GripShift(R) style shifter cable. For this job, you&#;ll need a replacement shift cable and end cap, a mm allen key to open the grip shifter, a 5mm allen key or 9mm open end wrench to loosen the derailleur pinch bolt and brake levers, a cable cutter to trim the cable and pinch the cap, some light oil to lube the cable housings and a tiny bit of waterproof grease for inside the shifter.

Remove Old Cable

The first step is to remove the old cable. Shift either your front or rear derailleur to the smallest sprocket and cut the old cable cap off. Then loosen the pinch bolt and slide the inner cable out of the derailleur and cable housings.

Disassemble Shifter

Now loosen your brake lever and slide it along the handlebar so we have room to open the grip shifter unit. Turn the shifter to the highest gear if you&#;re replacing the rear cable, or the lowest gear if you&#;re replacing the front. You&#;ll notice a small allen bolt on the outside of the shifter body. Loosen this off but don&#;t un-thread it completely as they are really easy to lose.

Once the shifter turns freely on the handlebar, jiggle and pull the grip apart until it separates into two parts. Sometimes it helps to very gently pry it open with a flat screwdriver.

Now you&#;ll have to be extra careful. The first thing watch for is a tiny piece of oddly-shaped metal sitting on the inside of the shifter. It&#;s really important to keep that spring exactly where it is as the shifter won&#;t function without it. Slide the old cable out of the shifter and pay careful attention to how it was wrapped around inside the shifter. The cable usually wraps around once and sits in a little groove.

Reassemble Shifter

Apply a tiny dab of grease to the grooves where the cable sits inside the shifter. Slide the new cable back into the shifter, loosely wrap it around once, and then slide it through the shifter body. Now pull the cable tight and set it down into the shifter grooves the same way it came out. If it looks right, push the two parts of the shifter back together and try turning the shifter. If the cable is installed correctly it should click and turn normally. Slide your brake lever back into position and tighten it. Now turn the shifter so the cable is tucked up under the brake lever and tighten it as well.

Install New Cable

Drop a little bit of light oil into the cable housings before installing the new cable. Thread the inner cable back through the housings and the derailleur pinch bolt. Make sure your shifter is in the smallest sprocket and then pull the cable tight and tighten the bolt. Now run through the gears and adjust your front or rear derailleur as needed.

The last step is to cut the excess cable off about two inches past the pinch bolt. Then slide on the aluminum cap and just partially squish it 2 or 3 times with your cable cutter so that it stays on. This will keep the cable from fraying.

Alex RamonAlex Ramon

A bicycle geek since early childhood, spent his twenties as a mechanic in bike shops. His passions include flatland BMX, unicycles, cycle touring, mountain biking and road riding.

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If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected] 24/7 or call Mon-Fri 10AM-6PM MST, Sat 10AM-5 PM MST, closed Sun.

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MEGHNA Bicycle Bike Cycle Speed Lever Twist Shifter Lever 6-Speed 7-Speed Grip Shift Mountain Bike Gear Grip Shift(Pair)

MEGHNA Bicycle Bike Cycle Speed Lever Twist Shifter Lever 6-Speed 7-Speed Grip Shift Mountain Bike Gear Grip Shift(Pair)


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Order now and get it around Thursday, October 21

Note: Electronic products sold in US store operate on () volts, a step-down power converter is required for the smooth device function. It is mandatory to know the wattage of the device in order to choose the appropriate power converter. Recommended power converters Buy Now.

Product Details

  • Fit any standard straight bicycle or stunt scooter handle bar,either 18 speed or 21speed bikes.
  • For a bicycle shift. Comfortable, soft-grip handlebar grips.
  • Minimize fatigue in your hands, wrists, and elbows on long rides.
  • Good grip, better handling, this design is more space-saving.
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎MEGHNA
ASIN ‏ : ‎BY82TJ8
Vehicle Service Type自行车
ColorBK-3x7 speed


MEGHNA Bicycle Bike Cycle Speed Lever Twist Shifter Lever 6-Speed 7-Speed Grip Shift Mountain Bike Gear Grip Shift(Pair)

Customer Questions & Answers

  • Question: Is this for sram or shimano drivetrain?

    Answer: Dear Customer, Thanks for your concern to this product. This is universal bike shifter lever, fits sram or shimano drivetrain. MEGHNA
  • Question: Will this work on a td one torque drive derrailleur?

    Answer: Dear Customer, This shifter lever can work any brand rear derailleur, they are 3x6 speed and 3x7 speed shifter lever set, you can order the size which you need. MEGHNA
  • Question: Is this for 7/8 inch handle bars

    Answer: Dear, Yes, these shifters can fit 7/8" handle bar. And this is standard size parts. Best regards! MEGHNA CYCLE
  • Question: Well, this work for a replacement to my gt palomar 18' broken shifter and grips, or is this the wrong setup for it, if so would you recommend me one?

    Answer: Dear Customer, Yes, if your rear derailleur is Shimano TX, this 7 speed bike shifter can work for it. MEGHNA
  • Question: what is the cable diameter

    Answer: Dear Customer, The length of cable is in(cm), and the diameter of twist levers and grips is 7/8in (mm). MEGHNA
  • Question: what are the demensions of the handle grips ?

    Answer: Dear Customer, The demensions are x90mm. MEGHNA
  • Question: The description says this is a 6-speed 7-speed for 18 or 21 speed bikes, but the photos and “size” only show a 6 speed rear shifter. does it do both?

    Answer: Dear Customer, Thanks for your question. You can choose the size which you need, we have 2 sizes: 6 speed and 7 speed, the 7 speed twister shifter lever will be stock soon. MEGHNA
  • Question: Does this include the three speed shifter?

    Answer: Dear Customer, Yes, the 3 speed shifter is included. MEGHNA

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Ri•• ••er

October 2,

Great price and quality, but not for an Electra Townie

I bought this twist shifter to replace the one on my Electra Townie (7 speed) I liked the gear display number better than the original shifter, which displayed the current gear through a small window which obscured part of the number. But I was unable to use it because the attached cable was about 14 inches too short for my Townie. I would have returned the item, but I damaged it while trying unsuccessfully to disassemble it to install a longer cable. I was not prepared to deal with a shifter which did not allow me to substitute another cable, but it looks like that is true of almost all shifters.

Am•• ••er

September 27,

dp•• ••r

September 25,

perfect fit, easy to install, great price!

workes great on my roadmaster mountain bike

Am•• ••er

September 21,


T-D One Right High/Low Gear Bicycle Thumb Shifter Part

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Seller:biketony&#x;️(52,)%, Location:Oaktown, Indiana, Ships to: US, Item:T-D ONE RIGHT HIGH/LOW GEAR BICYCLE THUMB SHIFTER PART You are viewing a new old stock TD-One high/low bicycle right thumb shifter. This shifter fits a 7/8th inch handlebar. Thank you for your business, Cain. Part Welcome to our eBay store! Thank you for choosing Bike Tony's Bike World. We have over , individual items for sale from our warehouse. We can sell wholesale parts, as many or as few as you need. If you have a large order, please contact us through eBay messages. We do allow local pick-up of items purchased. Please contact us within 2 days of purchase to set up a pick-up time. Enjoy the experience of browsing our great quality items at our low prices. We appreciate all of our customers, so if there is a problem with your order, please contact us through eBay before leaving negative feedback. We will get back to you within 24 hrs (except on weekends). We Will Make It Right! % Satisfaction Guaranteed! We are human and we can make mistakes. Check out my other items and my store! Be sure to add me to your favorites list! Our preferred method of payment is through PayPal; the fast, easy, and secure way to pay online.We have flat rate shipping for the lower 48 United States only. Customers located in AK, HI, or PR please e-mail us with a full shipping address for a quote on shipping. We need to ship these items priority to get your items to you in a timely manner. Listing and template services provided by inkFrogCondition:New other (see details), Condition:New old stock, All returns accepted:Returns Accepted, Item must be returned within:30 Days, Refund will be given as:Money back or exchange (buyer's choice), Return shipping will be paid by:Buyer, Brand:TD-one, MPN:Does Not Apply, Type:Left Shifter, Configuration:Bar End, Number of Speeds:H/L, For Bike Type:Mountain Bike, Color:Black, Country/Region of Manufacture:China, UPC:Does not apply

PicClick Insights - T-D One Right High/Low Gear Bicycle Thumb Shifter Part PicClick Exclusive

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  • 50 sold, 0 available. 0 views, 0 views per day, 1, days on eBay.

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  •  Seller - 52,+ items sold. % negative feedback. Great seller with very good positive feedback and over 50 ratings.
  • 52,+ items sold. % negative feedback. Great seller with very good positive feedback and over 50 ratings.

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I have a RoadMaster bike with 3 gears in the front and 6 gears in the back, which came from walmart or target a few years back. It's a pretty terrible bike and was left outside for several years, and no longer shifts well, so I bought a "SRAM MRX Comp Bicycle Front Micro Twist Shifter" and a "SRAM MRX Comp 6-Speed Rear Shifter, Shimano compatible".

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Did I buy the wrong kinds of shifters? I tried figuring out what model or type of derailleurs shifters I had, but couldn't find any markings other than "TD One" on the rear derailleur. Now that I have new shifters, would it make sense to buy some derailleurs that are compatible with them and replace them too? Or would that not work because the deraillers might not fit with the gears somehow?

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