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The best and the worst Air Force recruiting slogans of all time

The U.S. Air Force has had many recruiting slogans, used at various times to varying effect. The current Air Force slogan &#;Aim High, Fly-Fight-Win&#; is no &#;We&#;re Looking For A Few Good Men&#; or &#;The Few The Proud, The Marines.&#; But yet the USAF continues its effort to come up with something as sticky as &#;Semper Fi.&#;

The best and the worst Air Force recruiting slogans of all time

Marine Corps slogan recognition will always beat any branch (and even some national brands&#; there are studies on this), but Air Force advertising has been like the Cleveland Browns trying to find a quarterback – they were on to something early, but after a while, it got confusing.

Here&#;s WATM&#;s list of Air Force slogans ranked from the best ideas to the worst:

1. &#;Aim High&#;

Easily the best slogan the Air Force ever used. Aim High is so good, the Air Force had to bring it back. It&#;s fast, snappy, memorable, and says all you need to know: we think we&#;re the best branch, so why try to join the Army or Navy? I don&#;t know why they changed it and they probably couldn&#;t tell you either but whatever they changed it to had to be the Merrill McPeak uniform of Air Force slogan.

The best and the worst Air Force recruiting slogans of all time

2. &#;Uno Ab Alto (One From on High)&#;

This sounds less like Airmen and more like Gandalf the Gray. Or a Harry Potter spell. Looking for that badass Latin quote will get you into trouble, Air Force. I can&#;t fault them too much because this was before Aim High. Uno Ab Alto gets #2 because it&#;s a classier way of saying &#;Death From Above&#; (Mors Ab Alto) which I think is a far better recruiting slogan for the Drone Age. If you want to attract more drone pilots, just say what you mean.

The best and the worst Air Force recruiting slogans of all time

3. &#;Aim High . . . Fly-Fight-Win&#;

Sloganeering as a result of surveys, meetings, and calls for suggestions: the true Air Force way. This latest iteration of &#;Aim High&#; ranks as #3 because it&#;s riding the coattails of #1.

This will likely not be replaced for a long time considering the amount of research, time, and effort spent on coming up with it. It shouldn&#;t be a surprise to Air Force veterans that the Air Force put so much into changing their slogan only to lean on one they used a decade or so ago and adding a college fight song to it.

If they wanted to use things Airmen naturally say to each other as a recruiting slogan, they should have just listened to Airmen in squadron hallways, but this would probably result in the Air Force slogan being &#;Have a great Air Force day&#; &#;Happy Hour?&#; or &#;See you tomorrow, Doug.&#;

4. &#;The Sky&#;s No Limit&#;

Harkening back to the Air Force&#;s Cold War glory days, The Sky&#;s No Limit is actually not a bad one to fall back on if we&#;re just going to start resurrecting old lines. The test pilots of the days of yore were pretty ballsy, and with the Air Force&#;s expanding missions as an Air and Space Force, this is a good descriptive slogan, even if it&#;s a little vague.

The best and the worst Air Force recruiting slogans of all time

The only real problem with this is a lot of the Air Force doesn&#;t really fly so for them, the sky&#;s no limit, but getting there certainly is. Believe it or not, some people who join the Air Force don&#;t want to fly. The fighting and winning are fun, though.

5. &#;Do Something Amazing&#;

While the Air Force has some heroic people working in incredible career fields (that is, people who do those amazing somethings), it also has cooks, plumbers, and lawyers. All are necessary to the Air Force mission (and are true-blue lifesavers when you really want or need one &#; trust me, you want these people to be your friends), but these aren&#;t the careers you think of when you&#;re considering joining the military. You might be disappointed when you&#;re thinking about all the amazing AFSCs you&#;ll cross-train into the moment you can. At least they&#;re not patronizing people by framing additional duties as a great activity.

The best and the worst Air Force recruiting slogans of all time

Actually, you know what&#;s amazing? Spending an entire enlistment without ever having to see Tops In Blue.

The best and the worst Air Force recruiting slogans of all time

Also, &#;amazing&#; is what a sorority girl calls her summer study abroad program in London.

6. &#;We Do The Impossible Everyday&#;

&#; And we do the hyperbolic so much more. Read some USAF EPRs for the most flowery language you&#;ve ever seen. The thesaurus was created for Air Force performance reviews. You need one to make it sound like your creepy subordinate deserves a goddamn medal for volunteering to watch people pee.

The best and the worst Air Force recruiting slogans of all time

This line looks like the Air Force doesn&#;t know the meaning of the word impossible (Which is a much better slogan. Air Force, call me). The biggest problem with this slogan is that they also do the very, very possible all the time. Not every one gets the &#;impossible&#; job.

The best and the worst Air Force recruiting slogans of all time

You know what&#;s possible? Getting booted out for your third alcohol-related incident because Frank&#;s Franks won&#;t put hot dogs on Anthony&#;s Pizza. You know who makes that possible? Air Force JAGs and security forces.

7. &#;No One Comes Close&#;

This wouldn&#;t have been so bad in retrospect, except you know who comes close? The Navy. They also have fighters and stuff. Not exactly the same missions, I know, but&#; close enough to make this slogan awkward.

8. &#;Cross Into The Blue&#;

This nebulous Blue. Context tells you it&#;s the sky but the ocean is also blue, for the record, and it&#;s a much more tangible blue to cross into. This would be a better line for trying to get Army people to come to the Air Force, but I doubt that would be the goal (Airmen use the term &#;Army Proof&#; for a reason).

9. &#;It&#;s Not Science Fiction, It&#;s What We Do Everyday&#;

This would be a better slogan for Scientology. I don&#;t remember Orson Scott Card writing about drone strikes in Pakistan but maybe somewhere a six-year-old is playing video games and ending terrorists. No one confuses drones with alien technology. The Internet had been around for a long time when these ads started. So too with night vision. Until DARPA puts those Iron Man suits in field tests, no one will ever make that connection.

America&#;s Airmen (for the most part) are not delusional about themselves. They don&#;t need to be. For all the &#;Chair Force&#; smack Airman take from other branches, troops like Ammo are awesome in their own way and don&#;t need to pretend they&#;re all combat controllers.

The best and the worst Air Force recruiting slogans of all time

&#;We&#;ve Been Waiting For You&#;

Slightly ominous, it doesn&#;t really inspire as much as it implies the Air Force has been watching you while you sleep, staring at you from across crowded rooms, and following you home after school.

The best and the worst Air Force recruiting slogans of all time

&#;Above All&#;

Unfinished thoughts probably always seem like a great idea for a slogan in meetings. Sure, I get the idea of putting your branch above everyone else&#;s as a way to foster esprit de corps, but it can be troublesome sometimes.

Every branch has their strengths, so let&#;s be real. Unlike this Air Force Training Instructor:

Another reason this slogan ranks so low is the lack of originality. Uber alles (above all) is the German national anthem.

&#;A Great Way of Life&#;

An older slogan which probably seemed appropriate for a time when the Air Force has to pull people from living the American Dream and get them into the Air Force, where they would sleep on the flightline and be prepared to bomb Russians into the Stone Age 24/7.

The Airmen of the Strategic Air Command era were pretty badass in their own right. Nowadays, this would mean highlighting the golf course, gym, the dorms (and the Airmen who live there), the DFAC, and all the stupid shit young Airmen tend to do when they get to their first duty station.

The best and the worst Air Force recruiting slogans of all time

32 Terms Only Airmen Will Understand



As the youngest member of the U.S. armed forces, the Air Force gets a lot of flak from other branches, despite having the capacity to (arguably) destroy all life on Earth in 30 minutes. In its relative short history, its Airmen evolved a culture and language all their own.

“Airman Snuffy”

The original Dirtbag Airman, he’s an example Air Force instructors use to train Airmen how not to do the wrong things in hypothetical situations. The difference between the example and the real Airman Snuffy is the real Snuffy is a Medal of Honor recipient. He tried to put out a deadly aircraft fire by pissing on it while simultaneously shooting down Nazi fighter planes.

What the Piss

This is the trademark, go-to phrase said (yelled) by Air Force Military Training Instructors (MTI). From Zero Week until graduation, anytime you forget where you are, you’ll hear this phrase right before you get a reminder. Only MTIs know why they chose this. It could be a tribute to Airman Snuffy.

The Snake Pit

Where Air Force MTIs eat, usually right at the end of the chow line, so every Airman trainee has to walk by to get to their table.

House Mouse

Never to be referred to as such – it is technically the Flight Office Technician, aka the MTI’s assistant. See also: Snitch.

Basic training

Stress Cards

The most persistent myth about the Air Force. Other branches think we get these during basic training in case we need “to take a moment.” These have never existed and never will, but because of the Air Force’s old six-week basic training length, it sure sounds plausible. If the USAF ever did try this, the ghost of Curtis LeMay would burn the Air Force Secretary’s house down.

Rainbow Flights

Before basic trainees get their first uniform issue (aka “slicksleeves”) at Lackland, they’re usually walking around in the civvies in which they first arrived. In formation, they look like a dirtbag rainbow and probably smell bad because they have been wearing these clothes for days.

Reporting Statement

“Sir/Ma’am, Trainee ________ reports as ordered,” the phrase you give an MTI anytime you need to respond to an inquiry.

AF Form

Excellence Discrepancy Report – Every Airman in Basic Training and Technical School must carry at least three of these small forms on their person at all times. When you screw up, one will be demanded of you and turned into your training unit. The is an excellent way to introduce Airmen to the primary Air Force disciplinary system – Paperwork. Rumors of this form being used to report excellence are unsubstantiated.


The Nutri-Grain Bar Prank

More advanced basic trainees will sometimes tell newer trainees they can’t eat the Nutri-Grain Bars at breakfast unless they take the bar, slam it on the Snake Pit’s table and shout out what flavor it is, then stand at parade rest until given permission to digest.

Dirtbag Airman (DBA)

The chaff that fell through the cracks — The Dirtbag Airman has no regard for regulations, dress and appearance, customs and courtesies, or even personal hygiene. It shows up late with Starbucks cups and takes the most breaks while doing the least work.

Pull Chocks

Refers to pulling the wedges used to prevent a stationary aircraft from moving while parked on the flightline. Also known as “Let’s go” or “Let’s get out of here,” in Air Force parlance, because you have to pull the chocks before the plane can leave the base.


The Air Force does not have Chow Halls or Mess Tents. It has Dining Facilities (or DFACs). Referring to the building in which Airmen who do not have the time to go to the BX Food Court or Burger King as a “Chow Hall” actually offends senior enlisted Food Service Craftsmen.


Load Toad

A USAF Weapons Loader. He or she sometimes drives a “Jammer.”


Notes made by USAF pilots and left for maintenance crews to fix. Because aircraft maintainers are, for the most part, funny, sometimes the crews’ responses are worth compiling.

Prime Beef

Not an actual hunk of meat. A Prime Base Engineer Emergency Force is a rapidly deployable, specialized civil engineer unit. If you’re deployed in an austere location, you want them to be your best friends.


The sound an A Thunderbolt II aka “Warthog” makes when projecting freedom.

OPERATION Enduring Freedom


Means “Below the Zone” promotion from E-3 to E-4, or getting that extra stripe before your regular time in service promotion. Squadrons sometimes groom Airmen for this.


This is the regulation for Air Force Dress and Appearance Standards, and is usually the only Air Force Instruction most Airmen actually know, can remember when asked, or have ever read. 

The Gauntlet – aka “Tacking On”

Enlisted Air Force personnel wear their rank on the sleeves of their ABUs. When they are promoted, their new rank is “tacked on.” The Airman’s peers stand in two lines, the new rank patches are pinned to the Airman’s uniform, and the promotee walks down the line as his coworkers punch them as hard as possible in the rank.


Photo: 1st Lt. Nathan Wallin/USAF

Whole-Airman Concept

An enlisted performance review system designed to keep you from earning a perfect rating (and ultimately a BTZ promotion) despite being the best performer in your unit at your actual job function, because you didn’t volunteer to pick up trash at the squadron commander’s mandatory fun burger burn.

FOD Walks

FOD is Foreign Object Debris, anything on the flightline that doesn’t belong there and could damage the aircraft. Entire units sometimes walk shoulder to shoulder picking up whatever FOD they find. Airmen in non-flightline roles will sometimes be assigned to augment FOD walks.

First Shirt or “Shirt”

The unit First Sergeant. There are a lot of theories as to why, but there’s no real consensus.


Operation Golden Flow

Being “randomly selected” to have someone watch you pee for drug use testing.

Why Not Minot?

Universally regarded as the most unpleasant duty station due to its extreme remoteness, Minot Air Force Base’s staff use this phrase to laugh at their situation because otherwise the terrorists win. The entire Air Force recognizes this phrase and it’s reply: Freezin’s the reason! In the SAC days, they would say “there’s a woman behind every tree!” There were no trees.


Jet fuel. Smells like freedom.

Prop Wash and Flight Line

A fool’s errand given to new enlisted airmen, similar to a snipe hunt or the Army’s “box of grid squares.”


Photo Credit: US Air Force

Wing King

The Wing-level Commander — usually the base commander — who is always or above. The highest ranking person on the base, though some bases have multiple wings.

Breaking Red

Walking outside the designated personnel areas (marked in red) on the flightline or not using designated entry and exit control areas. Breaking Red will result in youtr face pressed to the ground with a boot on your back and an M pointed at your neck (aka Eating Ramp). Security Forces love it when people do this.


Liquid oxygen used in aircraft oxygen systems, run by fuels management techs. Sometimes used to cool beer.


Every career field and unit has its own slang, motto, and/or culture. IYAAYAS is the most widely-known and is the official rally cry of the USAF Munitions Specialists and means “If You Ain’t Ammo, You Ain’t Shit.” Others include “Who the hell, POL” (fuels) and “No Comm, No Bomb” (Communications).


Photo: US Air Force Staff Sgt. Ashley ReedUS Army Staff Sgt. Scott Graham, a medic with the th Aviation Regiment (Air Ambulance), carries a litter and a backboard from a UH Black Hawk helicopter to extract a simulated patient during a medical evacuation mission July 31, , at Camp Atterbury, Ind., as part of Vibrant Response Vibrant Response is a U.S. Northern Command-sponsored field training exercise for chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and high-yield explosive consequence management forces designed to improve their ability to respond to catastrophic incidents.

Port Dawg

Aerial Porters who rig cargo, parachutes, prepare airdrops and load/unload aircraft are technically “Air Transportation Specialists” but are referred to as Port Dawgs.

Army Proof

Derivative of “Fool Proof,” this is how Airmen lord our higher ASVAB score requirements over the Army. Every time a grunt says “Chair Force,” an Air Force PJ gains one of their IQ points.


The Secret Air Force Program That Hid An Even More Secret Program

The U.S. Military Once Considered Making A 'Gay Bomb'

The 7 Coolest Air Force Mottos (And What They Mean)

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In this post, you will find beautiful Air Force quotes and sayings.

 Short Air Force Sayings


&#;Offense is the essence of air power.&#; —Henry H. Arnold


&#;Don’t ever volunteer for nothing.&#; —Pilot Mother

air force sayings and quotes- “Flying without feathers is not easy; my wings have no feathers.” —Plautus

&#;Flying without feathers is not easy; my wings have no feathers.&#; —Plautus


&#;I don&#;t have a fear of flying; I have a fear of crashing.&#; —Billy Bob Thornton


&#;All that I am.  I owe to the Air Force.&#; —Unknown


&#;First gain the victory and then make the best use of it you can.&#; —Horatio Nelson

Air Force Slogans - “Keep calm and stay Air Force strong.”

&#;Keep calm and stay Air Force strong.&#; —Unknown


&#;There is no flying without wings.&#; —French Proverb

air force sayings and quotes - “Never fly in the same cockpit with someone braver than you.”

&#;Never fly in the same cockpit with someone braver than you.&#; —Unknown


&#;Lead me, follow me, or get the hell out of my way.&#; —George S. Patton Jr


&#;Strength lies not in defense but in attack.&#; —Marquis de Acerba


&#;Aim High. Fly-Fight-Win.&#; —US Air Force Motto


&#;The engine is the heart of an airplane, but the pilot is its soul.&#; —Walter Raleigh


&#;My soul is in the sky.&#; —William Shakespeare


&#;Air power may either end war or end civilization.&#; —Winston Churchill

Air Force Quotes - “Skillful pilots gain their reputation from storms and tempest.” —Epicurus

&#;Skillful pilots gain their reputation from storms and tempest.&#; —Epicurus


&#;If I didn&#;t have air supremacy, I wouldn&#;t be here.&#; —Gen Dwight D. Eisenhower


&#;You can watch the clouds go by or fly above them.&#; —Unknown


&#;Not now, or not there, or too much, or not at all.&#; —Lyndon B. Johnson


&#;We do the impossible every day.&#; —Unknown


&#;We&#;re going to bomb them back into the Stone Age.&#; —Curtis LeMay


&#;Spread your wings and let the fairy in you fly.&#; —Unknown

Air Force Sayings


&#;The power of an air force is terrific when there is nothing to oppose it.&#; —Winston Churchill

Air Force Quotes - “We don’t rise to the level of our expectations; we fall to the level of our training.” —Archilochos

&#;We don’t rise to the level of our expectations; we fall to the level of our training.&#; —Archilochos


&#;A terrorist is someone who has a bomb, but doesn&#;t have an air force.&#; —William Blum


&#;If our Air Forces are never used, they have achieved their finest goal.&#; —General Nathan F. Twining


&#;Always do everything you ask of those you command.&#; —General George S. Patton

Air Force Sayings - “If our Air Forces are never used, they have achieved their finest goal.” —Nathan Farragut Twining

“If our Air Forces are never used, they have achieved their finest goal.” —Nathan Farragut Twining


&#;This car is more fun than the entire French air force crashing into a firework factory.&#; —Unknown


&#;Flew on Air Force Two for eight years, and now I have to take off my shoes to get on an aero plane.&#; —Al Gore

george patton quotes - “A good battle plan that you act on today can be better than a perfect one tomorrow.” —Gen George S. Patton

&#;A good battle plan that you act on today can be better than a perfect one tomorrow.&#; —Gen George S. Patton


&#;Hitler built a fortress around Europe, but he forgot to put a roof on it.&#; —Franklin D. Roosevelt

Top Ten Air Force Sayings


You will find here top ten Air Force sayings selected by our team.

  1. &#;Flying without feathers is not easy; my wings have no feathers.&#; —Plautus
  2. &#;I don&#;t have a fear of flying; I have a fear of crashing.&#; —Billy Bob Thornton
  3. &#;If our Air Forces are never used, they have achieved their finest goal.&#; —Nathan Farragut Twining
  4. &#;Keep calm and stay Air Force strong.&#; —Unknown
  5. &#;Never fly in the same cockpit with someone braver than you.&#; —Unknown
  6. &#;We don’t rise to the level of our expectations; we fall to the level of our training.&#; —Archilochos
  7. &#;A good battle plan that you act on today can be better than a perfect one tomorrow.&#; —Gen George S. Patton
  8. &#;The engine is the heart of an airplane, but the pilot is its soul.&#; —Walter Raleigh
  9. &#;You can watch the clouds go by or fly above them.&#; —Unknown
  10. &#;Skillful pilots gain their reputation from storms and tempest.&#; —Epicurus



Are you looking for Air Force memes?

When we think of our military, we immediately think of hard-working heroes whose lives are dedicated to protecting the homeland. But seriousness aside, here are some funny jokes that poke fun at Air Force personnel.

Maybe you have an Air Force buddy or relative. Annoy the heck out of them with these Air Force memes.

Can&#;t Walk Into Restricted Area

This Much Time For College

Military Training Airman

Always Have Fun In The Air Force

Miss Mandatory Nap Time

Wanna Join Air Force

After Budget Cuts

I Found My Balls

Have A Snickers

Air Force Drill Sergeants

Sergeant Yelled at Me

Enlisting In The Air Force To Protect Freedom

Whole Airman Concept

Talks To Air Force Recruiter

Gets Hazardous Duty Pay Being Stationed Near A Marine Base

She Dates Guys In The Military

Get Into A Real Fire Firefight

Welcome To The Air Force Pt Test

Worlds Greatest Air Force

Meanwhile at Air Force Range

Do you have friends in the Air Force? Share these Air Force memes with them.

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Funny Air Force Famous Quotes & Sayings

List of top 13 famous quotes and sayings about funny air force to read and share with friends on your Facebook, Twitter, blogs.

Top 13 Funny Air Force Quotes

#1. Even a dog knows the difference between being kicked and being stumbled over. - Author: Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
Funny Air Force Quotes #
#2. I peer at them, noticing that they all say things like "A STEAL AT $ 3,!" or "THEY DON'T MAKE 'EM ANYMORE" or "PURRS LIKE A TIGER CUB. - Author: Huntley Fitzpatrick
Funny Air Force Quotes #
#3. There were no hundreds and hundreds of cases of domestic violence. I would have no knowledge of that or have any idea how I would authenticate that. That was never the intent of the writer's conversation with me. - Author: Jerry Angelo
Funny Air Force Quotes #
#4. Nobody gives a crap about hockey down here - nobody. I coach kids' hockey down here and you can start to see the disinterest in the game here with the kids. - Author: Bobby Hull
Funny Air Force Quotes #
#5. I remember one review of The Office Christmas Special that compared it unfavourably to Dickens. What? You're saying I'm not as good as the greatest storyteller ever. Boo! Boo! I think I can live with that. - Author: Ricky Gervais
Funny Air Force Quotes #
#6. Knowledge is taken from breath, not lives in a book - Author: Hamza Yusuf
Funny Air Force Quotes #
#7. The Why's of suffering keep us shrouded in a seemingly bottomless void of abstraction where God is reduced to a finite ethical agent, a limited psychological personality, whose purposes measure on the same scale as ours. - Author: Tullian Tchividjian
Funny Air Force Quotes #
#8. Each section of the British Isles has its own way of laughing, except Wales, which doesn't. - Author: Stephen Leacock
Funny Air Force Quotes #
#9. This is the echo of the approaching train in ears pressed to the rail. - Author: Christian Rudder
Funny Air Force Quotes #
# But they had learned an important lesson about how defeating poverty is more difficult than it seems at first. - Author: Nicholas D. Kristof
Funny Air Force Quotes #
# Deceit knew no boundaries. - Author: Mary E. Pearson
Funny Air Force Quotes #
# The wise camel is not swayed by desert mirages; instead, it trudges on, in search for true water. - Author: Ridley Pearson
Funny Air Force Quotes #
# risk feeds sensationsensation makes risk acceptable. - Author: Rod Watson
Funny Air Force Quotes #

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