Posi shield nitrile gloves

Posi shield nitrile gloves DEFAULT

West Chester Protective Gear Posi Shield Exam Nitrile Disposable Glove L, Purple

3 Mil exam grade nitrile glove with textured fingertips. Ideal for medical, janitorial, automotive, and general maintenance. Premium quality. Features a rolled cuff which prevents tearing when pulling off and on. Stretches for snug fit and maximum dexterity. Ideal for working with oils and solvents. Ambidextrous design fits right or left hand. Complies with United States Federal Regulations for Food Contact 21CFR, 170-199. CE approved.


Id 29092
SKU 702996
PartNo 2930/L
UPC 00662909025579
Country of Origin China
Color Purple
Material Nitrile
Size L
Thickness 3 Mil
Powdered No
Package Quantity 100
Sours: https://www.supplyhog.com/c/clothing-apparel/gloves-glove-accessories/gloves/p/3-mil-exam-nitrile-disposable-gloves-4

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Nitrile posi gloves shield

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Nitrile gloves - YINZANCHEN

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