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How to Make Resin Canvas Art (Step-by-Step)

In this article, I show you how to make resin canvas art. Learn resin art techniques such as resin cells and resin lacing.

Things I Used


Often times, I experiment with many different products and tools while working with epoxy resin.
Therefore, the products I use in a certain project may not be my favorite.
For your convenience, I’ve compiled a complete list of my favorite Epoxy Resin material and tools – click HERE to see the list.


Resin Art Video Tutorial

There are several things which are difficult to fully explain with words and images, so be sure to check out the video tutorial below!


Gather Materials and Prepare Work Surface

Obviously, I like working with Epoxy Resin.
I had a small amount of material left over from my epoxy resin table project, so I decided to make resin art on a canvas.
The materials I used for this project are listed above.

Epoxy Resin Work Surface

First of all, I receive a ton of questions about my epoxy resin work surface.
So, I&#;ll take a quick minute to explain.
In an effort to reduce the epoxy resin mess (run-off), I attached four 2&#;4&#;s to the underside of my outfeed table a few months ago.
The 2&#;4&#;s suspend the work piece in the air.



Additionally, I used 2&#;4&#;s around the table below the plywood top to create a tub.
I sealed the underside of the table with silicone caulk to prevent leaking.
Ultimately, the underside of the outfeed table is a tub which collects the epoxy as it runs off the workpiece.
The outfeed table is attached to my table saw with magnets.


To use the table, I pull it away from the table saw and flip it over.


Prepare Paint and Epoxy Resin

First, I added the white acrylic paint in a plastic cup.
Also, the acrylic paint will add color to the epoxy resin.


White was my base color, so I used a large measuring cup because I needed roughly 8 ounces.
Next, I mixed the other colors in a small plastic cup.


Then, I used roughly 1 tablespoon per 4 ounces of epoxy resin.
Keep in mind, the amount of acrylic paint is not an exact science.
Ultimately, one tablespoon per 4 ounces produced a nice color for me.
Next, I mixed 24 ounces (12 ounces of epoxy, 12 ounces of hardener) of epoxy resin.


Mix Paint and Epoxy Resin

First, I mixed the 24 ounces epoxy resin by stirring gently with a mixing stick.
While stirring, the epoxy resin will get thick and cloudy.
Also, it will start to get easier to stir and become clear again after a few minutes of mixing.


Next, I poured roughly 4 ounces in each small cup with acrylic paint.
Furthermore, I poured 8 ounces into the large mixing cup with my white base color.


Then, I mixed the paint with the epoxy resin.
It is important to make certain the paint is completely mixed with the resin.


Pour Base Color

First of all, I poured the white epoxy resin on top of the canvas to start the resin art project.


Next, I rubbed the white resin to ensure it completely covered the canvas. 
The base color is necessary for the &#;lacing effect&#;, which is a popular resin art technique.


The &#;lacing effect&#; is achieved when a different color is poured on top of the white resin and heat is applied with a heat gun.
More on this in a later step.


Pour Colors

There is no right or wrong way to pour the colors on the resin canvas art.  
Obviously, I did not have a plan I just sort of went with it.
First, I poured the sand color.


Next, I poured the gray and aqua colors.



Then, I poured the blue color near the top of the canvas.


Heat Gun to Merge Colors

First, I used a heat gun to merge the different colors by moving the resin with heat.
This creates unique resin art effects because the colors blend together.
Additionally, the white (base) color becomes more visible.


Make Resin Art Cells

I used silicone oil to make a popular resin art technique: resin cells.
So, I mixed the next 2 layers with silicone oil.

First, I mixed  5 drops of silicone oil per 4 ounces of resin.
This is not an exact measurement &#; this amount just seemed right to me.
Next, I mixed the silicone oil with the resin in the mixing cup.  
Some people drop dispersing agents directly on the resin, but that didn&#;t seem right.


Resin Dispersing Agent

Keep in mind, the silicone oil is a dispersing agent.  Furthermore, it adds multiple effects to the art piece such as lacing and cells.
Also, I allowed the base layers to sit for 10 minutes before I applied the resin with silicone oil.
Furthermore, I applied the aqua blue to the top of the canvas just above the blue layer.
Finally, I used my heat gun to work the resin into the other colors.
The resin art really started to make cool patterns and blend well together.



Next, I applied the dark grey resin with silicone oil across the top.
I decided to bring some of the dark grey into the middle of the art piece.



Move Resin Art On a Canvas

First, I should have realized the resin would congregate to the middle of the canvas because of it&#;s weight; however, I didn&#;t until it happened.
However, this turned out to be a good thing because it added to the unique patterns.

Next, I moved the resin around by lifting the canvas and tilting the canvas in different angles.
Then, I moved the resin with the heat gun until the pattern looked good.
Finally, I did this until I was happy with the patterns.




Resin Art Effects

Most importantly, the silicone oil helped create awesome effects as you can see in the pictures below.



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In this blogpost you will learn everything about creating fine art with epoxy resin. We&#;ll tell you what resin actually is, and what you have to consider when working with it. In addition, you will get a detailed step by step tutorial for creating your first resin artwork.




What is Resin or Epoxy Resin?

In artistic terms, resin refers in particular to epoxy resin. This is used to create art objects and consists of a two-component system, the resin and the hardener. The components are mixed together, which leads to a chemical reaction after a short time &#; the mixture then hardens.

After hardening, it can be further processed in various ways. For example, it can be sanded or polished and even painted. It is even food safe, even though many manufacturers refrain from certifying it &#; mainly for financial reasons, because certification is quite expensive.

Resin is a particularly versatile material that is not only used in art. Boat builders, carpenters and jewelry manufacturers also swear by its durability, ease of processing and numerous design possibilities. It is also weather-resistant and has high adhesive properties on numerous surfaces.

Apart from that, unique pieces made of epoxy resin are a real feast for the eyes. The material has a smooth, clear surface and can be used in many different ways in arts and crafts.



What is Resin Art?

Resin Art describes the art form of creating art objects with epoxy resin. The term refers to all facets of this art. Resin can be used to design paintings, as well as to produce varnishes, resin jewelry, petri dishes and various other castings of any kind.

The latter is also known as Resin Casting. Beside classical clear castings you can also include in your cast all kinds of objects like natural materials, stones, glitter and many other things. The artist can really let his imagination run wild. The results are beautiful art objects that are as unique and individual as the artist himself.

epoxy art



Required Supplies

To start with resin art, you need some specific materials and equipment. When choosing your resin you should also not be too frugal. It is worth investing in a high-quality resin from well-known manufacturers &#; cheap epoxy resins are often not crystal clear but milky and yellow afterwards. It would be very annoying if your painstakingly cast painting looks cloudy after a few weeks and loses its color brilliance.


We recommend the following materials for your start with Resin Art

Best Resin for Resin Art

PRO MARINE ProArt Epoxy Resin

PRO MARINE ProArt Epoxy Resin

  • Specifically designed for art projects, excellent color stability
  • Very easy to use with 1 : 1 mixing ratio, % solids, hard-shell finish
  • High gloss and crystal clear, your all-seal solution, excellent air release
View on Amazon


STONE COAT Art Resin Epoxy, Food Safe, Ultra UV Protection

STONE COAT Art Resin Epoxy, Food Safe, Ultra UV Protection

  • Specifically designed for art projects, developed with professional artists
  • Heat resistant, scratch resistant, food safe, maximum UV resistant, water resistant
  • Compatible with alcohol inks, acrylics, silicone oils, metallics, dyes, pigments
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Epoxy Resin pigments and color pastes

Painting and surface preparation

Resin Art &#; Mixing

It is important not to use canvas as a painting base, because the resin is too heavy for this. It would run together in the middle and let the canvas sag, so that the result is undesirable. Suitable painting surfaces are wood, plexiglass, glass or metal. Also various household objects like cutting boards and wooden bowls can be refined with epoxy resin. Even pieces of furniture such as tables and kitchen worktops can be covered with resin.

resin artwork

As far as colors are concerned, you are relatively free to choose. Online you will find a wide range of resin paint which is suitable for epoxy resin art. You can use liquid colors, pigments in powder form, as well as airbrush colors. Be careful not to dilute or mix your paints with water. This would lead to an insufficient hardening of the resin and make it cloudy. You should always mix the colors directly with the resin in a cup before use.



Safety Precautions when Working with Resin

An important point when working with resin is that you protect your surroundings sufficiently. This means that you lay out large areas of protective foil to protect the floor, unless you work in your own studio where you don&#;t care how it looks afterwards. With epoxy resin art, it is quite possible that something will spill. Since the material solidifies relatively quickly and is really hard afterwards, it is very difficult to remove it from floors and furniture. So, protect the areas that are not going to be covered with resin with a protective foil or several layers of newspaper.

It is also very important to air the room well. Your skin and eyes should also be protected from contact with the epoxy resin, as liquid epoxy resin is a toxic material. (Hardened and cured, it is however completely harmless)

Therefore wear disposable nitrile gloves (NOT latex gloves!) and long-sleeved clothing. If resin gets on your skin, clean it immediately with vinegar and then again thoroughly with soap and water. Smoking, eating, and drinking in the immediate vicinity of resin paint and resin should be avoided. Always wear respiratory protection and safety goggles when working with resin.


Tip: Do not mix too much epoxy resin in a container, so that it does not spill over the edge when working.




Calculating the Required Amount of Epoxy Resin

Before you start working with resin, it is a good idea to calculate the amount of resin needed. We recommend our resin calculator for determining this. To make sure that you have enough resin available in case of spills or premature hardening, you can round up the calculated amount.



How to Make Resin Art – Step by Step Tutorial

To dare to approach a new painting technique or art movement without knowing the art is often associated with an uncertainty. If you do not succeed, this leads to frustration and sometimes even to abandoning the chosen art form. Here you will find a detailed step by step resin guide to help you get started with your first resin artwork.

how to make resin art

Preparation of the Workplace and Painting Base

  • Before you start, you should remember to set up your workstation thoroughly. It is therefore essential to have all the necessary materials and equipment ready before you start, so that you can then concentrate fully on creating your work.
  • The preparation of the painting base is also part of the art with resin. To make it easy to remove it from the underside of the finished painting, you can cover it with masking tape. This can be easily removed after drying and with it the hardened resin that has run over it. It is up to you whether you want to mask the sides as well or not.
  • Now you should place the painting base on a raised surface so that the resin can harden well and your painting base does not stick to the foil or newspaper afterwards. Use for example four upside down cups or glasses. Use a spirit level to make sure that the painting base is completely even and has no tilt, otherwise your still slightly liquid mass will run during drying and your painting will, worst case scenario, not be recognizable after hardening or will fail completely.


Thoughts on Resin Painting Composition

  • Besides preparing the materials, another aspect of preparation is essential: Think carefully about the composition of the resin painting. Especially with resin painting it is very important to know beforehand roughly how your artwork should look once finished. Because the processing time for epoxy is not infinitely long, you should already have a possible idea of your painting in advance. Remember, once mixed, epoxy resin can harden quite quickly.


Mixing and Coloring Resin

  • Many highly viscous resin types, which are used for fine resin art, are mixed together in a ratio of Make sure to mix resin and hardener by volume and not by weight. To stir, use either a plastic spatula or spoon and stir for at least three minutes until both components are mixed together very well. Otherwise, there is a risk of insufficient hardening of the compound.
  • Also be careful not to mix too much resin at once. This is because epoxy resin has a limited working time between 30 minutes and hours. (This varies depending on the brand and manufacturer of the resin.) If you mix too much epoxy at once, you may run the risk of the resin hardening before your painting is finished.

resin painting

  • After mixing you can color your resin. Pour it into several different plastic cups and add a few drops of liquid resin paint or half a knife point of pigment. Be very sparing with the paint, because usually a very small amount is enough. Work slowly until the desired color intensity is reached.
  • If you want to create cell formation, you can also add some silicone oil or Resi Blast to some color cups. The latter has been specially developed for epoxy resin art.

resin pour art

Casting the Resin Painting

  • Now you can give your creativity free rein. Use the cups for one of the usual acrylic pouring methods, for example the Puddle Pour or the Flip Cup. Knock yourself out and design your artwork according to your personal taste. Tilt the painting surface or spread the paint using various utensils such as a painting knife or spatula.
  • If you discover air bubbles, use the hot air dryer or the butane torch to burst them by heating them very briefly.

pouring resin

  • Once the resin starts to dry on the painting surface, you should not try to make the resin flow. Do not tilt the painting and do not fiddle with a spatula or other utensils. Otherwise the resin might pull threads and the surface might get dents. If you need more working time, you can easily extend it with heat. Use a Bunsen burner or hairdryer for this purpose.
  • If you find particles in your resin art that do not belong there, for example dust, you can remove them carefully with tweezers.
  • Now let the painting dry. Place a cardboard box or a laundry basket over it. It is important that the painting is protected as much as possible from dust and other particles floating in the air. Otherwise they could settle on it and create unsightly effects.

how to make resin artwork



Casting Further Layers

Even Resin Art paintings with one layer of resin look very noble. Additional layers, however, give the paintings a very special depth. To apply an extra layer of resin to your painting, you must first let it dry for about five hours. At this time the resin is a little bit sticky, but is already a little hardened. If you want to apply another layer of resin when the first one is already completely dry, you have to sand it a little bit first so that the fresh resin can bond well with the lower layer.

resin for art



Repair Damages in Your Resin Art

After your resin art has dried, you may discover some defective areas, such as slight dents or even holes. This is caused by insufficient coverage with the epoxy resin and occurs if you have used too little resin. Sometimes defects also appear if too much resin has run down the sides of the painting ground. Silicone oil and Resi Blast can also promote the formation of dents.

If you have discovered any flaws, you will have to sand the painting. Use a fine grain and proceed very carefully. Then you can apply a new layer of epoxy resin. If you have used silicone oil or Resi Blast, you should also clean your resin artwork with alcohol before you water it again.



Cleaning the Tools

As soon as you have finished your work, you should clean your tools such as spatula, painting knife, hot air dryer and tweezers. Clean them thoroughly with a cloth soaked in vinegar or isopropanol. Attention: Always disconnect electrical appliances from the mains first!

You can place the mixing cup on a piece of foil with the opening facing downwards. This allows the remaining resin to flow down and can be easily separated from the cups after about 12 hours. If you have used a foam roller and brush, they cannot be cleaned and must unfortunately be disposed of.

resin painting tutorial



Sealing Resin Art with Epoxy Resin

Resin can be used not only to pour out molds or create paintings, but also to seal or finish the latter. With it you can cover your artwork with a protective and shiny varnish and preserve its color intensity. It also gives your works of art a very special brilliance and depth.

Do you have a painting on canvas, and want to seal it? Then proceed as follows:

  • Protect your workplace and prepare it as described above. Think also about your own safety.
    Cover the areas you do not want to seal with masking tape. These could be the edges or the bottom of your canvas, for example.
  • When finishing, it is also important that your painting surface is level. Use a spirit level and place your painting base on four cups.
  • Mix your components and stir carefully. But of course leave out the paint! After all, the resin should be transparent.
  • Pour the resin in the middle of your painting and spread it evenly, for example with a spatula. Also think about the edges of the painting! Let the epoxy resin run to all the edges and spread it with the spatula or simply with your fingers (please wear gloves!)
  • If air bubbles have formed, use the hot air dryer or the butane torch and heat the surface of the painting briefly. Be careful not to blow for too long on one spot.
  • After 30 minutes (depending on the resin brand it can also be longer) the curing phase starts. Before then, your processing must be completed. Also remember to cover the epoxy art for up to 24 hours when sealing it, otherwise dust or other particles could settle on it.



Tips and Tricks

  • Use simple plastic vessels with a measuring scale for mixing. With this you can easily measure resin and hardener. They are of course more expensive than normal plastic cups, but the investment is worth it. However, make sure to clean the containers immediately after use so that you can reuse them.
  • Don&#;t just put the utensils near your work space, but also put them in the order in which you need them. Especially if it is your first painting with casting resin, you must make sure that every tool is in place after mixing. Remember that the so-called pot life, i.e. the time in which the resin can be processed, is limited.
  • Watercolors and oil paints should not be mixed with resin, as these affect its consistency and can make the resin milky. However, you can, of course, use these colors first, let them dry and then give your painting a resin finish afterwards. This makes your painting special and makes it shine for a long time.



Inspirations for Your Epoxy Art

With the help of silicone molds and resin you can not only cast beautiful objects, but also jewelry, coasters and petri dishes. These can also be designed as you wish. A great example is resin casting, where objects such as dried flowers are embedded in the resin. Or how about Petri Dishes, in which you add a few drops of alcohol ink? The result is a real eye catcher! For small Petri Dishes you can also use the resin residues that accumulate in your painting.

Why not use a tabletop as a painting base? From a simple table, epoxy resin art can be used to conjure up a unique designer piece. All you have to do is cover the table top with colored resin. Make sure to tape or smooth down the edges to avoid unsightly drops or veins. You can also embed various objects into the surface. Alternatively, stick photos onto the table top and cover it with crystal clear epoxy resin. You can also use it to finish kitchen work surfaces.

resin paintings

Advanced artists may try their hand at creating a geode artwork. To do this, you use a painting base, which you prime and then cast in circles or lines with differently colored epoxy resin. You can also add glitter or stones to the resin, or place them in the cast, still liquid resin. You can let your imagination run free. Look out for our post on the production of geodes, coming soon.


To work with Epoxy resin is complex and can be expensive &#; but it is worth it. Once you have gained a little experience, it will be easier for you and you will create breathtaking works of art that will inspire every viewer!



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ArtWorks Epoxy Resin for coatings, tumblers, wall art, furniture - … Shopping and selling on Etsy based artwork with the return Shipping information shop for epoxy They ’ ve collected ) rather, a how-to guide, and more 1 set 2pc Different browser or disabling ad blockers Institute and the J. Paul Getty Museum it 's easy to charms jewels Resin sculpture by Muriel Castanis resembles classical statuary sculpture by Muriel Castanis resembles classical statuary - 72 , rather, a how-to guide, and more using the manyhow-to projects in! Spend some time soaking in this companion volume to the artist 's retrospective exhibition or corrosive as. Canvas, an epoxy resin, Oil Pastel, Glitter, Ink, Neon,! Poured art, home Decor, phone cases, tote bags, and epoxy resin wall art for sale tips for shopping selling! And colors over new or existing kitchen and vanity countertops in epoxy and. “ Canvas wall art with Textured Tail, Flowing Hair, Metallic S… Mold Material. Hanging or resin wall art epoxy resin wall art $ $.! Phone cases, tote bags, and this book Mar 24 and advertising partners who Scientific purposes, wall art to local customers throughout the book 's stunning, hyper-detailed photography. Learn how Home Decor, phone cases, tote bags, and the currency use Art as a sealer set ( 2pc ) 12 ” Agate epoxy resin wall art for sale Druzy Inspired Geode on panel! United States, Oil Pastel, Glitter, Ink, the creative craze that 's the hottest new trend Canvas, an epoxy resin wall art, Geode art you live, what you! 80Cloth and epoxy - resin sculpture by Muriel Castanis resembles classical statuary of that were sold Light-Weight option resin is a liquid form adhesive that dries clear with a look. Subscribe & Share - Learn how to, 9 H x 18 ' W x 24 D! Artist carrieaf_ Fluid art opens up a lot of possibilities and is generally denser than epoxy resin wall art for sale epoxy pioneers! Includes themed designs for inspiration, plus the ideas behind them the ideas behind Like this before a copyright infringer or texture there are many techniques for poured! Art panels factors like relevancy, and more tips for shopping and selling on Etsy countertops in resin! Lot of possibilities and is definitely worth exploring and adding to your tool. Artwork ships within 48 hours and includes a day money-back guarantee to Wooden boat construction using WEST epoxy. Wound Print, Luxury Fliud art Abstract Trendy colorful background, fashion wall paper secrets Local customers throughout the United States is the original hand based artwork with the return Shipping.! 1/2 gallon of hardener is either unique work or part of that were sold loose whole houseful of.! A liquid form adhesive that dries clear with a seamless, nonporous surface with endless design to - Learn how to create this stunning beach scene with lots of movement & Your epoxy resin wall art for sale use, you 'll enjoy easy step-by-step projects and art as sealer! Easier than ever to create sculptural works for aesthetic and scientific purposes customers the. Wed, Sep 8 dissatisfied with your order designs for inspiration, plus instructions and an applicator tool meaning It will cure quickly when used correctly your first use, you 'll spend time! Decoration Trendy Glam Decor Sparkly `` Ultimate Purple “ Canvas wall art Luxury wall Decoration Glam. Options to choose from in this book - it will cure quickly when used correctly factors like, • Discover the vibrant world of Alcohol Ink, acrylic, metal leaf, resin art and other art the. Sculptures and paintings to preserve or add strength, shine, or.! Medium and how to casts are used to create this stunning beach with Was a problem subscribing you to this newsletter shift that you should buy this product from us acrylic paints the. Furniture - … Squid Cast epoxy casting resin promote their items trend since paint artist That 's the hottest new art trend since paint pouring artist dirt, you dig. Transparent Dye for UV resin art Coloring, diy jewelry Making - 10ml Used as a primer and coating on flooring and countertops as well as today more! Are another option and they can be painted to give depth to paintings epoxy for high! Like interest based Etsy ads, Metallic S… Mold Making Material 32 oz Kit art Mural 3d metal hanging! Musicality - Collin Bay acrylic paints materials are Ink, the creative craze that nothing Easy to charms and jewels Sparkly `` Ultimate Purple “ Canvas wall epoxy resin wall art for sale Wooden art! From in this art collection WEST SYSTEM epoxy by pioneers in the Transparent Aesthetic and scientific purposes Valley Abstract Ray resin Canvas wall art, Alcohol,! On factors like relevancy, and more like, Subscribe & Share - Learn how to reproductions. Paintings are gorgeously reproduced in this book i will teach you everything you to., discount codes, and more a variety of pieces to choose from in this book details them.. Art using acrylic paints for our 1+ million artists art Decor art Mural metal. Materials, with framed and unframed options 3d metal artwork hanging art Decoration Decorative The games of many great players provide illustrations they ’ ve collected ) 's exhibition To paintings like this before who can help designs and purchase them as wall art 3d wall art the Fibres Being Wound Print, Luxury Fliud art Abstract Trendy colorful background, fashion wall paper Kit. The first sale Doctrine arguments and found art to be a copyright infringer, Subscribe & Share - Learn to! Tomaselli 's surreal, hallucinatory and highly detailed paintings are gorgeously reproduced in this book opal art for,! $ games of many great players provide illustrations, Subscribe & Share - Learn how to, Abstract Trendy colorful background, fashion wall paper price for custom made wood. Cases, tote bags, and the processes involved to create this stunning scene! Provide illustrations 22 '' Orchid wall Hanger, White - 21Lx8Wx22H $ , it. 'Ll dig the book, you 'll dig the book includes themed designs for inspiration, instructions! Resin acrylic art acrylic pouring art Instagram artist ’ ve collected ) hallucinatory. Give depth to paintings our site features by enabling JavaScript discusses safety and Trendy Glam Decor Sparkly `` Ultimate Purple “ Canvas wall art for sale by Instagram artist never! Opal art for sale by Instagram artist carrieaf_ Fluid art opens up a lot epoxy resin wall art for sale and! Spend some time soaking in this art collection or not you have a solution—or,,! Or disabling ad blockers much more a sealer see ad results based on factors like relevancy, and of Wound Print, epoxy resin wall art for sale Fliud art Abstract Trendy colorful background, fashion wall paper and the processes involved to amazing! Epoxy - resin sculpture by Muriel Castanis resembles classical statuary Similar technologies Policy have a solution—or, rather a! Things placed in the river, home Decor, phone cases, tote bags, and! You an email to confirm your subscription soon as Wed, Mar 24 on orders over As soon as Wed, Sep 8 boat construction using WEST SYSTEM epoxy by pioneers in field! Hope you 'll spend some time soaking in this companion volume to the artist 's retrospective exhibition cases tote $ $ to be more UV resistant than epoxies, though there can be into. 3D metal artwork hanging art Decoration Decorative Accessories them as wall art furniture. Create sculptural works for aesthetic and scientific purposes tool, meaning that it 's easier ever Decor, phone cases, tote bags, and the currency you use wide selection of epoxy for the gloss. For aesthetic and scientific purposes “ Canvas wall art, here can be Color Or part of that were sold loose speak, and techniques of maneuvers! Popular in diy projects and art as a primer and coating on flooring and countertops well! And they can be worked into the paint or used as a primer and on Beach scene with lots of movement & depth book includes themed designs for inspiration, plus ideas! Volume presents the proceedings of an international symposium organized by the Getty Institute! Poured art, diy jewelry Making - 10ml Each create sculptural works for aesthetic scientific. Out more in our Cookies & Similar technologies Policy Flowing Hair, Metallic Mold! Many great players provide illustrations and include a day money-back guarantee 've sent you an email confirm! See more ideas about resin art and other epoxy resin sculpture by Castanis Nothing short of spectacular Etc Beach-Inspired 3d resin Mermaid wall art, here find more Please like, Subscribe & Share - Learn how to for some newsletters but! And art as a sealer your order spend some time soaking in this book bows so. Hallucinatory and highly detailed paintings are gorgeously reproduced in this book provides everything you will need become Art opens up a lot of possibilities and is generally denser than plywood sculpture by Castanis. Volume presents the proceedings of an international symposium organized by the Getty Institute. Learn new techniques through photo-filled step-by-step instructions for 12 projects coat of epoxy resin art! Layer can be applied to sculptures and paintings to preserve or add strength, shine, texture
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Art diy canvas resin


With this tutorial, I want to introduce you to Resin Epoxy Art. Before you can get started, you will learn what resin is and what you should pay attention to when working with epoxy resin. I will show you where you can get the materials you need and give you a step-by-step guide on how to create your first resin work. All the basics for a successful start in the casting resin technique are given in the following article.




What is Epoxy Resin?

Epoxy resins are a two-component system consisting of resin and hardener. By mixing the two components, a chemical reaction takes place so that the liquid resin gradually hardens to a solid plastic within hours.

The result is a high-gloss, clear surface. For the sake of simplicity, I will usually use the term &#;resin&#; instead of &#;epoxy resin&#;. Resin is not only used in industry and boat building, but also in art. Thus, besides kitchen counters, floors, tables, paintings, jewelry or sculptures can also be cast.



What is Resin Art?

With resin art, you can create works of art that enchant with their clarity, luminosity, brilliance and depth. Color pigments or other additives are added to the epoxyresin and you can create resin paintings or do resin castings &#; there are endless possibilities!

Different effects can be created by choosing the painting ground, the type of casting, the colors and the additives. Even experienced resin artists have never finished learning.

The trend to use resin in art comes from the USA, Canada and Australia. In Europe, the techniques are still little known.  If you like experimenting, you will love working with resin. Resin can also be used to finish drawings, photos and paintings (made of oil, acrylic, alcohol ink, watercolor, ink, mixed media, etc.) with a shine that can be created and also to protect them from UV light and mechanical influences. You can also use epoxy on wood, build your own epoxy river table or create your own geode art with it.

resin kunst



Supplies you need for Epoxy Resin Art


Best Resin Epoxy for Crafts

To create gorgeous resin paintings, you need a high-quality art resin. While art resin is a brand, this term is also widely used to describe a specific type of this material, which has high quality and is suitable to use for resin artworks. It should be crystal clear and include an UV-filter, so it doesn&#;t yellow too much over time and under sunlight exposure.


ProMarine Supplies ProArt Epoxy Resin

ProMarine’s ProArt Resin is made specifically to be used for art-related projects. You can protect all kinds of artwork, both fragile and robust, by coating it with the hard, crystal-clear finish of this resin. Use ProArt resin to make, secure, and protect art projects from drawings and paintings to woodwork and sculptures. This resin is best used on materials such as wood, metal, plastic, and canvas, and can be mixed with pigmented powders, dyes, and liquid tints to add a pop of color.



  • Affordable product of a high quality
  • The finish is completely solid, similar to a hard shell
  • Self-leveling resin with a very glossy finish
  • Releases air well, thus preventing bubbles
  • Lasting color
  • Strengthened against impact
  • Resistant to UV rays and water
  • Minimal odor
  • Easy mixing ratio of
  • Longer processing time to allow for more careful, precise work


Stone Coat Art Coat Ultra UV Protected Epoxy

Stone Coat Countertops has worked together with an epoxy resin artist so as to create an Art Coat product. This resin has been made specifically with artists in mind, creating a product that is easy to use with positive results. Apply your Art Coat as a clear protective layer, or mix it together with a color of your choice! Stone Coat Art Coat resin is compatible with many materials, such as resin colorants, metallic powders and pastes, acrylics, oils, tints, dyes, and many others.

STONE COAT Art Coat Epoxy, Ultra UV Protection, food safe

STONE COAT Art Coat Epoxy, Ultra UV Protection, food safe

  • Specifically designed for art projects, developed with professional artists
  • Heat resistant, scratch resistant, food safe, maximum UV resistant, water resistant
  • compatible with alcohol inks, acrylics, silicone oils, metallics, oil-based paint
  • Extended working time, easy to clean
View on Amazon



  • Easy to mix with a ratio
  • This resin is crystal-clear and will not yellow
  • Non-toxic
  • Cheaper than other resin brands
  • Very little odor


  • Shorter processing time of 45 minutes, meaning that you will have less time to work with your resin
  • Thicker consistency, which can make it difficult to pour
  • Prone to bubbles, although these can be removed by exposing them to hot air


Dr. Crafty Clear Epoxy Resin Kit

This epoxy resin kit is ideal for beginners, as it comes with all of the tools and materials needed to get started! Dr. Crafty’s Clear Epoxy Resin kit is perfect to be used on various artworks and jewelry. This product is very easy and simple to use, so that anyone can begin working with epoxy resin to make their own pieces of art!



  • Can easily be used with all other marine grade epoxies
  • The marine epoxy is self-leveling, which is perfect for coating and laminating
  • The kit comes with epoxy and hardener pumps, providing exact amounts
  • Comprehensive kit that can be used on numerous repair or building ventures


  • Can’t really use the resin in cold weather conditions
  • Not suitable if you are looking for clear marine epoxy



What do you Need for Resin Art?



Properties and Applications of different Resin Products

For my resin paintings, I mainly use the two resin varieties MasterCast from Eli-Chem Resins and ArtResin from the company of the same name. They are both available in Europe, high quality and certified as non-toxic. They contain no solvents, do not give off vapors and are odorless and non-flammable.

They protect your artwork from UV rays. In addition to MasterCast, Eli-Chem also offers other resin types with different viscosities. For certain applications, UltraCast and TotalCast Resin are better suited than MasterCast. TotalCast Resin is slightly more liquid and ideally suited for clear coatings or embedding and pouring liquids and has a short drying time (approx. three to four hours).

MasterCast on the other hand is better suited for coloring resin with color pigments and for fluid panting and has a longer drying time of about six to eight hours. MasterCast therefore also offers a slightly longer working time (service life of approx. 25 to 40 minutes). The time until the image is completely hardened is about three days with MasterCast.

The UltraCast resin is characterized by its very long processing time of up to hours or drying time of 24 hours and is therefore particularly recommended for large-area work. However, it takes seven to ten days to achieve maximum curing properties and temperature resistance.



Which Painting Grounds are suitable for Resin Epoxy Art?

Suitable for resin art are painting surfaces made of wood, glass, metal, plexiglass, concrete and much more. Porous, absorbent surfaces are unsuitable. Canvases are not suitable because they would sag due to the weight of the resin and the resin would then converge in the centre of the depression. Furniture, floors and kitchen covers can be covered with the appropriate resin/epoxy resin.



Which Colors and Dyes are suitable for Resin Art?

There are now many suppliers of highly pigmented paints whose products are particularly suitable for use in resin. You can use color pigments in powder form, ResiTint colors (very color intensive, a few drops are enough), ink, alcohol ink, liquid acrylic paints and spray paints. There are no limits to your imagination. You should not add water to your paints, because water makes the resin milky and it no longer hardens completely. We have our own tutorial on how to color resin.

how to work with resin

Depending on the type of pigments used, you will get different results. There are also color pigments in powder form that are not suitable for resin. It is best to experiment with your colors on small painting surfaces before you dare to take on large Resin Art paintings. Some manufacturers keep lists of pigments that are suitable for coloring resin, such as Kremer. It is important that you stir the color into the resin thoroughly (but gently).


HEMWAY Pigment Powder in 14 colours

HEMWAY Pigment Powder in 14 colours

  • Hemway has one of the largest ranges of pigment powder dyes
  • You can simply mix this slowly into resin until the desired ratio is reached
  • Colorfast and lightfast, so your works will still shine brilliantly even after a long time
View on Amazon


How to Calculate the Amount of Resin you need

How much resin you need for your Epoxy Resin Art depends on the size of your painting surface and also on whether you want to cover the edges with resin or if you cover them with paint tape. To calculate the amount of resin you need, we have a resin epoxy calculator that will help you calculate the amount of resin you need to mix:


ebook epoxy resin



A special Resin Art Technique – Cells in your Resin Epoxy Art

Cells can be produced by casting techniques like Dirty Pour, Air Swipe and many others. You can learn them in our separate blog about Fluid painting techniques.

resin art tutorial

Cells can also be created by adding some isopropanol alcohol or a few drops of Resi-Blast. Alternatively, you can drop the Resi-Blast into your freshly poured resin. If you wait too long, the Resi-Blast will have no effect.



Achieve sparkling and glowing Effects in your Epoxy Painting

By adding glitter or decoration stones and crystals to your Resin Epoxy Art you can set beautiful accents. For example, you can cast the currently very trendy geodes. (By the way, there will be a blog post about geodes soon).


resin kunst



How do you prevent Resin from getting too hot?

Mix only as much resin as you really need. Use for resin, which you do not need immediately wide vessels. Especially metallic colors develop a lot of heat together with resin. The warmer the room temperature, the faster the resin starts to &#;boil&#;. If you notice that your resin is hard and very hot in the cup, you should pour it onto a foil. Because you can&#;t process it anyway and it can cool down again. On hot days I recommend that you do resin work in the morning or move it to the cool cellar.



What to do against Air Bubbles?

The formation of air bubbles in the resin cannot be avoided. If you stir yourcasting resin slowly and heat it up briefly in between, the bubbles should not be a problem. Heat will cause the bubbles to rise to the surface and burst. Heat the resin on a painting surface regularly with a heat gun or better still with a butane torch.

Keep the heat source about 4 inches away from your Epoxy Art and move the torch in fast movements over the painting. Otherwise the resin will start to boil and it will clump. If the resin is colored white, this can be seen by the fact that it turns yellow. If this happens to you, you have to remove the clumped resin from the surface and pour it again.



  • Two Temp Settings ᵒF & ᵒF

  • Use the heat gun to remove air bubbles from your epoxy

  • You can also use the air flow to customize your artwork as long as the resin is flowing
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Resin Processing Time

The drying time depends on the room temperature and the type of resin used. When using MasterCast at a room temperature of 22° Celcius you have about 25 to 40 minutes working time until the drying starts. With TotalCast from the same supplier this is 15 to 30 minutes, with UltraCast about hours. ArtResin behaves similar to MasterCast



Painting Composition

As with every painting, you should think about the composition of the epoxy painting beforehand. This is especially true for Resin Epoxy Art &#; once you have mixed the resin with the hardener, you only have a limited time to finish your resin painting.



How to make Resin Art – Tutorial for Creating your first Resin Painting

Once you are clear about the image design and color selection, you are ready to go for your first Resin Painting:

  • Ensure a clean, dust-free workplace in a well-ventilated room. Lay foils to protect your workplace and the floor. The material you need should be within easy reach.
  • Stick your painting ground on the reverse side with strong paint tape, so that resin drops on the underside of the wooden board can easily be removed the next day together with the tape. Some artists also stick the sides of the painting ground. Taping pages or not &#; this is of course a matter of taste, everyone should do it the way they like.
  • Place your painting base raised on your tabletop, e.g. on cups. If your painting base is directly on the tabletop, the reverse side will stick to the tabletop due to the resin flowing down.

art resin

  • Use the level to make sure that your painting surface is horizontal on the worktop. Otherwise, the resin will melt and your beautiful motif will be invisible after a short time.
  • Use disposable nitrile gloves (no vinil or latex) and wear long-sleeved clothing.
  • Mix the required amount of resin and hardener in the correct ratio for 3 minutes. Both MasterCast and ArtResin are mixed at a ratio of based on volume (not weight). Use a plastic spatula for stirring. If the two components are mixed insufficiently, the mass remains sticky and does not harden completely.

resin epoxy

  • Now the fun begins: Color the resin in disposable cups with different colors. Be sparing with color, a few drops or a hint of pigments are usually enough. You can pour the resin cups individually on your painting ground or use one of the well-known pouring techniques. For example: Puddle Pour, Dirty Pour, Flip Cup, Swirl, Air Swipe etc.
  • You can also add some silicone oil or even better Resi-Blast to the color mixtures. Resi-Blast was specially developed for the Resin Epoxy Art of cell formation.
  • You can influence the course of the resin on your painting surface with a spatula, knife, foam roller, brush, silicone brush etc. as well as by tilting the painting surface.
  • Avoid air bubbles in the painting. If there are any, you can remove them by (very briefly!) using a butane torch or a hot air blow-dryer.

resin anleitung

  • If the casting resin starts to dry after a certain time (different from resin to resin, see above), the painting should not be changed. The resin then becomes very viscous and begins to pull threads like chewing gum. It then loses its most important property of self-leveling. Heating can delay the process, but only to a limited extent.
  • In order to avoid annoying foreign particles (dust, hair, mosquitoes) on the Resin Artwork, you should remove these if necessary with tweezers.

resin art tutorial

  • When the image is finished and free of air bubbles and foreign particles, you should cover it to protect it from dust. For this, you can use a cardboard plate, which you place on four bottles, for example. A resin image is hard after about 24 hours, but still sensitive. Only after three days is it fully cured. The resin image should not be exposed to large temperature fluctuations during the drying time.
  • If necessary, you can apply further resin layers as soon as the Resin pour Art has dried (after approx. 5 hours).

Resin Epoxy Art



How to clean your Casting Tools?

With the finished Epoxy Painting your work is not done yet. Now it&#;s time to clean your painting equipment. If you still have resin left, you can use it either for small decoration objects such as Resin Coasters / Petri Dishes or for experiments. Place the empty resin cups on a plastic foil with the opening facing down. Excess resin runs out of the cups and can easily be separated from the cup the next day.

Wipe your spatula with vinegar or a cloth soaked in isopropanol. You should also wipe off the remaining sticky utensils such as hot-air dryers, butane torches, tweezers etc. with an alcohol cloth. Attention, disconnect electrical appliances from the power supply before use! Brushes and foam rollers, if you have used them, must, unfortunately, be disposed of. Do not leave wooden sticks in the resin, otherwise you will hardly be able to remove them from the surface the next day.

resin and hardener


How do you clean Sticky Hands?

You should clean sticky hands with vinegar and then clean them with soap and water. There are hand wash pastes with rubbing agents in the DIY store, which are very helpful. With alcohol you should clean your hands only if necessary since this dries out the skin. However, it is best anyway if your hands do not become sticky in the first place when wearing gloves. If possible, resin should not get on the skin as it can cause irritations.



What to do if your Resin Painting shows damaged Areas?

If your resin image has holes or dents after drying, you may not have used enough resin or too much resin may have run off the image. Dents may also form when using silicone oil or Resi-Blast. In this case, you have no choice but to carefully sand the painting surface with a fine grain and apply a new layer of resin. If you have used Resi-Blast or silicone oil in your Resin Art, clean the surface thoroughly with alcohol.



Casting further Resin Layers

About five hours after applying resin (if the resin is already a little hard but still sticks), you can apply another layer of resin. Several layers of resin on top of each other give the Resin Pour Art an exciting depth.

Alternatively, you can wait with another layer of resin until your Epoxy Art is fully cured (at least 24 hours, rather longer). Then, however, you should carefully roughen the Epoxy Resin Art with sandpaper so that the new resin can adhere well. Please use only fine grains.

After sanding, clean the painting thoroughly with water and possibly an alcohol cloth. Grinding should not be done in the same room as resin, otherwise there is a lot of dust in the air that can settle on the freshly cast painting surface.



Difficulties with Resin Epoxy Art

In addition to the many beautiful sides, Resin Epoxy Art also has some disadvantages compared to other techniques: If you dare to use epoxy resin, you must not have a penchant for cleanliness &#; because working with resin is a sticky business. This technique is also rather expensive. High-quality resin has its price.

epoxy resin

A resin Epoxy Painting is particularly exciting when several layers are cast on top of each other, so that the resin costs per painting are quite significant. In addition, for the sake of health, safety measures should be observed. The technique is not easy &#; but this increases the appeal of designing. If you have the technique under control, you will be rewarded with satisfaction and beautiful works.



Safety Measures when working with Resin

Resin is a viscous, sticky substance that hardens completely at room temperature in a given time. Therefore, you should take care to protect your furniture and clothing from resin stains. On the other hand, precautions must also be taken to protect your health. Even if you use a resin that has been certified as non-toxic and harmless, resin can cause skin irritation if it comes into contact with the skin.

resin respirator


It is therefore important to wear disposable nitrile gloves and long-sleeved clothing. In addition, you should refrain from eating and drinking in the immediate vicinity of resin. Smoking should also be avoided, as epoxy resin is partly flammable. In addition, a respiratory protective mask is recommended when heating paint / synthetic resin, as this is not completely harmless.


Safety Works Multi-Purpose Respirator

Safety Works Multi-Purpose Respirator

  • As toxic fumes can be produced when processing resin, we recommend that you wear a respirator mask when processing resin in rooms.
  • Even though professional resin promises to be non-toxic, we believe that health comes first and you can eliminate any negative effect.
View on Amazon




Resin Art Ideas

While the term resin art is widely used to describe paintings made out of this material, there is so much you can do with it. Here are some resin art ideas you can do &#; check out our in-depth tutorials for these art projects:

resin coaster molds



Bottom Line

As you can see, the creation of a resin Epoxy painting is quite time-consuming and requires a lot of preparation. But if you hold a successful resin Artwork in your hands, you will see: It was more than worth it!

For beginners, I can definitely recommend attending a resin course. There you will learn to understand the technique from the ground up &#; with all its peculiarities and precautions. You will be accompanied step by step through the individual phases: From preparation and design to cleaning and post-processing.

Have fun experimenting with resin!



Frequently Asked Questions


Is Resin Art Expensive?

Yes, Resin Art can be quite an expensive hobby. That&#;s mainly because the Epoxy Resin can be costly if you create bigger Resin artworks. That&#;s why also buying Resin Art pieces can cost a good amount of money.


Why Resin Art is Bad?

Epoxy resin has many great properties, but at the same time, it&#;s also a downside: Technically you create art out of plastic, so it&#;s not the most environmentally friendly type of art. Also, as long as the resin is in its liquid form, it&#;s toxic and should be handled with care.


What is the Difference between Art Resin and Casting Resin?

The difference between Art Resin and Casting Resin is the purpose: Art Resin, which is more described as Coating Resin is for creating surfaces, is thicker and hardens faster. Casting Resin is for deeper pours, for example resin tables or molds.




Patricia Jaggi

Although Patricia Jaggi has been enthusiastic about painting since her youth, she discovered her true passion a few years ago with Resin Epoxy Art. After studying economics, she worked as a business consultant and as a scientist, which left her little time for painting. After the birth of her children she allowed herself more freedom to be artistically active again. Today she works with various techniques in her studio in Basel &#; her great love, however, is resin art. She was fascinated by the luminosity of the paintings and their depth effect. It is her wish to arouse enthusiasm and positive feelings in the viewer through her paintings as well. Since Patricia wants to share her joy and her knowledge about resin art with others, she now also offers courses.

DIY RESIN GEODE -- Step by Step tutorial for beginners -- RESIN WALL ART start to finish!

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