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i'm not sure about everything you asked but maybe I can help with something.

if you have several tanks just have one stand out of melee range doing nothing in case all tanks either die or get punted.
it doesn't take long before rag starts dishing out fireballs that do 6k someone needs to get into melee even if its just a resto druid in bear form or a dps warrior equiping a shield and using shield wall.

I did the fight a lot as a healer but many years ago, this time i've done rag 4 or 5 times i think now, it still feels janky as a tank, I actually consistently fail at charging back into him, but i think my timing is usually just off. for me that has been the most annoying part, either not having rage or some how being thrown up and away from rags hitbox quicker than you can charge back into melee, like there is a sweet spot between being out of range and being too close and i get screwed by that consistently. but if you have 3-5 tanks you shouldn't really run out of tanks before he dies unless something seriously bad happens.

the knockback from my perspective has been inconsistent because it has happened on the OT's and it also sometimes doesn't happen on the OT, if it consistently happens on random raid members, that may not be as bad assuming they can survive the fall or not take the fall at all by standing near a wall. I think the knockback is resistible but if you are tanking you generally need to be prepared to dance to berserker and intercept asap. or you'll probably die to fall damage or get stuck in the lava like i usually do..

I don't think the melee damage rag does is that important, last couple kills we had our bear MT him, as fire resistance is more important, the fire damage he does is quite a bit more than what he does in just melee swings, and ofc flat out losing ppl to fall damage.

Most ppl probably know by now but the spellbinders in UBRS have a 1hr 80+ or so Fire resist buff that is great for early raggy attempts as it stacks ontop of other fr buffs. run your tanks and a priest or two out for ubrs and buff them before you try him. there are usually spellbinders right in the entrance past the first pull. sometimes the patrol has one.

I don't think there is a best way to farm for world drop BoEs the best way would be to grind gold then buy them out the AH. everything is just going to have a miniscule chance of dropping them, so you could pick any of the mobs that 'could' drop them, list on wowhead, and simply farm that one type of mob until it drops. but its likely easier to farm the gold and buy them from someone who just got lucky.


The Tenth Boss


Abilities: Wrath of Ragnaros, Magma Blast, Elemental Fire, Lava Shield, Hand of Ragnaros, Melt Weapon, Lava Burst

Location: In a room at the centre of Molten Core (10)

Type: Elemental


Before entering combat, your raid should equip all the fire resistance they have. Tanks should have 305 resist, melee classes should have 200 resist, and the rest of the raid should have a resistance of 150.

The Ragnaros boss fight can be split into two phases: one where the boss can be attacked for 3 minutes, and the other where the elemental lord submerges and summons eightfire elementals that linger for 90seconds, or until they're killed.

The boss uses several main abilities: Melt Weapon, which randomly reduces melee weapon durability by one each stack, Elemental Fire, which deals 4,800 damage to the tank over 8 seconds, Wrath of Ragnaros, Which activates every 25 seconds, knocking back all melee classes or killing them instantly. It is vital that the melee DPS disengage to avoid this spell.

At certain points during the encounter, Ragnaros will use Hand of Ragnaros, dealing fire damage to a random caster as well as all nearby allies, knocking them back and stunning them for 2 seconds. To avoid this attack as much as possible, your casters should thin out whenever Ragnaros is present. Finally, whenever no one is within close range of the boss, he will use Magma Blast which will whittle away your raid. Be sure to keep your tanks alive and on the boss whenever he appears.

Whenever the boss disappears, he will summon eight Sons of Flames which can be Banished by Warlocks during the fight. In addition, each elemental uses a passive ability called Lava Shield which will drain the mana of nearby players. After 90 seconds, or whenever all the elementals are dead, the boss will reappear and everyone should return to their original positions from phase 1 to re-engage the boss.


Tier 2 Loot










Raid Quests

The Only Prescription

Draconic for Dummies

Molten Core

Thunderaan the Windseeker

Essence of the Firelord

Molten Core

  • General Information
  • Lucifron & Magmadar
  • Gehennas & Garr
  • Geddon & Shazzrah
  • Golemagg & Sulfuron
  • Executus
  • Ragnaros
  • Raid Sets, Legendary Weapons, Professions, Quests
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For character biography, see Ragnaros. For strategy on the Firelands encounter, see Ragnaros (Firelands tactics).

Ragnaros is a boss found in Ragnaros' Lair of the Molten Core.


Ragnaros has several abilities that he uses in the fight, sometimes accompanied by yelling. They are as follows:

  • Spell fire soulburn.png  Wrath of Ragnaros — Inflicts 1000 Fire damage to nearby enemies, knocking them back. Used on units in melee. 25 yard knockback (3 sec cooldown)
  • Spell fire flametounge.png  Elemental Fire — Ignites the target, dealing 2160 to 2640 Fire damage and 600 Fire damage every 1 sec for 8 sec. Cast on primary aggro target.
  • Spell fire flameshock.png  Magma Blast — Inflicts 6000 Fire damage to an enemy. 1 sec cast. Cast on random units if Ragnaros cannot melee anyone.
  • Melt WeaponRandomly deals 1 point of durability damage to weapons inflicting melee strikes on Ragnaros
  • Hammer of Ragnaros — Ranged knockback and damage "By fire be purged!" This attack targets a random player with a mana bar and knocks back all players (excluding the target) within ~20 yards. They are knocked back from the impact point which is at the foot of the target. (20-30sec cooldown)
  • Lava Splash — Localized damage :At various times a lava splash will be triggered which cause large damage to all those hit. It will affect anyone within close proximity to a lava flow. With decent fire resist (150+) it should be partially resisted most of the time. It can be partially resisted with the standard mechanic; every 100FR equals about 25% damage reduction.
Summon Sons of Flame
After 3 minutes of combat Ragnaros will summon 8 Sons of Flame and submerge. After 90 seconds or once they are defeated (whichever happens first) Ragnaros will reappear. This process continues after a further 3 minutes until either your group or Ragnaros is dead. Be aware that Ragnaros considers Banished sons as defeated and can resurface prematurely. See below for a detailed Sons of Flame strategy in Phase 2.


Ragnaros is summoned by Majordomo Executus who will perform the summoning upon a player's request through a dialogue. Executus must be defeated as an boss before he agrees to do so. Moreover, Executus will only be summoned when the runes of warding has been deactivated. They are deactivated by killing the bosses that guard them, which means every initial boss (except for Lucifron) in the Molten Core has to die before Ragnaros can be summoned.


  • The whole raid needs to know where the exits from the lava are, because everybody has a good chance to take an involuntary lava bath.
  • Fire resistance is the key to surviving his attacks.
  • Your MT should have at least 300 (315 is recommended with buffs) fire resistance.
  • No member should exceed 315 resistance buffed as it is the maximum effective level of resistance. (See:Resistance) This is a DPS fight, you will need as much DPS gear as you can wear while maintaining a healthy, but not excessive level of resistance.
  • Any melee classes should have at least 200.
  • Any other class should have at the very least 100 (unbuffed), or they won't be around very long. In each case, more fire resistance is better.
  • Everyone in the raid should use anywhere from 1-3 fire protection potions during the fight to stay alive. Preferred a few seconds before the sons of flame spawn.
  • All ranged DPS (Mages, Hunters, Warlocks) should keep in mind that it is impossible for them to pull aggro from the MT. Ragnaros will always attack players who are in melee range first, regardless of their position on his hatelist (so don't hold back on DPS).
  • From the time you get Domo to summon Ragnaros you have 2 hours to defeat him, after which he submerges. Majordomo Executus will respawn within 2 to 3 hours.
  • HINT: Head your raid (up to 10 players at time) to LBRS and Mind Control one or more Scarshield Spellbinders (you can find them just at the entrance under the bridge), at this point provide all players with his +81 Fire resistance buff. The buff lasts 60 Minutes, and is on a 30 second cooldown. This trick was initially thought to be a bannable offense, but it is actually perfectly legal and ok to use.


  • All melee and close support need to be on the inner ring engaging Ragnaros while he is up. Note that placing any class with a mana bar in melee range will mean that those in melee range will be at risk of being knocked back by his targeted knockback ability.
  • All the healers and ranged support should be on the secondary ring away from Ragnaros. They must also stay away from the lava flows or they will be affected by the lava splashes.
  • All players should spread out so that they are not knocked back and damaged when Ragnaros uses his ranged knock back ability.

This means that melee should be around Ragnaros generally on the south, west and north parts of the inner ring, and the ranged is on the south and west portions of the outer ring. There are small patches of wall on the outer rings that, when stood directly against will usually prevent Ragnaros' random fireballs from knocking you back.

Strategy overview

This fight alternates between two stages - in the first, Ragnaros is up and everybody concentrates on DPSing him, in the second Ragnaros is immune to DPS, and the raid has to deal with his sons instead. Ragnaros is always up for 3 minutes (stage 1), then submerges for 90 seconds. This alternates until either the raid is wiped or Ragnaros is dead.

The basic idea is to get him down to 30%-40% before the first wave of sons, to be able to kill him before the second. If your warriors and warlocks are up to the task, it is possible to get him down between the second and third wave of sons, but there's not much point in holding back DPS as no tradeoff between survivability and doing damage is possible.

Phase 1

  • Have your MTs run in and attack, and have all your melee and ranged DPS assist. You have 3 minutes before he submerges.
  • Ranged DPS should immediately burn trinkets and cooldowns to maximize damage. So long as anyone is within melee range of Ragnaros, ranged will never pull aggro, thus dish out as much as possible.
  • Ragnaros will shoot random explosions that knock people into the air (often into the lava) and do a lot of damage. Players knocked away must return to their designated areas so they can be in range of the healers, as they will be very busy.
  • Ragnaros also has an AoE knockback ability that he does every 25 seconds. All melee types except the MT should back out before this happens and then re-engage immediately afterwards.

20 seconds before Ragnaros submerges and spawns Sons of Flame, the whole raid (exc. the MT who keeps tanking until the submerge) should collapse to the southern lip of the outer ring, as to be ready to handle the sons when they spawn. Mages should already be positioned at the collapse point. Mana users should be at the very edge of the ring, as to avoid the Son's massive mana burn aura. Tanks and Rogues should form a wall in front of the casters.

Phase 2

  • Ragnaros submerges and 8 "Sons of Flame" come out. They do purely fire-based damage and have an AoE mana burn, so you need to keep them away from your mana-users.The sons spawn from around the spiral that Ragnaros is along the west, north and east side, and then rush south to meet the raid. The sons damage is entirely fire based, so with decent fire resistance you will take very little damage from them.
  • Control them with warriors, mage frost novas, mage blizzard, perhaps bear tanks, hunter freezing traps and kill them all (there is not much time for banish, but some guilds choose to banish a few). The Sons should be tanked and banished while they are brought down one after the other. It is important to always have at least one that is not banished, as sometimes when all the remaining sons are banished (or otherwise incapacitated) Ragnaros will re-appear. If this happens you are very likely looking at a wipe. Also you must deal with the Sons quickly as Ragnaros will surface after 1 1/2 minutes whether they are dead or not. To accomplish this everyone MUST be assisting one person that is picking targets. If attacks are spread out they will take too long to kill. With all DPS on one Son you should be aiming to drop one every 10 seconds or less.
  • Ragnaros will come back after 90 seconds or when all sons are dead, whichever happens first. When you are nearing the 90 second point in the fight it is critical that you send the main tank, secondary tank and their healers back to engage Ragnaros when he re-enters combat. If the tank is not there Ragnaros will start throwing Magma blasts. Once the rest of the group has killed any remaining sons they should re-enter combat with Ragnaros.

Phase 3

  • Same as phase one. You have 3 more minutes before he submerges again for another minute-and-a-half session with the Sons of Flame.
  • Generally, you want to kill him before the Sons spawn again or else you will probably die. If you don't get him to at least 40% HP before the end of Stage 1, then you probably won't accomplish this goal.


Ragnaros drops two Tier 2 legs, two non-set items, and various lower-level rare items.

You receive 200 Reputation with the Hydraxian Waterlords at all reputation levels.

Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros

Ragnaros approximately has a 3% to drop the legendary  [Eye of Sulfuras]. The Eye of Sulfuras, when combined with a  [Sulfuron Hammer], creates the legendary hammer,  [Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros]. In order to learn how to the craft the Sulfuron Hammer, you must turn in one  [Sulfuron Ingot] to the Thorium Brotherhood member Lokhtos Darkbargainer located in the Blackrock Depths. The Sulfuron Hammer can only be crafted using the Black Anvil. The Sulfuron Hammer takes the following materials to craft.


To get the quest you need :

For more details see: Molten Core Loot

Related achievements


The Firelord and his brethren once held sway over this entire world, mortal. As a servant of the Old Gods, he fought against the Titans for domination of this planet. The victorious Titans banished my master and his brethren to the Elemental Plane - there to remain imprisoned until the end of time.

Gossip Tell me more.

A mere three hundred years ago, a reckless dwarf named Thaurissan summoned the master from his fiery realm. His return to this paltry world devastated the surrounding lands and created this volcanic Core. Mighty Ragnaros has slept under this mountain ever since.

Gossip What else do you have to say?

We, his sworn servants, do his bidding and enforce his iron-rule. Cut off from the energies of his fiery realm, Ragnaros is but a shadow of his true self. However, he has more than enough strength to be your end.

Gossip You challenged us and we have come. Where is this master you speak of?

Majordomo Executus says: Very well, <name>.
Majordomo Executus yells: Imprudent whelps! You've rushed headlong to your own deaths! See now, the master stirs!
Majordomo Executus yells: Behold Ragnaros - the Firelord! He who was ancient when this world was young! Bow before him, mortals! Bow before your ending!
Majordomo Executus yells: These mortal infidels, my lord! They have invaded your sanctum and seek to steal your secrets!
Ragnaros kills Executus with Elemental Fire, instantly killing him and empowering himself.
Killing a player
Ranged knockback
Melee knockback
Summoning Sons of Flame
Unused quotes
  • Majordomo Executus: My flame... Please, don't take away my flame...

Patches and hotfixes

  • CataclysmPatch 4.2.0(2011-06-28): No longer immune to fire damage.

Ragnaros Guide: Strategy, Abilities, Loot


Ragnaros Summary by Role

  • You will need two tanks for the boss, positioned together in front of him. If one tank gets knocked back, the other should immediately take the boss.
  • If the boss submerges, run to the side of the room to pick up the adds that spawn.
  • This is a high fire damage encounter, so using lots of fire resistance on your gear is a great choice if you have any available.
  • Spread out around the room, at least 8 yards from anyone else.
  • Make sure people are topped up enough, so they do not die to Lava Burst IconLava Burst.
  • Have at least two dedicated healers always in range of tanks to watch them.
  • Melee DPS should be tightly stacked behind the boss.
  • Ranged DPS should be away from melee, spread around the room (8 yards from anyone else).
  • Kill the adds if the boss submerges. Warriors can help pick up adds to make sure they are away from casters.
  • Melee DPS need to watch for Wrath of Ragnaros IconWrath of Ragnaros, so they know when to run out of melee range as a group.

General Tips for Ragnaros

  • Greater Fire Protection Potion IconGreater Fire Protection Potions are extremely useful on this fight. Everyone in the raid should use 1 before the pull, and should have another one ready, if they need it during the pull.
  • Make sure you have longer damage cooldowns up for this fight. Killing Ragnaros before he submerges the first time makes the fight much easier, and is very doable, even for a first-time raid group.
  • Ranged DPS and healers should make sure they are 8 yards apart, so as not to knock each other back if you get targeted by Lava Burst IconLava Burst.

Ragnaros can be difficult, but if you can meet the DPS check to kill him within a couple of minutes, he is quite trivial. Positioning is critical here, and you will want to start with two tanks in front of Ragnaros, the melee DPS grouped perfectly behind him, and the ranged DPS and healers spread out around the room, at least 8 yards apart from anyone else.

From the start of the pull, you have a little over 2 minutes to kill Ragnaros before he submerges. With a full raid of 40 people that are level 60 with full dungeon gear, this should be doable. If you do not kill him before he submerges, do not panic, you just have to deal with some adds.

While Ragnaros is submerged in lava, some Son of Flame adds will spawn, which melee and burn the Mana of people near them. You will want to use your tanks and melee to pick these up quickly, also using spells like Frost Nova IconFrost Nova to keep the adds away from casters. Once they are all dead, Ragnaros will come back and can be killed.

Ranged will need to be spread around the room, but the most important thing is to make sure that melee are watching a timer for when Wrath of Ragnaros IconWrath of Ragnaros will be cast using an addon. A few seconds before Wrath is cast, they will want to run out of melee to the edge of the lava, wait, and then run back in after the cast goes off. The off-tank will need to do the same thing, with the tanks swapping once the current tank gets knocked away by Wrath of Ragnaros.

The Fire damage on this fight is extremely high, and tanks especially should be wearing a full set of Fire Resistance gear, using whatever they can.

  • Wrath of Ragnaros IconWrath of Ragnaros will knock back nearby players and deal some Fire damage. Your melee will want to back out of melee range before this is cast, and your off-tank will need to step in after the cast to immediately pick up threat on Ragnaros.
  • Lava Burst IconLava Burst will blast a random ranged with fire, dealing damage and knocking back anyone within 8 yards of them. This ability is why ranged need to stay 8 yards apart the whole fight.

Below is a list of the loot available from this boss, but you can see a full loot list from the raid on our Molten Core Loot page.

Ragnaros does not drop any Tier 1 loot, but he does drop the Tier 2 legs for all classes.

Along with the items shown below, Ragnaros will also drop a number of BoE blue items for the Level 45-60 range.

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Classic Wow: Complete MC guide PART 6 RAGNAROS EXPLAINED

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