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Hair And Makeup Tips Worth Learning From Blackpink’s Rosé

Not only is Korean girl group Blackpink’s Rosé an incredible vocalist and charismatic performer, she also always wows with her signature blonde silky tresses, porcelain complexion and puppy liner look.

Here’s how you can achieve some of her best beauty looks.

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Gradient lips

Rosé’s “popsicle-stained” lip is clearly the crowning glory of this makeup look. Not only does this two-toned lip add a pop of colour, it perfectly complements Rosé’s hazel eyes, which she subtly accentuated with a coat of mascara and flick of eyeliner.

The simplest way to recreate the K-pop idol’s gradient lip look? Get two lipsticks – with one shade being darker than the other. Apply the darker shade in the middle and top it off with the lighter hue at the edge of the lips.

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Puppy liner look

If you can’t do a winged liner to save your life, we suggest taking a page out of Rosé’s beauty book and opt for the puppy eyeliner style instead. Besides being easier to recreate compared to cat eyes, the puppy eye elongates your eye shape to create a look that’s rounder and more youthful.

Pro tip: Keep your eyes open when applying your eyeliner! You want to follow the curve of your natural eye shape before bringing it ever so slightly downward.

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Dewy porcelain skin

Rosé is the queen of natural-looking makeup. Case in point: This IG photo where wore a pink lip and non-cakey coverage that could’ve passed as her second skin.

For that ever-elusive, second-skin finish, opt for a long-lasting foundation and apply it in thin layers. If you want to skip foundation, use concealer instead and only apply coverage on where you need it. Less is more.

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Blonde luscious locks

When it comes to the world of K-pop, blondes truly do have more fun. While Rosé made her debut with her fiery red locks, she is also known for her lightened ashy blonde hair colour.

If you switch up your hair colour frequently like the How You Like That singer, make sure your strands are in good condition before you change it up again. One way to repair and nourish your mane is to apply a leave-in hair treatment to damp locks to seal in moisture and keep strands hydrated.

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“Aegyo sal”

While most of us try to conceal the bags under our eyes, Korean celebs like Rosé go the extra mile to accentuate theirs. Not to be mistaken for under-eye bags, aegyo sal is the little pocket of fat that protrudes when you’re smiling and makes you look sweeter and more approachable. It’s so coveted, some women will even go under the knife to make theirs more prominent.

To accentuate your aegyo sal, smile and outline the pudge with a light brown eyeshadow. Next, fill in with a pearl-coloured illuminating shadow.

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Soft smokey eyes

Rosé is rarely seen with heavy makeup. She typically sports a smokey eye with a softer finish in either peach or reddish hues. Just a hint of red shimmery shadow sculpts the singer’s eyes. It’s balanced with a swipe of coral matte lipstick for a look that’s understated, but elegant.

Perfect peach flush

Peach blush like the one seen on Rosé helps to add a healthy flush to cheeks. It also flatters a wide variety of skin tones, thanks to a balance of bright and earthy hues.

To emulate Rosé’s natural-looking glow, reach for a cream blush instead of powder. With your finger, tap the blush on the apples of the cheeks to create a sheer wash of colour.

Beautifully filled-in brows

A deftly filled brow paired with rosy lips bring out Rosé features. To fill in your arches like a K-pop star, start by picking an eyebrow pencil that is a shade lighter than your hair colour. Next, create an outline of straight brows around your natural shape. Fill in any sparse areas and draw lightly over your brows. Make sure you don’t get too heavy handed. Finally, with the tip of an eyebrow mascara that matches your hair colour, comb the inner corners of your brows upwards and slick down the outer edges with the base of the spoolie.

Wide-awake, doll-like eyes

Rosé always looks stunning and fresh-faced. But with the singer now hard at work rehearsing for her online concert, Blackpink: The Show (streaming on January 31), there must be days when she feels more tired than usual – and this trick helps her to disguise her tired eyes.

Using a white eyeliner, she applies it just below her lower waterline. This simple hack can make anyone look like they’ve had a full eight hours of sleep. What’s not to like? Rosé completed her signature eye makeup look with a subtle winged liner and a coat or two of mascara on her top and bottom lashes.

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Bored of your go-to cat-eye? Swap out the regular flick for a graphic eyeliner trend Instagram loves right now: the floating crease. In this case, Jisoo wore the peach eyeliner on the crease of the lid rather than the lash line, so it is accentuated when the eyes are open too. It’s easy enough to do, and works for all eye shapes by simply following the groove of the eye socket—precision be damned. 

Spidery lashes 

While you might try to smooth out clumps with your mascara, K-pop stars are loving the mod look that includes thick, larger-than-life lashes. If you have shorter lashes, this makes them stand out. To cop this look, tight-line the upper lash line, and then smoke out brown eyeshadow on the lower lash like a reverse cat-eye.

Face embellishments

The makeup in this music video goes beyond cat eyes and lip stains—the makeup department used paint, metal studs, stickers, chains, rhinestones and glitter to turn each woman's face into a piece of art. These appliqué tears match the red getup, and they mimic fun, futuristic styles. 

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BLACKPINK‘s Jennie may be best known for her stunning high teen fashion, but her makeup definitely completes the looks. From bold and colorful eye makeup to bright and fun lipstick, Jennie has proven that she looks good in everything! In no particular order, here are 23 times she had the most stunning makeup looks!

1. This heavy dose of glitter

2. This gold inner corner highlight

3. This pink eye look

4. This smoky eye look

5. This colored eyeliner

6. This shimmery peach eye look

7. This blue eye look

8. This white eyeliner

9. This bright inner corner highlight

10. This silver eye look

11. This bold eye look

12. This bejeweled eye look

13. This deep red lip color

14. This neon pink eye look

15. This neutral eye look

16. This pink eye look with white vertical lines

17. These long eyelashes

18. This elongated eye look

19. This true red lip color

20. This smokey eye look

21. This dark eye look

22. This bright pink lip color

23. This peachy eye look

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Blackpink makeup tutorials ✨ ~ Lisa / Jennie / Jisoo / Rosé.💗

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