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Hours may fluctuate. For detailed hours of operation, please contact the store directly.

Business operations may be affected due to COVID-19. Please contact the business directly to verify hours.

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  • July 2020

    We took our golden doodle, Lucy, to village pet grooming after giving her a terrible haircut on our own and they did an excellent job fixing what we had done. She looks amazing! Her nails are perfect, she smells great, and didn’t seem stressed out when we picked her up!

  • June 2020

    Melissa and Donna are very good at their craft and it is obvious they love what they do. Both are always welcoming and my sweetheart's tail is wagging as soon as he sees either lady :), Melissa especially. You can be assured your pup always look and smell great after his or her visit!

  • June 2020

    My pup (poodle mix) looked amazing after her grooming!! And the cost was perfect if not low for the quality!! Thank you so much! I am sad we are moving out of state or we would be regulars!

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Village Pet Grooming

Things you Need to Know Before Booking The Pet Grooming Service at Your Dog Groomers in Clemmons NC

fur baby grooming takes anywhere between 2-4 hours depending upon the size of your pet and how long ago your family pet had the last family pet grooming treatment. It is not wise to rush the pet grooming process as it bad for your canine’s well being.

If you must cancel or reschedule your fur baby grooming appointment, please provide at least 24 hours notice to prevent paying late cancellation cost.

All breed grooming rates will be verified by the fur baby groomer at drop off.

Usually, a dematting cost will be applied to matted coats on your family pet. Additional charge may be requested for pets with hard temperament.

General Pet dog Tips for Family Pet Dog Owners in Clemmons NC

Treating Hot Spots on Your Pet Dog

You must visit your vet for an exam as quickly as you discover any abnormality in your pet dog’s skin, or if your family pet starts to excessively scratch, lick and/or bite areas on his hair. Your vet will attempt to figure out the cause of hot spots. Whether it is a flea allergic reaction, a rectal gland infection or tension, the underlying problem requires to be cared for. Your vet will certainly recommend the treatment and also medicines required to make your dog a lot more comfortable and also enable the hot spots on your dogs to go away. This may include using an Elizabethan collar to maintain your pet dog from biting and also licking existing lesions.

Therapy might additionally consist of the following:

  • Shaving of the hair surrounding the sore, which permits air and also medication to reach the wound
  • Cleansing the hot spot with a non-irritating solution
  • Painkillers and prescription antibiotics
  • Medicine to stop and also deal with bloodsuckers
  • Balanced diet regimen to assist keep healthy and balanced skin and also coat
  • Nutritional supplement consisting of necessary fatty acids
  • Antihistamines or corticosteroids to regulate itching
  • Hypoallergenic diet plan for food allergic reactions
Preventing Hot Spots
  • See to it your pet is groomed often, as well as you may choose to keep your pet’s hair clipped short, especially during warmer months.
  • Follow a rigorous flea control program as advised by your vet.
  • To keep dullness and also anxiety away, make certain your dog gets appropriate exercise and playtime with his human family or canine friends.

Tips on Mange for Pet Owners in Clemmons NC

Learn more about, mange in dogs or read below.

Mange is a condition of the skin caused by numerous little mites, frequent external parasites seen in companion dogs. Some termites are the common occupants of hair and skin roots of your dog, while others do not. Whereas a lot of pets have never ever had any symptoms, there might be small to major skin diseases if reproducing happen in mites.

  • Localized cases occur in a couple of tiny limited areas when termites increase. It causes separated scaly bald spots– commonly on the face of the dog– that produce a polka-dot appearance. This is a frequent disease of puppies and dogs under the age of 18 months. About 90% of cases resolve without any kind of therapy.
  • In contrast, generalised cases affect a larger region of the skin of the pet dog. Secondary bacterial infections make this skin problem exceedingly scratchy, regularly stinky. This sort of consuming can likewise be a sign of a weakened immune system, hereditary or endocrine or other underlying health condition. Treatment is based on the age of the dog and for how long the pet had the illness.
  • Poddermatitis, a demodectic type of manga, is restricted to the foot with bacterial infections. It is the most resistant. Deep biopsies are generally necessary for the diagnosis and the right identification of these termites.

Tips on Dental Care for Dog Owners in Clemmons NC

Regularly brushing your canine’s teeth, together with a healthy diet plan and lots of chew toys, can go a long way toward keeping his mouth healthy. Germs and plaque-forming foods can trigger accumulation on a pet’s teeth. This can solidify into tartar, possibly causing gingivitis, receding gums and tooth loss. Many pooches reveal indications of gum disease by the time they’re four years old due to the fact that they aren’t offered with proper mouth care.

Provide your pet dog routine home checks and you’ll have a really satisfied pooch with a spectacular smile. We advise brushing two to three times a week.

Initially, you’ll want to get your fur baby used to the concept of having his teeth brushed. To do this, begin by gently rubbing her lips with your finger in a round motion for 30 to 60 secs once or twice a day for a few weeks before carrying on to their teeth and gums.

After a couple of sessions or when your pooch appears comfortable, put a bit of dog-formulated tooth paste on her lips to get her used to the taste.

Next, introduce a toothbrush created specifically for

Foul breath in Dogs

That’s fine if your canine’s breath is not a field of lilies. Typical doggie-breath isn’t especially fresh-smelling. Halitosis, or bad breath, can be the first indication of a mouth issue and is brought on by bacteria growing from food particles caught in between the teeth or by gum infection. Certain pets — especially small ones — are specifically susceptible to plaque and tartar. Your pet may need a professional cleaning from a Clemmons groomer and routine at house brushings are an excellent solution if plaque is the perpetrator.

Relentless bad breath can indicate that your family pet has digestion problems or a gum problem such as gingivitis, and need to be examined by a vet. If your fur baby’s breath is especially offending and is accompanied by a loss of appetite, throwing up or extreme drinking or urinating, it’s a great concept to take your pooch to the veterinarian.

Preventing Eye Issues in Pet Dogs

Longhair types can form eye issues if their locks aren’t tamed properly. To prevent this, keep your pet dog’s vision clear by diligently cutting the hair surrounding their eyes. Soaps and medications can be major irritants, so protect your canine’s eyes before bathing, applying lotions or using any flea treatments.

When driving, it’s a lot much safer to have the windows only partly down, not fully down, and make certain your pet’s head is inside the automobile not peeking out. This will assist prevent injury from road debris or insects getting in their eyes. Heavy wind can likewise dry out your dog’s eyes, possibly leading to inflammation and infection.

Consider doing some investigation to learn if your pet’s breed is prone toward eye disorders, like glaucoma or progressive retinal atrophy. You need to also get your pet’s eyes examined during yearly vet check ups.

Recognizing an Ear Infection in Pet Dogs

It can be difficult for caught up particles or water inside a pet dog’s ear to be launched, making it rather easy for dogs to get ear diseases. Ensure you are frequently checking your pet’s ears for odor, swelling, discharge or any other indications of infection. Visit your veterinarian as soon as you can if your canine has any of the symptoms shown below.

  • Ear scratching
  • Ear swelling
  • Ear smell
  • Release that is brown, yellow or bloody
  • Crusted or scabby skin surrounding the ear flap
  • Loss of hair around the ear
  • Redness surrounding ear
  • Vertigo
  • Loss of hearing
  • Wiping their ear on the ground
  • Unusual head shaking or head tilt
  • Walking in circles

Helping Fearful Canines

Some pets might also be terrified when getting their nails cut. Keep an eye out for any signs of distress like shivering, panting, whimpering, cowering, tail-tucking, grumbling, or snapping. Even with the most consistent and patient of intros, there are some pets who are not able to get over this worry.

If your canine is fearful of getting their nails trimmed, do not force them to submit. Rather, see a veterinarian or a groomer in Clemmons and get professional aid. Otherwise, you could arrange an appointment with a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (CAAB), a veterinary behaviourist (Dip ACVB) or a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT).

Applying Moisturizer on Dogs

Ask your Clemmons veterinarian for a great pad moisturiser if your canine’s pads get dry and split. Do not use human moisturisers as they can soften the pads and cause injury. A paw massage will help your pet unwind and have better circulation. Start off by rubbing between the pads on the sole of the paw and then rub between every toe.

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Pet Bathing & Grooming in Clemmons, NC

What do grooming services include?

Based on your pet's needs, we can provide a combination the following during a grooming session:

  • Bathing: shampoo & conditioning
  • Nail trimming & grinding
  • Teeth brushing
  • Breed-specific haircuts
  • De-shedding treatments
  • Ear cleaning
  • Brushing & de-matting
  • Full haircuts

Why should I have my pet professionally groomed?

While you may choose to take on the responsibility and time commitment of grooming your pet yourself, there are a few good reasons to have the job done by a professional groomer:

They have the right tools.

Professional groomers have a wide range of grooming tools at their disposal, from various clippers and specialty skin products, to adjustable grooming tables and bathtubs designed specifically for pets. They also keep a selection of specialty shampoos on hand for cats and dogs with allergies, skin irritations, fleas and ticks, and even for dogs that have been sprayed by skunks.

They have plenty of experience handling dogs and cats.

Professional groomers know what to do to keep your cat or dog safe during grooming. They are experienced in handling seniors, animals with behavioral issues, and more.

They take care of the unsavory tasks.

No matter how much we love our pets, when it comes to cleaning and grooming them, there are certain tasks that are far from pleasant. From shampooing muddy or skunked dogs, to removing fleas and ticks and cleaning anal glands, a professional groomer will get the yucky stuff done with a minimum of fuss – so you don't have to.

Talk To Us To Learn More

How often should I have my pet groomed?

The proper frequency of grooming sessions depends on your pet's breed, hair length, and coat type. In most cases, though, regular grooming should be done about once a month.

Talk To Us To Learn More

How long does a grooming session take?

The duration of a grooming session depends on the size of your pet, and the coat type and length. It also depends on what types of services are required to groom them. That said, most grooming sessions at our hospital take between one and two hours.

How much does grooming cost?

The cost of grooming varies depending your pet's breed and size, and type of coat they have. Whether your pet has any significant behavioral issues can also affect the cost. For a better idea of cost, please contact us for an estimate.

What are the health benefits of professional grooming?

Grooming is a necessity to ensure your pet stays clean and healthy. This task can remove fur that’s been shed and has stuck to your dog’s coat, fleas, mats and ticks. Other health conditions can also be halted or prevented.

Because mats can cause knots in your pet’s hair, this can lead to pain and discomfort - something every owner wants to prevent. A good brushing will also make your dog’s coat shine. Their nails will be trimmed to prevent curling and invasion of germs.

Early detection of skin infections or problems is key to your pet’s health, and the groomer will know what to look for. They will find any inflammations, new lumps, infections, rashes or lesions that may be missed by even the most diligent owner. They may also catch an underlying problem, and the sooner these issues are found, the sooner they can be treated.

How do your groomers handle fearful or aggressive animals?

Our groomers have spent many hours handling stressed, anxious or aggravated animals. In cases where the animal is especially fearful or aggressive, sedation during the grooming session may be recommended. Most of the time, though, our groomer can manage the animal with the following steps:

• A quiet, peaceful environment

• Offering treats

• Frequent breaks

• Opening a window or playing music

• Asking a dog to do something it knows (like 'sit' or 'shake')

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Thank You for choosing Shear Pawsitivity for all of your pet care needs! Shear Pawsitivity is owned and operated by Lori Jackson and Ty Tucker. As professionally trained groomers with over 20 years of experience, every service we offer focuses on educating owners about their dogs be it through coat care, training, or environment and lifestyle. We even consult with potential dog-owners about what types of dogs might best suit their particular needs. Our goal is to have happy clients with healthy, happy dogs. Shear Pawsitivity prides itself in tailoring to each individual pets specific needs and establishes a relationship with customers and pets that will last a lifetime!

Hours of Operation Tuesday – Saturday : By Appointment Sunday – Monday : Closed We ask that you pick up your pets when they are ready, as we are unable to keep them for the entire day.

We accept payment by CASH or CHECK only.($20 fee for returned check)

Call 336-422-7879 or e-mail us at [email protected] to book an Appointment.

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