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Samsung's patent shows a phone using a slide-out screen to become a tablet

We recently told you about a patent Samsung received for a phone with a rollable, retractable display. This would allow the user to pull a smartphone from both sides and turn the device into a tablet. The screen would stretch out, attached to rails that would allow it to expand. Now, Samsung has received a patent from the KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office) for another phone that becomes a tablet, this time through the use of a hidden screen that is pulled out from the right side of the device when needed. Samsung filed the patent application at the end of and it was granted in May (via LetsGo Digital).

Samsung received a design patent, so we won't be able to go into details telling you exactly how the mechanism works. All we know is that pulling out the hidden screen increases the size of the display by 50%. Thus, a 6-inch smartphone can turn into a 9-inch tablet. The illustrations from the patent application and the renders show that the hidden screen rides on a track or some grooves in order to open and close. They also don't seem to show any crease or separation between the two screens when they join to form the larger tablet-sized display. How this is accomplished remains a mystery for now. You might have noticed the dual punch-hole cameras that appear at the front of the screen

Render from Lets Go Digital shows the retractable screen fully extended

This is a completely different form factor than the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The latter, the first foldable handset from a major manufacturer, was all set to be released on April 26th. But four days before it was supposed to start shipping, Samsung delayed the launch. The story, well documented by now, started with some influencers who failed to heed a warning that Samsung included with Galaxy Fold review units. A group of these individuals started peeling a plastic film off the internal display much like one would do when they purchase a new smartphone. However, this damaged the large inch display on the Galaxy Fold. In addition, at least one influencer had debris enter his review unit through an opening at the top of the hinge. This caused a bulge on the internal display. Others just had their Galaxy Fold stop working for no rhyme or reason.

Prices will need to drop before the majority of the public considers buying a foldable phone

It has been months since Sammy put the Galaxy Fold in limbo; pre-orders were canceled and funds returned for AT&T and Best Buy customers. Even Samsung's own pre-orders were canceled except for those customers who expressly requested to stay in the queue. Just a few days ago, we showed you a hands-on photo of the redesigned foldable. Samsung reportedly tucked the protective film into the casing so that it cannot be peeled off, and closed the gap on the hinges to prevent unwanted material from entering the phone via this route. Still, Samsung has yet to announce a new pre-order period and a new launch date.

Following the release of the Galaxy Fold, we should see the Huawei Mate X start shipping. Unlike Samsung's phone, which closes inward, the Mate X closes outward and could be released by September. Despite the problems that Sammy had encountered, other manufacturers appear eager to join in the fun. Earlier this month, we passed along a report stating that Sony is working on a foldable using the same type of rollable, retracting display that we told you that Samsung had patented at the beginning of this story. And there is talk that Apple is working on a foldable iPad.

With the hidden screen retracted, the device looks just like any ordinary smartphone

Still, with the Galaxy Fold priced at $1, and the Mate X tagged at the equivalent of $2,, pricing will need to come down dramatically before the average Joe can consider purchasing a phone in this category.

Illustrations from Samsung's patent


Samsung Galaxy Z Slide — will Samsung's first rollable phone arrive in ?

Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 were just announced last week. The company once again appears to be poised to dominate the nascent foldable market, but Samsung innovation isn't slowing down.

A leaked patent filing in Germany points to Samsung perhaps closing in on a release of its first rollable phone. A Dutch tech site, LetsGoDigital, has created a series of renders based on the patent filing to give a clearer look at what to expect (via Notebookcheck).

This isn't of course the first rollable phone concept we've seen. Before shuttering its mobile business LG showed off its rollable phone at CES and TCL has been teasing with rollable prototypes for a couple of years now, but Samsung is positioned well to be first to market. 

The patent sketches show a fairly typical-looking phone with a waterfall display that then extends to a small tablet form factor. It's delivering a similar experience to what you get from the Galaxy Z Fold 3, but with some advantages and a couple of drawbacks.

Positives for the rollable design over the foldable include overall size and weight. A rollable should only be marginally thicker and heavier than a standard phone. It should also come in much closer to standard phone pricing. Although the specialized screen and internal mechanisms drive up costs, it could also have a camera experience similar to a true flagship device. More than anything else, this is likely out of concern for pricing and thickness on current foldables.

Image 1 of 3
Image 2 of 3
Image 3 of 3

The downsides of the rollable are that you lose some of the unique software tricks of the foldables, primarily Flex mode options. You are also likely dealing with a motor-driven mechanism to extend the display, which is a durability/longevity concern. Durability isn't a strong suit for foldables either, but they are at least more of a known quantity at this point. 

Some of the renders show an S Pen, which is a reasonable assumption given that Samsung appears to be positioning this as a feature for all of its top-tier flagships. However, it's worth noting these aren't drawn from the patent sketches.

The most puzzling feature of the Galaxy Z Slide (or Galaxy Z Roll, Samsung has trademarked both names) patent sketches is the rear display. It stretches the full height of the device and is just short of half of its width. When I first looked at it, I assumed this was the rest of the display which rolled to the front, but that isn't the case, that section remains even with the display fully extended. This would be more akin to the cover display on the Galaxy Z Flip 3 than the Galaxy Z Fold 3 as it would surely have reduced functionality compared to a full display.

It's an intriguing design and given Samsung's recent history we would expect to start seeing concrete hardware leaks in the next few months if this device is actually going to make it to market in  

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Recently, we learned that Samsung trademarked the name “Z Roll”, hinting that the company was working towards a device with an extendable display. Samsung has more recently trademarked the name “Z Slide” with the European Intellectual Property Office, indicating yet another entry into Samsung’s “Z” lineup of devices. The trademark is listed under Class 9, indicating a smartphone, mobile, telecommunication apparatus, or tablet computer.

Samsung trademarks “Z Slide” smartphone name with European IP Office

There’s no telling what the ‘Z Slide’ would look like. LetsGoDigital provided the following mockup render and speculates that the Z Slide may be a smartphone with an extendable display that grows vertically, meanwhile, the Z Roll expands horizontally to transform to a larger, tablet-size display. You could also think of it as a rollable version of a Z Flip while the previously reported “Z Roll” is a rollable version of the Z Fold”.

TESTMockup render of "Galaxy Z Slide" by LetsGoDigital

Earlier this week, Samsung Display showcased some of the displays it was working on, including the S-foldable device, whose display is divided into three sections and folds at two points. It’s not believed that this device will be a part of Samsung’s Galaxy Z series of devices as per LetsGoDigital. This device is reported to be marketed as the Galaxy Z Fold S.

Samsung S-foldable display in its unfolded and folded stateSamsung S-foldable display in its unfolded and folded state
Samsung S-foldable display in its unfolded and folded state

This August, Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip2 (or Flip3) but these other extendable display devices aren’t expected to hit the market until



Samsung Display will develop rollable and sliding screens in


  • Samsung Display has revealed that it will develop rollable and sliding displays in
  • The news comes after LG and Oppo both revealed rollable smartphone tech.

Samsung Display senior vice-president Kwon-Young Choi confirmed during an earnings call (h/t: The Elec) that it will “fortify our presence in the display market through innovative form factors such as rollable and sliding displays.”

The executive didn’t confirm whether these screens would indeed be for smartphones, but Samsung filed a patent back in for a rollable phone that resembles Oppo and LG’s efforts. See the render by LetsGoDigital in the main image above.

The Korean manufacturer has also filed patents related to phones with sliding displays. More specifically, one patent filed in shows a screen that slides down and to the back of the device, revealing a selfie camera and other sensors at the top (check it out below). Another patent filed last year shows a phone that’s more like a Nokia N95, being able to slide up or down and featuring a rear screen too.

There’s no guarantee that Samsung itself will release rollable or sliding phones, as its Samsung Display arm could theoretically be developing the tech for other manufacturers as well. But the patent filings clearly show that Samsung is thinking about these display types, so we wouldn’t be surprised if we see Samsung phones with this tech.

What form factor do you prefer though? Let us know via the poll below and leave a comment too!



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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Samsung slider cell phone work?

Their slider functionality consists of a separate keyboard that slides out from either the bottom or side of the main display. The QWERTY keyboard has the same layout as a standard keyboard for familiar operation. Many Samsung sliders include a speakerphone for hands-free operation.

Are there any slider cell phones at Walmart?

BLU Advance L5 AL Dual SIM Unlocked GSM Phone wit Samsung Galaxy A31 AG 64GB Dual SIM GSM Unlocked Samsung Galaxy A01 Core AM 16GB DUOS Unlocked GSM Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S8 GU 64GB Verizon GSM Samsung Galaxy S9 SM-GU 64GB Factory Unlocked And Motorola Moto G8 Power XT 64GB Hybrid Dual SIM

What are the colors of the Samsung slider?

These phones are manufactured in a wide range of case colors, the most common of which is black. A few other colors that are common for these Samsung models include blue, gray, red, and silver. It is also possible to find models in brown, green, orange, pink, purple, white, and yellow.

Which is the best slider cell phone for kids?

Also, sliding them open unlocks the phone, and after typing your text or making your call, just slide them shut and stow them away. The Samsung Intensity II is a slider phone that was designed with texting and social media in mind, making it a great dumb phone especially for kids and teenagers.

Samsung Z Flip 3 Review: The First Big Step!

Samsung 'Rollable' Smartphone Could be Called Galaxy Z Slide, Trademark Filing Hints

Samsung has reportedly filed a trademark for a &#;Z Slide" smartphone at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), indicating the development of the long-anticipated handset with a sliding or rollable display. The &#;Z&#; in the moniker highlights the phone would be a part of the premium Samsung Galaxy Z series and sit with the existing Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Galaxy Z Flip. LetsGoDigital spotted the latest trademark filing and claims the &#;date of receipt&#; was on May 21, - days after another trademark filing reportedly showcased the moniker &#;Galaxy Z Roll&#;. Both phones appear to be the same but under different names. Notably, a patent filing from early this year showed that Samsung&#;s sliding phone has been in the works since March Concept renders by the same publication noted the device with a standard form factor in its normal form but capable of rolling out an extended display from the right side - giving the phone a tablet-like design. It said that the sliding/rolling technique enables users to enlarge the screen area by about 30 percent.

Meanwhile, rival brands like LG showcased its rollable smartphone &#;LG Rollable&#; at the CES early this year. A brief glimpse at the event showed a display sliding out from one side to extend the screen, creating a tablet-like shape. Unfortunately, LG has shut down its mobile division, and the launch of the smartphone now remains unlikely. Before that, Oppo had unveiled Oppo X with a similar concept. In its compact form, the Oppo X is a regular inch smartphone; however, with just a simple swipe on the side button, the smartphone extends itself to a full inch tablet-like. Old reports state that Samsung will launch new Galaxy Z smartphones in August this year. The company may launch the next-gen Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip. Readers must note that companies often file trademarks and patents to reserve the product, but the actual implementation may not happen soon. It means the Galaxy Z Slide could only be reserved for internal development purposes and may not launch officially launch for years.

Read all the Latest News, Breaking News and Coronavirus News here

Sours: https://www.newscom/news/tech/samsung-rollable-smartphone-could-be-called-galaxy-z-slide-trademark-filing-hintshtml

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Galaxy Z Slide: a new leak sparks rumors of a launch for Samsung's first-gen rollable-display phone

Samsung is a leading smartphone OEM that is already pretty open about the fact that it feels the market is ready for the leap from traditional 'candy-bars' to truly flexible-display devices. Furthermore, should the whole Z Fold/Flip thing ultimately fail to work out, it has also indicated that it might be hedging its bets with the next potential big thing: the rollable phone.

These hints are bolstered by the fact Samsung has trademarked the term "Galaxy Z Slide" already, which would go well with a phone capable of the action implied by this possible product name. Now, the OEM might have revealed the device that might make it a reality in the near future.

It comes in the form of a patent recently approved by Germany's national patent office. It describes a device with more or less normal smartphone dimensions - until its LG SIGNATURE OLED R TV-like display comes into play, and it extends into comfortable phablet territory.

The possible future Z Slide also has a rear panel partially covered with a secondary display, much like that of the Z Flip3 and ostensibly present for similar reasons. In its current schematic form, it also has a top-mounted power button, a USB type-C port, some mic holes, what might be front- and bottom-firing stereo speakers, and that's it.

The blog LetsGoDigital has taken these new diagrams and run with them in the form of new high-quality renders by the creator Technizo Concept. They envision the "Z Slide" as a device with Galaxy Z Fold3-esque rear cameras and a premium finish to match its cutting-edge display type.

Some images also hint at S Pen compatibility in the hypothetical rollable phablet, although it, like its possible foldable counterpart, lacks a silo for the accessory. It seems the "Z Slide" also has Samsung's freshly-launched take on the under-display camera, and might come with a curved display at its flexible and non-flexible ends.

Given that the patent has been published on July 29, , LetsGoDigital projects that such a Galaxy Z Slide might see a launch as early as Then again, this remains mostly speculative at this point, especially as Samsung is also expected to launch a conventional S22 series at the start of the same year.

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