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If you look for some files and you know they are located inside an anonymous FTP server, these FTP search engines will help you find it.

Best FTP search engines

Despite criticism and some premature obituaries, FTP is far from dead. It's true that the golden days of FTP are long gone but it's still used by millions of sites. 

FTP is a 40+ years old Internet protocol but it has been redefined multiple times and it's still used to transfer files between computers on a network. The users connect to FTP servers using FTP clients like BriskBard, that allows them to upload, download, rename and delete files and folders on the server. It's usually necessary to login to the server but some of them allow public access and they are known as anonymous FTP sites

FTP was extensively used in the 90's but with the increasing popularity of the web and P2P services, its role has changed. For example, 25 years ago most of the shareware and freeware software titles were distributed using FTP sites. Nowadays, software download websites and the bittorrent protocol are the preferred way to do that.

Many companies, government institutions, universities and open source projects use FTP sites to transfer all kind of files between their members and users, many applications use FTP to transfer files in the background and many web developers use it daily.

According to the IEEE Computer Society, there are more than 13 million FTP servers and about 1.1 million of them allow public access. This is just a drop in the bucket compared to the 1,800 million websites that Netcraft included in their latest web server survey but it's still noticeable.

These FTP search engines allow you to search for file or directory names. They can't be used with complex search queries like "why is the sky blue" because they only compare the text of the query with the file or directory names.

This is the list of FTP search engines, in alphabetical order :


Archie : The University of Warsaw has a webpage to simplify the use of an archie search engine. Archie is a service that indexes FTP sites and it's considered the first search engine in Internet. Usually you can use archie with a telnet client but this website makes it much easier to use while keeping many of the advanced search options. 


Filesearching : This is a Russian search engine for images, videos, music or any kind of files found in thousands of FTP servers. It has more than 31 million files in its database and it allows you to make advanced searches with multiples parameters.

FreewareWeb FTP Search

FreewareWeb FTP Search: FreewareWeb is a freeware download website that includes an FTP search section. It has thousands of FTP sites in its index and you can search images, videos, music and any other files using filenames or keywords. It's a case insensitive search with advanced search options.

Global File Search Engine

Global File Search Engine : This search engine lets you search images, videos, music, disc images, folders, compressed files and regular files. It has 166 million files and more than 2,200 FTP servers in its database.


Google : Google can also be used to search for files inside FTP sites if you add a few search operators to your query. The search operators tell google to show the results that have ftp:// in the url and hide the results that have http:// or https:// . For example, if you want to search the word galaxy, you would have to type galaxy inurl:"ftp://" -inurl:"http://" -inurl:"https://" in Google's search box.


Mamont : Another Russian FTP search engine with the largest database so far. It has an index of more than 3,700 million files found in 10000 FTP servers.


NAPALM FTP Indexer : Napalm has more than 949 million files and 14,000 FTP servers in their index. It uses a crawler that updates their database every 2 to 4 days, giving higher priority to the most frequently accessed servers.

Wenjian FTP File Search

Wenjian.net defines itself as a file encyclopedia and it includes an FTP search engine. The user interface is mixed in Chinese and English and it doesn’t tell how many servers are included in the data base.

Some of the FTP search engines in this article let you download the FTP servers list used in their databases but if you need a longer list, take a look at these websites :

openftp4 : This list contains 796,268 anonymous FTP servers from a total of 18 million servers. It's a 217Mb raw log but it has the biggest and most up-to-date list of anonymous FTP servers I've seen so far.

ftp-sites.org : This list has 5,593 FTP servers and the last time it was updated was in 2003.

shodan.io is a search engine for Internet-connected devices but if you search for "anonymous ftp" it will show you a list of more than 900,000 FTP servers.

Updated January 31st, 2019 to add the latest servers.

Sours: https://www.briskbard.com/blog/?q=node/26

ArchiePlex at NASA allows you to locate files on anonymous FTP sites in the Internet.


Filez gives users access to the wealth of files out there on the Internet. It claims to be the most comprehensive service of its kind with over 4000 FTP servers and 60 million files available for download.


FTPSearch95 is a Web-based Archie search of anonymous FTP sites.

Jumbo! contains over 93,000 downloadable shareware and freeware programs. It lets you browse or search through 18 categories of software, including home, activeX, business, desktop publishing, education, games, hobbies & home, internet & intranet, java, kids, multimedia, pda's, programming, science, update central, utilities, windows95, and what's new.

Snoopie indexes over 5 million files for download at over 450 ftp sites worldwide. Below is the simple search form for Snoopie. You can go to the original site for the Power Search.

Shareware.com from Clnet provides the user with the ability to search a database that contains over 200,000 software files. It offers three search options: quick search, power search, and archive search. Below is the search form for quick search. Please go to the original site for simple search and power search.

The Software Sharing Resource Library is powered by Harvest. It is designed to make the process of indexing Web sites and software utilities as easy as possbile. The SSRL's database contains content summaries of the worlds major ftp sites using the Alex File System.

Sours: https://filesearch.tripod.com/
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Best FTP Search Engine To Find FTP Server Files

Last Updated on May 19, 2021 by Karen D

FTP is file transfer protocol used for exchanging files and FTP server are spread all over the Internet which can be set up anywhere between game servers, voice servers, Internet hosts and other physical servers for own usage or to share with others.

Searching FTP files can be cumbersome using normal search engine and therefore we have special FTP search engine which crawls FTP servers to find files that can be easily and quickly downloaded onto your Computer.


Here is a list of Top FTP Search Engine to find FTP Files/Servers :

1. Metaftp – This service has FTP servers which are 100% legal and free to download. Perhaps,the widely used search engine for finding out FTP files from the server. Make a search, get the ftp file and download directly.

2. Global File Search – Very big FTP Search engine which has scanned 1697 computers, providing valuable available resources. Their are totally 165.4 tera byte of files shared from various servers. Another feature is to scan the latest recent FTP server visited by other people which is really helpful.

3. Mamont – A Russian search engine which is supposed to be the Largest FTP search engine for finding all FTP servers.

4. FTP search – FTP search engine is used for finding free downloads, free mp3s, images, shareware or freeware files on the Internet.

5. File Searching – Another Russian service where you can search for music,videos and FTP server from the search box. Decent site which also has an advanced search option to find the specific file/server.

6. Napalm FTP indexer – This engine has annoying pop up ads but finds relatively good amount of files which are maintained by members. There are around 1737 FTP servers indexed.

7. File watcher – Searching FTP servers, directory and using content search is easy from file watcher. There is a search help section to teach you on how to find all your resources easily.

Sours: https://blogote.com/resources/seven-best-listed-ftp-search-engine-services/198/

I don't personally think that FTP needs an introduction, if your not familiar with the FTP protocol you should be reading one of the ftp tutorials out there, just be aware that with FTP you can find and retrieve nearly any legal (and possibly illegal :-) file on the web.

[Global] | [Meta] [Specialized]

[Chinese] | [Latvian] | [Polish] | [Russian] | [Slovakian] | [Taiwanese]






http://www.files.lt/?... yumm!




Not Just a FTP Search Engine, But Pretty Unique in its HTTP Mirroringas Well


Chinese Regional Search Engines


Peking University


Dalian University of Technology

Latvian Regional Search Engines


Latvia FTP search

Polish Regional Search Engines



Accepts wildcards, exemples:    *winzip    winzip*    *winzip*    *w?nzip

Russian Regional Search Engines


wildcards: *,? exemple: winzip??.exe winzip*.zip

Rambler advanced FTP search




Slovakian Regional Search Engines


Taiwanese Regional Search Engines


FTP search interface to the swedish sunet ftp-archive

Specialized Search Engines


OTH is an mp3 search engine mainly but other *warez* types of files can be seeked through it as well.

It's better to use this engine to find the names of your targets if your unsure of the *exact* name, as this engine is heavily spammed by banner clickers (they won't give you access to files till you vist X and click Y and get password for Z). Also of note is "the hide ? sites", its purpose is to remove ratio/banner sites from the results but is often circumvented.


"It's Narly time"

You can add your ftp sites to this one :-)


Quite useful one

Search for drivers!   ( advanced search )

Freeware Clients







Freeware for personal and educational use

One of the better freeware windows clients, interface might take a bit of getting used to :)


Multiple Platform

Freeware (GPL)

Command line client, one of the longest standing *nix clients available.


GNU/Linux and UNIX Variants

Freeware (GPL)

Advanced commandline ftp client.

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Some scrolls will give you more searching power than you actually can manage :-)

[Raw FTP Command List]
Quite often invaluable if your doing some ahem not so standard things :)

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FTP Suchmaschine: Napalm FTP Indexer.

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