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70 Best Pig Tattoos Pictures Designs Meanings and Ideas

Pig Tattoos are very popular around the world. Pigs are incredibly adorable. You can get a pig tattoo for many reasons. You might grew up watching Winnie the Pooh and Peppa Pig or you were born in the year of the pig or you are a vegan animal rights activist or you simply love pigs weather it’s to eat them or raise them as pets. Whatever the reason is, if you are looking to get a pig tattoo then you are going to love the picture of Pig tattoos that we gathered below.


What does a pig tattoo mean?

Meaning of a Pig tattoo varies from culture to culture. In eastern culture pigs represent Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance. Because of their reputation of being dirty, smelly, eating and laying in the mud, people also symbolize Pigs with laziness, being chilled and relaxed. Vegans and  animal right activists also get pig tattoos to show their support for animal rights.

Variations of Pig Tattoos and Designs

Flying Pig Tattoos

The phrase &#;When the pigs fly&#; is a figure of speech, a way of saying that something will never happen. So the flying pig implies impossibility. Flying pigs can symbolize fantasy and hope.

Pig in a Tea Cup Tattoos

Minimalist Pig Tattoos

Pig and Rooster Tattoos

There&#;s an old naval tradition which states that any sailor wearing a tattoo of a pig on the right foot and a rooster on the left will never drown. Whether or not you believe the myth, having a Rooster and Pig tattoo shows your link to the Navy and old seafaring traditions.

Cute Pig Tattoos

Guinea Pig tattoos

Pig Face Tattoos

Peppa Pig Tattoos

Many of us grew up watching Peppa Pig cartoon. Peppa pig tattoos are a great reminder of our childhood. This tattoos actually represents Happiness, and a longing for the good ole days of Youth.

Pig Tattoos for Vegans

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Pig Tattoos

Pigs have always had special meaning in human culture.They are deeply entrenched into our religion, heritage, and even our economy. Ever wondered why your coin collection is always placed in a 'Piggy bank'? In many cultures, a pig represents Wealth, Prosperity, and Abundance. Having a feast of the animal is a status symbol. The more pigs you have, the richer you are. Celtic folklore speaks of Manannan's herd of magical pigs. The Celtic god of the Sea held an annual 'Feast of Age' and dined on his self replenishing herd. Dining on Manannan's herd meant that guests could stave off old age.

Even our language has been touched by pigs! You can be happy in Hog Heaven while pigging out on your favourite treat, but your partner won't be happy if you make a pig's ear of putting together the kitchen cabinets.

"I was sweating like a pig the other day when I went to the bank for a car loan. Of course, the loans officer told me that I should always test drive a used car before buying it to make sure that I'm not getting a pig in a poke."

The Meaning of Pig Tattoos

Pigs have a plethora of contradictory meanings depending on the culture and tradition of interest.Abrahamic religions, like Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, tend to view these creatures in a rather unflattering light, while Asians hold pigs in high esteem. As such, it isn't uncommon to get a range of answers whenever you ask, "What does your tattoo mean?" Generally, these animals embody:

  • Wealth and Prosperity
  • Abundance
  • Lust and Virility
  • Greed
  • Laziness
  • Happiness
  • Motherhood
  • Fertility
  • A lack of Cleanliness and Hygiene
  • Power and Strength (Wild Boar)

Pig Tattoo Design Variations

People rarely wear Pig tattoo designs, but those that do, tend to either add elements of humour (like cartoon characters) or focus designs that showcase the animal's untamed nature (wild boar). Popular Pig tattoo designs include:

Rooster and Pig Tattoos

There's an old naval tradition which states that any sailor wearing a tattoo of a pig on the right foot and a rooster on the left will never drown. In fact, he can walk on water. The myth started early in maritime history when a few captains noted that while ships carrying livestock as cargo usually sank, the crates that had pigs or roosters always seemed to float. Whether or not you believe the myth, having a Rooster and Pig tattoo shows your link to the Navy and old seafaring traditions.

Wild Boar Tattoos

A Wild Boar symbolizes Strength, Virility, and Dominance. It's impossible to tame such a majestic animal and persons wearing Wild Boar tattoos are acknowledging their powerful persona and rebellious side.

Flying Pig Tattoos

The term 'when pigs fly' can be traced back to the s when it was mentioned in John Withals' English-Latin Dictionary, A Shorte Dictionarie for Yonge Begynners.

"Pigs fly in the ayre with their tayles forward"

It is generally used to imply the impossibility of an event happening. Wearing this tattoo is a tip of the hat to your comedic side and a fun way to associate yourself with a happy, go-lucky pig.

Tribal Pig Tattoos

Tribal Pig tattoos are closely linked with the image of a Wild Boar. They represent closeness with Nature, Power, Strength, and Freedom. Since tribal patterns often have links with Spirituality and a particular indigenous culture, wearing these designs is also a way to acknowledge your philosophical nature.

Cartoon Pig Tattoos

Statistically speaking, most Pig tattoos are cute reminders of our childhood. They often incorporate comical cartoons, like the lovable, stuttering Porky Pig. In a sense, these tattoos symbolize childlike Innocence, Happiness, and a longing for the good ole days of Youth.

Since your new ink can't be erased with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, it's important to choose a design that not only speaks to your personality, but also looks good on your body.Think about what your new tattoo will symbolize and find one that conveys the message that you're trying to express. If you need some inspiration, then visit our design page at or take advantage of our Custom Design Service, where our team can design a truly unique piece for you.

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Want to know more about Flying Pig Tattoo? You are in the right place. Expand your knowledge of tattoos. Gather all the necessary information, choose the style, design and wizards. Read the reviews. Decide on your desires and start transforming your appearance. Do not deny yourself the joy of a new tattoo! Here you can find everything about Flying Pig Tattoo.

Flying Pig Tattoo
    Flying Pig Tattoo (Gandi) is an independent tattoo artist based in Bali, Indonesia. The work specializes in American Traditional Tattoo / Old Skool Tattoo. The experience and knowledge gained from traveling and living in Europe (schengen) / other countries has provided Flying Pig Tattoo (Gandi) work with a …

47 Best Flying pig tattoo images Flying pig, Black wings
    Zombie Flying Pig tattoo Rate of pictures of tattoos, submit your own tattoo picture or just rate others The Most Cute & Lovable Zombie Animal Tattoos! The rounded shape of the pig with its cute ears and expression is an inspiration for fun tattoo designs.

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70 Best Pig Tattoos Pictures Designs Meanings and Ideas
    Flying Pig Tattoos The phrase “When the pigs fly” is a figure of speech, a way of saying that something will never happen. So the flying pig implies impossibility.

Flying Piglet Ink

    Welcome to the piggest tattoo shop ! Flying Piglet Ink is a premium tattoo shop and living arts gallery located in Bradenton Beach, Florida. Discover our tattoos % custom : just come with your idea and we will draw for you !

Pig Tattoos - 25 Interesting Collections Design Press
    Nov 06,  &#; Pig tattoo designs with wings can show off your fun creative spirit. Tiny wings attached to a pig as it flies makes for a cute ink design for any part of your body. You can also have fun with scared pig designs on your foot, or go for a plump pig face on your leg.

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A pig was one of the first animals that humans have tamed. And this domestication began the transition from nomadic hunters-gatherers society, to sedentary farmers-ranchers and creators society. Along with dogs, sheep, and goats, pigs proved that they could quickly adapt to humans and their lives more than 9, years ago in Eastern Turkey. And before this, people were already hunting wild pigs &#; boars. However, it was a threatening opponent even for a large group of hunters armed with spears and other weapons. Today, we are going to take a look at pig tattoo meaning, types and ideas. So, if you like this animal, stay with us for a while.

Flying pig tattoo
Hand poked tiny pig tattoo
Woodcut style pig tattoo by jonas ribeiro

Pig tattoo &#; a symbol of fertility

We can see that the reputation of the pig differs greatly depending on the cultures of the world. The two main images of this animal are either sacred or profane and blasphemous. For the early civilizations, the pig was a symbol of luck, prosperity, and fertility. Later on, the Egyptian, Greek, and Celtic cultures linked the hog with the &#;mother goddess.&#; They saw the happiness which the mother pig provided to her piglets. One of the Greek myth tells us how a pig nourished baby Zeus. As an essential symbol of fertility, the pig became a sacrifice to Demeter, Ares, and Gaia &#; the gods of agriculture.

Mini pig tattoo on the arm

Pigs played a significant role in Celtic and Western Europe cultures. For Celtic people, pigs were symbols of the Otherworld and abundance. The Lord of the Otherworld was usually portrayed carrying a pig on his shoulder. Pigs were crucial to the economy; it provided food thus the security for its owner. In China, pigs were also a symbol of luck, abundance, prosperity, and potency. The &#;piggy-bank&#; is a famous symbol of savings and wealth. This image came from the olden times when pork represented wealth.

Sad pig tattoo eugene nedelko

Pig symbol throughout the world

In many countries of Europe including Great Britain, Germany, France and many areas of Eastern Europe, wild boar hunting was one of the favorite activities between the aristocracy. That was because the boar was a dangerous opponent capable of fighting to the death and defend its territory. Also, the hunters would later use those skills during the real battles and wars. Therefore, the nobility respected the wild boar for its ferocity and courage. Also, during the Middle Ages, the boar was a common symbol in the heraldry of coats of arms, flags, and emblems. For example, the White Boar was the symbol of Richard III of England, and the Campbell Clan in Scotland had a boar on its logo as a symbol of courage.

Cute pig tattoo by adam sage

In France, prospectors use pigs to search for truffles. Pigs have an overpowering smell ability, and they can locate these rare mushrooms that grow buried underground. In Germany, men used to carry small, pig-shaped amulets in their chain pocket watches as signs of good luck. While in Hungary, the highest ace of the deck of cards is &#;diszuo,&#; meaning the pig.

Dot work flying pig tattoo

In some parts of Southeast Asia, there was a tradition where the groom&#;s family gave the bride a pig as a wedding gift. Meanwhile, in some parts of Borneo, during a vital guest visit, the host would prepare a feast which would involve the slaughtering of a pig in a ritual. The guest would need to take part in it, and his participation would be a great honor.

Small cute pig tattoo on the wrist

In some Filipino funeral rites, if the person were murdered, family members would place a dead pig under the corpse as a sacrifice to the God of Vengeance.

The negative side of a pig symbol

Although most of the ancient cultures and religions consider pig as a positive symbol, there are some parts of the world where the pig is the opposite of that. For example, in Judaism and Islam, the pig is a dirty animal. We can also find some references to their nasty habits in Buddhism and Christianity. With this in mind, pigs became a symbol of moral weakness, laziness, ignorance, stubbornness, lust, and gluttony.

Cool black and grey pig tattoo

Moreover, the French revolutionists portrayed King Louis as a pig, symbolizing the lowest instincts of a man. Generally, in art, the pig is a symbol of misfortune. And if a person is caricatured as a pig, he probably did something insulting, or due to his lack of hygiene, fondness for getting drunk, or greed.

Pig and flowers tattoo

But, the negative view of the pig did not overwhelm its most attractive characteristics. Until today, we admire pigs for their plump looks which represents good health. Furthermore, scientists believe that pigs are even smarter than dogs, which gives them even more positive points. Finally, we find pigs in children&#;s books, stories, movies, and cartoons, in which usually the pig appears as fun and adorable character, e.g., Porky, Peppa Pig, and others.

Little pig tattoo on the ankle

According to the Chinese horoscope, if you were born in the year of the pig, you are an excellent companion and an intellectual person. You have a strong need to set challenging goals in your life and overcome them. Also, you are sincere, tolerant, and honest. But, while you expect the same from others, you also prove to be naive. But your desire to be rich can drag you down.

Pig tattoo on the left thigh

Pig tattoo &#; a perfect choice for vegans

As absurd as it sounds, a pig tattoo could be an excellent choice for a vegetarian or a vegan. If you don&#;t eat meat and solidarize with the animals, consider getting a pig on your body. It will always remind you of your beliefs and show others that you are serious about this. However, a pig is not a very common tattoo choice, so if you don&#;t want excessive attention, get it on your back, or your chest. Otherwise, people may be asking you why did you choose to get a pig, and we all know how annoying that can be.

Here with us not for us by avalon todaro
Love animals don't eat them tattoo by avalon todaro
I am sorry i can't make them stop
Pig family tattoo
Blackwork pig

Pig tattoo ideas

Either you&#;re a vegan, animal lover or you have a family symbol that contains a pig &#; consider getting a pig on your body. It may seem funny at first, but the more you look at this animal, the more you get to like him. While preparing this article, I searched through hundreds of pig pictures, and I changed my mind about it. It is a beautiful and exciting animal which I know so little about. It inspires me to explore our world more. Take a look at these tattoo ideas below, and maybe you will find something beautiful for yourself.

Flying pig
Abstract pig tattoo by joanna Świrska
Pig on a trampoline by joanna swirska
Happy jumping pig tattoo
Cute pig tattoo on the left thigh
Neo traditional style pigglet tattoo
Running pig tattoo
Pig vegan tattoo
Double exposure pig and landscape tattoo
Pig tattoo on the left thigh
Pigglet tattoo by sandra cunhaa
Birthday pig tattoo
Sailor pig tattoo by suflanda
Origami pig
Pig on the back of the arm
Pig in the flowers tattoo
Geometric 3d pig by sven rayen
Pig and mouse secret life of pets tattoo
Pig tattoo by julia rothman
Small pig tattoo on the arm
Pig with flowers
Tiny pig on the ankle
Shrig tattoo by warda



Designs flying pig tattoo

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