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1 John Deere 71 one row Corn Planter, Deer food plot sweet corn pumpkin sorghum
$1, Bids: 0  
1 John Deere 71 one row Corn Planter, Deer food Plots atv utv
$ Bids: 0   New Antique Case planter seed hopper (12 available)
$ Bids: 0   Vintage John Deere 3pt. corn planter
$2, Bids: 0   john deere Single Row corn planter
$ Bids: 0   Antique David Bradley Corn Planter
$3 Bids: 1   Refurbished John Deere AA Gauge Wheel
$45 Bids: 0   Cole Planter Model 10 IH Quick Hitch Seeder, Okra, Beans, Corn
$ Bids: 0   John Deere 71 corn planter unit fully refurbished 1 row 2 row
$ Bids: 0   John Deere 2 row cat 1 lister planter corn bean hemp milo game plot
$2, Bids: 0   John Deere Computer-Trak
$ Bids: 0   Vintage John Deere 2 Row Corn Planter Deer Plot Fertilizer Insecticide Box
$1, Bids: 0   NEW Lustran John Deere Corn Planter Plates for Flat Seeds White Oliver Allis
$12 Bids: 0   Antique Two Row Horse Drawn Steel Wheel Corn Planter - Working
$ Bids: 0   Antique 2 Row John Horse Drawn Corn Planter T
$2, Bids: 0   6 International IH Cast Iron Planter Plates A Soybean A AA Corn
$42 Bids: 0   John Deere Kinze Planter Soybean Radial Bean Meter D
$80 Bids: 0   Ford Metal Corn Planter Plates
$61 Bids: 4   International Corn Planter Seed Plates, Lot of 2 Plate, Part #C
$19 Bids: 0   Vintage Antique John Deere Planter Wire Reel 2-Row Horse Drawn Check Trip Corn
$ Bids: 0   Vintage Cole Corn Planter Parts, Metal Seeder/ Seed Hopper Lid MX []
$35 Bids: 0   John Deere Corn Planter Check Wire Stake
$30 Bids: 0   Vintage John Deere Corn Planter Part
$15 Bids: 0   4 Corn Planter Gear Plates Base Assembly Seed Rustic Cast Iron Steampunk YB
$40 Bids: 0   Cole Corn Pea Pumpkin Planter Fertilizer No 11 12 Owner's Manual & Parts List
$15 Bids: 0   John Deere Corn Planter Seed Hopper ~Part
$17 Bids: 0   1 Vintage Cast Iron JD Planter Plates, H, John Deere, Lot JA
$10 Bids: 0   John Deere Planter Seed Hopper Box - John Deere Flower Pot
$90 Bids: 0   1 Vintage Cast Iron John Deere JD Planter Plate HB
$7 Bids: 0   1 Vintage Cast Iron AC Planter Plate, , Allis-Chalmers, Lot KA
$20 Bids: 0   John Deere Liquid Insecticide Planter Sprayer Cabinet Box Corn Herbicide BA
$ Bids: 0   IH Single Disk Fertilizer Opener Assembly
$35 Bids: 0   IH 58 Corn Planter Wheel hub
$ Bids: 0   1 Vintage Cast Iron AC Planter Plate, , Allis-Chalmers, Lot KA
$13 Bids: 0   I.H, Planter Sprocket tooth Also fits John Deere 71 Planters
$22 Bids: 0   1 Vintage Cast Iron AC Planter Plate, , Allis-Chalmers, Lot C-D-E
$13 Bids: 0   NEW Lustran International IH Corn Planter Plates for Flat Seeds 68 & Later Case
$12 Bids: 0  
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TennesseeI am looking for a planter to seed a small garden. We will probably do less than an acre with a mix of sweet corn, green beans, and a pumpkin patch. The local tractor store said he could order a 2 row Cole for $ Does anybody here have any experience with these? Are they a good product? Could I do better for $?



AttachmentsCole.JPG (99KB - downloads)

NE IndianaI always see several rebuild JD 2 row plot planters for sale. and normally for under 2 grand. All they are is cut down larger planters with a simple transmission and drive wheel added

Franklinton, LAI think the Cole planter is based on some very old technology. However, Cole has been around for a very long time and this product should be more than adequate for your situation. You might want to check Covington planters for comparison. This company has also been in business for a very long time.

Hallsboro NCI don't know about the new ones but the old cole planters would plant dang near anything. unless you just really want a new one I would check craigslist and auctionzip about every farm in the south had a 1 or 2 row cole planter at some point.

Eastern North CarolinaThose planters will drop your seed as well as your fertilizer. Clean it up good and grease it when you are finished and it should last youn a thousand years Check Craigslist in your general area also, alot of planters this time of year.

A Deere 71 in my area

Edited by retento 4/7/

Jang seeder

OntarioWe used a Cole seeder years ago. I guess it worked okay for larger seeds. Spacing was all over the place. Not very accurate. We needed better singulation and spacing especially for small we upgraded to a Stanhay vacuum.

NW WashingtonIf you are going to want to seed small seeds like carrots you should look at another planter.

Jang seeder.

Manheim PACheck out Pequea planter in PA local to me . They will buy older larger John Deere planters and make them into 2, 3, and 4 row for the Amish

Pequea planter
White Horse Rd, Gap, PA

Western-Central Lower Michigan

Troy44deere - 4/7/

Check out Pequea planter in PA local to me . They will buy older larger John Deere planters and make them into 2, 3, and 4 row for the Amish

Pequea planter
White Horse Rd, Gap, PA

Ive heard between the Amish and the food plot deer guys, its hard to find a used small planter

Randolph Co NCYeah they good planters, I,ve got a 1 row planter it looks just like your photo except mine is orange, I've noticed sometimes when the grouind is a bit heavy and using the planter sometimes the seed opening will plug with dirt, then you gotta figure where that happened at

SW “Ohia”retento,

I sure would like to have that 71 planter. They are rare as hens teeth around here. Be better if it had dry fertilizer and markers though!

I've got a little one-row Brinly planter but only have a sweet corn plate for it. Brinly's were made by Cole but no parts are made for them anymore.

I think the cole planter will do what you want. I used one to plant okra and pelleted beets last fall using a sorghum plate I think and it worked fine. I will caution that depending on your ground it is kind of tricky to keep from pushing dirt with the gauge shoe. I think if I had tilled the day before and let the top grey off it wouldn't have been as much of an issue. I had to play with it to find the sweet spot of enough down pressure to keep the press wheel turning but carry it enough that it didn't plow.

I would rather have an IH plate type for the sweet corn and peas. You can buy blank plates and machine them down for an to plant pumpkins. I have heard you break a lot of seed doing it that way though. If you got a plate type or 71 JD, they made a plate specifically for pumpkins but I'm not sure they are still available. A finger pickup I have heard works good for pumpkins but you would need to switch to bean cups for peas and I am not sure how well finger pickups work for sweetcorn.

All in all I would rather have a planter with some type of gauge wheel over the Cole, and I think you can buy a darn nice 2 row of whatever color you fancy for less than what you are pricing a new cole at. If you could find a used one cheap it would be worth it, though.

Edit to add: Plates for the cole are fairly expensive new, but they come up on ebay pretty regular. I think I gave $45 for the plate I needed for the beets and okra, and you would have double the expense for each crop.


Edited by sweetcorn70 4/7/

Eastern North CarolinaAllis chalmers?? No till?

Southern NJI have two brand new planet jr. units that I found cleaning out an old barn. Still in the box with seed plates and instructions. All you need is a tool bar.

If your interested let me know. I also have some flex 71 units but shipping would be tough with those.
Email is good.

Edited by bonhammj 4/7/




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Mike, I would like to buy those. I sent you an email.


TennesseeThose sure look nice! I think I am needing the 12mx though for the bigger seed. A lot of good info on this subject. Thanks

Milan,MiRoeters Farm Equipment in Grant Michigan has a 2 row cole 12MX used list price at So maybe the new price isn't too bad.

Hopkinsville, KYThere are lots of good Deere planter units out there. Two will cost $. Then buy a drive wheel and bar. I bought a fence row and cut it down to a 4 row vac. I figured I have about $ in it and still have 8 row units left over.



AttachmentsIMG_JPG (KB - downloads)

The News Outside

Food Plotting

Sun, May 04,

This article is about reconditioned/reconfigured planters similar to the types that you see for sale on eBay, Craigslist, or from other vendors.  These planters are often smaller versions (2 to 4 row units) cut-down from larger farm planters.  Or maybe it is a complete 6 row unit that has been setting in the shed or outside for years that was given to you.

I have two such planters that I use for work.  Mine are both 2 row John Deere model planters that I use to plant corn, soybeans and sunflowers.  I have looked at, worked on, and have advised many people with the purchase of these type planters for plot work.  The modified John Deere / planter are the models that I typically see for sale here in Illinois as “food plotter” planters because these model planters were and still are very popular models amongst many farmers so there are lots of them around.  I love my reconfigured 2 row JD planters for they are rugged, precise (after I serviced them) and should provide a lifetime use.

A Fresh Paint Seems to be Standard
One thing that I typically see with these planters being sold as food plot planters, is that they most always have been given a new coat of paint and thus they look really great on the surface.  But keep in mind that beauty is only skin deep and that these planters were probably made from a larger planter that had a lot of acres of seed run through. But that does not mean these well used planters are bad.  Most of these planters are designed to have replaceable parts and can be made almost like new again fairly quickly and easily.  Also, please understand that I think the people who do the work to reconfigure these planters for us food plotters and sell them at very reasonable prices are providing a great service. 

If you are lucky, the planter you bought or are thinking of buying is one that was made from a well maintained planter and thus it will require only minimal service and it is ready to plant.  One of my planters was that type of planter, the other one was what I consider in fair to poor condition and needed some key parts replaced before I was going to plant with it.  Working on this planter to get it up to near new condition is what I have been doing the past 2 weeks during all the rainy weather and it the subject of this blog.

It is really that Important?
You may be thinking, hey this is just for food plotting, so who cares if it doesn’t plant perfect.  Well that may be true for crops such as soybeans in which planting depth and seeding rate and seed spacing is not that critical.  However, when it comes to crops such as corn and sunflowers it’s a different story.  Corn especially is very sensitive to planting depth, plant spacing, and plant population.  Corn is also typically the most expensive food plot crop that I plant because of the cost of seed and fertilizer inputs.  So when I have that much money invested up front, I want to know that my planter’s condition is not going to be limiting my ability to produce corn grain for my late season hunts. 
A real Example
Here’s a real example of what I am talking about that I observed last fall.  A friend asked me to help them with soil sampling and fertilizer recommendations because they were having trouble growing sunflowers and they thought the issues were due to poor fertility.  When I visited the field to pull soil samples, I immediately saw a serious problem with the standing sunflowers that was the result of a planter in poor condition.  What I saw was that the planter was dropping sunflower seeds in groups&#;as many as seeds in the same spot.  These plants could not produce very good seed heads because these plants were grouped so closely together and were in competition with each other for sunlight, water and nutrients.  The result was puny 3 foot tall plants with very little seed production.  When soil sample results came back, the fertility was pretty good and obviously not the issue&#;it was the planter.  When I looked at the planter, it was outfitted with finger-pick up seed meters, and the problem was most likely due to rusted internal parts which wouldn’t allow the finger pick up flags to close down all the way and/or worn out brushes, causing the dropping of multiple seeds.  End result was that a lot time, effort, and money invested and very little seed production.

Where do you start?
If you want to trouble shoot your planter for potential issues, I suggest starting with the owner’s manual—most are available online.  If you have one of the more popular models (i.e. JD /), do some Google searches for there are numerous online sources and videos available.  If you are in the market for a planter, knowing how a planter works, understanding the parts, and knowing how to trouble shoot for issues could save your hundreds of dollars in potential repairs.

Here are some pictures of just some of the repairs I made on my planter

Replacement of broken seed drop tubes and replacement of seed tube guards

Replaced one very worn out depth gauge wheels to prevent soil from back filling the seed trench before the seed is dropped.

Replaced one down pressure spring which was broken.  These springs keep the planter units in the ground and prevent them from bouncing, ensure proper seed spacing and seeding depth.

Replaced seeding rate transmission chain idler pulleys so the chains would run smoothly and not jump.

Replaced several parts inside the seed meters that I use to plant corn and sunflowers.  This included, new backing plates, new flags/fingers, new meter brushes(red circle area) and seed belts. This service I had done by a seed company agent who utilizes Precision Plantings parts and calibrates seed meters 

I could write a lot more on this subject but instead will provide some links which are very informative on troubleshooting and repairing planter issues







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