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    Cannot believe l bought a 3 & a 5 wood 8 years ago. Both still in the bag & put to good use. Performs excellently off the tee or from the fairway especially the rough. Great sound too!

  • By Charlie Smith

    This is a very easy club to hit off the fairway but you can get the 7 or 9 wood version for 30 quid off onlinegolf!

  • By mmelges

    Great 3 Wood - Solid Performer, really easy to hit, low set back weighting makes this club very forgiving and gives great distance, give one a try!

  • By carl3739

    i recently bought the v steel 5 wood and i must say i am over the moon with it,i was struggling with my driver and on the advice of a friend went and bought the v steel and the results have been fantastic,i am hitting nearly every fairway from the tee and getting the ball to carry around 240-250 yds as well as getting great distance and accuracy from the fairway,needless to say my next investment will be the 3 wood.....to sum it up,what a club,i would say a must buy for mid to high handicappers like myself!!!

  • By Anonymous

    I bought this a while ago, and after trying numerous 3wood this is by far the best, most forgiving and longest.

  • By Anonymous

    I bought this a while ago, and after trying numerous 3wood this is bar far the best, most forgiving and longest.

  • By Anonymous

    I bought this a while ago, and after trying numerous 3wood this is bar far the best, most forgiving and longest.

  • By Anonymous

    The V Steel is great. Never hit a 3 wood like it, now saving up for the 5 wood to match

  • By Anonymous

    Great 3 wood that delivers excellent performance off the tee and the fairway. The trajectory is perfect and the feel of the club is great!

  • By Anonymous

    Got this 3 wood a while back but it was great so easy off the fairway. I also love the sound it makes when you hit it sweet.

  • By Anonymous

    checked it out at Direct Golf.Out performed the r7 3 wood,adams 3wood and king cobra 3wood.Now it's in my bag.

Sours: https://www.todaysgolfer.co.uk/equipment/golf-clubs/fairway-woods/taylormade/v-steel/taylormade-v-steel/

This cheap old 7 wood is a Cool Golf Thing

Golfers are nostalgic by nature. Countless 19th-hole stories begin, "Man, remember when..." And while equipment companies would prefer you be convinced to a neurotic degree that none but the newest weaponry could possibly permit your best golf, we know that the shelf life of a trusty club is longer than even the most modest company's product cycle.

I've had a TaylorMade V-Steel 7 wood in my bag for at least a decade now. I got it for a song - $69 brand-new, but already several years out of date on an out-of-the-way Clearance rack at the long-gone Golf Dimensions in Myrtle Beach. That mom-and-pop operation died a slow, sad death, but in its day I preferred it to the flashier Martin's, now PGA Tour Superstore. Its almost total lack of decoration gave it a warehouse look, which made you feel like you were getting a deal (and you usually were). The sales staff should've worn trench coats.

If I'd paid, say, $99 for the club, it would have been out of my bag long ago, but the knowledge of the deal I got for it has eased my mind anytime I've addressed a shot with it. With simple looks, its sharp leading edge has made it better out of the rough and, therefore, more versatile than any hybrid I've ever dallied with, and I feel confident using it for most any shot from 200 to 215 yards or so. I can even hit it low if I need to. Sure, I hit plenty of bad shots with it (as I do with the other clubs in my bag), but they don't cost as much as they otherwise might.

Do you have a trusty old club in your bag? Write it a love letter/limerick/haiku in the comments.

Sours: https://www.golfpass.com/travel-advisor/articles/cool-golf-thing-taylormade-v-steel-7-wood
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January 9, 2020 – The revolutionary SIM drivers of TaylorMade Golf, presented this week, are also accompanied by SIM fairway woods and Rescues from the same spectacular family of golf clubs.

The iconic V Steel design has been reinvented with the new SIM family of fairway metals. Advanced shaping combines with a V Steel sole to improve turf interaction and playability from various lies.

A more rounded leading edge improves the club’s initial contact with the turf, while the V Steel sole further raises heel and toe sections of the sole away from the ground and improves versatility. These design features combine to significantly reduce turf contact area in SIM, SIM Max and SIM Max-D fairways, reducing ground friction which can positively influence both clubhead speed and ball speed.

Matching the aesthetics of the SIM driver family, the chromium carbon crown and contrasting chalk white colour help frame the ball at address and improve alignment.


The SIM fairway is a 180cc titanium head that combines a lightweight carbon construction with a revolutionary new ZATECH titanium face and a heavy 80g steel sole weight. The strategically positioned weight creates an extremely low CG that allows for increased ball speed, higher launch and improved forgiveness on low-face hits.

The ZATECH Titanium face is a breakthrough in materials technology that enables TaylorMade engineers to push the limits of speed in a titanium fairway wood. It’s the first time TaylorMade has used this rare and ultra-strong material in the construction of a metalwood. The ZATECH titanium is made in small batches using a unique process that allows engineers to improve the strength of the face while maintaining a high level of ductility. The SIM titanium fairway is engineered for crazy distance with adjustability through the Loft Sleeve.


The 185cc SIM Max steel fairway woods are constructed using strong and durable C300 face material. Also featuring the reinvented V Steel for exceptional versatility from all lies, the SIM Max is designed for higher launch and peak trajectories, with extremely long distance and improved playability.


The oversized 190cc SIM Max-D has been optimised for forgiveness and golfers seeking a draw-bias design. Like SIM drivers, the fairway woods feature progressive head sizes to provide greater forgiveness to the players who need it the most.

“For many golfers V Steel will trigger memories of an iconic product we released more than a decade ago. As we reviewed the research used to develop the original technology, we discovered a massive benefit to having a fairway metal with significantly less turf drag through impact”.

“By pairing V Steel with our technologically advanced materials, we’ve created fairways that are extremely playable, forgiving and provide explosive distance”, says Tomo Bystedt, TaylorMade’s Senior Director of Product Creation.

Twist Face

TaylorMade introduced Twist Face to its fairway metal lineup in 2019 and has carried the revolutionary technology into each SIM offering. Like the SIM drivers, the faces have been modified to counteract the gear effect on common mis-hits in the high-toe and low-heel. Although the concept is the same as in the driver, the exact geometry is slightly different to account for the unique mass properties and impact location patterns in fairway woods compared to drivers.

Speed ​​Pocket

The Speed Pocket in SIM fairways has been engineered to provide increased ball speed to the entire face while improving forgiveness on low-face impacts. A slot insert has also been designed to sit flush with the sole to improve sole interaction and eliminate turf drag from the Speed Pocket, aligning with the performance goals of V Steel.

SIM, SIM Max and SIM Max-D fairways will be available for preorder on January 10 and at retail on February 7, 2020.

  • SIM will be offered in Rocket 3/14°, 3/15° and 5/19° lofts. It will be offered in the Mitsubishi Diamana FW Limited 75 stock shaft, with numerous additional shaft options available at no additional cost. It comes stock with the new Golf Pride Z-Grip (47g). RRP: 419€.
  • SIM Max will be offered in lofts of Rocket 3/14°, 3/15°, 5/18°, 7/21° and 9/24°. Shaft offerings include Fujikura Ventus Blue FW 5 (R and A flexes) and Ventus Blue FW 6 (S and X flexes), with additional custom shaft options available at no additional cost. RRP: 299€.
  • SIM Max-D will be offered in lofts of 3/16°, 5/19° and 7/22°. UST Mamiya’s Helium FW is the stock shaft offering with numerous custom options available at no additional cost. Both models also come stock with the new Golf Pride Z-Grip (47g). RRP: 299€.
  • Women’s offerings for SIM Max and SIM Max-D fairways include the Aldila NV Ladies 45 shaft and the Lamkin Ladies Sonar grip (38g). RRP: 299€.

SIM Max Rescue

As a long-iron replacement, it’s imperative that hybrids be versatile and playable in all conditions. That’s why TaylorMade has incorporated V Steel technology into a hybrid for the first time in the company’s history with SIM Max Rescue. The clubhead is engineered to deliver improved turf interaction and reduced friction when playing from various lies. A reshaped leading edge works in conjunction with V Steel to further improve playability and strike conditions.

Designers rounded the toe and adjusted the face angle to give SIM Max Rescue a more confidence-inspiring shape at address for all levels of golfers. It utilises the same C300 Steel face used in the SIM Max fairway woods to help improve ball speed, durability and overall performance. The corrective technologies of Twist Face and Speed Pocket offer improved performance and forgiveness on mis-hits on the toe, heel and low on the face.

  • The SIM Max Rescue will be available for preorder on January 10 and at retail on February 7, 2020.It will be offered in the Fujikura Ventus Blue stock shaft, with numerous custom shaft options available at no additional cost. It comes stock with the Lamkin’s Crossline 360 grip (47g). Women’s offerings include the Aldila NV Ladies 45 shaft and the Lamkin Ladies Sonar grip (38g). RRP: 249€.
Sours: https://www.mygolfway.com/en/taylormade-golf-reinvention-of-the-iconic-v-steel-design-with-the-new-sim-sim-max-and-sim-max-d-fairway-woods/

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V steel taylormade

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TaylorMade V Steel Fairway - Golf Club Review

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