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How to create an Uber clone app?

How to create an Uber clone app?

Have you heard about Uber? It is one of the most outstanding app success stories we have around today. But this article is not about Uber, it is about you. How about you creating the next multi-billion-dollar taxi app? Don’t be scared, it is possible, and we will show you how to go about creating an app like Uber.


How to make an app like Uber?

This article is a practical guide on how to create an app like Uber.  It summarizes our experience of over 10 years in application development. If you follow this guide carefully, you can save lots of money and headache while developing an app like Uber.

Uber is one of the pioneers of taxi booking apps. The success of Uber inspired many other businesses to create similar apps. However, Uber remains the leader in that sector. The app was able to stay on top because of the simplicity and the convenience that users enjoy. This guide outlines how you can make an app like Uber. It also points out how other digital service providers in the sharing economy can elevate their business by taking a cue from Uber.

Below are the key points to know when developing an app like Uber:

  1. Creating an MVP is the first step.
  2. Don’t rush into coding.
  3. Create a functional prototype first.
  4. Essential strategies for app development
  5. Technology stacks and other intricacies of app development.
  6. The Admin backend and user frontend features of an app like Uber.
  7. Creating an app like Uber within budget.
  8. Generating revenue from apps like Uber

Before we proceed, bear in mind that the goal of this project is not just to create an uber clone, feature-for-feature. The aim is to include innovations that will give your app platform an edge over Uber.

An Overview of Uber

Let’s take an in-depth look at Uber and how it operates. This approach will give us an overview of what the development project entails.  Let’s look at how Uber was able to gain a substantial share of the passenger taxi industry.

Uber is an excellent reflection of consumer’s disposition to affordable transportation.  Within the first quarter of 2019, Uber had declared revenue of USD 16 billion. This figure reflects the fact that Uber is taking over the transport business globally in spite of the competition from other transport app service providers.  Recent stats show that Uber is available in over 500 cities drawn from 60 nations of the world.

The brains behind this project are Garett Camp, Travis Kalanick, and a couple of friends. This first version of the app was on the iOS platform. Just within six months, the platform has garnered over 6,000 users and completed 20,000 rides. The success did not come overnight. The company hosted a couple of tech events and sponsored test rides in San Francisco, a tech-savvy city that readily embraces technology that makes life easier.

At this time, the Uber app is available on iOS and Android. It provides a simple way for users to commute without hassles, anytime, anywhere.  At present, Uber handles over 10 million rides per day, and the userbase has snowballed to over 50 million users all over the world.

How Does Uber Work?

The Uber app is central to the services of the platform. The app handles trip requests, connects with the available driver, verifies both driver and passenger locations, and settles the payment after the trip. To aid your understanding of how to create an app like Uber, let’s analyze the steps required to complete an Uber ride.

  • Step 1: Create a trip request by choosing a pick-up point and drop-off location. The user can also check the fare and specify the type of car preferred for the ride.
  • Step 2: The user is required to verify the pickup location and other data supplied.
  • Step 3: The App locates the Uber driver nearby. The driver can choose to accept the trip request or decline. The app would pass the request to the next available driver if the first driver declined.
  • Step 4: The user is required to add a mode of payment to the platform before initiating a trip request. The platform accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, Android Pay, Apple Pay. Users can choose their default mode of payment.
  • Step 5: Uber has an internal rating system that allocated a score to each trip that a driver handle. This rating allows the passenger to select the drivers they prefer.

The mode of computing trip fares is quite simple and effective. It takes both time and distance into consideration for every trip.  The app charges the passenger per minute if the car moves slower than 16KM per hour.  At a higher speed, the passenger is charged for the distance covered.

How to Replicate the Features in Uber

Let’s take a closer look at the features we would like to replicate in the Uber app. Essentially, the uber app is more like three apps in one.  It has an admin panel for managing the business, an app for passengers, and another app for drivers. All these three app modules work together to make a successful Uber trip.

However, your app must have a landing page. This is where both drivers and passengers interested in your service will sign up. We have listed all the features that need to be in your Uber-like app. These features are separated into Passenger, Driver, and Admin features.

The Importance of UI and UX

Many app developers go straight into coding, this is not the right approach. It is best to first develop a prototype before you start messing up with codes. It will save you lots of money on development costs.  Developing an app like Uber requires intricate planning that goes beyond the technical aspects and business concerns.  You also have to focus on UI/UX. You must build an attractive and functional interface for the app users. So, it is best to focus on perfecting the UI/UX before working with codes.  Here are a few guidelines to follow:

Mobile App Design Steps

  1. User-friendly interface and experience are crucial
  2. The visual elements and graphics must be elegant and attractive.
  3. The taxi booking procedure should flow seamlessly.

This article below will guide you through the steps required to create a successful app. How to make an app? 13 steps for a successful application

User a Uber Clone App Template

Make sure you use templates to accelerate development and avoid recreating the wheel. 

Uber Clone App Template

The App Platform

In your quest to develop an app like Uber, you should focus on building the app for a single platform for a start.  This approach will save you loads of cash and expedite your apps speed to market.  You can use a hybrid (cross-platform) development approach with a Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS) to launch your MVP in record time.

Here is the summary.

  1. Select between iOS and Android
  2. Use a hybrid development approach
  3. Use an MBaaS

Uber Passenger Features of Uber

The passenger feature of the app must have the following functions.

  • Registration: The user should be able to sign up with their email or social login to use the app. Phone verification shall be a vital part of the registration procedure.
  • Book a Taxi: The user should be able to book a taxi by entering the pick-up and drop-off address and select a preferred car type.
  • Driver Tracker: the passenger should be able to track the movement of the driver through the integrated map of the app.
  • The Fare Calculator: The passenger should be able to view the bill of the taxi ride before starting the journey. This task can be a bit complicated for the backend team.
  • Mode of Payment: Allows the passenger to make digital payment through PayPal, credit cards, and other channels.
  • Push Notification: Sends updates to the passenger regarding the booking status, arrival time, exclusive deals, discounts, and other vital information.
  • The Review System: Enables the passenger to rate the service of a driver at the end of the ride.
  • Messaging: Allows the passenger to communicate with the driver from within the application interface.
  • Usage History: Displays the history of rides, payment history, and other app usage statistics.
  • Customer Support: Allows the passenger to seek help from customer service when there are challenges.

You can have the following features in the pipeline. Implement them in future versions as the app continues to mature. These features will enhance the user experience.

  • The driver automatically discovers the passenger’s location and sets it as the pick-up location.
  • Allow the user the option to cancel a ride after a specific time of placing an order for a trip.
  • A feature that allows the passenger to check the position of all nearby cabs within the app.
  • Splitting the payment for a taxi ride among a group of friends that board the ride.
  • Schedule a ride on the app by simply selecting the time and location of departure.
  • Using voice command to book a ride on the app platform.
  • Add a panic button inside the app to make the platform safer for all users.
  • A feature that allows a passenger to book a taxi ride for friends and family members.

Uber Driver-Related Features

Some of the functions that you’ve created for the passenger application can be reused for the driver app. Services such as messaging and push notifications, login functions, and access to support are useful for drivers as well.  Moreover, the development structure remains the same for both apps.

Below are the features which are peculiar for drivers on the platform.

  1. Profile and Status: It is crucial to verify the details of every driver on your platform. Administrators should crosscheck vehicle papers, driving license, insurance, and other documents. The status of the profile shall show if the driver is available or on a trip.
  2. Trip Alert: The trip alert comes to play when the app selects a driver to handle a trip that a customer booked.  The driver should have the option to accept or decline the order depending on the prevailing condition, such as destination.
  3. Navigation: The navigation function is useful for mapping the fastest route to the destination of the passenger. The map can also be used to choose the best path, depending on traffic conditions.
  4. Delivery Stat: it is also essential to add driver statistics into the app. Information such as the completed trip and earning can be calculated and reports generated.

Here are other advanced features you can include inside your taxi app.

  1. Preferred Destination: This feature allows the user to select a favorite destination. Such drivers will receive more orders for the chosen destination.
  2. Rewards: This option offers rewards to drivers that achieve specific benchmarks such as customer ratings, number of completed trips per month, and the likes.
  3. Waiting Time: Waiting time is essential to deter later arrivals for pickup. This feature should charge additional fares for passengers that fail to meet up with the driver after a specific timeframe.
  4. Forward Dispatch: the driver can accept additional trip assignments even before completing the current trip. This feature allows drivers to optimize their workflow.

The Admin Panel for Platform Administration.

The admin panel is an essential part of an app like Uber. It is used to manage and control the transactions between passengers and drivers. This feature is more like the control room of the entire taxi-hailing platform.  Below are the high-level functions that your Uber-like app should have.

  • Features for passenger and driver management.
  • Administering locations and fares.
  • Driver ratings and passenger reviews.
  • Notification management.
  • Booking management.
  • Vehicles administration.
  • Support functions for platform users.
  • FAQ, and Knowledgebase.
  • Content Management System.
  • Integration of platform Analytics.
  • Driver order and payoff reviews.
  • Coupons, discounts, and promotion management.

You will find Backend-as-a-Service useful for developing the Admin panel of the app.  You will save lots of time and won’t have to reinvent the wheel. Check here for details on how to manage your business? 

The Technologies You Need for Building the App.

Besides knowing the features and functions that your Uber-like app should have, there is the technical aspect of the project to deal with. In this part of the article, we shall discuss the technical requirements for building an app like Uber.


If you want to create an app like Uber, you must leverage Geolocation technology since navigation and mapping technologies are integral parts of geolocation.

Here are some of the functions of geolocation:

  1. Identify the location of the user device through the Google API locators and CoreLocation framework for Android and iOS devices, respectively.
  2. Google Maps can be used to implement maps for both Android and iOS. You can also buy map services from other mapping application providers.
  3. MapKit and Google Maps APIs can be used to provide precise directions for drivers on iOS and Android users, respectively.

Push Notifications

After you have completed the tasks related to geolocation, the next step is to tackle Push Notifications and in-app messaging.  Reliable communication between the drivers and passengers is essential throughout all the stages required to hire a taxi. Besides, each party needs to be informed immediately after booking, acceptance, or cancellation of an order. That is why notification is crucial.

Although the procedure of coding for geolocation and push-notifications are complicated, you can implement both quickly by using Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS.)  All the two functions are integral parts of BaaS platforms. So, the tasks of coding will be reduced significantly.

SMS Features

You can also elevate communication on your app platform by integrating SMS messaging features also. This is important in scenarios where the user might miss important notifications due to erratic internet connectivity. SMS will serve as an efficient backup media for notifying clients. Services you can use to accomplish SMS notifications include Twilio and many others.

Payment integration

The next important aspect that the development team must handle is the integration of a payment gateway. You should consider accepting all major credit cards in addition to other payment options such as PayPal. However, there are some policies you need to implement within your app because your app will be handling financial transactions. The policies differ slightly from one nation to the other. So, make sure you do your homework while integrating payment gateways into your app.

The Case Studies of Apps Like Uber

It is important not to focus on cloning the Uber app if you want to achieve the same success as Uber. Such business tactics will not yield positive results. Instead, you should make an app that adds value to the lives of people. You can start by creating a local taxi-hailing service that unites individual drivers under one umbrella. After succeeding, you can expand the scope of your operations.

Do you know that Uber has launched its own API? This is good news for those that want to use Uber’s model in another industry altogether.  For instance, you can create an app like Uber in the following sectors.

  • Provision of healthcare services.
  • Home-service beauty care.
  • Food and grocery delivery service.
  • Transport services.
  • Online shopping delivery service.
  • Home repair and cleaning services.

Find a Software Development Company

Need developers to create your Uber-like app? Please find below a comprehensive list of curated software development companies.

Software Development Companies

A Final Word

Here is the summary of recommendations for creating a taxi-hailing service like Uber.

  • Create your MVP
  • Determine the crucial feature that your app needs.
  • Streamline the demography your app needs to focus on.
  • Make sure there is a demand for your market.
  • Start by focusing on a niche market because Uber has taken over the general market.
  • Hire reputable developers to create the app. See our recommended list of development companies here.
  • Collect user feedback and the information for continued development to make app successful

One of the factors that make Uber successful is that the company is a pioneer of the taxi-hailing service. Moreover, it is the company that first implemented such a business model on a global scale. At this stage, there is a need for innovation to be successful in the industry. You need to offer a unique service that adds value to your target audience.  That is how to achieve the type of success Uber is enjoying.

General FAQ

How to create an app like Uber?

1 – Start with an MVP as the first step.
2 – Don’t rush into coding.
3 – Create a functional prototype first.
4 – Define the strategies for app development
5 – Define the technology stacks
6 – Code the admin backend and user frontend features
7 – Monitor your budget closely
8 – Start generating revenue

What are the Uber app passenger features?

The main features are:
– Registration
– Book a Taxi:
– Driver Tracker
– Payment
– The Review System
– Messaging
– Usage History:
– Customer Support

What are the Uber app driver features?

The main features are:
– Profile and Status
– Trip Alert
– Navigation
– Delivery Statistics

What are the Uber app must have features?

– Geolocation
– Push-Notifications
– Payment System
– SMS Notification

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A Complete Clone of UBER with User App , Driver App , Backend and 100% plugins with full code.

  • 100% Native Android Studio Code with Full backend and Node.js-Mongo DB Plugins along with detail documentation of installation .
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  • Free installation with extended lieasence .
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A complete guide for Installation.

Clean UI

Easy to use Sign in / Sign up and Forgot password screen with clean UI

Booking Interface

Quick Booking Interface with Google API Integration for auto complete .

Google API

Calculation of approx. tariff on the basis of Google api between 2 location’s .

Taxi Types

Support easy to add taxi types from backend CMS .         

Tarrif Rates

Support Day and Night different tarrif rates for taxi’s.


Support Cancellation of order any time if Driver is not assigned.

Registration Steps

Complete Registration form with 3 steps and has covered major fields by taking into account all security measure’s for Driver and Users .

Easy to Use

Easy to use Login and Forgot password screen with clean UI.                                                                                                   

Driver Status

Driver has an option to set his status available for drive or busy . Available status driver only will be assigned with JOB .

Chat App

Develop & Designed

App comes packed with lots of great features and is all replaced most of feature's of Whatsapp

Saloon Booking

Develop & Designed USING NATIVE - Support IOS & ANDROID

App meant for stylish and user can book then online.

3D Viewing App

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app useful to show 360 3d view like interior, exterior etc and walkthrough inside and outside.

Quizing App

Develop & Designed for IOS & ANDROID

Compatible for iphone ,ipad and android devices and tablets. 100% white label code .


Driver can be tracked live using socket.io.


Easy to localised and build-in internalisation.

Push message

Integration of Push message when driver reaches your destination , Journey begins etc.

Auto Assign

Support Later Booking and Auto assign “Nearest Driver” for the booking.

Reviews and Rating's

User's can Rate Driver's and Driver's can Rate User's after completion of trip.

Driver Tracking

Nearest available driver can be tracked and assigned a job 15 min prior booking.

Driver Searching

“5” Attempt to find driver will be done and if no driver are found the job is marked as cancelled .

Push message

Cancelled job is notified to user via Push messages and also to Admin via Email.

Device Beeping

Driver device will start beeping when new job is arrived .

Work History

Driver can view statics of work history with Filters .

Code & Architure

Comes with 100% Live code and architure .

60 Second Timer

Driver has 60 sec to accept the job . If he declines or didn’t take any action , this job will be passed to next nearest available driver .

Geospatial Queries

Nearest Driver can be calculated using Geospatial Queries and implemented on MongoDB using socket.io message exchanges.

Driver Tracking

Intuitive and Clean Dashboard with Statics.

Driver Searching

Stylish Timeline View to show recent booking’s.

Currency Option

Option to change currency from CMS.

User Active/In-active

Feature to View User’s and option to active / in-active.

Driver Active/In-active

View all Drivers and option to active / in-active them.

Fix Price & Deal

Option to Add Fix price job and deal’s for incity tours .

Dummy User Inactive

View flagged user who just makes dummy booking and cancel them and option to inactive them .

Drivers Warn / Inactive

View Flagged Drivers who are not accepting jobs available to them and option to inactive or warn them.

View & Assign Booking

Feature to View Booking and Assign Driver for the booking from CMS .

Quick Contact

Email : [email protected]

Cell : +91- 8780784484

What's App : +91- 8866045386

Skype : rupenm

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Flutter uber clone with backend and driver app | Flutter Taxi app

Start Your Ride-Hailing App Like Uber Taxi With Our 100% Multi-Tested Uber Clone Script

Uber Clone Script is a finished source code for a ride-hailing taxi app with every one of the inbuilt highlights and functionalities like the Uber Taxi app. Our Uber Clone script assists with dispatching your taxi bookings apps like Uber Taxi and business visionaries can launch their taxi booking app like Uber.

Famous Highlights of Uber Taxi Clone Script

  • Prepared to-advertise arrangement
  • 100% Without bug
  • Backing on the two iOS and Android stages
  • Multi-area Backing (multi-city)
  • Area Live Following
  • Easy to use UI/UX
  • Various Installment choices
  • Programmed Charge Assessment
  • In-App Pop-up messages
  • Timetable Booking
  • Google Guide Route
  • Evaluations and Audits
  • Lower Client Holding up Time

Here we will examine the famous UberTaxi app and the advantages of beginning one such taxi booking app like UberTaxi.

Uber Taxi - A Short Outline

Uber Advances, Inc., by and large, perceived as Uber, is begun in San Francisco, America and It offers administrations like ride-hailing, food conveyance (Uber Eats), bundle conveyance, messengers, cargo transportation, and mechanized bike rental. Uber is accessible in more than 900 metropolitan regions around the world. Uber has 93 million month to month dynamic clients universally and it holds 71 % ride-sharing and 22% piece of the pie for food conveyance in the US.

Why Start a Taxi Booking App like Uber Taxi?

Customary organizations are moving into the on-request economy to support their business speciality. Individuals are partial to utilizing on-request benefits accessible calm. Because of the expanded utilization of cell phones among individuals, they have begun utilizing the on-request app to book the taxi, requesting food, and so forth Thusly, the on-request economy is filling dramatically ahead of time contending on their business speciality.

Uber would be a huge organization among other on-request apps in worldwide business sectors in ride-hailing administrations.

In 2017, the worth of the taxi booking app market was near $ 36,000 million, which is relied upon to ascend at a CAGR of 16.5 per cent by 2025, taking the figures up to $ 126,521 million.

Uber has achieved the statures of accomplishment in under 10 years and as of now has a market worth of USD 72 billion. As per the Report of measurements, it is assessed that around 110 million clients effectively utilized Uber every month in 2019. Uber has been the biggest ride-sharing app with around 45,000 drivers and 3.5 million riders in the assembled realm.

How to begin a Taxi Booking App like Uber Taxi?

To begin a Ride-hailing App like Uber Taxi one ought to have solid information on the on-request business market and their systems to support the business speciality.

Uber Taxi App can be created without any preparation or utilizing a readymade script accessible at business sectors. Creating without any preparation isn’t excessively simple, as you need to do hands-on work to investigate the current ones, client requests, and plan as indicated by the examination.

While on account of the readymade script it is not difficult to begin as instant scripts are created by specialists from all around presumed On-request App advancement organizations who have top to bottom information in creating and dispatching a Taxi booking app like Uber Taxi. Another key to progress for a taxi app arrangement is a dependable tech accomplice - an app improvement organization that has a deep understanding of taxi app advancement and related advances.

Here you have arrived at the opportune spot to begin your fantasy business,

Uber Taxi Clone App Improvement Organization

We Turnkey Town a main on-request app improvement organization offers UberTaxi Clone Script, to dispatch your stylish ride-hailing app like Uber right away with instinctive UX/UI at a reasonable expense.

You can begin a Ride-hailing app like Uber Taxi with Our readymade UberTaxi Clone Script that has every one of the alive highlights and functionalities like UberTaxi App. Our uber taxi clone App is accessible in both Android and iOS applications to improve your business to a more broad degree. Our UberTaxi clone Script accompanies an all-around planned consistent interface for the two Riders and Drivers. Our script can be modified by the business requests.

Elite Highlights of Our Uber Taxi Clone App Script

Rider Board

In-App talk

Clients can talk with the driver in the wake of affirming the booking and the Rider and Driver can message each other through an in-app visit.

Transportation Classifications

The riders can look, find, and book the necessary vehicle as indicated by their requests and the accessibility of the vehicle. the choice might be hatchback, car, small scale, or SUV.


The rider gets an OTP message once in the wake of affirming the booking and it must be imparted to the driver on beginning the ride.

Lease A Vehicle

The rider can book the vehicle as indicated by their requests like an hourly or entire day as a solitary booking bypassing various bookings.

Outstation Bundles

The Rider can book the taxi for Outstation stumbles on the accessible bundles as per their prerequisites.

Live Following

The rider gets the specific area of the relegated drivers with the driver’s contact number, vehicle number.

Driver Board

Driver Detail Approval

The driver needs to outfit the Id confirmation, Permit, Reg no to the administrator and checked for beginning on the App to get the rides.

In-App Talk

The driver gets the client subtleties like name, contact number for affirmed rides to connect with the riders for simple pickup.

Acknowledge/Reject Ride

The driver has the choice to acknowledge or dismiss the rides as per the driver’s accommodation within a couple of moments.


The drivers can see the compensation writes about a day by day, month to month, and week by week premise, including every single essential detail and instalment techniques.

Driver’s Numerous Movements

The driver can profit from administration in Day and Night shifts as indicated by their solace.

Driver’s Accessibility

A driver can change their accessibility (On/Off) whenever inside the app as per the driver’s comfort.

Administrator Board

Income The executives

The Administrator can follow the profit on a day by day, week by week, and month to month premise of the income.

Assignments Overseer

The administrator can allow undertakings to different errand overseers to perform indicated works according to their doled out assignments.

Exchange Director

This assists with getting every one of the subtleties of excursions involving admission, driver, and rider subtleties.

Driver Record Affirmation

The administrator will affirm the papers transferred by the driver.


Administrator ready to follow all reports and exchanges every day with cutting edge channel choices to get the subtleties.

Wallet Controller

The administrator can deal with all exchanges utilizing a wallet.

Why pick Turnkey Town for Uber Taxi Clone App improvement?

Turnkey Town, a main On-request app advancement organization has a dexterous group of engineers aptitude in building up a shocking ride-hailing app like UberTaxi. We furnish a Uber Clone app with a restrictive plan, in vogue highlights, and advanced capacities that catch the client’s eye and improve the change proportion.

  • 13 Years of Aptitude
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If you are in beginning a ride-hailing app like Uber Taxi, at that point get free counsel from our specialists.

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