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Mono Green Food Standard Deck Guide

Aren’t you guys hungry for some guides, like I am? Well fret not, dear people, Papa Sorq has got something delicious for you that fits the theme: Mono-Green Food! This deck has impressed me quite a bit because the cards don’t look super strong on paper but it does have some good matchups into popular decks (most notably Rogues and Gruul).

Without further ado, let’s get started!


Mono Green Food by Sorquixe &#; November Season


Planeswalkers (3)


Vivien, Monsters' Advocate

Creatures (24)
Artifacts (2)
Enchantments (8)
Lands (21)

Cards (60)

This midrange deck is trying to be a ramp a little bit as well; Wolfwillow Haven, Gilded Goose and Tangled Florahedron are your early starts to get your important spells out earlier. I want to point out that this is one of the few decks where the Goose is good in: If you try to play this in normal ramp shells you will get disappointed pretty quickly, but if you got something to do with the excess Food tokens this becomes one of your best cards.

Wicked Wolf helps you get board control so you can protect your Vivien and Feasting Troll King is your hard-to-kill top end. I want to point out that while this deck may not be tier 1, it’s very fun to play and has game against practically everything, including some of the best decks in the format (I’ll mention the specifics later under “sideboard guide”). That’s due to the nature of midrange decks and this one in particular, as you can out grind a lot of opponents with the help of Trail of Crumbs while Wicked Wolf and the Food tokens help you against aggressive decks while being almost impossible to answer.

Card Choice Explanations: Main Deck

Wicked Wolf

4 Gilded Goose: This card, as explained, is insane in this deck. If you remember the times when Oko, Thief of Crowns was still legal, you should know how powerful this can be when you actually have something to do with your Food tokens other than ramping once. This enables Wicked Wolf and Trail of Crumbs while ramping you, basically everything that you need in this deck. I hate that this dies to Bonecrusher Giant and everyone and their mother is playing that card right now &#; but it’s still a one mana threat that will at least leave a Food behind if they kill it.

It’s also part of your perfect draw where you play this card on turn 1 into Trail of Crumbs and then you can start generating card advantage basically for free. Do not keep card in your hand in an attempt to dodge Bonecrusher Giant or something like that. You need it.

2 Ram Through: Two copies doesn’t seem like much but remember that we still have Wicked Wolf to control the board, and with the size of our creatures we force our opponents to react to our game plan anyway. You need some amount of removal, but I hate playing too many non-creatures or non-permanents with Trail of Crumbs, The Great Henge and Vivien, Monsters’ Advocate. It’s also that kind of removal that requires you to have some bigger creatures already, which means that’s not early game removal even though it costs only two mana. Because of that, I am only playing two in the main.

3 Scavenging Ooze: I think this is my 5th or something guide that includes Scavenging Ooze, so you should already know that this card is just great. Short version: This is one of the best two-drops that was ever printed in Magic, period, and it’s well positioned in the metagame against Dimir Rogues and Rakdos Kroxa. Three copies should be more than enough since you’re going to find additional cards with Trail of Crumbs and it’s a card that’s better a bit later on in the game anyway.

4 Tangled Florahedron: The original list (by Kvartek) did not play this, but I have good reasons. First of all, I wanted additional ramp cards to get going. Second, this allows us to play more creatures because we can swap these with lands. Because of that, The Great Henge gets monumentally better! Usually 2 mana mana dorks aren’t great because unless you’re curving out with them early, they do practically nothing later. Florahedron is a Modal-Double-Faced-Card, but it’s still bad in the late game. With the Great Henge out this will instead turn into a cantrip when it should be useless and that makes it so much more exciting! You also sort of “oversaturate” your opponent’s Bonecrusher Giant, where it will become much less likely that they have one for this when they already used one on Gilded Goose. I’ll explain a bit more about the Henge later.

4 Trail of Crumbs: This is one of your grindy pieces, but this one is much harder to interact with because it’s much cheaper than something like Vivien for example and it has the enchantment type which naturally dodges a lot more removal cards. This is insane with Gilded Goose on turn 1, as already mentioned, and it’s also amazing when you get Feasting Troll King back from the graveyard. This card is integral to the deck, so I would highly recommend you to play all 4.

4 Wolfwillow Haven: This is a ramp piece that doesn’t get hit by Bonecrusher Giant, making it 12 ramp pieces to work with. It’s not a creature so it doesn’t work well with Vivien and the Great Henge, so I don’t like that, but it’s also a permanent that you can sacrifice to your opponent’s Doom Foretold, which is pretty popular right now. You could maybe shave 1 or 2 if you wanted, but I like having the security of practically drawing ramp every game that I play.

2 Kazandu Mammoth: We can replace these with basics, so this will make it less likely to flood as well as screwing. It’s not super good in this deck otherwise because beating early is not really our game plan, but it’s awesome to have lands that work with The Great Henge. I would play all four copies if it wasn’t for the Tangled Florahedron&#;s and I don’t want to have too many more tapped lands.

2 Thrashing Brontodon: I played two more Mammoth’s in this spot, but Bronto-Dad and Gemrazer is actually pretty good right now! It’s a big body that blocks well against Gruul and for the simple price of only 1 more mana you get to disable their massive Embercleave turns! It also has applications against the Doom Foretold + Elspeth Conquers Death decks as well. The reason why this is amazing is the fact that it is an enchantment + artifact hate card that you can draw off Trail of Crumbs or Vivien; and it cantrips you with the Henge out.

4 Wicked Wolf: This is easily one of the strongest cards in the deck and some decks are just not able to beat this when you have this on the battlefield with some Food tokens out. The fact that you control the board easily with this is one thing &#; but the other thing is that you can eat Food without tapping mana, making Trail of Crumbs easy to use. That card might be the main reason to play Food, so it’s an easy full inclusion.

1 Elder Gargaroth: Well, first of all, this is just a strong card, but you already knew that. When it enters the battlefield and survives you’re pretty much winning and it’s a huge wall against aggressive decks. The other reason is that you can easily fish this out of your deck when you use your -2 ability on Vivien after casting Feasting Troll King and that’s just such an unbelievable board swing.

3 Vivien, Monsters&#; Advocate

Long story: I’ve never seen Vivien be so good in a deck like in this one. If you use the -2 after casting a Troll King and getting Wicked Wolf and Elder Gargaroth into play you usually just win the game. Because we play so many creatures, this sort of works as a pseudo Experimental Frenzy in our deck, too. This pressures your opponent insanely while it protects itself pretty well and creatures massive value. 

Short story: “Whenever I see Vivien being cast, it just completely rolls over the opponent” &#; Martin Juza, November 1, , after seeing Vivien being cast and completely rolling over the opponent.

4 Feasting Troll King: This is one of the cards that impressed me the most because I didn’t think much of it at first. First of all, this basically costs 5 mana most of the time because of your Castle Garenbrig. Should one of your ramp spells survive, this will easily come down as soon as turn 4, and that’s just absolutely game breaking. Remember that your opponent basically needs to kill this twice because of the Food that it generates. Since Food is important in this deck anyway, it also synergizes so well with our other cards. This will be your best blocker and attacker, making it an easy 4-of inclusion.

2 The Great Henge: *Surprised Pikachu Face*: This card might be decent! In all seriousness, the original lists of Mono Green Food didn’t play this because it lacked some creatures, but I just had to change the deck so that we could play this. It’s just such massive value and so tough to beat when it hits the battlefield. Suddenly, your 2-drops and 1-drops aren’t bad in the late game anymore and it works so well with Vivien, too (because you can keep chaining off the top of the library).

Usually, when you play a lot of lands, this will get much worse; but the fact that we can add some MDFCs and add to our land- and creature count just makes this absolutely amazing. You’ve seen it being good in Gruul; but it’s also pretty strong here. Obviously it can be clunky sometimes, so I just want to play 2.

4 Castle Garenbrig: I’ve never seen Castle Garenbrig be that essential to a deck like in this one. It’s just so important to slam your Feasting Troll King a turn earlier and I’ve won most of the games because of this. I mean, think of it: It&#;s “free” ramp, because your opponent can’t kill it. In some ways, this makes it so that your curve ends at 5 even though the Troll King costs 6.

Card Choice Explanations: Sideboard

Thrashing Brontodon

Tormod’s Crypt: This card will come in against Rakdos Kroxa and Dimir Rogues. It’s especially nice against Rogues, because it goes under their countermagic and you can just keep it in play and pop it when they decide to use their Drown in the Loch to negate that for practically 0 mana. It only does that once though, so I don’t want too many.

Run Afoul: Two words: Dream Trawler.

Ram Through: Additional removal for some creature matchups.

Scavenging Ooze: Bring this in against graveyard decks.

Thrashing Brontodon: Bring this in against, you know, important enchantments and artifacts.

Garruk, Unleashed: I’m still not sure about this one and you could definitely cut it. It’s nice in some fringe matchups where you need to get through their board when they gum it up with tons of smaller creatures. There are not a lot of those, but quite honestly we have too many sideboard slots. Our main deck is already teched for the meta and mono-green does not have too many options in only one color anyway.

Oakhame Adversary: This is amazing against Gruul even though it can’t block Brushfire Elemental because it helps you get on board without spending too much mana. That’s basically it: it’s a super efficient threat that helps you control the board, which is the most important thing in that matchup. Of course, this also helps against the few mono-green decks.

Questing Beast: Card’s absurd, and it will come in in every matchup where you need evasion + haste.

Vivien, Monsters&#; Advocate: To complete the playset for the grindy matchups.

Primal Might: Just like Ram Through, it’s another removal spell. I like having one because you can use it on Gilded Goose or Florahedron early, whereas Ram Through is kind of a midgame removal.

Cards I don’t play

Chainweb Aracnir: Has this card ever done something against Rogues? I always see this card to be extremely underwhelming. It doesn’t remove enough out of the graveyard and spending so much mana for that body is just not strong enough. There’s also the fact that you can have it in your hand and do nothing because it needs to die first. I’m not saying that you don’t want to improve your Rogue matchup, but I’m also sure that including this spider does nothing at all.

Garruk’s Harbinger: This guy just doesn’t do enough. Thieves’ Guild Enforcer blocks it well and it gets hit by Lullmages Domination anyway. The matchup where it should be good, it’s usually not. It’s just not easy to get some early hits in, so I’d rather not play that card.

Gemrazer: I explained why I liked Thrashing Brontodon a lot and I think that it’s just slightly worse, because it requires you to have a creature out. To be quite honest I haven’t tried them whenever since I added Tangled Florahedron, which is another cheap creature, so you could try this for sure!

Matchups and Sideboard Guide

Dimir Rogues

+1 Vivien, Monsters’ Advocate-2 Thrashing Brontodon
+1 Ram Through-1 The Great Henge
+1 Tormod’s Crypt-1 Elder Gargaroth
+1 Scavenging Ooze

This is a good matchup for us. They have a hard time beating Trail of Crumbs, and when they mill your Feasting Troll King and you get it back out of the graveyard it feels like you’ve already won the game. As with tempo decks in general, they usually struggle when you get some early cheap ramp or card advantage pieces out and that’s where our deck shines. Their advantage is that they have cheap counters and removals; our advantage is that they pretty much need to counter every card that we have, because they can’t really ignore them, especially Wicked Wolf.

Gruul Adventures

+1 Thrashing Brontodon-2 Kazandu Mammoth
+1 Ram Through-1 The Great Henge
+1 Primal Might-2 Trail of Crumbs
+4 Oakhame Adversary-2 Tangled Florahedron

This is another good matchup, even though they can sometimes overrun you with quick Brushfire Elemental + Fabled Passage + Embercleave starts. They are quite fast and you don’t have efficient early removal, but your huge creatures make up for it. Wicked Wolf is also pretty tough to beat for them, because it can survive Embercleave attacks, even some damage goes through.

Try to play your Bronto-Dads smartly because they will be your late game insurance to not lose against surprise Embercleave or The Great Henge. I’m cutting one Henge because it’s tough to get out against them before dying. Kazandu Mammoth doesn’t block well, so I’ll just cut it too. Trails are too slow to play early, and Florahedron gets worse when you cut Henges.

Non-Selesnya Yorion Decks

I’ll just make a summary here, because there are too many versions of Yorion. An exception is Selesnya Yorion, because that deck is more similar to ours than to the typical Yorion deck. 

+1 Thrashing Brontodon-2 Ram Through
+2 Questing Beast-1 The Great Henge
+1 Vivien, Monsters’ Advocate-1 Elder Gargaroth
+ Run Afoul, based on their number of Dream Trawler-2 Tangled Florahedron

These matchups are close, because Skyclave Apparition and Elspeth Conquers Death are good against us. The thing is just that we have a lot of threats and it’s tough for them to get back on board when they fall behind a bit. Some quickly ramped out Viviens or early Trail engines are helpful here. This is not a good matchup, but you’ve got the tools to fight. I like to cut one Henge because it’s tough to resolve and it gets hit by ECD, but it’s still insane sometimes and will win a few games on the spot.

Selesnya Yorion

+1 Thrashing Brontodon-2 Wolfwillow Haven
+2 Oakhame Adversary-1 Scavenging Ooze
+1 Vivien, Monsters’ Advocate-1 Elder Gargaroth

This is actually a bad matchup, but it’s still close enough since our decks are similar but Yorion allows them to get even more value from their cards. Not only do they have Skyclave Apparition and Elspeth Conquers Death, they are also able to out-grind you with their own Trail of Crumbs much easier. It’s basically a mirror match where they tend to the better cards in White. I cut some Wolfwillow Haven because the games tend to get long and even though early ramp can help you get ahead early, it sometimes doesn’t even do too much when they just answer your ramp with Skyclave Apparition.

Rakdos Kroxa

+1 Garruk, Unleashed-2 Thrashing Brontodon
+2 Questing Beast-2 Kazandu Mammoth
+1 Vivien, Monsters’ Advocate-2 Wolfwillow Haven
+1 Primal Might-1 Elder Gargaroth
+1 Tormod’s Crypt
+1 Scavenging Ooze

This is a good matchup for us. They just can’t keep up with all the value that we generate and aren’t fast enough to pressure us. Scavenging Ooze will keep Kroxa from escaping, and they just have trouble dealing with The Great Henge and Trail of Crumbs.

One thing that can be a bit scary is Liliana, Waker of the Dead, because it’s actually quite hard to pressure it against their removal spells and we do not have much haste besides Questing Beast, which is why I am adding them here. Elder Gargaroth is not great against great removal, so I&#;ll generally cut it. Basically the name of the game is to have as much of your grindy cards as possible.

End Step

I didn’t cover a lot of matchups, but the metagame has narrowed down a lot in the past few weeks. I still hope that my explanations might help you in the matchups that are not listed; If you still have trouble sideboarding against some decks, leave it in the comments and let me know, I’ll try and answer as quickly as possible.

As always, stay healthy, especially in times like these, and thank you for reading my article!


The last few weeks in these Deck Guides, I&#;ve covered a variety of preexisting strategies that have evolved through new upgrades from Modern Horizons 2. Today though, I&#;ll be covering a brand new deck that&#;s been cooked up from powerful new Modern Horizons 2 cards: Modern Food!

 “Food” has been the title attributed to decks that play this powerful recipe of cards.


There&#;s a tangled web of synergy between these cards. Street Wraith is a zero mana way for you to meet your Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar&#;s (Hereby referred to as Asmo) discard requirement. Asmo both tutors a copy of The Underworld Cookbook when it enters the battlefield and is able to be cast if you have a Cookbook in play and a card to discard. Ovalchase Daredevil can be discarded repeatedly to The Underworld Cookbook, ensuring that you have a never-ending Food supply. An abundance of Food tokens allows you to kill your opponent&#;s creatures with Asmo, or turn the Constructs you make with Urza&#;s Saga into gigantic threats. Urza&#;s Saga can also tutor your Underworld Cookbook, which can allow you to cast any Asmos that are stranded in your hand. 

The earliest iterations of these decks played Feasting Troll King, but have since cut the card. While Feasting Troll King is a powerful payoff for the Food archetype, the card is poor in some bad matchups like Tron, Yawgmoth Combo and Titan. It&#;s also poor in the mirror match since it dies to Asmo. The matchups it shines in, aggro and decks with red removal, are still good matchups without the Troll King. This combination of factors have caused pilots to cut the card, but it&#;s still a powerful tool to keep in the back of your mind for different metagames. 

While this is the defining core of the deck, there are a few different flavors you can choose from. At the moment, there&#;s no clear best variant; there are strengths and weaknesses to each version. I&#;ll be comparing and contrasting two of the variants below, but before I do, I&#;d like to encourage you to think about cooking up some new ideas with these cards! Modern post-Modern Horizons 2 is far from a solved format. And of all the new decks that have emerged, the Food deck possesses a unique degree of raw power and flexibility that are perfect for experimenting. 

I&#;ll be going over two deck lists that represent the two main variants of food that exist at the moment. All of these deck lists come from MTGO user and Twitch streamer d00mwake, who has been working hard to test and tune Modern Food as an archetype. 


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[Top 5] MTG Arena Best Food Decks!

Once in a while every planeswalker gets hungry. For this list, we are taking a look at some snacks that can smash through the arena. Food recently came onto the scene when Eldraine was released. Since its release, many cards that enabled these archetypes got banned. However, there are still some fun decks that take advantage of the delicious cards. Here are the top five food decks you will see out in the arena. 

5)Sultai Food

Once upon a time there was a planeswalker named Oko

If Oko was still legal in the arena, this deck would still be the bane of standard. Oko will be talked about a lot on this list because he pushed these decks to heights that broke the game. Black gives you access to removal. Blue and green are here for the ramp and Oko. there was a saying during Eldraine standard, if you did not play oko you probably won’t win. Make food and make use of Oko for this deck to truly show you what a banned card looks like

What is fun about this deck?

  • Abuses the power of Oko
  • Ramps hard 
  • Plenty of removal
  • Insane draw power
  • Even has the ability gain life

How to play this deck

  • Deploy a land and play the goose 
  • Drop that island for blue and now you can play Oko on turn 2
  • Use the spells you have to make food tokens
  • Use Oko to just shut down your opponent’s creatures and gain life 
  • Stall out the game til you have the chance to attack and win


4 Watery Grave

3 Trail of Crumbs

2 Bolas's Citadel

4 Paradise Druid

1 Once Upon a Time

2 Vraska, Golgari Queen

3 Swamp

6 Forest

3 Temple of Malady

4 Golden Egg

4 Breeding Pool

2 Assassin's Trophy

2 Hydroid Krasis

4 Murderous Rider

4 Wicked Wolf

4 Gilded Goose

4 Oko, Thief of Crowns

4 Overgrown Tomb

4)Simic food

But he was too strong so he got banned the end

Blue and green are all you need for this deck to work. Green ramps incredibly with these cards and blue just gives you access to oko. The deck is really a mono green stomp that splashes blue for Oko. That was the problem, everyone splashed in an extra color because the card was so powerful. It limited standard and allowed broken combos to occur. Wield this power and make food tokens to exploit one of the strongest cards of the last 5 years. 

What makes this deck fun?

  • Crazy ramp ability 
  • Play big spells super early 
  • Stomp with massive creatures 
  • Oko is amazing 
  • The deck goes off as early as turn two

How to play this deck

  • Deploy a forest play the goose
  • Deploy an island and use the mana to play Oko
  • Let the elks run wild 
  • Generate tons of food tokens as you cast massive bombs
  • Survive til the late game or go aggro and stomp out your opponent


4 Wicked Wolf

2 Nissa, Who Shakes the World

2 Mu Yanling, Sky Dancer

4 Leafkin Druid

4 Hydroid Krasis

4 Risen Reef

4 Breeding Pool

4 Temple of Mystery

2 Feasting Troll King

2 Golden Egg

2 Trail of Crumbs

4 Giant Opportunity

3 Gingerbread Cabin

1 Castle Vantress

4 Gilded Goose

4 Island

4 Forest

4 Oko, Thief of Crowns

2 Castle Garenbrig

3)Jund Food

Sure Oko was strong but at least this dragon is legal

This time let's use black, red, and green with food. Green ramps so well and has most of the food token cards in it. Red gives us a little more fire for the engine. Black removes what it needs to as we want it to.This tri-color deck utilizes the strength of each to create a sacrificing damage dealing engine that is simply to die for. 

What makes this deck fun?

  • Throwing cats in the oven
  • Korvold can eat the food for more power 
  • The food allows you to gain life
  • Crazy good ramp
  • Aggressive burn midrange playstyle 

How to play this deck

  • Deploy lands and play as many gooses as you can
  • Establish a board state by playing creatures that profit off of sacrifices
  • Once you have your sac engines give them fuel 
  • You can send cauldron familiar into witches oven for a burning loop
  • Continue to let the sac triggers conquer the board and swing out for game or burn them to death 


3 Korvold, Fae-Cursed King (ELD)

3 Murderous Rider (ELD) 97

3 Paradise Druid (WAR)

4 Cauldron Familiar (ELD) 81

4 Gilded Goose (ELD)

4 Mayhem Devil (WAR)

3 Nissa, Who Shakes the World (WAR)

4 Assassin's Trophy (GRN)

4 Trail of Crumbs (ELD)

4 Witch's Oven (ELD)

1 Mountain (THB)

3 Swamp (THB)

4 Forest (THB)

4 Blood Crypt (RNA)

4 Fabled Passage (ELD)

4 Overgrown Tomb (GRN)

4 Stomping Ground (RNA)

2) Mono green food


Greens are part of any diet and now we can focus on mono green with our food list. Next time i get asked to do a food list i hope i get to eat more chips. This deck is proof that green can be strong on its own without support. With such pure forest fueled mana we ramp hard and make tokens for days. 

What makes this deck fun?

  • Mono green no mana fixing required 
  • Fantastic food fueled ramp 
  • Uses the oven for food production 
  • Fights often to remove threats
  • Food allows you to refuel your life 

How this deck is played

  • Deploy a forest and summon the goose
  • Continue to ramp and play massive creatures
  • Produce food tokens in bulk 
  • Send them into the oven for more value or sac them for life gain
  • Swing out with the creatures you have to stomp through the arena 


4 Castle Garenbrig

4 Feasting Troll King

15 Forest

2 Gemrazer

4 Gilded Goose

4 Kazandu Mammoth

2 Kogla, the Titan Ape

4 Llanowar Visionary

2 Ram Through

3 Scavenging Ooze

4 Tangled Florahedron

4 Trail of Crumbs

1 Turntimber Symbiosis

2 Vivien, Monsters' Advocate

4 Wicked Wolf

1 Witch's Oven

1)Golgari Food 

bon appetit 

The golgari clan loves death. So we shall give the hoard a feast and then sacrifice it for victory. All the things we have come to learn about food are used in combination with more removal. This deck earns the top slot because it is the only one that is % legal in standard and not doing terribly at all. It still holds its own and represents food in the arena. Have fun with it and remember if you feel snackish just pick up a deck of food.  

What makes this deck fun?

  • Golgari hoard power
  • Is legal in standard 
  • Ramp for days
  • Plenty of removal 
  • Aggro play style 

How to play this deck

  • Deploy lands to get your colors
  • Ramp like you know you can with that goose 
  • Start creating food tokens 
  • Sacrifice the tokens as you need to power up
  • Use removal to create openings and swing out for game 


4 Savvy Hunter (ELD)

2 Fierce Witchstalker (ELD)

4 Gilded Goose (ELD)

4 Trail of Crumbs (ELD)

4 Golden Egg (ELD)

4 Murderous Rider (ELD) 97

4 Giant Opportunity (ELD)

4 Wicked Wolf (ELD)

2 Feasting Troll King (ELD)

2 Garruk, Cursed Huntsman (ELD)

2 Eat to Extinction (THB) 90

7 Swamp (THB)

8 Forest (THB)

1 Castle Locthwain (ELD)

4 Temple of Malady (M20)

4 Fabled Passage (ELD)

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Artifact Type
(Subtype for artifact cards)
Rules{2}, {T}, Sacrifice this artifact: You gain 3 life.
2 cards
{artifact symbol} %
28 Food creation cards
{W} % {U} % {B} % {G} % {B/G} % {G/U} % {artifact symbol} % {land symbol} %
as of Modern Horizons 2
Scryfall Search

Food is an artifact type introduced in Throne of Eldraine.[1][2]


Although it does appear in the type line of some cards, the type mostly appears on tokens. Food tokens have “{2}, {T}, Sacrifice this artifact: You gain 3 life.”


Cards with the Food type are:

Fitting with the theme, these artifacts also have "{2}, {T}, Sacrifice this artifact: You gain 3 life."


R&D made food tokens because they realized fairy tales were overrun with food references and it would allow them to design a lot of fun cards.[3][4]

Food tokens returned as a one-off in Commander (Gyome, Master Chef), and got six new producers in Modern Horizons 2. Food is not currently deciduous, but it could be someday.[5]


From the glossary of the Comprehensive Rules (September 24, —Innistrad: Midnight Hunt)

Food Token
A Food token is a colorless artifact token with “{2}, {T}, Sacrifice this artifact: You gain 3 life.” For more information about predefined tokens, see rule

From the Comprehensive Rules (September 24, —Innistrad: Midnight Hunt)

  • Some effects instruct a player to create a predefined token. These effects use the definition below to determine the characteristics the token is created with. The effect that creates a predefined token may also modify or add to the predefined characteristics.
    • a A Treasure token is a colorless Treasure artifact token with “{T}, Sacrifice this artifact: Add one mana of any color.”
    • b A Food token is a colorless Food artifact token with “{2}, {T}, Sacrifice this artifact: You gain 3 life.”
    • c A Gold token is a colorless Gold artifact token with “Sacrifice this artifact: Add one mana of any color.”
    • d A Walker token is a 2/2 black Zombie creature token named Walker.
    • e A Shard token is a colorless Shard enchantment token with “{2}, Sacrifice this enchantment: Scry 1, then draw a card.”
    • f A Clue token is a colorless Clue artifact token with “{2}, Sacrifice this artifact: Draw a card.”


  • Food is an artifact type. Even though it appears on some creatures (such as Gingerbrute), it is never a creature type.[6]
  • If an effect refers to a Food, it means any Food artifact, not just a Food artifact token. For example, you can sacrifice Gingerbrute to activate the last ability of Tempting Witch.
  • You can't sacrifice a Food token to pay multiple costs. For example, you can't sacrifice a Food token to activate its own ability and also to activate the ability of Tempting Witch.
  • Some spells that instruct you to create a Food token have targets. You can't cast these spells without choosing all required targets, and if all of those targets become illegal targets, the spell won't resolve and you won't create any Food. If some but not all of those targets become illegal, you'll do as much as possible, including creating Food.
  • Whatever you do, don't eat the delicious cards.

Food tokens[]


  • Unlike Clues (Investigate), Food creation was designed without an associated keyword. If R&D had decided that Food would have needed a keyword, they would have wanted it to be generic to allow as many flavor interpretations as possible, so something like “prepare Food" - though Rosewater wishes to avoid "cook".[7]


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Elite Food Token Deck - Black Green - Modern Legal - Custom Built - Magic The Gathering - MTG - 60 Card

Elite Food Token Deck - Black Green - Modern Legal - Custom Built - Magic The Gathering - MTG - 60 Card

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  • At MTG Decks & More we have a combined 50+ years experience building and playing decks from standard to modern to commander (and more!) at both a competitive nd casual level. We build powerful, fun decks at a competitive price. For sale is a 60 card custom Magic the Gathering black green food token deck.
  • This deck generates enormous value through using food token sacrifices to draw cards, return creatures to the battlefield, and more!
  • The deck has huge and efficiently costed creatures that can easily overrun your opponent.
  • Card draw, removal, and discard spells help you get way ahead of your opponent.
  • Modern legal and ready to play!
Package Dimensions x x inches ( x x cm)
Item Weight ounces ( grams)
Manufacturer recommended age8 years and up


This is a 60 card, Green/Black Food Token deck. This deck is incredibly powerful, and takes advantage of the many synergies of the food token-producing cards new to the Throne of the Eldraine Set. This deck creates a ton of VALUE. First, there are 16 cards in the deck that can generate food tokens, whether it be attacking, entering the battlefield, or as part of a removal spell. The deck then features a ton of cards that benefit from these tokens: Woodland Champion grows each time a token enters the battlefield, Feasting Troll King can come out of the graveyard with food tokens, and Trail of Crumbs can help you draw cards each time you sacrifice food. Meanwhile, the life gain from food tokens keeps you in the game, even against aggressive decks. Next, this deck features a ton of other token-generating cards, and cards that benefit from them. Between Dreadhorde Invasion, Inquisitive Puppet, and Heart's Desire, you can easily generate a large army of 1/1 tokens, which both buff Woodland Champion and allow you to attack with Lovestruck Beast as a 5/5 for only 3 mana!!! Finally, with Duress, Reave Soul, and Bake into a Pie, you have tons of removal and discard to frustrate your opponent and deal with their biggest threats! This deck is PERFECT for anyone looking to play a fun, new, themed deck. This deck is remarkably powerful and features a number of powerful creatures and synergies. This deck has been play tested and is remarkably strong, not to mention a ton of fun to play!

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