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To have fun in the harem. Few prisoners held the ball for a long time. and he knew it.

In the spring, during the exercises, I did not land successfully, jumping with a parachute, and slightly injured my arm and thundered into the hospital. By that time, my service was approaching a year, but before the release of the order, I was still in the category of young. Fighters, so in the hospital I had to work in various outfits.

So one fine day, I ended up in not the worst outfit for distributing food in the dining room of our department.

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My hand itself reached into his shorts, his penis was very tense, the hole on the head was very swollen and. Lubricant oozed from it like tears. This picture just blew my roof off. I began to stroke and caress him, gently stroking him to the eggs.

Hearing footsteps, she turned around. Thin waist smoothly merging into round, strong hips, neat, high breasts, flat stomach. Fuck your mother - muttered Kvassov.

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Natasha looks just charming. I think you'll like it too. Okay.

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This time I finished a couple of times while they fucked me, before they almost simultaneously poured their sperm into me, each where they fucked. There was a lot of it, I did not have time to swallow it and it did not fit into the vagina. As I already wrote, there was so much lubricant that it squished every time a member entered the vagina. I sat down on all fours and put my hand under the flowing semen.

Picking it up, I licked it off my hand.

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To evenly disappear into the pink kingdom. The procedure was very enjoyable. Spreading out in a smile, Lera lay with her eyelids covered.

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