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Wrought Iron railings and Fabricated Steel Products

If you’re interested in a new railing for any part of your home or business, inside or out, WEACO can recreate your current design and assist you in identifying whether your railing can be repaired or needs to be replaced.

We can even help you design a new railing that not only complies with ADA, community, and local building standards, but is also integrated with the design of new or existing security storm doors, flower boxes, or any other architectural features of your home.

WEACO fabricates and installs interior railing systems and handrails on your existing steps or on our open design staircase.

Welcome to Welding, Engineering and Assembly Company, Inc.

Welding, Engineering & Assembly Company, Inc. (WEACO) specializes in wrought iron and fabricated steel products. We offer full service wrought iron design and steel welding services throughout Baltimore, MD, Parkville, MD, and the surrounding areas. For more than 60 years, our customers have relied on us to manufacture and install beautiful, strong, and durable wrought iron products. We stand behind the quality of our workmanship and work hard to make sure the product and services you get, is the product you ordered.

We have the capability to create any type of wrought iron structure including custom iron doors, iron window guards, wrought iron railings, wrought iron door guards, and iron porches. Whether you need custom wrought iron gates or wrought iron fire escapes, you can rely on our capable team to create just the right iron products for your needs.

Custom Designs to Match Any Desired Look or Style

The design and measurement process is easy. In most cases, a simple and sturdy railing will meet your needs. If you would like something a little more ornate, our representatives would be happy to discuss your specific needs. In either case, if you can forward a picture of steps, or the porch and steps we can identify what your porch and steps are constructed of and the general length of your railings. If you have a picture of a design that you would like to match, please send the photo or a drawing. We can also work off of architectural drawings, or a rough drawing you do on note paper. Of course if you would prefer, just call us. We will work with you to develop a rail that meets your needs.

We will identify any applicable building codes or other issues you should consider and develop drawings that will superimpose your concept over its actual location on a digital image. If you have a need for railings related to an insurance inspection, FHA Inspection, or other need, we can help you quickly and in some cases we can get the job started over the phone.

Click Here For Rail Designs And Product Specsifications
If you are a do-it-yourselfer, we can help. We work with you to get the layout and measurements, and fabricate a railing or set of rails that can be set onto the site and easily attached. In general, a hammer drill or post hole digger, a level, measuring tape, hammer, and a socket set is all you need. The link below will show you what measurements you may need. Email your information to [email protected] or text it to

Call WEACO today at to learn more about how we can protect and decorate your property with our custom-designed iron railings.

Do It Yourself Rail Measuring Guidelines

Just a Few of the Custom Products Available

  • Iron Railings – Porch, decks, and staircase railings available in hundreds of different styles and designs
  • Iron Fencing – Strong fencing to adorn and protect your property, all from Baltimore’s best fencing company
  • Window and Door Guards – Protect your home from storms and intruders with these creative and beautiful guards
  • Iron Porches and Decks – Fully welded construction to provide a strong, skid-proof surface for any use
  • Fire Escapes and Balconies – An essential safety measure that can be as attractive as it is functional
  • Awnings – add beauty and function to your home. Not only does this keep you out of the weather, it expands your living space and improves the energy efficiency of your home.

Call ustoday for aFREEestimate!

Cut out the middleman for lowest rates with Weaco-Welding Engineering & Assembly Co.

This was a complicated job because it involved gating city alleyways. To do this, we had to satisfy numerous legal requirements and we needed support from 22 neighbors. Wade and Craig did an amazing job of working with us to satisfy several city agencies and 22 different customers. They were patient, flexible and easy to work with. Their installers, Darius Sr and Jr (I believe), were lovely, even coming down in a sleet storm to add some features and pick up checks. And the checks - there were over 40 of them - but Wade and Craig patiently worked with us on this complicated payment. Finally, the gates themselves are lovely and help make us all feel a lot safer. As with any major project, especially one that was as complicated as this one, there were a few tweaks that had to take place. They happened quickly and seamlessly, resulting in complete satisfaction on our part. As a result of their work, two of my neighbors who were part of this gating project are hiring them to work on railings at their houses. I highly recommend WEACO!

Deb O’Neill

Sours: https://www.weacowelding.com/iron-railings

Iron Door Company in Baltimore, MD

Baltimore Custom Wrought Iron Entry Single & Double Iron Doors

Baltimore is located in Maryland on the Atlantic Ocean. The city is a popular seaport and harbor. The birthplace of “The Star-Spangled Banner” and Fort McHenry, it is famous for steamed crabs and the Civil War battleship the USS Constellation, and it is home to The National Aquarium.

With such a rich and diverse history and modern influences, Baltimore homeowners know that to ensure their homes stand out and fit well in historical or modern contemporary neighborhoods, they’ll need gorgeous wrought iron front entry doors from Universal Iron Doors.

We make it easy for homeowners to shop online for the perfect iron doors in Baltimore. We also give them plenty of options to choose artistic, ornamental, elegant, and luxury iron doors, as well as hand-crafted custom iron doors to fit their specific needs.

Our Baltimore homeowners upgrade their iron doors for various reasons, such as to add beauty and charm to their home, as well as to receive these benefits:

  • Long-Lasting – Most homeowners will never have to replace their wrought iron entry front doors in Baltimore.
  • Extra Security – Our iron doors are very strong and provide an extra layer of protection to keep your Baltimore home more secure and safe.
  • Added Value – First impressions matter, including when it comes to your home. Our iron doors increase your home’s value. If you ever decide to sell, you will see the difference between a good price and a great price.
  • Little Maintenance – Other than cleaning your new iron doors monthly, there is not much else to do.

AllGallery 1

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Custom Wrought Iron Door w/ Transom

Athena 72x Full Arch Top

French Door 8 Light w/ Sidelights and Transom

Manitou Double Entry Iron Door

French Door, x94, All Eyebrow, Clear Glass, Flat Black

Denver 72x w/ Attached Round Top Transom

Secure Exterior Iron French Doors

Apollo Square Top 72x90 w/ Eyebrow

Tampa Square Top 72x96 w/ Eyebrow

Floro Double Wrought Iron Doors

wrought iron doors philadelphia




Tampa 61x81 Square Top, Eyebrow Glass

Tampa 61x81 Square Top, Eyebrow Glass

New Pivot Door installed in Dallas TX

Chip Eichelberger's new iron door

Siren x w/Sidelights

You will find everything you need to upgrade the appearance of your Baltimore home in our online iron doors catalog. Browse our selections to discover a wide range of iron doors in Baltimore, including

Our iron door company also sells all-glass frameless garage doors, iron gates, iron garage doors, aluminum doors, steel french windows, and commercial iron doors in a wide range of designs and styles, as well as customization options.

What are you waiting for? Discover the elegance and beauty charm of iron doors in Baltimore for your home or business at Universal Iron Doors today! Please feel free to contact us directly at if you require assistance, have questions, want a free quote, or want to design a custom iron door!

Sours: https://www.iwantthatdoor.com/custom-wrought-iron-doors-baltimore-md/
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Baltimore, MD&#;s Iron and Steel Experts

Providing Custom Ironwork and More in Baltimore, MD

Urbana Ironworks is the premier choice for custom iron and steel creations. Having been a family owned business since , we are not only experts in the field, but are professional ironwork designers that specialize in everything from stainless steel and aluminum cable rail systems to steel stairs and towers. Our structural steel and custom iron and aluminum railings are great for both commercial and residential projects. Our high-quality materials and customer service makes designing your next ironwork project an easy task. We take pride in our work and our ability to assist homeowners, designers, builders and landscapers in creating beautiful works of art and end projects featuring our custom ironwork. We service multiple locations in Maryland including Baltimore, Bethesda and Chevy Chase. We also service Washington DC and VA. To learn more about our services, click here or continue reading.

Wrought Iron Handrails in Baltimore, MD

We offer a variety of custom wrought iron handrails in Baltimore, MD. Our team will work closely with you to make sure nothing is missed and to make sure we are your only stop for all of your ironwork needs. Our skilled crafters are capable of creating any design to best match your style. We use only the finest materials, paint, hand-forged components and pay close attention to detail during the design process of every one of our wrought iron handrails.

Steel Handrails in Baltimore, MD

At Urbana Ironworks, we value quality work and materials. Our residential and commercial steel handrails are perfect for any project. View our gallery of exterior railing designs to get ideas, provide us with photos or sketches, or just speak to one of our knowledgeable staff to create the design that best matches your vision. We work within every budget and can answer any of your questions regarding custom designs, colors, finishes and details.

Aluminum Stair Railings in Baltimore, MD

For those looking for a more modern and open feel to your home or commercial property, Urbana Ironworks offers Cable Railings as an alternative to standard Guardrail options. View our Cable Railings Gallery for more ideas.

Fill out our contact form today or give us a call at () to learn more about our custom ironwork services in Baltimore, MD and surrounding areas.

Sours: https://www.urbanaironworks.com/about-us/service-areas/commercial-ironwork-baltimore-md/

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Iron railings baltimore wrought

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Custom Wrought Iron Railings Fabrication Raleigh NC

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