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51 Sexy Thigh Tattoos For Women

Thigh tattoos are the perfect sexy tattoo for women. Thigh tattoos can be hidden when needed, or shown off when you want. You can accentuate your thigh with a cute, small tattoo or a large detailed piece of art. But before you go out to and get one of these unique tattoo ideas below, there are a few things to consider!

First, decide on the size of your tattoo and if you want a large or small tattoo design. Second, do you want your tattoo to show when you are wearing shorts, a dress, or only in your bathing suit? Would you like for your tattoo to be on your upper thigh, inner thigh, or side of your thigh? Lastly, find the piece of artwork that speaks to you and enjoy your glamorous tattoo.

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas

Below are 35 sexy female thigh tattoos to help you decide on the best design for your personality and style.


Rose Thigh Tattoo Ideas

Here are some badass thigh tattoo ideas you’ll love, starting with some flower designs worth considering!

Beautiful Roses

Beautiful Roses Thigh Tattoo

Lion and Rose Tattoo

Lion and Rose Tattoo - Thigh Tattoo

Simple Rose Tattoo for Thigh

Simple Flower Thigh Tattoo

Sexy Roses Tattoo

Sexy Rose Thigh Tattoo

Wolf and Red Rose Design

Wolf and Red Rose Thigh Tattoo

Blue Rose Tattoo Design

Blue Rose Thigh Tattoo

Butterfly and Rose

Butterfly and Rose Thigh Tattoo

Outlined Rose Thigh Tattoo

Cute Outline Rose Thigh Tattoo

Detailed Maple Leaf Rose

Detailed Maple Leaf Rose Thigh Tattoo

How Painful Is A Thigh Tattoo?

No tattoo is painless, but getting a tattoo on thighs is on the lower end as far as tattoo pain goes. Keep in mind that the inner thigh will be much more sensitive and painful as the nerves in this area tend to go to the groin area.  Every body is different, and every person’s pain level differs, but the side thigh is known to be one of the less painful areas to get your tattoo.

Mandala Thigh Tattoos

Detailed Thigh Tattoo

Detailed Thigh Tattoo Mandala

Mandala Garter

Mandala Garter Thigh Tattoo

Mandala Heart Thigh Tattoo

Mandala Heart Thigh Tattoo

Henna Mandala Tattoo Design

Mandala Henna Thigh Tattoo

Mandala Thigh Tattoo

Mandala Thigh Tattoo

Mandala Upper Thigh Design

Mandala Upper Thigh Tattoo

Sexy Mandala Tattoo

Sexy Mandala Thigh Tattoo

Preparing For Your Thigh Tattoo

When you are going to get your tattoo remember to wear very loose pants, skirt, or a dress so you will not rub on the tattoo after your session. For the first few weeks make sure you wear clothing that does not rub or irritate your new art work. If you decide to get an inner thigh tattoo, this is going to be much harder to protect and not rub during the healing process, which may cause you to have trouble walking for the first few days.

Simple Thigh Tattoos

Cute Flower Tattoo Design

Cute Flower Thigh Tattoo

Gorgeous Tattoo on Upper Thigh

Gorgeous Thigh Tattoo

Small Moon Tattoo Idea

Small Moon Thigh Tattoo

Simple Small Side Thigh Tattoo

Simple Small Side Thigh Tattoo

Gold Fish Tattoo

Gold Fish Thigh Tattoo

Feather Garter Tattoo Design

Feather Garter Thigh Tattoo

Watercolor Flower Tattoo

Watercolor Flower Thigh Tattoo

Thigh Tattoo Placement

Determining where to put your tattoo on your thigh is one of the most critical decisions. If you want to go the least painful route, a small thigh tattoo on the side thigh and/or front thigh will be the way to go. An inner thigh tattoo will be painful and will take longer to heal, but it can add even more to your design if you choose to go with a garter or full tattoo design. You can also add more mystery to your tattoo by having it cascade down to your knee and/or up along your ribs.

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas

Black and White Skull Thigh Tattoo

Black and White Skull Thigh Tattoo

Lace Tattoo Design

Lace Thigh Tattoo Design

Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo

Watercolor Butterfly Thigh Tattoo

Elephant Thigh Tattoo

Elephant Thigh Tattoo

Dream Catcher Thigh Tattoo

Dream Catcher Thigh Tattoo

Upper Thigh Lotus Flower Tattoo

Upper Thigh Lotus Tattoo

Flower Thigh Tattoo

Flower Thigh Tattoo

Peacock Thigh Tattoo

Peacock Thigh Tattoo

Jellyfish Thigh Tattoo

Jellyfish Thigh Tattoo

Sun and Moon Thigh Tattoo

Sun and Moon Thigh Tattoo

Lion Thigh Tattoo

Lion Thigh Tattoo

Enjoying Your Thigh Tattoo

Thigh tattoos are growing in popularity in leg tattoos for women and there are endless reasons why. Thigh tattoos are sexy, less painful, have the ability to be hidden, and allow you enough space for any tattoo design you can dream of. Whether you decide to have an inner, side, or upper thigh tattoo it will be one that you love.


Getting a tattoo on the thigh is pretty common but finding the perfect thigh tattoos for women is art itself. Usually, the girl prefers thigh tattoos more than a boy. This is the reason most of the thigh tattoos are girly and feminine. Man too can have thigh tattoos but here most thigh tattoo ideas are for girls and women. So here are 50 most attractive tattoos for women on front thigh, upper thigh, side thigh, and inner thigh –

Upper Thigh Tattoos

1. Instead of getting confused between an upper thigh tattoo or lower thigh tattoo you can try a garter tattoo design on the mid-thigh. Here is a mix up of garter tattoo and music note (symphony) tattoo on the thigh.
cute thigh tattoos

2. A cool thigh tattoo idea would be to get the thigh tattooed with your zodiac sign. For example here is a modified version of zodiac tattoo where the artist placed the scorpion in different parts of a polygon tattoo.
Tattoos For Women On Thigh

3. I don’t find thigh outline tattoos much attractive but they are a craze among many tattoo lovers. If you like them too then here is a thigh tattoo design for you.
Side Thigh Tattoos

4. Thigh flower tattoos are very popular but do you know that you can get amazingly beautiful (but temporary) flower tattoo on thigh using henna or mehndi?
Black And White Flower Thigh Tattoos

5. The positioning and alignment of the flower tattoo on thigh play an important role so be sure you know the exact part that you want to get tattooed.
Girls Tattoos On Thigh
tree of life tattoo designs for men

Flower Thigh Tattoos

6. You can get some really good and girly tattoos on the thigh. Here is a princess castle tattoo design on the thigh that seems to be inspired by the famous ‘Disney’ Castle.
Pretty Thigh Tattoos

7. You don’t necessarily need to have cool tattoos on the thigh. You can get weird, odd or even k!nky tattoos too on the thigh. This cat woman tattoo design on the thigh is a perfect example of this.
Best Thigh Tattoos

8. Is it a queen crown tattoo on thigh or is it a chandelier tattoo? I am not sure but it surely is very attractive thigh tattoo.
Cool Thigh Tattoos

9. If your husband or boyfriend is in the navy then a good option Is to get inked with a ship tattoo on the thigh. Here is one that seems to be inspired by the famous tattoo of Jack Sparrow.
Tattoos On Thigh

10. I don’t understand the logic of adding numbers on the wings of this dragonfly tattoo design probably it is a sibling tattoo on the thigh and the number represents the number of sisters. You can do these thigh exercises at home to have a beautiful thigh.
Dragonfly Thigh Tattoos
simple tattoos for men on hand

Side Thigh Tattoos

11. Double exposure tattoos require large space therefore they are either opted on chest or back or on thighs. Here is a jaw dropping double exposure tattoo design on thigh of this woman.
Colorful Thigh Tattoos

12. If you want a large size tattoo on thigh then you should opt for elephant tattoos as they will not only look attractive but meaningful too.
Elephant Thigh Tattoos

13. Gun tattoos are popularly combined with garter tattoo on the thigh but you necessarily do not have to add the lace tattoo design. Here is an impressive gun tattoo design on the thigh of this lady.
Gun Tattoos On Thigh

14. Thigh quote tattoos are also very popular so I would advise you to find yourself a meaningful quote and get it tattooed on thigh like this.
Thigh Quote Tattoos

15. Even though men rarely opt for thigh tattoo but a couple can have interesting matching tattoos on the thigh. Here is a sun and moon tattoo design on the thigh of this girl.
Moon Thigh Tattoos

Female Front Thigh Tattoos

16. You can opt for colorful thigh tattoo and one advantage of this would be that they would not fade away quickly like calf or forearm tattoos. Here are a colorful candle and lamp post tattoo on the thigh.
Full Thigh Tattoos

17. This actually looks like a tattoo inspired by the emblem of justice. Not every other girl would opt for it and probably that’s what makes it unique and impressive.
Upper Thigh Tattoos

18. I have to admit that upper thigh tattoos look more $exy but you should know the upper limit. In my opinion, an upper thigh tattoo just below the shorts will look $exy.
Simple Thigh Tattoos

19. Many girls opt for tree tattoos on the thigh. You don’t have to try a large tree tattoo. A Short and meaningful tree tattoo design like this will also look good on the thigh.
Small Thigh Tattoos

20. Pastel color tattoos also look beautiful on thigh. Here is an amazing pastel color h0t air balloon tattoo on thigh.
Amazing Thigh Tattoos

Small Thigh Tattoos

21. Dreamcatcher tattoos are often advised on the upper part of body such as stomach or rib cage. However girls can try a dreamcatcher tattoo on thigh too.
Leg Thigh Tattoos

22. No tattoo will look as girly and feminine on thigh as a ribbon tattoo. Go for a medium to large size ribbon tattoo on thigh and you won’t regret it.
Thigh Bow Tattoos

23. One cool thing that you can try on the thigh is to get tattooed with flying butterflies. Let the butterfly tattoos begin from the lower thigh and fly up to the upper thigh.
Butterfly Thigh Tattoos

24. Tattoos on both thigh is a good idea too but they problem arises on whether you should have matching tattoos on both thighs or different tattoos on each thigh.
Back Thigh Tattoos

25. Ship wheel tattoos are rarely tried so if your husband is in navy and you want a navy tattoo design then I would recommend you to try a ship wheel tattoo like this.
Thigh Tattoos

Lion Tattoos on Thigh

26. You can try the neo tribal or blackwork tattoo art on thigh. In this approach the artist will use thick solid black ink to create a beautiful tattoo.
Thigh Tattoos Designs

27. Minimalist tattoo designs are also rarely opted but believe me they will look amazing if you do not have any other tattoo design in the near vicinity.
Girly Thigh Tattoos

28. You can also opt for a heart tattoo design on the thigh. Color it red if you are committed but if you are single then add a weird design like this.
Heart Thigh Tattoos

29. You will find many temporary tattoo ideas for thigh but the most impressive ones would be the ones that are inspired by romance and love like this.
Couple Thigh Tattoos

30. There are many flower species that you can try on the thigh but none would look as beautiful as thigh rose tattoos or even chrysanthemum tattoo on the thigh.
Roses On Thigh Tattoos

Inner Thigh Tattoos

31. One good thing that you can do in your thigh tattoo design is that you can add a subtle diamond tattoo to it. For example here is a tiny diamond tattoo added in this tribal flower tattoo design.
Thigh Tattoos For Girls

32. One interesting tattoo idea on thigh would be to get a temporary tattoo of your college mascot or state animal. For example here is a bear outline tattoo on the thigh.
Female Thigh Tattoos

33. The artist was very creative in a thigh tattoo design. Here the artist added a flowering vine and a bird tattoo design on a sugar skull tattoo thus overall giving a mind-blowing look.
Thigh Tattoos For Women

34. If you get an animal tattoo on thigh then I would advise you to add a flower tiara on its head to give it a feminine look.
Inner Thigh Tattoos

35. Thigh band tattoos are also in trend and if you opt for them then be sure they are exactly on the mid-thigh.
Lace Thigh Tattoos

Gun tattoos on Thigh

36. Clean shaving is necessary for a thigh tattoo design because otherwise the tattoo won’t look as attractive as it should.
Thigh Tattoos For Guys

37. There are many designs for thigh cover up tattoos but in my opinion, you should always opt for a large flower tattoo for this as it will beautifully cover up the whole part.
Thigh Tattoos For Men

38. If you have thin thighs then you should opt for a colourful tattoo design in medium size just like this colored mermaid tattoo design.
Mermaid Thigh Tattoos

39. Instead of trying a simple thigh band tattoo design you can have a tattoo in such style. Like here is a mountain tattoo design that is linked in the style of a band tattoo on the thigh.
Mountain Thigh Tattoos

40. This owl tattoo design on the thigh is one of the cutest tattoos I have ever seen. It is inked using blackwork tattoo art and the addition of name makes it a perfect tattoo.
Owl Thigh Tattoos

Back Thigh Tattoos for girls

41. You can also opt for a watercolour tattoo design on thigh. They will be good as temporary tattoos. Here is a watercolour swan tattoo on thigh.
Phoenix Thigh Tattoos

42. Instead of getting a large size flower tattoo you can try a small size flower vine tattoo design that covers the whole thigh like this.
Flower Thigh Tattoos

43. You can also try gothic tattoo designs on thigh. Here is a skull and snake tattoo on thigh that is amazing and attractive.
Skull Thigh Tattoos

44. Dragon tattoos on the thigh are common but the size of the dragon tattoo is debatable. If you want a realistic dragon tattoo then make it large and if you opt for tribal dragon tattoo then small size would justify it too.
Thigh Tattoos Tumblr

45. Is it a pizza tattoo or a UFO tattoo or a Heart tattoo or just a landscape tattoo with the moon? What do you think?
Front Thigh Tattoos

Simple Thigh Tattoos for females

46. This astonishing and realistic wolf tattoo design is hard to achieve by any tattoo artist. I would highly recommend this design but you have to find an experienced tattoo artist for it.
Wolf Thigh Tattoos

47. Another good thigh tattoo idea is to opt for an emo girl portrait tattoo. It might not leave a long lasting impression but it will be unique in many ways.
Thigh Tattoos Pain Scale

48. Many girls also opt for snake tattoos on thigh. I would recommend you to try a python tattoo on thigh like this.
Snake Thigh Tattoos

49. You will find many tribal sketches and drawings on sites like Tumblr, DeviantArt, and Pinterest. You can pick up your design from there too.
Tribal Thigh Tattoos

50. While many girls opt for front facing thigh tattoo you can try a side thigh tattoo or even a back thigh tattoo on both left and right legs.
Dreamcatcher Thigh Tattoos

Which thigh tattoo for women attracted you the most from this photo gallery?

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When it comes to sexy tattoos, where do you think of first? Behind the ear? The lower back? The thigh? Thigh tattoos are sexy because they’re often hidden from the world, in a place when only a certain few get to see! Whether it’s garters or roses, cherries or koi fish, the thigh tattoo sure is a sexy spot!

The tattoo culture is not new to the modern world. Indeed, the beauty of tattoos cannot be gainsaid. However, what is new is the fact that there are so many websites purporting to offer tattooing work. The truth is, most of the Thigh Tattoos for Women that are available on the web are not original. Most of these websites simply copy designs from other sites to post the same images again and again with a few changes.

thigh tattoos for women (1)

Get some amazing thigh tattoo ideas

Because of its dimensions, a woman’s thigh is one of the best body parts on which a tattoo can be designed. Consequently, a choice of the kind of tattoo for your thigh should be made in a shrewd way. First of all, look for a design that appeals to you, attractive and one of a kind. Like any other art or design, finding the right design takes some effort and this means that you do not latch on to the first site that offers you examples of designs you can use.


There is nothing that many people find irresistible like beautiful colour arrangement. The design below looks magnificent with all the features used in the design enhancing the overall outlook.


Thigh tattoos are mostly preferred by women however there are men who also wear them. Use of flowery features is also a common aspect in designing thigh tattoos.


When considering wearing a thigh tattoo, your ultimate goal should be clear. With a clear goal in place, you will be able to choose a design that best expresses your desire.


Unique Flower design ideas

There are different meanings that are associated with thigh tattoo. The thigh tattoo can express sexiness of the wearer, it can also carry some sacred feeling. The kind of design you choose should express your desired meaning and what you relate the design to.


Thighs generally provide a spacious place for inking a tattoo and regardless of the size of your design, you definitely get sufficient space to express your artistic skills.


There are different features and elements that can be used in designing thigh tattoo. The wearer can personalise the design to something that they find appealing and elegant.


Beautiful ideas for thigh tattoo designs

A woman’s thigh is a special place and deserves a tattoo that expresses the beauty of the space. The one colour used in the designs adds to the magnificence of the design.


The element of a blossoming plant is a cool design for the thigh tattoo. It has that element of growth and progress that anyone would love to identify with.


Thigh tattoo design  is a tattoo idea that gives women that opportunity to express their beauty and elegance in a unique way. If you are bold enough to flaunt your thighs and show off the beauty in the tattoos then this could be your ideal design.


Get the right style for the thigh tattoo require keen selection as you need to wear something that expresses confidence. Choose a design that you feel expresses you personality trait in a good way.


There are incredible ideas and designs that you can choose from. All you have to do is to personalise in a way that make it to be more appealing. The design below looks spectacular and fits well on the thigh where its worn.


The Innovative ideas for thigh tattoo designs

There are creative thigh tattoo ideas that one can adopt for a beautiful design. Most styles involve a combination of floral arts, celtic designs and a variety of other elements. Wearing the wolf themed thigh tattoo design can be an expression of security for the area.


The anchor tattoo design below looks spectacular given its well elaborated across the thighs where its worn. The colourful symbols and the dots adds to the complexity of the design which is so adorable.


The bird tattoo ideas incorporated in the thigh tattoo design looks beautiful with all the colours used blending well. The style covers both the thighs and the legs which makes it to look quite magnificent.


There are different meanings associated with thigh tattoo designs and its important that one understands the meaning before inking. The wolf tattoo design idea incorporated in the design below looks spectacular with the background colour enhancing the outlook.


The combination of floral features with the celtic arts makes the entire design to be quite outstanding and distinct. The shades of brown, grey and dark colours used also blends well into a lovely pattern.


Enhance your thigh tattoo design with celtic floral ideas

Thigh tattoo can at times look simple and elegant or very complex and scary. The elements used in the design should therefore inform the type of feeling you desire to create. The tattoo design  below is a complex piece of artwork with colourful elements enhancing its outlook.


Bring some creativity to your design by adopting unique design ideas that expresses the wearer’s personality. The design below looks cool with the combination of colours bringing out that calm outlook.


The lower thigh tattoo design idea is great if you want to show off part of the design with cool outfits. The tattoo is themed with complex features that makes it to look quite complex.


Floral and bird tattoo ideas are known to bring life to any given design. The beautiful arrangement of elements adds to the elegance and complexity of the design


The cherry blossom whole thigh tattoo design looks cool with each feature enhancing to the beauty of the design. The use of one colour in the design also highlights the wearer’s overall outlook.


Awesome thigh tattoo ideas

The beautiful butterfly and rose tattoo elements looks magnificent on the wearer. Its advisable that you incorporate elements that blend well together.


Even as you get advice on the best tattoo design to wear, its ideal that you also find the suggested design inspiring. A beautiful design like the one below may look so amazing but not everyone may be comfortable with wearing it. That’s why its appropriate that you choose what you personally find inspiring.


The design that you choose should also express your passion. The design below may look complex to a viewer but the wearer should be well aware of the meaning. The placement of the tattoo is also an important factor to consider before inking a design.


For the design to be visually appealing and attractive, it should be designed in an elaborate way. Every piece of element should be inked with great detail and precision just like in the design below.


Fascinating thigh tattoo ideas

The girl portrait is another cool feature that can be inked as thigh tattoo. The design looks elegant with every bit of feature well elaborated. The pink colour shades also enhances the outlook of the design.


Elements like quotes can also be incorporated in the design for a more dynamic outlook. The upper thigh tattoo design below looks quite intricate with the colours used highlighting the wearer’s outlook.


Thigh tattoo is a cool design that has a way of enhancing ones factor that makes thigh tattoo great is the fact that one is free to add elements that they prefer.


The owl bird tattoo is one of the common designs preferred for thigh tattoo design. The colours used in the design looks spectacular and blends quite well.


Inking something spiritual like in the design below is a cool way to connect with divine powers. Wearing the god themed tattoo enhances one’s connection with the spiritual powers.


Design themes associated with thigh tattoo

There are various themes that can be associated with thigh tattoo designs. Some of the common ones include mystical objects, flowers, birds in flight or resting mode, caged birds amongst others.


If you find inspiration in cultural and historical events then you can ink a theme that best expresses the design. The animal theme expressed in the design below may be an expression the wearer’s love for animals.


The symbol of a snake tattoo is something that can be scaring for some people however its a cool design. You can make the snake themed thigh tattoo look more versatile when you incorporate other features.


The fish themed thigh tattoo design looks magnificent with the one colour used enhancing the designs outlook.  The front of the thigh provides a smooth canvas for inking your ideal tattoo design.


Amazing thigh tattoo themes.

The dream catcher is a beautiful tattoo idea that looks great with any design. The dream catcher with feathers looks spectacular and ideal for thigh tattoo theme.


The historical tattoo themes is another cool idea that works great for thigh tattoo. There is no better way of sharing in the cultural  feelings and ideas like adorning a historical tattoo design.


The place the tattoo has been inked is one of the cool places for wearing thigh tattoo. Its somehow central and the tattoo can also be visible if one wears short outfits.


The owl tattoo is known to carry some deep meaning that tattoo loves may want to identify with. The tattoo looks great especially when incorporated with other features like the flowers.


Thigh tattoo design meaning

Before inking any design, its important that you get a tattoo artist with good understanding of what you want. The incorporation of the compass into the thigh tattoo design is a complex work that require expertise in design.


You can make your design to look more versatile and elegant by incorporating ideas that highlights every feature. The design below has numerous features incorporated together with each expressing outstanding quality given the artistic skills used.


The thigh tattoo below is beautifully positioned with the beautiful shades used enhancing the quality of the design. Just like flowers, beautiful colour combination also enhances the quality of the design.


One thing that makes thigh tattoos to be outstanding is the ability to incorporate features as desired. Unlike other tattoo ideas, thigh tattoo give one the opportunity to combine features that inspire them.


The girl tattoo theme below looks magnificent on the thigh where its worn. The background colours are quite cool with the features of the flying birds adding to the complexity of the design.


Make your thigh tattoo style dynamic and elegant

There are numerous ideas that you can make use of for a more versatile and elegant thigh tattoo design. The use of flowers and quotes amongst other ideas is one of the ways. The design below consists of simple thigh tattoo ideas that are combined into something quite magnificent and elegant.


The thigh tattoo design below may be assumed like the person is wearing an actual stocking. The design looks awesome with the patterns used enhancing the overall outlook.


There is no better way of showing off that flawless skin like adorning the stylish flowery themed thigh tattoo. The colour choice is elegant and blends well with the complexion of the wearer.


The celtic themed thigh tattoo is inspiring and fits well on the thigh where its worn. The shades of yellow, grey, dark and brown combines quite well. The pattern used in the design also looks great.


Anchoring a beautiful design with cool colour combination is a great way of enhancing the visual outlook of the design. The design is big and fits well on the front side of the thigh where its worn.


Simple and cool thigh tattoo ideas

The peacock is a lovely bird with beautiful colours that are worth wearing. The design looks elegant as it flows from the upper rib cage down to the thighs.


A combination of black rose tattoos with other elements look great on the thighs where they are worn. The design looks quite cool with the elements blending quite well.


The dark background used in the design below is fascinating as it highlights the entire design. The use of beautiful beads with floral features also enhances the complexity of the design.


The combination of skull with feathers is becoming a great preference for thigh tattoo. The design is intricately done with each incorporated element styled to precision.


Unique thigh tattoo ideas

Elephant themed thigh tattoo is another unique design preferred by tattoo lovers. The tattoo looks spectacular on the thigh where its worn with the styling looking so real.


The mermaid themed thigh tattoo design below is such a bold design that require confidence to wear. The design is elegant as it expresses the features of the tattoo so clearly.


If you find the owl tattoo inspiring then there is no better place to wear it like the thigh. The colours used in the design are quite eye-catching which also enhances the features of the wearer.


Although the art of tattooing has become a common phenomenon, not everybody is confident enough to wear tattoos. If you have love the art but often find yourself fearing what others may think, try inking thigh tattoo.


When choosing your ideal thigh tattoo, its advisable that you go for styles that suits you well. This is because not all the styles that look great on others may look great on you.


The symbol of the dead tree is another cute theme for the thigh tattoo design. Te pale dark colour used in styling the design brings that ideal quality of a dead tree.


Get stunning thigh tattoo ideas

What makes thigh tattoo’s cute is the fact that you can hide them and show them of as desired. The ship tattoo theme looks magnificent as thigh tattoo with the feature of flying birds enhancing the visual appeal.


Perching birds theme for the thigh tattoo brings that element of nature and beauty to the design. The natural colours used for all the elements in the design also creates that natural feeling.


The creepy ghost theme is another design that you can opt for if you want that cool yet scary thigh tattoo. The colours used expresses the theme quite clearly with the purple, blue and dark colours adding to the elegance.


It’s important to note that having a great tattoo is one thing and care is paramount if the style is to remain elegant. Once you have your tattoo ensure that the wound is well taken care of. The thigh is such a sensitive place and failure to take care of the tattoo may result into more pain.


The flowery tribal tattoo thigh tattoo design is a cool and elegant piece of artwork. The design has looks spectacular on the thighs with the flashy colours enhancing its overall outlook.


Choose the design styles that express your personality

The moths are also unique features used for the thigh tattoo. Moths are attributed to express secrets and dreams and identifying with such a design is quite ideal. Determination and faith are other meanings associated with he design.


Tattoo care is an important aspect if you want to have that glowing appearance. All you get once you live a tattoo parlour are instructions on how to take care of the wound. It’s therefore upon you take dedicate your time in taking care of the wound until it heals.

thigh tattoos for women (2)

It is not automatic that if a tattoo looks good on another person’s skin, then it will look great on your body too. Far from it. A choice of a tattoo should be based on your skin complexion, your body size, and lastly, how it looks on other people with whom you have certain similarities. The upshot is, you need to visit some forums where the real artists of body designs hang out, find out the latest trends in the tattoo world, and generally, do your research thoroughly. Do not grab the first design that you come across, but browse around to see also what people have to say about these designs.

thigh tattoos for women (11)

Maintain the beauty and elegance of the design by taking good care of the tattoo

In the picture above you can see an elaborate coloured design.  For some people, this is the kind of thigh tattoo they would want on their body.  For others, it might just bee too large, too dark or too detailed.

thigh tattoos for women (15)

Another example is the amazing tattoo above, which is truly a work of art and many can appreciate the effort that the artist put into it.  Again while it might be something that quickly grabs your attention, a tattoo that you can appreciate for its artistic detail, this might not be the one you want.  On the contrary, this might spark your imagination to create something on these same lines which becomes your personal dream tattoo.

thigh tattoos for women (18)

Every body part is unique and has a tattoo design that suits it. Therefore, not all tattoo designs work on all body parts. A tattoo design for the lower back, for instance, will not work for the thigh or leg. The various body parts just offer a woman an opportunity to use unique and creative tattoo designs.

thigh tattoos for women (19)

Choose a design that fits well on the thighs

The design of a tattoo to be used is determined by the body part on which it would be applied. When you are looking for a sexy tattoo, the design must be applied where it can be viewed easily and at the same time relay the message you want.

thigh tattoos for women (26)

Choose large and appealing images for the thighs, legs and at the backside or some inches above your Bermuda triangle. Remember your aim is to make an impression.

thigh tattoos for women (30)

Since a tattoo design is something that you will look at and live with for a very long time, make it convey a message to the world. Make it have a meaning. A tattoo which will tell the people you meet about yourself should be the ideal choice. There is a story behind every tattoo, and don’t let yours be an exception. Portray your personality or show something that you love in your tattoo.

thigh tattoos for women (34)

Every human being has a unique personality. Choosing a tattoo design that will go with your personality is a privilege that you can’t afford to forgo.

Fox Thigh Tattoo

thigh tattoos for women (23)

Not every example of body art that looks attractive at first glance is for you. Select a tattoo to communicate your inner persona. Still, you should be careful on the design you choose and think what it should make you feel like, 2 years, 5 years and 10 years from now.

thigh tattoos for women (35)

Another aspect of tattoos you should clearly take into consideration is the colour combination you will be using.  As the above image portrays, a tattoo with certain colours will give you and the people who look at it a certain feeling.  Feelings of joy, happiness, sobriety etc. will all depend on the scheme of colours chosen.

thigh tattoos for women (6)

Take time to research for that ideal thigh tattoo

]The process of selecting your thigh tattoo should just take you as much time just as selecting a design for your room or some other personal space. Look at all designs and then pick the one that suits you most. Apart from the internet as a platform for selecting your tattoo design, explore other options too. Your imagination will drive you to be creative. The bottom line is to find a cool tattoo, which will be unique.

thigh tattoos for women (32)



thigh tattoos for women (16)























Make the design visually appealing with cool artistic styles

How much of your tattoo do you want visible?  As can be seen from the first tattoo above, this tattoo goes down to the feet of the female carrying it.  It means that her tattoo may even be visible with long trousers from her shoes if they are open at the front or top.  If this is acceptable for you, and your design permits this you can go ahead and plan such design.  If on the other hand you want a tattoo that you can hide under your trousers, or even under your skirt, the position of the tattoo and how low it will go needs to be given series thought.

thigh tattoos for women (12)

The dream catcher tattoo theme is a cool style for the thigh tattoo. The fact that its styled with fascinating colours for the feathers makes it to look so eye-catching and elegant.

thigh tattoos for women (22)

The first thing to do is to research, then reflect and, finally, make an informed choice. A tattoo that looks great on a muscular man’s thigh may not look that good on your leaner thigh.

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Widen your perspective when choosing. Make sure that you do not fall in love with a masculine tattoo which will appear out of place on your thigh. There are certain designs which will be appropriate for certain women, but not you. Make considerations even on the kind of complexion your skin has.  Both pictures above and below portray females with different skin colour which will make their tattoos look different otherwise.

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Amazing flower designs

Flowers are the core features used for designing thigh tattoos although the type of the flower and design differs. The one colour flower tattoo design covers the side part of the thigh which is so magnificent.

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Designing a tattoo takes time and inflicts pain. Thus, consider the pain borne and the time taken to get a tattoo design done. Just make yourself aware of all this before you pick a design.  A coloured design will obviously take longer to finish and is more painful than a design with an outline like the one above.

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Colourful flowers equally look magnificent especially when combined with other features. The thigh tattoo design below looks cute and fits well on the wearer’s thigh.

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The tattoo below is an interesting aspect for anyone who wants to tattoo both thighs.  Do you plan to make your designs compatible?  Is there a continuous story, or will your two thighs have a different path to follow?  Discuss this with your designer and do not make rash decisions!

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Make the design unique and visually appealing

The design below looks more like an octopus with the various segments of the feature looking fabulous. The one colour used also enhances the visual outlook of the flawless thigh canvas.

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Pick an artist who can understand you.  Once which you can discuss your aspirations with.  If the designer does not have time to converse with you and help with your decision, choose another one.

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Covering the entire thigh and legs with a tattoo design may look quite versatile although not everyone may be comfortable with the design. Before you ink any design

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Different tattoos require a varying amount of time to complete and remember you will not be released before its completion. Indeed, the pain experienced will vary with the details required. You can bet that a heavily detailed tattoo like the one above will not be soothing on your skin. Decide on what you are ready to bear. Most importantly, follow your heart.

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The rose flower carries that symbol of love and is generally preferred by many tattoo lovers. The rose tattoo theme is an intricate design that require high level of expertise for the design to stand out.

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Incorporating the skull feature in thigh tattoo has a way of making the style to look more fascinating and elegant. The below style looks spectacular with the dark shades enhancing the overall outlook.

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Work with a professional tattoo artist

A good tattoo artist will make the pain bearable. Thus, pick an artist that you can vibe with. If you and the artist are not compatible, then you may end up hating the process a lot. You will need all the strength and encouragement you can get to undergo the painful and long process. This is particularly true when you have chosen an elaborate tattoo like the one above. When you are on the same page with the tattoo artist, your pain can feel more bearable.

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The design below looks unique and fascinating with all the features blending well into an eye-catching thigh tattoo. The design looks cool and fits well on the thighs.

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The mermaid themed thigh tattoo is such a feminine design with the cool artistic design enhancing the overall outlook.

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Since we want our tattoos to be objects of awe to those who see them, consider what your friends may find amazing. Tattoos are done not only for our own personal satisfaction, but also to also be seen and admired by others.

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This is probably one of the most important things that should guide the choice of your tattoo. While tattoos represent our personalities, they are also accessories such as jewellery. We want people to see them and wonder where we got them.

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Sexy lace thigh tattoo design

The sexy lace design is such an appealing piece of design and can even pass for a real lace. The tattoo is intricately designed as it expresses the sophistication and elegance of the wearer.

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The above tattoo might look simple, but it carries a story, a research and an emotion that the person can bind with.  You might like this idea, but does this tell your story?  Is it connected to you?  Do you feel a personal closeness to the design?

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Covering every part of your body with cool tattoos may look dynamic but it also translates to a lot of pain. Before you opt for such a dynamic design, ensure that you are well prepared for the pain.

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Bold art like the two designs above immediately portrays a person with a bold personality!  A person who is not afraid to tell the world their story!  Do you fall into this category?

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Beautiful colour shades ideas

Whatever it is your are looking for is unique to you.   This is the reason why you cannot rush into getting a tattoo done.  Bring together your past, your future aspirations, your story, who you are!  Look around you and gather the clues.

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If you want to find the best tattoo design, then explore the most unusual avenues. Tribal art, mystical objects and mythical creatures will inspire you for a tattoo design. Indeed, you would be surprised to know that the most mundane, which we fail to see the beauty of in the rush of getting our daily work done, can inspire some of the best tattoo designs. Things like gardens, fish tanks, the things in you (or your partner’s) jewellery, can inspire designs a unique tattoo.



Sexy flower tattoo on girl’s thigh


This is the ultimate thigh tattoo that any girl can have on her thigh to express her sexuality. The tattoo is of two flowers that have been joined together with a bit of some leaf vegetation between them. The tattoo is all black and white with different shades of black to show different levels of gradient.

Cute black and white thigh tattoo


This is the one of the best thigh tattoos that a girl can have to enhance her body art. The tattoo itself seems to be of chandelier drawings. Being all black and white, the tattoo has a lot of details to it even showing chandelier hangings.

Awesome flower tattoo on a girl’s thigh


This is a cute thigh tattoo that best suits a lady who want’s something sexy on her front thigh. The black and white tattoo depicts two rose flowers lying among some leaf vegetation. The tattoo employs the use of various shades of black to show different petal levels.

Colorful thigh tattoo on girl’s thigh


This sexy and colorful tattoo is one of the best thigh tattoos a lady can have on her thigh to show there is more to her than just beauty. The tattoo shows an orange rose flower with a clock resting above the rose flower. A ribbon goes over and under the rose flowers with the words “Time is what we make of it” written on it.

Sexy elephant tattoo on a lady’s thigh


This is one of those thigh tattoo ideas that best suit a lady who appreciates wild animals. The black and white tattoo depicts an African elephant walking with rose flowers surrounding the animal all round it.

Sexy rose tattoo on lady’s thigh


This black and white rose tattoos is one of the best thigh tattoo ideas that would best suit a lady who wants something sexy on her thighs. The tattoo depicts two rose flowers sitting close to each other. The rose flowers appear to be sitting amongst some leaf vegetation.

Colorful nature tattoo on a lady’s thigh


This thigh tattoo design best suits a lady who wants something on her thigh that would best express her love for nature. The tattoo depicts bright red flowers with green leaf vegetation attached to the flowers. A black raven appears to be flying over these flowers.

Sexy flower tattoo on lady’s thigh


This is one of the best tattoo designs that a lady can have on their thighs to best show her sexuality. The tattoo depicts a several flowers lying among leaf vegetation. The tattoo is located on the upper front thigh and can best be used to rock a hot pant.

Sexy tribal tattoo on girl’s thigh


A black and white tribal tattoo is one of the best thigh tattoos idea that lady can have to add some extra body ink on their body. The tattoo covers the whole thigh till some parts below the knee.

Sexy black and white tattoo on girl’s thigh


This sexy black and white tattoo is the kind that every girl that wants something on their thigh should have. The tattoo itself takes the form of some sexy patterns that resemble chandeliers. Different shades of black have been used to show the gradients of different parts of the tattoo.

Cool compass tattoo on a lady’s thigh


This cool thigh tattoo best suits a lady who is a sea enthusiast. The black and white tattoo depicts a simple compass that appears to be pointing north east. Although the tattoo is black and white, different shades of black have been used to give the compass character.

Sexy rose flower tattoo on girl’s thigh


This sexy tattoo of a rose flower is best placed on girl’s thigh. The red roses appear to by lying among some leaf vegetation. A black bird appears to be flying over the flowers while a tiny black cross appears to be hanging below the flowers.

Awesome owl tattoo on guy’s thigh


This is probably one of the best tattoos ideas that a guy can get done on their thigh. The tattoo depicts an owl with black feathers perched on a branch. The owl has blue eyes and appears to have fancy patterns on its chest feathers and on the top of its head.

Intriguing serpent tattoo on a lady’s thigh


This intriguing tattoo captures the image of a serpent that is writhing its way around and amongst several branches with some flowers. The snake has been drawn with different patterns and shades to show different parts of its body like its underbelly. The flowers take a dirty shade of red.

Cool snake tattoo on guy’s thigh


This is a cool thigh tattoo of a snake. The whole tattoo is in black and white and only utilizes the use of different shades of black to show different parts of the snake. The tattoo depicts the snake as snarling, with its tongue and fangs out.

Cool wolf tattoo on a girl’s thigh


This is one of the best thigh tattoo that is suitable for anyone who wants something sexy on their thighs. The tattoo depicts a wolf with lots of details that are so unlike the usual look of a wolf. The wolf has lots of patterns on its head that give it a feminine look.

Sexy black and white flower tattoo on a girl’s thigh


This sexy black and white tattoo of a flower should be best placed on a thigh. The tattoo depicts a hibiscus flower among some leaf vegetation. There also appears to be some twigs sprouting from beneath the hibiscus flowers.

Cool Indian head tattoo on guy’s thigh


This cool black and white tattoo depicts an Indian head on guy’s thigh. The head has a lot of feathers attached to the back of its head. The head appears to have opened its mouth with sharp teeth showing.

Cool thigh tattoo of a lady


This is probably one of the coolest thigh tattoos that any lady can have on their thighs. The tattoos has to be drawn on both thighs though. On one thigh, a tattoo of a lady who appears to be looking up is drawn with a ribbon written “Dream weaver” right below the lady. On the other thigh, a lady is also drawn with a ribbon written “deceiver” sitting below the image of the lady.

Cool cats tattoo on girl’s thigh


This colorful tattoo depicts two cats sitting on branch close together in the middle of the night. The tattoo shows some mountains far off in the distant, with a blue starless sky. The tattoo also shows a full moon high up in the blue sky.

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