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Walther PPQ/PDP Uncaptured Stainless Guide Rod

A well machined, solid, and surprisingly weighty guide rod. Ordered, shipped, and arrived quickly. In my 9mm PPQ Q4, I paired it with a Wolff 18lb Glock spring but I think I am going to have to drop that a bit. 18lbs works well for full power loads and those approaching +P but seems a bit too stout for IPSC/IDPA loads. The guide rod itself has worked well so far and is a really robust piece of metal. Please note that I have yet to really give it a good workout but my first impression is positive. There does seems to be a bit more play between the outside diameter of the rod and inside tunnel of the guide rod chamber and I will be keeping an eye on wear as a result. Length is good. I may try to see if I can get an O-ring or washer to neatly fit in end of the guide rod chamber to both act as a buffer for the end of the recoil spring and keep the guide rod itself a bit more centered so it doesn’t rub against the frame. However, this is more of an asthetic pet peeve and doesn’t seem to be an issue affecting performance thus far but, again, very few rounds down range. As a bonus, I optimistically bought a 2nd one for a CANIK TP9SF EC and I think it is going to work in that as well – thank goodness for the shared P99 heritage.

Was this review helpful to you?Sours: https://zrtacticalsolutions.com/shop/walther-ppq-uncaptured-stainless-guide-rod/

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Government Export Restriction

In Stock

2 Models Available

Gun Model: Walther P99 , Walther PPQ , Walther PPQ M2 , Walther Q4 TAC

Code: 3K0-PP1-RSWLTH-MS-WA-2


UPC: 5213007220530

Gun Model: Walther PPQ .45 ACP 4.25in

Code: 3K0-PP1-RSWLTH-MS-WA-5


UPC: 5213007220578

Free shipping* & free returns*

This DPM Recoil Rod Reducer System for Walther serves as a direct replacement for your stock recoil rod that won't change your current configuration. These Pistol Slides & Slide Parts designed by DPM significantly reduce recoil which allows you to take faster follow-up shots on target. The DPM Recoil Reduction System for Walther also improves your pistol build by protecting the slide and frame as well as eliminating jams for smooth, uninterrupted function. Install the DPM Mechanical Recoil Rod Reducer System for Walther for a more efficient firearm that greatly boosts your firing speed and precision.

Specifications for DPM Recoil Rod Reducer System for Walther:

Features of DPM Recoil Rod Reducer System for Walther:

  • Faster follow up shots
  • Improved firing speed
  • Slide and Frame Protection
  • Elimination of jams
  • Significant recoil reduction
  • Better double-tap concentration
  • Better control and greater accuracy

Package Contents:

  • DPM Recoil Rod Reducer System for Walther

DPM Recoil Rod Reducer System for Walther Orderable Models

List of Orderable Models

DPM Recoil Rod Reducer System for Walther P99-PPQ/PPQ M2/Q4 Tac/Q5 Match, MS-WA/2, MPN: MS-WA/2, UPC: 5213007220530, Code: 3K0-PP1-RSWLTH-MS-WA-2

DPM Recoil Rod Reducer System for Walther PPQ .45ACP Barrel, 4.25 inch, MS-WA/5, MPN: MS-WA/5, UPC: 5213007220578, Code: 3K0-PP1-RSWLTH-MS-WA-5

Customer Reviews

Helpful Positive Review DPM awesome recoil system . by 1badl33, April 19, 2020

Install this in my Walther PPQ M2 9mm and wow I love it. Get it You won’t be disappointed. It help my gun alot with recoil. Like I say get it you won’t be disappointed best upgrade ever ............ Walther PPQ

7/7 found this helpful
Helpful Negative Review NOT FOR THE PPQ Q4 TAC!!!! by D, June 16, 2021

this is not for the Walther PPQ Q4 TAC!!!!!!It made the recoil really snappy and follow up shots were way off.The DPM web sight has another version for the PPQ Q4 TAC!!!!I would not recommend this product on the PPQ Q4 TAC AT ALL!!!The factory recoil...

1/1 found this helpful
Most Recent Reviews Nice upgrade by John, June 10, 2021

Replaced the stock guide rod/recoil spring in my 4" Walther PDP with this product. After 250 rounds, have had no issues whatsoever, and I've run various ammo through it. Does a nice job mitigating recoil. Would recommend.

2/2 found this helpful
Most Recent Reviews works perfect for Walther PDP compact by D C, Verified Owner, April 17, 2021

I recently got a Walther PDP. Took it to the the range and she was a bit snappy on the recoil. Once I got the DPM system in there she flattened out nicely and made follow up shoot a lot easier and quicker.

2/2 found this helpful
Most Recent Reviews DPM Recoil Rod Reducer System for Walther by gandycreek, October 11, 2020

I have PPQ M2 LS in both 9mm and 40 S&W. The reduction in muzzle flip is noticeable in the 9mm and significant in the 40. The recoil in both is much more of the “straight back” variety, which translates into faster sight picture reacquisition. I high...

1/1 found this helpful
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Sours: https://www.opticsplanet.com/dpm-recoil-rod-reducer-system-for-walther.html
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WALTHER PPQ 9mm Recoil Reduction Spring Rod DPM Systems

About the WALTHER PPQ 9mm Recoil Reduction Spring Rod DPM Systems:

Will Fit: WALTHER PPQ – (9mm)

WALTHER PPQ 9mm Recoil Reduction Spring Rod DPM Systems Assembly Instructions

The DPM WALTHER PPQ 9mm Recoil Reduction Spring Rod DPM Systems replaces the original factory guide rod/spring system and produces an advanced recoil reduction by absorbing the shock gradually and slowing the slide down before its impact with the frame of the pistol. Because the system is an interior modification of your pistol it will not change the external dimensions of the handgun, therefore there is no for a new holster, sights or any other accessory you own.

The DPM WALTHER PPQ 9mm recoil spring system works due to its multi spring rod design (three springs) by producing an advanced recoil reduction technique by gradually slowing the slide down before impacting the frame of the pistol using Spring No. 1 (see fig. below) and Spring No. 2. The third spring (Spring No. 3) which is contained within the rod itself controls the movement of the slide so it never rams on the frame.




  • Faster follow up shots
  • Improved firing speed
  • Slide and Frame Protection
  • Elimination of jams
  • Significant recoil reduction
  • Better double-tap concentration
  • Better control and greater accuracy
  • No gunsmith required
  • Lightweight Aprox. 18gr – 20gr

The system includes:

1x DPM Recoil Spring Rod
2x External springs.

*This recoil springs are a direct replacement for the stock recoil rod and does not change the configuration of the pistol.

*The external springs are different in length with the longer offering heavier slide travel and locking than the shorter spring.

*Dimensions of the spring are the same as the original.

Sours: https://zahal.org/product/walther-ppq-9mm-recoil-reduction-spring-rod-dpm-systems/

Stainless Steel Guide Rods Walther PDP & PPQ-M2 Recoil Spring / Guide Rod Assembly

Description: Stainless Steel Guide Rods Walther PDP & PPQ-M2 Recoil Spring / Guide Rod Assembly. This Stainless Steel Guide Rods produced recoil spring / guide rod assembly is manufactured from 304 stainless steel and is perfect as a replacement piece to your OEM set-up. This assembly fits the Walther PPQ, PPQ-M2, P99, and PPQ Q5 pistol platforms chambered in 9mm and .40 S&W. Keep your Walther in top operating and reliable condition with this quality assembly.

Models Fit:

Manufacturer: Stainless Steel Guide Rods


  • Brand: Stainless Steel Guide Rods
  • Caliber: 9mm,.40 S&W
  • Finish / Color: Stainless Steel
  • Firearm Type: Pistol
  • Material: Steel
  • Models Fit: Walther P99,Walther PPQ,Walther PDP
Sours: https://www.midwestgunworks.com/mm5/

Steel rod ppq guide

P99/PPQ/PPQ M2  Sta-Tite guide rods are available as drop-in assemblies with factory springs direct from Germany.


The PPQ and PPQ M2 share the same recoil assembly with the P99.   .40SW and 9mm use the same spring.




P99 Sta-Tite Guide Rod

P99 assortment

Remove plastic, replace with metal

By adhering to the manufacturer’s dimensions, fit is assured.

By using the factory spring, function is assured.

When you install a BT rod, you can rest assured that your pistol will function properly.

capturing buttons, factory and Sta-Tite

2 finishes

All Sta-Tite rods are Black Oxide treated.  The capturing button visible in the front of the slide is the finish choice.

rear shot

You can clearly see that the rod is not “chewed up” during assembly, yet sufficient torque has been applied via the toolkit to ensure that this rod won’t come apart until desired.

The P99 and PPQ use the same recoil spring in 9mm and .40sw.



Do you have a 5″ PPQ?  It uses an orange 48N spring. BT has them in stock for drop-in convenience. Choose standard length or an extended length that fills the dust cover for a finished look and additional weight. Call to order the 5″ model. 412-542-8189

Sours: https://www.btguiderods.com/category/walther/p99-ppq/
DPM Recoil Reduction System - A review - Fully Adjustable and Captured

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