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Exchanging Emails with an Inmate in Clark County Detention Center

Since Clark County Detention Center contracts with GTL ConnectNetwork, they either already or will soon provide you and your inmate the ability to use their Messaging Service to send and receive electronic messages.

Depending on the facility, inmates can either view messages from you by:

Viewing it on a device at the jail,

Viewing it on a Kiosk in their unit,

Print it out, and/or

Respond electronically.


How do I pay for the GTL Inmate Messaging Service at Clark County Detention Center?

GTL lets you pay for inmate messaging services:

- Online,

- Over the Phone,

- Using a Kiosk at Clark County Detention Center,

- By US Mail, and

- Depositing Funds at Designated Retail Stores.


How much does it cost to send and receive messages?

Rates to send messages vary and are subject to change.

The typical cost is $1.00 per message, plus $1.00 per photo and $3.00 per 30 second video.


How does GTL Inmate Messaging work?

Step 1

Confirm the current GTL Message service options at Clark County Detention Center.

Step 2

Sign in or create an account to make a deposit.

Step 3

Add your phone number(s), information and Facility(ies)

Step 4

Fund Account

Step 5

Send and receive messages 24/7

Step 6 (optional - additional fee)

Attach a photo and/or video to your messages (where available) using the iOS or Android mobile app.

Get the iOS app

Get the Android app

All incoming mail will be opened and inspected for contraband prior to delivery.  

Letters: Inmates may now receive ONLY written or typed letters on plain white paper in plain white envelopes. Letters should be written in blue or black ink or pencil.  
The following information is required on all incoming inmate mail:                 

Inmate Name

ID #

Clark County Detention Center

330 South Casino Center Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89101 

Publications acceptable for distribution to inmates include magazines, periodicals, soft-covered books, and newspapers must be mailed directly from a publisher or commercial dealer.  Items from a commercial dealer must clearly identify the contents.  Pornographic material of any kind will not be allowed or accepted.

Packages: Will not be accepted without prior approval of the responsible Bureau Lieutenant.

The following items and contents listed (but not limited to) will not be allowed in the inmate’s mail: 

  • Un-cancelled stamps, blank stationery and blank or colored self-addressed envelopes.
  • Nude, partially nude, or sexually explicit items in nature. 
  • Obscene literature.
  • Any article that could be considered a health hazard. 
  • Photographs larger than 6" x 8"; acceptable-sized photos are limited to 15.
  • Greeting Cards, card stock and postcards.
  • Post-it notes/adhesive items.
  • Any foreign substances including lipstick, perfume, stickers, staples, glitter, crayon, colored pencils, paint, glue, tape, whiteout, colored ink, metallic/glitter ink and no drawings created with the items listed.
  • Any item that could be used to circumvent or subvert the safety and security of the facility. 
  1. 52 inch recurve bow
  2. Mountain bike reddit
  3. Refrigerator 11 cubic feet
  4. Cute ouija board
  5. Silhouette tattoo ideas

GED classes, counseling services, Individual Educational Program for juveniles, drug & alcohol classes,

Veteran's Assistants Program and anger management are all offered, as well as the programs offered through Community Log OutCorrections. 



The GED program provides an opportunity for inmates to improve their academic skills, to prepare for the GED examination and earn a Maryland High School diploma.  Classes are scheduled throughout the year and are held in the Detention Center.

Religious Services

The Cecil County Detention Center shall provide the opportunity for religious counseling, worship and Bible study for voluntary inmate participation. Questions can be directed to the Chaplain at 410-996-5850.


The Detention Center will accept cards and correspondence only.  As this list is subject to change, please contact the detention center with any questions.

Due to security concerns, personal correspondence for inmates will be limited to commercially produced postcards which meet the Postal Service standards for postcard delivery. All incoming mail must have inmate's address information and the sender's name and address or it will not be delivered.

Business correspondence must be clearly marked "BUSINESS MAIL" with only
business correspondence enclosed.

Photographs will only be accepted in an envelope clearly marked "PHOTOS" or "PHOTOGRAPHS". Nothing else can be included in the envelope.


Inmates are permitted to spend up to $75 a week on cosmetics, stationary, food and limited clothing. Items are purchased from Keefe Commissary Network. Funds may be deposited into the inmate's account via Access Secure Deposits during normal business hours (Monday-Friday) 8 AM to 4 PM or during visiting hours, in the lobby kiosk. Funds may also be deposited via the internet at or by phone at 866-345-1884. In order to meet the commissary deadline for each week, it is recommended that funds be place on the inmates account by 8:30 AM on Sunday. Administration will not accept money orders, checks or any form of money. For commissary, all funds must go through the Access Secure Deposits kiosk, website or phone number.

The public can order a commissary package for an inmate, once a week, by calling 1-800-546-6283 or via the internet at .  This is the only website link that has been approved for outside commissary packages.


Inmates are permitted to make telephone calls via the prepaid service provided by ICSolutions. For information regarding this service, please call 1-888-506-8407 or visit their website at   Administration will not accept money orders, checks or any form of money. For telephone service, all funds must go through the kiosk located in the Visitation lobby, the ICSolution website or the ICSolution phone number.


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