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'Cuddle beds' bringing some physical comfort to end-of-life patients

Cancer patient Josephine Collins says she is content as she lies on an oversized 'cuddle bed', surrounded by her daughters and granddaughter in the Robina Hospital's palliative care ward on Queensland's Gold Coast.

Daughter Emma Knowles said her mum used to work in aged care.

The year-old is one of the first people in Queensland to use the purpose-built bed, which comprises two single hospital beds joined together.

"They're beautiful, they're comfortable, they're such a good idea," Ms Knowles said.

"It would have been good, [as] not last night, but the night before. I slept on the little bench in the room."

There are only two "cuddle beds" in Queensland hospitals — one at Robina, with the second at the nearby Gold Coast University Hospital.

Ms Collins was moved onto the bed Thursday morning after the previous patient died overnight.

Cancer patient Josephine Collins with her daughter Amy Knowles on a cuddle bed in the Robina Hospital's palliative care ward.

'Got that connection at end of life'

Occupational therapist Russell Plumbridge-Jones said the idea was pitched by hospital staff in

"One of the people that actually inspired this was a mother who was here with her year-old son, and it came about because she said that she felt that physical barrier," he said.

"With him being her only child, she wanted to be there with him at his end of life and she was leaning through the bars and holding him.

"She said to have this [cuddle bed] option would have been life-changing for her."

The therapist said patients going through the health process often became disconnected from their loved ones.

"We help them reconnect both physically and emotionally, so they feel like they can let go and time to move on, but they've got that connection at end of life," he said.

Occupational therapist Russell Plumbridge-Jones stands in a corridor at Robina Hospital with his arms folded.

Sharing the gift of 'I'm here'

Robina Hospital Nursing Unit manager Maureen Tapfield said the beds would be used by married couples and parents comforting their dying children.

"We've had them as young as 19," she said.

"The mother and the father are able to sit, usually at either end of the bed, and just hold that person — to be able to be close as your loved one is dying, shares that gift of 'I'm here'."

The nurse, who has worked in palliative care for more than two decades, said physical contact and intimacy was critically important for the patient and their partner.

"We believe that hearing is the last sense to go so that opportunity to whisper 'I love you' closely is very, very important," she said.

Robina Hospital Nursing Unit manager Maureen Tapfield smiles as she sits outside the hospital.

Queensland Health Minister Steven Miles said the beds cost $10, each and two more would be rolled out on the Gold Coast.

"I've got no doubt that's hospitals across the state will be looking to the Gold Coast to hear about their experiences," he said.

"If it's successful, no doubt many hospitals will look within their budgets to install them to meet the demand of the community."


Cuddle Bed Appeal Launched

We have launched an appeal to raise £14, for a specialist ‘cuddle’ bed for patients and their families.

To donate to the cuddle bed appeal please visit:

The ‘cuddle’ bed is designed to allow a second person to lie beside their loved one to share a cuddle and offer comfort when they need it most.

The specialist bed creates a safe space where two people can be connected and share those very precious moments together, without the physical barriers of an ordinary bed. The bed does everything a Hospice bed needs to do such as offer adjustable settings for the patient’s comfort, and at the touch of a button it can widen to become a double bed that is safe for use by two people. It’s not just for couples, however, it can be used by parent and child, siblings, friends, the list goes on. Cuddling and physical touch have been shown to reduce stress, decrease pain and intensify bonds between people, and the ‘cuddle’ bed would allow patients and their loved ones this connection while receiving palliative care.

Carol Ainsworth’s husband Keith, also known as ‘Sootyman’, received treatment at St John’s Hospice. She said &#;

“I would have loved to have laid next to Keith before he went.  A cuddle bed really would mean so much to people like me who want to share those last moments together”

Josie Curtis was able to use a cuddle bed that was on trial to St John’s when her husband Steve was there earlier this year. She said &#;

“We were very privileged to be able to use a Cuddle Bed. This was so special to both of us, as it meant we could be close together when every moment of each day was so precious. It was much better than Steve lying on his own. On Steve’s passing I was able to lie by his side and to hold him close.”

Lucy O’Connor, Head of Inpatient Services at St John’s Hospice said &#;

“The cuddle bed would make a huge difference to patients and their loved ones. The ability for someone to lay next to their loved one can offer the comfort and physical support that some patients so desperately need. Most of us can understand the importance of a cuddle in the way it makes you feel, by supporting this appeal you can help create these special moments.”

This appeal would help the Hospice make these cherished cuddle moments come true.
To donate to the cuddle bed appeal please visit:

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Heartbreaking photo shows teenager cuddling her dying boyfriend in his hospital bed

The teenager had been swimming with two friends when he had gotten into difficulty. After his rescue, his family were given devastating news about his condition. 

year-old Blake Ward had been enjoying a warm summer day at Tywyn, Gwynedd, in Wales on Tuesday, July The west coast resort town would become the scene of a tragedy when Ward and two other teenage boys started having difficulties in the water. 

Two helicopters, three lifeboats, two coast guard teams, paramedics and police rushed to the water to help the boys in distress, and after some efforts they were pulled from the ocean. 

Ward was airlifted to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool where doctors tried everything they could to save his life. Tragically, on August 4, his family received the devastating news that he would never wake up from his coma.


On that day, his family made the difficult decision to turn off his life support, knowing that he wasn't going to recover from the accident.

The teenager from Dudley had been attending Hillcrest School and Community College, and headmistress April Garratt paid tribute to him as well. 

“Blake was a wonderful young man, his teachers would say of him that he was bright, funny and kind-hearted. It’s such a tragedy when a young life is taken especially in these circumstances. Our thoughts are with Blake’s family and friends and the school will do all it can to support them and out students.”

Throughout the entire ordeal, his girlfriend, year-old Stephanie Ray, had not left his side for a moment. 

Ray later took to Facebook with a beautiful memorial post for Blake, expressing her profound grief at his sudden loss. 

"Today has been the hardest day for me and it will be a day I will never be able to forget," she started her post. "As you all know Blake was a loving a caring person and would do anything for anyone.[] Blake was someone special to me and we had something special and we will always have that. Me and Blake had our ups and downs but we always got through them. But just know Blake wasn’t in any pain and he passed away with his family around him and he will forever be missed and he will always have a special place in my heart."

Along with her beautiful words, she also shared a heartbreaking photo of herself lying in his arms in his hospital bed, taken just moments before his life support was switched off. 

His family has since started a GoFundMe page to pay for his funeral costs. 

The condition of the other two boys rescued with Ward is unknown. 



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