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Adventures in Ponyville

In the game Adventures In Ponyville you get to know a story about every pony who needs to discover its cutie mark. Every pony does it by herself. It’s not always so easy at it seems. Some of them have been waiting for so long and searching really hard to find out their real destiny. One pony decides to go to Ponyville in order to find its cutie mark. Your task is to help her to succeed. First of all you need to create your own very unique pony. You can choose the color of her eyes, mane, tail and some accessories and of course you give a special name to your magic friend. When you’ve done with this part of the game you read the instructions how to move your character, explore and earn Friendship Sparkles – it will help you to fill the meter and the more you fill it the sooner you’ll find your cutie mark. It also contains some additional information for those ponies that need help.

The first task you’re given is Rainbow Dash’s Cloud Bump. It means that you need to help this pony clear the clouds from the sky. Isn’t it fun? You can even choose difficulty or start enjoying the game. You should use arrows to move your pony and try not to be under the rain clouds because it lowers your score. Do your best!

Next interesting task is Pinkie Pie’s Sweet Shoppe. Here you can help the pink sweet-tooth fill orders at suragcube corner. Sounds challenging, right? So your task is very simple but you must be very attentive because Pinkie Pie always mixes up the plates with the lollipops, muffing and other candies. Another pony that you meet on your way is Applejack and his Apple harvest. Here you need to help with filling the cart with juicy apples. It isn’t hard, right? You must be very quick to get the best score. Apples must ripen first and then you collect them into your basket. Very funny game. Just try!


About Adventures in Ponyville Game

Embark on a wonder-filled journey to earning your cutie mark with the Adventures in Ponyville game! Ever since the dawn of time, ponies have had to complete a quest of self-discovery to merit their mark. You are a young pony who traveled far and wide during your mission. Your journey has taken you to Ponyville. Here, you must complete your quest! Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and Rarity will help you get enough Friendship Sparkles to discover your mark. What is more, you will learn about the magical value of friendship! 

The first step of the game is customizing your very own pony. You can choose the color and shape of the body, eyes, mane, and tail. Add a little personality to your design by incorporating accessories! You can go for a beautiful flower, a necklace or even a cape! Don't forget to choose an appropriate name for your pony! Some designs require a certain number of points to be unlocked. Remember to redesign your pony as you earn more points throughout the game. 

Once you have created your character, you find yourself in the magical land of Ponyville. Take a good look around, as the setting is truly fascinating, filled with whimsical details. Use the left and right arrow keys to move your pony. Explore and click around the pony village to find games. The map at the top right corner of the screen will help you move around easier. Each of the icons is a mini-game that you can play.

Play the mini-games to get points

Playing the different games helps you get points and Friendship Sparkles. The icon at the top left corner of the screen shows you the 5 kinds of sparkles that you need to gain. Once your Kindness, Generosity, Honesty, Laughter, and Loyalty meters are full, you have earned your cutie mark!

Rainbow Dash's Cloud Bump is an exciting mini-game that puts your speed and agility to the test. Dark storm clouds are threatening Ponyville! Rainbow is counting on you to help her catch all the clouds before it's too late. Use the up and down arrows on your keyboard to control your pony. Collect as many fluffy white clouds as you can to earn points! Make sure you avoid storms! If you hit one of them, you deplete the sunshine-meter at the bottom of the screen. 

Pinkie Pie's Sweet Shoppe will take a lot of attention to detail to complete! You can play this mini-game by visiting your pink friend at the Sugarcube Corner in the village. Help her complete all the orders by passing the correct type and number of candies in the bag. Be careful! The conveyor belt can move pretty fast, and each incorrect order will cost you some of the sunshine energy in your meter!

Give Apple Jack's Apple Harvest a try by clicking on the apple icon on your mini-map. Help Applejack, an overwhelmed apple farmer, collect her harvest on time. Click on a tree filled with ripe fruit to kick the apples in the basket, and then carry the basket to the cart. Each mistake brings you closer to the end of the game, so be quick and earn as many points and sparkles as you can!

Useful tips

It's helpful to remember that you can choose the difficulty level for each of the three mini-games mentioned. Choose at the beginning of each game by clicking on the appropriate number, from one to three. Don't forget that the higher the difficulty, the more points you earn at the end of the game!  

One other way of earning cutie marks is talking to the inhabitants of Ponyville. Some of them need help, so click on them to have a quick word. They might ask for your advice regarding difficult situations regarding their friends. Choose one of the three advice options. If your choice is right, you will be awarded Friendship Sparkles!

Are you ready to earn your very own cutie mark? Join your friends in Ponyville for an unforgettable adventure! You can meet your favorite characters and explore the pony village to your heart's desire with the Adventures in Ponyville game!

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Adventures In Ponyville

Game Description:

Play My little Pony Adventures In Ponyville. have the best games created by My Little Pony games, in which you can be one of the few lucky girls to know and be friends with the ponies from My Little Pony playing My Little Pony Pony Ville games, My Little Pony Adventures in Ponyville games and many other games for girls.
In these Adventures in Ponyville: PonyVille games, every pony needs a cutie mark, what’s yours? Create up to 20 new ponies! Play games with your friends from the My Little Pony TV show. Be a good friend and earn friendship sparkles, they’ll help you find your ponies’ very own cutie marks. Your cutie mark adventure awaits!


You see that this game is very funny and interesting but it askes player patient and careful. You must use mouse and keybord to play this game. You can create, make name for each Pony Ville as you like. Besides this game, we have many similar games such as Create Farm For Pony, Create Pony v3 that you can show your creator. All our games here are free and we update new game daily.






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How to play:

Use your mouse to create, decorate, and name your very own pony. Use the arrow keys to move your pony around Ponyville, and to play games and earn points. Click on ponies to make new friends and play games together. Unlock new clothing for your pony by earning points in the game. Earn friendship sparkles by helping other ponies. Fill the Friendship Sparkle Meter to discover your ponies' own cutie marks. Win a special place in the Hall of Fame! Every pony needs a cutie mark -- what's yours? Create up to 20 new ponies! Play games with your friends from the My Little Pony TV show. Be a good friend and earn friendship sparkles -- they'll help you find your ponies' very own cutie marks. Your cutie mark adventure awaits!

Tips and Tricks:

Use your mouse to create, decorate, and name your very own pony.
Use arrow keys to move your character around Ponyville
You must concentrate to give your action All steps are important, please make carefully.

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MLP FiM: Adventures in Ponyville

For the DVD of the same name, see Home media.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Adventures in Ponyville is a promotional flash game previously available on Discovery Family's daytime website. Players can create their own pony and meet characters from the show in Ponyville. The player's objective is to discover their ponies' cutie mark.


There are two types of resource: Friendship Sparkles and Points. Friendship Sparkles can be earned for playing in minigames and helping other ponies solve their relationship problems. Every sparkle increases one of the Elements of Friendship: Kindness, Generosity, Honesty, Laughter, or Loyalty. Once all are maxed out, the pony earns her cutie mark. Winning one game unlocks the Pegasus pony in the Pony Creator; while winning two games unlocks the unicorn.

Points can be earned for beating the minigames. Points unlock new content in the Pony Creator. Sparkle Bonuses can be earned by clicking repeatedly on a pony. By earning your cutie mark you can unlock new ponies.

Standalone games

The Pony Creator and the three finished minigames are also available as standalone games outside of HubWorld. All four standalone games are available on Hasbro's website (though the three minigames are only available, and the Pony Creator is only listed, on non-US versions such as Canada and the UK).

  • The standalone Pinkie Pie minigame was added to the Australian Toys "R" Us website in April but was later taken down.
  • The standalone Pony Creator and Rainbow Dash minigame are included in Treehouse Live! My Little Pony's Play-Doh Play Centre.
  • The standalone Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash minigames were added to the Boomerang website in early
  • The standalone Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash minigames are available on a German My Little Pony website.

However, all four games have had their gameplay slightly altered. The three minigames use the same difficulty markers that would later be used in the Bridle Gossip Puzzle game, and all three minigames feature a 'stop' button which halts gameplay and returns the player to the difficulty selection screen. The Pony Creator is represented as a Rarity game, and your pony is inserted into a recreated scene from the show.

The standalone versions of the minigames instead of building towards earning Friendship Sparkles build towards an eventual game end, where the player is presented with another 'stop' button and a button to restart the game. As the standalone Pony Creator is separate from the standalone minigames, the player-controlled ponies that appear in the original three minigames are randomized.

Rainbow Dash games

The mini-game with Rainbow Dash is called Rainbow Dash's Cloud Bump. Twilight Sparkle uses magic to give the player's pony (as well as an Earth pony friend of that pony's) temporary pegasus wings. If the player's pony is a unicorn, she'll be an alicorn until the minigame is over.

A heavily modified standalone version of the Rainbow Dash minigame, based on A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2, became available on April 2, , under the title Rainbow Dash's Rainboom Game. The objective is for Rainbow Dash to pick up enough speed to create a sonic rainboom to decorate the sky that is specified in the original version to be after the wedding ceremony of Princess Cadance and Shining Armor, while avoiding clouds, birds, parasprites, and Tank. It uses music from The Perfect Stallion.


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