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Car Batteries for 2020 Dodge Durango

2020 Dodge Durango Battery Replacement & Size

Researching battery replacements for your Dodge Durango? Use the following chart to find information on Dodge Durango battery size and cold cranking amps.

Battery Engine Warranty Cold Cranking Amps
V6/3.6L Replacement months Performance months
V8/5.7L Replacement months Performance months
V8/6.4L Replacement months Performance months


- Battery:

- Warranty: Replacement months, Performance months

- Cold Cranking Amps:


- Battery:

- Warranty: Replacement months, Performance months

- Cold Cranking Amps:


- Battery:

- Warranty: Replacement months, Performance months

- Cold Cranking Amps:

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Shopping for Dodge Durango Car Batteries

You can pretty much drive your Dodge Durango until you don't want to anymore. But your Durango's battery? Don't count on it to last forever. Generally, car batteries last from three to five years. You want to replace your 2020 Dodge Durango battery before it fails and leaves you stranded. Pay attention to clues that your battery is on its way out. A sluggish engine start, an illuminated battery or check engine light, swollen battery case, corroded battery terminals, or faded headlights can all be signs that your battery is on its last leg.

Plus, at Firestone Complete Auto Care, we’ll test your battery for free. Our equipment can see how much charge is left in your battery. Drop in for a free battery check and, if needed, get your Dodge Durango a replacement battery. Automotive batteries are just one of our many areas of expertise. Our expert technicians understand Dodge service recommendations for Durango battery CCAs and reserve capacity. Get help choosing the battery size that's best for your Durango, and schedule an appointment today for a quick car battery replacement.

Find the Right DieHard Battery for Your Durango

Your Dodge Durango deserves the best, which is why we exclusively carry the best. Your vehicle needs a reliable, durable and powerful battery in even the most extreme conditions. DieHard Durango batteries surpass expectations using state-of-the-art advancements to satisfy the increasing power needs of new vehicles. Don't call a DieHard battery ordinary. It's an extraordinary battery. Buy a DieHard battery for your Dodge Durango and drive with confidence knowing that performance will be there when you need it most. That's the kind of battery we deliver.

Making Your Durango’s New Battery Last

Have you recently had a fresh battery installed in your Dodge Durango? Good thinking! You can give your new battery a head start with proper care and attention. Help extend your car battery’s life by cutting back on unnecessary short trips, keeping your battery posts clean, and not using electronics such as the radio and power outlets when the engine is off.

Answers to Your Durango Car Battery Questions

Firestone Complete Auto Care has answers to your top car battery questions. If you have battery questions that are Dodge Durango-specific, pay us a visit. Our expert techs have the answers you need.

  • Why won't my Durango battery stay charged? A battery that won't hold a charge is almost as good as dead. The battery may be too old. Or, you may have a habit of leaving your car doors open and the dome lights on during the night. Stop by for a complimentary battery check at your local Firestone Complete Auto Care to learn more about the state of your battery.

  • What do you do with my old Durango battery? We recycle it! Nearly 100% of all lead-acid batteries are recyclable.

  • What’s the cost of DieHard batteries for Dodge Durangos? Get affordable prices on Dodge Durango batteries by using one of our limited-time battery deals. Plus, all DieHard car batteries come with a free replacement warranty and extra coverage with DieHard Assurance.

Get a Battery for Your Dodge Durango

The middle of nowhere is the wrong place to have a weak battery. Shop replacement batteries for 2020 Dodge Durango today and schedule a quick installation at Firestone Complete Auto Care.

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2014 Dodge Durango - Battery - Automotive

Group Size (BCI):  94R

Cold Cranking Amps (CCA):  800 CCA

Cranking Amps (CA):  920 CA

Reserve Capacity (min):  140 Minute

Voltage (V):  12 Volt

Terminal Type:  Top Post

Positive Terminal Location:  Right Top

Length (in):  12-7/16 Inch

Width (in):  6-7/8 Inch

Height (in):  7-1/2 Inch

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Dodge Durango Battery Location - HIDDEN \u0026 How to Jump Start

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