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Wholesale SNACKS for Vending Machines and Micro Markets

WHOLESALE SNACKS for vending machines and Micro Markets. Please contact these Snack Wholesale Supply Companies direct for more information about the snack products and pricing.
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Wholesale Snacks Products Companies
Conagra Foodservice is an innovative, leading supplier to the Foodservice industry, offering a broad range of trusted brands. Operators have come to depend on brands such as Healthy Choice, Slim Jim, Swiss Miss, and Orville Redenbacher. These and other high-performance Conagra Foodservice brands help energize operators’ business and keep them ahead of industry trends to provide the best products and service to their patrons. For more information, please visit Conagrafoodservice.com.
Conagra Foodservice
Conns Potato Chips Company – Potato Chips for your vending machines! You can order online and we will ship anywhere USA! Great-Tasting Potato Chips and Snack Foods Are Traditional Favorites – History Page History Established in 1935, our family-owned business has satisfied millions of American snackers with our premium potato chips and delectable snack foods. Visit ConnsChips.com.
Conn's Chips
Herr’s Snack products; Potato Chips, Tortilla Chips, Popcorn and More!! For more information on how Herr’s can help increase your vending sales.
Hostess Brands, Inc. is one of the largest wholesale bakers and distributors of fresh-baked bread and sweet goods in the U.S. Our 19,000 employees operate 36 bakeries and 570 Bakery Retail Outlets and run approximately 5,500 delivery routes from 565 Distribution Centers nationwide. Our brands include some of the best-known snacks and breads in the United States, including Hostess® Twinkies, CupCakes, Fruit Pies, Ding Dongs, Ho Ho’s, Sno Balls, Donettes, as well as Drake’s® Cakes, Wonder® bread, Home Pride®, and Nature’s Pride®. Visit our website www.hostessbrands.com/careers to view career opportunities with Hostess Brands.
NICOLE’S GRANOLA REVOLUTION! Our mission statement and motto: “Consistency over time, under pressure”. It doesn’t get any better than this! Try ALL our delicious products: Chocolate Chip Cookies, Oatmeal Cookies, Oats and honey granola; Oats, honey, seeds, and raisins granola; Dark Chocolate Island Coconut granola; Just A Little Kick at The End Snack Mix; Oatmeal Raisin Sensations; Gluten Free Granola; Oats in the Raw; and Specialty Protein Bars! For more information visit https://www.justgoodcleancookin.com/.
Nichoole's Chocolate Chip Cookies, Granola, Snacks
New To The Market: KAZE Real Cheese Bites! 100% crunchy cheese. High in protein, low in carbs, great flavor. Perfect for on the go! Kosher certified. Perfect Keto snack. 1 year shelf life. No refrigeration needed. Four great flavors. For more information email [email protected]
Kaze Cheddar bites
Kraft Vending and OCS – Wholesale suppliers of Salty Snacks, Food Snacks and Nuts for the vending business industry.
KraftHeinz Snack Food for vending
Mars Incorporated – Mars snackfood brands are among the world’s best-loved and most widely available confectionery products, with M&M’S, MARS, MILKY WAY, SNICKERS and TWIX among those at the top – and in ice cream versions too. Confectionery tastes great, but it is reassuring to know that Mars snackfoods have real food value that adds interest and variety to a normal balanced diet.
Phone: 908-850-2577
Local: 908-852-1000
Fax: 908-850-2734
Stryker Jerky – Healthier Snack For A World On The Go! We sell 100% all beef, grass fed beef sticks. NO MSGS, NO HORMONES, NO NITRATES, NO PORK, NO CHICKEN. Ask about pricing for our products packaged for vending machines and micro markets! Stryker Jerky is dedicated to providing healthy snacks and support to our nation’s military and  their families. Visit https://strykerjerky.com.
Stryker Beef Jerky
Vendors Supply, Inc. is a full service distributor of Vending Machine food products and supplies. If you can put it in a vending machine, we can provide it! We supply all popular brands of pastry, candy, refrigerated and frozen foods, allied products such as drinks, soups, crackers, chips and popcorn, and a full line of OCS products. Whatever your needs, we can probably deliver it. We offer competitive pricing on brands like Hershey, Mars, Wrigley, Nestlé, Kellogg’s, Frito-Lay, Lance, Gatorade, General Mills, Cloverhill, Flowers, MoonPie, Campbell’s, Folgers, Maxwell House and many others…order online at: VendorsSupply.com
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Sours: https://www.vendingconnection.com/yellow-pages/yp-snacks-wholesale-for-vending/

USDA Healthy Snacks for Schools

While at school, we want our children to have access to not only healthy but great tasting snacks and beverages. Kids are our future and keeping them nourished and focused is a top priority. Birdseye is always searching for the latest and greatest products to meet school standards and please the heartiest appetite.

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Sours: https://birdseyedairy.com/usda-healthy-snacks-for-schools/
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Best Source of Wholesale Snacks

Save big on the snacks that your customer's want. Tasty name-brand snacks are essential items for dollar stores, supermarkets, & wholesalers to offer as a part of their assortment of food. Bargain Wholesale has a large inventory of wholesale snacks including chips, cookies, crackers, popcorn, mixed nuts, & fruit cups. Don't forget to check out our selection of almonds, cashews, & peanuts for great resale value. All of our snacks are purchased in bulk volume so that you can pass on bigger savings to your customers. We're the source for snack wholesale distributors, snack suppliers, & bulk snack buyers.

As a US based distributor of snack foods, Bargain Wholesale purchases salty snacks, cookies, nuts, & chips in bulk. With tremendous buying power and multiple distribution centers, our snack pricing sets the market and supply is deep enough to fulfill large orders. Many of our snack items have been imported or sourced domestically to give you the best quality and selection. All snacks are distributed from the manufacturer and available for purchase by the case, pallet, or truckload. Contact Us today for bulk container discounts and special pricing!

BW Advantage

Best Value Wholesaler

High quality source of wholesale items & general merchandise

FREE Membership

Take advantage of volume discounts without membership fees

Personalized Service

An account executive is ready to help with product, purchasing and shipping

Sours: https://www.bargainw.com/wholesale/1105/Snacks.html

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Suppliers wholesale snack food

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How to Easily Find Wholesale \u0026 Dropshipping Suppliers for FREE [5 Methods]

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