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NewSpring. New Ways. with USPack on strategic growth decisions post COVID

The massive disruption caused by COVID has accelerated e-commerce adoption at an unprecedented pace for many retailers.  Combined with the already predominant “Amazon” effect resulting in millions of customers wanting their products delivered either next-day or available same-day, retailers in all verticals have been forced to explore and support these options at scale especially heading into this year’s peak holiday shopping season.

USPack, a national leader in the same-day, final-mile delivery and a NewSpring Holdings platform company, has enhanced its operational capabilities to help its large retail supply chain partners like The Home Depot, Wayfair, H&M and DHL prepare for an unprecedented holiday peak shipping season.

Mark Glazman, CEO of USPack, shares how he and his management team responded in the wake of COVID to not only prepare them better for the unprecedented holiday shopping season but to better position the company for future success beyond the pandemic.  Including two key acquisitions further expanding their omni-channel retail logistics capabilities to offer a new comprehensive stack of technology-enabled services never before available to retailers from a single provider, enabling efficiency and scalability to meet growing customer demand in a strong Delivery Economy.

In , USPack has nearly doubled its network capacity across all retail service lines to meet its customers’ needs due to the anticipated massive spike in volume during one of the largest Black Friday and Cyber Monday e-commerce seasons on record.  USPack’s robust technology ecosystem has been a cornerstone to success for its partners, allowing them to make rapid data-driven decisions about their business and scale capacity to meet demand. 


US Pack Logistics Delivery Tracking

Use the USPack Logistics Tracking number to check your courier and transport shipment status. The company started its operations in the year serving New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut initially. The company has made impressive growth since then and is today engaged in the delivery of packages, pallets, and envelopes. The company has expanded its network and today they cover more than a dozen states and cities spread through the country including California, Houston, and beyond.

USPack Logistics

The company has gone into a recent merger with Fleetgistics serving as a unified entity attending to mission-critical deliveries as well as final mile services and support. USPack Logistics has employed cutting-edge technology and capabilities to offer hands-on same-day logistics solutions. The company is privately held and headquartered in Orlando, Florida.

Services Offered by USPack Logistics

The major services offered by USPack Logistics are-

White-Glove Delivery: With white glove delivery, USPack offers super-fast deliveries with a team of dedicated professionals handling the consignment. The delivery is ensured on the very first attempt despite a surge in demand. 90% of the deliveries have been made on the same day and there have been minimal scheduling issues.

Big and Bulky Deliveries: USPack has the necessary experience and expertise to handle bulky items. To handle items of more than pounds, the company has set up specialized processes to receive, inspect, and store them.

Final Mile Delivery: USPack Logistics has the required infrastructure and technological prowess to offer quality store-to-door and online to in-home or warehouse deliveries. The final mile team at USPack includes regional suppliers, national retailers, and local businesses spread through the medical and prescription, automotive, and eCommerce industries.

Cross-docking Facilities: USPack Logistics has efficient package sorting and handling experience at its major cross-docking facilities in the Northeast and Midwest metropolitan areas. Customers gain from minimal damage while saving on their storage costs. It also ensures higher labor utilization and faster deliveries.

Tracking USPack Logistics Consignment

All you need is the tracking number to check your USPack Logistics shipment. You’ll find a real-time status of your package the moment you do so.

1) Get your tracking number

2) Click on Track it

3) Find your USPack Logistics shipment

This will show the latest shipment status.

Alternatively, call the customer care of USPack Logistics at + provide your tracking number and they will let you know the latest shipment status.

Headquarters Address

Lynx Ln, Ste 5, Orlando, Florida,
, United States

Customer Support

You may also reach the customer service of USPack Logistics at below given contact number/email:

Phone Number: ()
New Customers Number:
Email: [email protected], [email protected]

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The Home Depot tracking

What is The Home Depot?

The Home Depot Is an American do-it-yourself and hardware company. It is also the first building materials retail corporation in the world. The Home Depot has over stores distributed in the United States, Canada, México, and Puerto Rico. Besides, it has employees working in their stores and different operations. In , The Home Depot opened its foundation, which helps to war veterans and people damaged by natural disasters.
Its headquarters are located in Cobb County, near Atlanta, Georgia, and it was co-founded in by Arthur Blank, Bernard Marcus, Pat Farrah, and Ron Brill, having also the investment and support of the banker Ciaran Brennan. The Home Depot had an enormous growth during the years next to its foundation, reaching partners in Nowadays, The Home Depot is managed by Craig Menear, as CEO, and its associates' number is around , having annual sales over $66 billion.

How does Home Depot delivery work?

The delivery system is available in any single store of The Home Depot. They offer a 24/7 delivery service in which the client can decide when or where to receive the order. Whether the buyer orders in a local store or by The Home Depot Online, the delivery system is available.
First of all the client chooses the item or items to buy. After the payment process, the customer can decide the address and the time in which he wants to receive his order. It is that simple.

How can I track my Home Depot order?

The Home Depot delivery system assigns a delivery car according to the items that the client asks for. To check the order status it is necessary to get to the online page. Once there, the Home Depot track order section will ask for a Home Depot tracking number given by the store and the email address of the customer.
Besides, The Home Depot sends emails to the client's address of order status updates, order confirmations, shipment notifications. This Home Depot tracking feature is only available for online registered customers. Yet, if you are not a registered client, you can call to create your login credentials. People in the call center provide client support related to Home Depot delivery tracking, packages, shipping time, and costs, and everything about customer care.
You can also simply use a universal tracking tool such as Ship24 to track your Home Depot package.

What is The Home Depot delivery charge?

You can get a Home Depot deal of the day, but it always depends on many different factors. These elements are related to zip code (distance to), quantities of items (weight, etc.), and whether the item(s) are "In-Store Only" or are shippable from warehouses.
But, it offers some deals that end up in Home Depot free shipping service. It is possible by opening a credit card that they provide to the customers. Also, it is offering free delivery on over a million items online for most Home Depot orders exceeding 45$.
The costs of the same-day-delivery service are around 9$, depending on the distance and weight of the order and the Home Depot packages. However, this rapid delivery system is not yet available for all The Home Depot stores.

How long it takes The Home Depot to deliver an order?

The Home Depot shipping time takes between 3 and 5 business days for parcel ground deliveries, and between 5 and 10 days for home deliveries. When an order is not accepted, the Home Depot parcel will be brought to the local store. At that moment, The Home Depot calls the customer to give the advice one day before the shipment, giving information about the expected time of the Home delivery.
Nonetheless, The Home Depot has partnered with Roadie, a delivery company based in Atlanta, Georgia, and founded in by Marc Gorlin. The result of this partnership is a same-day delivery in selected stores located in the U. S. A, concerning more than different items. The chosen places include Atlanta, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, regarding over local Home Depot stores. Besides, the vision of The Home Depot is to incorporate many other local stores to this service during the next few years.
The starting delivery fees for a Home Depot shipping, are about 9$. Anyway, Home Depot shipping costs depend on the number of articles and the distance from the local store or warehouse to the delivery address the customer gives. However, they expect to apply this strategy to all of its local stores.

How does in-store pick up work Home Depot?

It is now possible to purchase items through The Home Depot website or your mobile application and assign a store where they will be delivered. The Home Depot has a locker service that will hold the items that the customer has decided to purchase. The store will leave notifications on the buyer's email, where there will be information on the status of the order and later, a notification on the store gathering of the purchase made.
This is a faster way to receive purchased items, as The Home Depot delivery time usually takes a few days to get an order to the customer's home address. Using the in-store pick-up service this time reduces to a couple of days. This is useful in cities where The Home Depot does not have same-day-delivery service.

How can I contact Home Depot?

Home Depot customer care offers different ways of communication to meet the different needs they may have. For direct customer inquiries regarding products and services, there is a phone number of This is where questions about the store's items and products are answered, as well as advice on customer projects.
The Home Depot Foundation has been assisting victims of natural disasters since It finances the reconstruction of the property of people who have been affected by earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural phenomena. They also offer professional training within construction and remodeling activities. On the other hand, they have a program to renovate homes of war veterans. The foundation has a website where they explain their work in detail and offer different ways of contacting them, which are available to all interested parties.

Sours: https://www.shipcom

Home Depot never delivered Sung Kim&#;s vanity, so he asked for a refund. The company&#;s response: Just dispute the charge with your credit card. But when that doesn&#;t work, he contacts our advocacy team.


I placed an order for a vanity through Home Depot&#;s website a few months ago. I tried to cancel the order a few minutes later after I found that the vanity is not going to work out with my bathroom&#;s layout.

Elliott Advocacy is underwritten by FocusPoint International -- FocusPoint International’s CAP Travel Medical and Security Assistance Plan comes standard with a robust mobile app that includes destination-based health, safety, and security intelligence, COVID specific information, a one-touch assistance button, and much more. CAP includes unlimited 24/7 advice for a long list of travel mishaps often overlooked by traditional travel insurance. CAP also provides a no-cost response to incidents of riots, strikes, and civil commotion, natural disasters, with medical evacuation to a home hospital of choice, should you suffer from a medical mishap resulting in hospitalization. Indemnity to cover all CAP financial risk is reinsured % by AM Best, A rated underwriters at Lloyds, London.

Home Depot wouldn&#;t let me cancel the order. A Home Depot representative advised me to return the vanity to a local Home Depot store once I received it. A few days later, I received an email from Home Depot saying it had delivered the item. However, my family and I were home that Saturday, and we never received the vanity.

I contacted Home Depot and they told me to file a dispute with the bank to get the money back. I filed a dispute on the transaction with the credit card company I used for the order. Yesterday, I received an email from my card company stating that the charge is valid.

I called Home Depot again, and they are telling me the same thing &#; just dispute this with the card company. They are not willing to refund my money for the item I never received.

Since Home Depot never delivered my order, I would like to have the $ back. Can you help? &#; Sung Kim, Seattle


This is so absurd. You should be able to cancel an order within a few minutes of making it through the Home Depot website. What does Home Depot think it is, an airline?

I can&#;t believe the company would advise you to file a credit card dispute instead of helping you with a missing refund. Credit card disputes are the nuclear option in the resolution process, as I explain in our frequently asked questions about credit cards section.

So what happened? Here&#;s where it gets a little complicated. There&#;s a third party involved, a delivery service called TForce. You spoke with a service coordinator at TForce, which reached out to the courier who was supposed to have delivered the vanity. It never heard back from the courier after &#;multiple&#; requests. There was no proof of delivery available, and the courier no longer works for TForce.

Home Depot never delivered &#; so who got the vanity?

You can connect the dots here. It&#;s not hard to imagine the ex-courier is enjoying a new vanity in his bathroom &#; a vanity for which you paid. I understand that Home Depot doesn&#;t want to take the loss on this merchandise. But Home Depot decided to hire TForce, and its liability insurance should cover an event like this.

You don&#;t make a customer cover a loss like this. It&#;s not right.

By the way, Home Depot is hardly the only company to do this. Companies routinely defer to a partner or third party when something goes wrong, then let the customer haggle with that company. Of course, when everything goes well, the company is all too willing to take the credit.

Not going to pay $ for nothing. It&#;s time for a refund

Even though Home Depot never delivered, you did. Your paper trail was meticulous and thorough. Nice work on keeping all of your correspondence, and above all, being persistent.

You can&#;t pay $ for nothing. If Home Depot never delivered your order, it should have provided a refund.

I think you could have contacted Home Depot at a higher level. I publish the names, numbers and email addresses of the Home Depot customer service executives on this site. They might have figured out a way to refund your money.

Our advocate Michelle Couch-Friedman got in touch with Home Depot to try to straighten this out. You received a call from the company a short while later, and a representative agreed to a full refund.

From start to finish, this case took five months to resolve. That&#;s about four months and 29 days too long. Come on, Home Depot!

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USPack Logistics Employee Reviews for Independent Contractor

Not a good Place to work

Independent Contractor (Current Employee) - St. Louis, MO - May 2,

I was interviewing for the position, because sides of the that I have I could make up to to a week. And that was an untrue statement. They didn’t have the work to keep me busy. My best week was $ My worst was $ Which are far cry from I was receiving. I was also told if I have problem I could the manager and he would correct or look into the issues. And if there a pickup that if didn’t agree with price I could decline the pickup. When I did that I got no more dispatches for that day. That was around 1pm that day. The very next day check in and dispatched to a dealership to pickup 2 deliveries one which was a hood to car in crate both at cost $ each delivery. I called dispatch they increased that that a little bit more than and someone was supposed to give me call back. Not to mention I dove 20 plus miles just get there and both deliveries about 15 miles. This was last week and still no call.


Dispatcher are not fair


Introducing ADDI Portal - Our New Customer Portal - Data, Delivery, Discover. Learn More

USPack Logistics, a leading national final-mile courier, announced that The Home Depot ( has awarded its Box Truck Carrier of the Year, Direct Fulfillment to the company.

The Home Depot, one of the nation’s top ten e-commerce retailers, partners with USPack to guarantee same-day and next-day box truck and lift-gate delivery to DIY and Pro customers across the northeast and midwest regions of the U.S.

The award was presented at The Home Depot’s Supply Chain Executive Carrier Council Meeting, held recently in Atlanta, Georgia. Accepting for USPack were Dan Byrne, USPack VP Business Development and Dave Hunter, CFO.

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