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And there's the sly dogwaiting behind the gate till the sheep wants his services.

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"You are a sly dog, Sancho," said Don Quixote; "i' faith, you have no want of memory when you choose to remember."

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But the sly dogdived, came up under the man-of-war, scuttled her, and down she went, with all sail set, `To the bottom of the sea, sea, sea' where..." "Oh, gracious!

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"Sly dog! but how to you expect to carry out a plan which means forcing the minister's hand and ejecting a man of talent?

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"Whoa, I was toasted." Yes, ma'am, I miss the mongrel plenitude of American English, its fall-guy, rat-terrier, dog-pound neologisms, the bomb of it all, the rushing River Jordan backwoods mutability of it, the low-rider, boom-box cruise of it, from New Jersey to Ha-wah-ya with its sly dog, malasada-scarfing beach blanket lingo to the ubiquitous Valley Girl's like-like stuttering, shopaholic rant.

Euphoric stew

Again, he concentrates on Ambrose Silk and ignores Basil Seal, the ex-soldier incapacitated in a training accident and the sly dogwho claims to have fathered his daughter's fiance in wartime.

Dandies and Blackouts

Jeffrey Miller is an owner and manager of 12,000-case Artisan Family of Wines, which produces Seven Artisans, Sly DogCellars and Red Cote wines from its vineyards in Suisin Valley, Calif The winery specializes in Petite Sirah, Montepulciano and Meritage.

The sorry state of the wine business

He got a huge assist from his superlative backup band, Sly Dog. With a percussionist, drummer, keyboardist, three guitars and a bass, the band's big Southern rock sound freed up its hunky frontman to do what he does best: pout, pose and mug for a swooning legion of female fans.

Achy, breaky heart full as fans storm Billy Ray Cyrus

"To work as an environmentalist, one has to be a sly dog. Many of my colleagues in Russia, and I too, have lots of experience in being fairly sly because that's how we're able to do things under the Soviet regime.

Everybody's got a story. (Earth Island News)

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A disgusting individual who steals the property (woman) of a man through conniving acts of flirtatious conversation and/or sexual relations. All women previously dated by a man are owned by him for a period of 3 months unless given express permission by the owner.

When representing a sly dog in picture form it is best to use the poodle.

Every school on the planet should have a SDRB (sly dog review board) that reviews cases of sly doggery to decide if it is a true example of sly doggery. Punishments include forced periods of abstinence, ball destruction, and death among other things.

When bringing evidence to the SDRB remember that picture evidence is, the best evidence.

Ben: "Did you see Alex sly dogging my girl? He practically groped her!'
Jack: "No, do you have evidence?"
Ben: "Here's a picture"
Jack: "GUILTY!"

George was getting along well until Ben sly dogged his girl. Now she doesn't even notice him.

by SDRB April 22, 2013

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Show me the fountain. I bent my back down and lifted my ass up, the muscles of my anus clenched and unclenched. The sperm accumulated during the session of the second part of the punishment, with each relaxation of the anus, splashed out.

Dog you sly you

The stands explode with enthusiastic roars. CE-VER. CE-VER. - The crowd chants. They call me Sever, This name was given to me by the Romans, Sever is Mad.

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Lisa put her head under her skirt. Honey, theres nothing to be ashamed of. Its all so natural.

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And I stayed. In the common dining room, these defective sets of women's clothing were scattered about. I was drawn to them.

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