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Girl Meets World is an American comedy television series created by Michael Jacobs and April Kelly that aired on Disney Channel from June 27, 2014 to January 20, 2017. The series is a spinoff of Boy Meets World and stars Rowan Blanchard, Ben Savage, Sabrina Carpenter, Peyton Meyer, August Maturo, Danielle Fishel, and Corey Fogelmanis.

The series centers around the life of Riley and her friends and family, particularly their school life, in which Cory is their history teacher. Riley shares a strong relationship with her best friend Maya Hart, who assists her in learning to cope with social and personal issues of adolescence. Several Boy Meets World cast members reprise their roles in the series.

Series overview[edit]


Season 1 (2014–15)[edit]

  • While Corey Fogelmanis becomes listed as a main cast member later in the season, he is a guest star for thirteen episodes.

Special (2015)[edit]

  • This episode aired between the first and second season as part of Disney Channel's "What the What" special event and is not classified as an episode from either season despite being filmed during season two.

Season 2 (2015–16)[edit]

Season 3 (2016–17)[edit]

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A Guide To Every 'Boy Meets World' Cameo On 'GMW'

With its feminist voice and hard-hitting themes, Girl Meets World has proven to be a worthy continuation of the iconic sitcom Boy Meets World. Already in its third season, fans are loving Maya and Riley’s strong relationship values and the show’s timeless coming-of-age feel, which resonates with OG BMW lovers. In addition to familiar themes of young love and life from the Disney hit, viewers have been delightfully surprised to see familiar faces on the screen as well. Along with Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel, who star in the reboot, many of the original cast members have paid ode to the show by returning to cameo on Girl Meets World.

By now, you know that the show focuses on Cory and Topanga’s young daughter Riley in New York City, where the crew relocated to in the BMW finale. While Cory and Topanga started a life of their own all these years later, ride-or-die BFF Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong) appears in the show as well as his half-brother Jack (Matthew Lawrence) and his father’s spirit, Chet Hunter (Blake Clark). The Matthews clan, including Cory’s dad Alan (William Russ), mom Amy (Betsy Randle), and brother Eric (Will Friedle) return as well, and you better believe the voice of reason Mr. Feeny (William Daniels) is right there with ‘em.

Check out the guide below to see which episodes you can find your favorite characters in.

Season 1

Episode 1: William Daniels (Mr. Feeny)

Mr. Feeny's cameo is brief, but that doesn't mean it isn't perfect. His voice-of-reason presence is so strong, it comes out of a poster to talk to Cory.

Episode 7: Lee Norris (Stuart Minkus)

Cory and Topanga's long-lost school rival Stuart "Big Brain" Minkus returns as Farkle’s father, who, of course, fires up competition with Topanga.

Episode 12: Danny McNulty (Harvey "Harley" Keiner)

The John Adams High bully became John Quincy Adams Middle School's janitor who gives lessons to the boys in his returning episode.

Episode 13: Danny McNulty

Harley has a good talk with Riley and her friends, admitting he was a bully (especially to Cory) and explaining why he's now so fond of Cory.

Episode 16: William Russ (Alan Matthews) & Betsy Randle (Amy Matthews)

When Cory and Topanga host their first-ever family Christmas, you better believe mama and papa Matthews are there to celebrate.

Episode 16: Rider Strong (Shawn Hunter)

The holidays also brought the reunion of the original three best friends, and now I'm crying.

Episode 18: Rider Strong

When an episode starts with Uncle Shawn posted up on the living room couch, you know it'll be a good one.

Season 2

Episode 1: William Daniels

At the end of the episode, Mr. Feeny pops up like spring flowers when Cory calls him to get that comfort we can always depend on him for.

Episode 4: William Daniels

Don't you know by now, guys? Even when he's not there, Mr. Feeny is always there.

Episode 4: Rider Strong

Uncle Shawn is back and Topanga doesn't even try to get between his bromance with Cory. Naturally.

Episode 5: Will Friedle (Eric Matthews)

Cory's brother Eric reemerges as Plays-With-Squirrels, and we wouldn't have had it any other way.

Episode 7: Danny McNulty

With the help of Harley, Cory checks up on Maya and shares some of his life wisdom to help guide her in a time of need.

Episode 8: Rider Strong

The girls ask Uncle Shawn for some advice, and you can just imagine how that plays out. This episode also shows Shawn's romantic side.

Episode 8: Blake Clark (Chet Hunter)

Shawn's deceased father comes back in Shawn's mind to give advice just when he needs him most.

Episode 8: Trina McGee-Davis (Angela Moore)

Shawn and his ex reunite and catch up like old times, bonding over their deceased fathers.

Episode 9: Will Friedle

Eric is back, and he finally got a haircut.

Episode 9: J.B. Gaynor (Tommy)

Paying it forward comes full circle in this episode, when Tommy, the orphan Eric took under his wing as a boy, returns as a political activist who ultimately helps Eric when he runs for senator of New York. Feels for days.

Episode 9: Danny McNulty

In the spirit of politics, Harley tells Cory that he wants to sit in on a class to learn about decisions made at the school, primarily dealing with budgets.

Episode 10: Anthony Tyler Quinn (Jonathan Turner)

John Adams High's hunky teacher comes back for just one episode, and is obviously still the coolest.

Episode 13: Will Friedle

In this episode, Eric takes his big, bad government position very seriously.

Episode 13: Matthew Lawrence (Jack Hunter)

Shawn's bro and mega babe Jack returns to reunite with BFF Eric, and the two are goofier than ever. Obviously.

Episode 15: Lee Norris

In this episode, Stuart and Topanga bond over parenting problems.

Episode 15: Kristanna Loken (Jennifer Bassett)

And, surprise. Shawn's ex Jennifer is actually Stuart's wife.

Episode 27: Lee Norris

In this episode, Minkus has a hard time when he loses his money and is forced to learn (and teach his son) about money's real value.

Episode 30: Lee Norris

While Riley and the gang think about how they want to leave their mark, those who came before them aren't forgotten.

Episode 30: Danny McNulty

Even Harley is flattered when he learns about the impact he's made on the kids.

Season 3

Episode 6: Rider Strong

Riley and Maya venture off to see Uncle Shawn to yet again get some of his unmatched life advice.

Episode 10: Rider Strong

This is a big episode for Shawn and his bae.

Episode 10: William Daniels

Which, obviously, Mr. Feeny is a part of.

While we're still in the midst of season 3, I have a feeling there many are more epic cameos to come. And, no matter how much time passes, like Mr. Feeny, BMW nostalgia will never get old.

Images: Disney Channel (30)

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Funko Pop Boy Meets World Vinyl Figures

A blast from the 1990s past, Funko Pop Boy Meets World naturally features the stars of the sitcom: Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence.

Tracking their adolescent romance from elementary school to college, Boy Meets World largely revolved around the pair during their formative period. Funko Pop Boy Meets captures Ben Savage as Cory and Danielle Fishel as Topanga in their younger years. The figure for Cory is dressed heavily in blue while Topanga rocks a vest, flower skirt, and '90 hairstyle.

Shop Boy Meets World collectibles Walmart.

Of course, the show was not just about the budding romance for the duo. Other subjects worthy of a Funko Pop Boy Meets World figure include Cory's best friend, Shawn Hunter, Cory's older brother, Eric Matthews, and beloved teacher, friend and mentor, Mr. Feeny. And who can forget Minkus?!

Although the series ended in 2000 after seven seasons, the Girl Meets World spinoff ran for three additional seasons from 2014 to 2017. This show switches the focus to Cory and Topanga's daughter, Riley Matthews.

Email usor leave a comment below if you notice any missing figures.

Funko Pop Boy Meets World Figures Checklist

749 Cory
750 Topanga


Funko Pop Boy Meets World Figures Gallery

749 Cory

Funko Pop Boy Meets World Vinyl Figures 1

750 Topanga

Funko Pop Boy Meets World Vinyl Figures 2

Funko Pop Boy Meets World Vinyl Figures 3

Image Credit: ABC/Disney Channel

Girl Meets World Season 3 premieres this Friday, June 3 with part one to the two-part opener. The second episode premieres on Sunday, June 5. 

While we wait for its big season 3 debu.t after ending on a cliffhanger leaving the audience to ponder about the Riley-Lucas-Maya triangle, we thought it’d be best if we took our mind off that and list some of the top Girl Meets World episodes so far, in no particular order.

Season 2, Episode 17: Girl Meets Rileytown

By far, one of my favorite episodes of any season. I’m pretty sure I watched this five times and I still tear up every single time. Creator Michael Jacob stayed true to the Boy Meets World theme of touching on relevant topics that almost every tween faces. In this case, cyberbullying.

Season 2, Episode 23: Girl Meets the Forgiveness Project


Corey Matthews assigns his students to forgive someone in their life. After alluding to Maya’s father all season, Riley does what she thinks is best and brings Maya to face him for a chance for forgiveness after he abandoned her and her mother at a young age. This is not a task easy for all, including Maya who seems fearless when it comes to any situation.

Season 2, Episode 29: Girl Meets the Bay Window


Middle school is winding down for the four best friends, and Riley takes it upon herself to be the first to embrace change. The first thing to change? The legendary bay window which is Maya and Riley’s “safe place.” The episode introduces the audience to how the two best friends met and how long their friendship continues to last in the future. It’s a beautiful story of life and holding on to treasured friendships no matter what you go through. 

Season 1, Episode 7: Girl Meets Maya’s Mother


This is the first episode where the audience gets a better understanding of how similar Maya Hart’s character is to Shawn Matthews from Boy Meets World. Just like Shawn, Maya has a very complicated relationship with her single parent, Katy Hart, who only wants the best for Maya. Even if that means sacrificing everything she wanted to do in life and distancing herself from Maya just to make her daughter happy.

Season 1, Episode 12: Girl Meets the Forgotten


Riley, Maya, Farkle and Lucas along with the rest of their class are given an assignment to take on the roles of “the forgotten,” which includes the lunch lady or even the janitor, Harley Keiner. Yes, the Harley Keiner, you baboon! The students learn how important it is to appreciate everyone in your life, even the people you don’t realize care more about you than you know.

Season 2, Episode 26: Girl Meets STEM


After given a science experiment that ultimately split the girls from the boys, Riley takes a stand against the sexism. Having followed Rowan Blanchard for quite sometime, this was an important topic to cover on her behalf to help encourage young girls that they should never be seen as subordinate to boys especially when it comes to reaching their full potential. 

Honorable Mention – Season 2, Episode 9: Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes to Washington

Corey Matthews’ brother, Eric Matthews, decides to run for Senate with the help of Riley and her friends to run his campaign. This episode helped prove that the younger generation has an equal amount of impact than any other person in the world. The best part? When an unexpected character from Eric’s past stands up to defend his credibility. Tears, everyone. Tears.



List girl meets world

List of Girl Meets World characters

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Girl Meets World is an American comedy television series created by Michael Jacobs and April Kelly that aired on Disney Channel from June 27, 2014 to January 20, 2017. The series is a spinoff of Boy Meets World and stars Rowan Blanchard, Ben Savage, Sabrina Carpenter, Peyton Meyer, August Maturo, Danielle Fishel, and Corey Fogelmanis.

The series centers around the life of Riley and her friends and family, particularly their school life, in which her father Cory Matthews is their history teacher. Riley shares a strong relationship with her best friend Maya Hart, who assists her in learning to cope with the social and personal issues of adolescence. Several Boy Meets World cast members reprise their roles in the series.


The main characters. From left to right: Lucas, Auggie, Topanga, Riley, Cory, Maya, and Farkle.

Riley Matthews[edit]

Riley Matthews (Rowan Blanchard)[1] is the daughter of Cory and Topanga Matthews, and has a younger brother named Auggie.

At the start of the series, Riley is 12 years old and in seventh grade. She and her best friend, Maya Hart, explore school and life together while making new friends along the way. She and Maya are in middle school for the first two seasons and then high school for the third season. Riley is usually very optimistic and cheerful about life, and generally has faith in almost everyone. She also has a very silly and quirky personality, much like her father and to an extent, her mother. She is often portrayed as being very ditzy and innocent of the world around her.

In the pilot episode, Riley develops a crush on Lucas Friar, whom she met on the subway on the way to school; he later becomes her classmate in Cory's history class. They go out on a date for the first time in "Girl Meets First Date". During season two, Riley and Maya discover that they both like Lucas and he also likes the two of them, but Riley is Lucas' choice in season three's two-part episode "Girl Meets Ski Lodge" and she and Lucas become a couple and still are one when the series ends.

She is periodically portrayed by Lindsey Lamer in flashbacks to Riley and Maya's childhood, and as an adult in one episode by Mariah Buzolin.

Cory Matthews[edit]

Main article: Cory Matthews

Cory Matthews (Ben Savage) is Riley and Auggie's father and Topanga's husband. He has taken a job as a history teacher at John Quincy Adams Middle School for the first two seasons and then Abigail Adams High School in the third season. In both settings, his class consists of his daughter and her friends, and his history lessons relate to their lives, becoming life lessons for them. In addition to being Riley's father, he often acts as a father figure to Maya. He also acts as a mentor to his students, much like Mr. Feeny was to Cory, Topanga, and Shawn in Boy Meets World.

Maya Hart[edit]

Maya Hart (Sabrina Carpenter) is Riley's best friend. Maya was raised in a single-parent household by her mother Katy; she is tomboyish, social and street smart, but has a troubled past rooted in the fact that her father Kermit abandoned her and Katy before Maya turned five. Consequently, Maya is wild and rebellious as evidenced by her actions, such as protesting homework and almost lighting a class assignment on fire, but her friendship with Riley and the Matthews family keeps her grounded most of the time.

In the second season three-part episode "Girl Meets Texas", Maya is shown to have deeper feelings for Lucas than she normally lets on. Riley notices Maya's feelings and decides to step back from Lucas and let Maya start a relationship with him, which turns out to be awkward. In season 3, Maya goes through an identity crisis stemming from the fact that she loves Riley so much that Maya was influenced by her, which turned out to be an underlying reason why she liked Lucas. After Riley helped bring Maya back to her true self, she realized that she does not like Lucas the same way Riley does, and that she became like Riley to protect her and to find out if Lucas was right for her. After this she put her full support behind Riley and Lucas as a couple.

Beginning in the first season, Maya develops a crush on Cory's younger brother Joshua. He downplays it as a schoolgirl crush until season 3 when, in the two-parter "Girl Meets Ski Lodge", Maya tells him she genuinely likes him, and he finally admits he has feelings for her as well; he tells her that there is a chance for them and that he is willing to play the long game and see what happens. In the third season, after her mother Katy marries Shawn Hunter, Shawn presents Maya with adoption papers, and Maya accepts, proclaiming herself as Maya Hunter.[2]

Maya is periodically portrayed by Ivy George in flashbacks to Maya and Riley's childhood, and as an adult in one episode by Ruby Lewis.

Lucas Friar[edit]

Lucas Friar (Peyton Meyer) is another member of the group and at first was both Riley and Maya's love interest until Maya decided Riley and Lucas were good for one another. He is Riley's boyfriend.

Originally from Austin, Texas, Lucas has gentlemanly manners and common sense, and has shown to be the protector of the group as he is fearless and unstoppable when defending his friends. Because of his Texas upbringing, Maya often addresses Lucas stereotypically calling him derisive but good-natured names like "Huckleberry", "Ranger Rick" and "Bucky McBoingboing"; in "Girl Meets 1961" Lucas finds out that he is from a family of cowboys and had a great grandfather who had a brief career as a musician. In "Girl Meets the Secret of Life", it is revealed that Lucas is a year older than his classmates, and his father was transferred to New York giving Lucas a fresh start. He had been expelled from his former school in Austin. The reason for his expulsion involved sticking up for his friend Zay Babineaux after he got into trouble with some students. During season two, Riley and Maya discover that they both like Lucas and he also likes the two of them, but Riley is Lucas' choice in season three's two-part episode "Girl Meets Ski Lodge." He and Riley become a couple and still are one when the series ends.

Auggie Matthews[edit]

Auggie Matthews (August Maturo) is Riley's precocious young brother and Cory and Topanga's son. Auggie is very attached to his parents and sister, and wants to be like his father when he grows up. His neighbor, Ava Morgenstern, becomes Auggie's girlfriend.

Topanga Matthews[edit]

Main article: Topanga Matthews

Topanga Matthews (Danielle Fishel) is Riley and Auggie's mother and Cory's wife. Topanga is Cory's high school girlfriend and they have been friends since they were babies. Topanga has become a successful lawyer and is a loving and protective mother as shown in "Girl Meets Sneak Attack". She later inherits Svorski's from the late Mrs. Svorski, later changing the bakery's name to Topanga's.

Farkle Minkus[edit]

Farkle Minkus (Corey Fogelmanis) is close friends with Riley and Maya, but is also infatuated with both of them. In "Girl Meets Sneak Attack", it is shown that he cares for the two and will do anything for them to be happy. He is smart, eccentric, and a big flirt. He is shown to be the teacher's pet in many episodes. He is the son of Cory and Topanga's former classmates, Stuart Minkus and Jennifer Bassett; of the two, Farkle bears great similarities to his father.

Farkle cares a great deal about his education and always keeps his grades up in class. In the season two episode "Girl Meets I Am Farkle", his IQ score is found to be exceptionally high, so his guidance counselor has him take a series of tests to find out whether or not he has Asperger's Syndrome, which he and his friends are relieved to find that he does not. In this same episode he begins a relationship with his former arch-nemesis, Isadora Smackle, who reveals she was diagnosed with Asperger's at age five.


Evelyn Rand[edit]

Evelyn Rand (Jackée Harry) meets Riley and Maya on the subway in the pilot; they later call her Crazy Hat because of the obscure hats they see her wearing at the subway station. She is revealed to be a successful businesswoman.

Ava Morgenstern[edit]

Ava Morgenstern (Ava Kolker) is Auggie's girlfriend. Being slightly older, she manipulates Auggie into doing whatever she wants, remaining oblivious to how this affects him. Ava's personality appears to be a product of her mom's way of raising her. Early on, Topanga makes it clear that she does not like Ava, but in the season 2 episode "Girl Meets STEM", she takes Ava's side: Ava is furious when she and Auggie get exactly the same trophy after Ava singlehandedly defeats Auggie's soccer team 29-0. In the season 3 premiere "Girl Meets High School: Part One", Ava comes to Cory, Topanga, and Auggie when her parents are splitting up.


Isadora Smackle (Cecilia Balagot) is Farkle's arch-rival. In "Girl Meets I Am Farkle", it is revealed that she was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome when she was five years old. By the start of "Girl Meets High School, Part 1", she has joined the others at Abigail Adams High School, having become Farkle's girlfriend and becoming closer with Riley, Maya, Lucas and Zay.

Katy Hart[edit]

Katy Hart (Cheryl Texiera) is Maya's mom. For Career Day at school, Katy reveals to Maya's class that though she works as a waitress she aspires to be an actress. Katy frequently fails to show up to any event of importance to Maya, believing herself to be a hindrance to her daughter's future. Her relationship with Maya is strained at first, reminiscent to that of Shawn and Chet Hunter from Boy Meets World, but they become much closer after Shawn reveals to Maya in "Girl Meets Master Plan" that Maya's father deserting her family was not Katy's fault; Katy maintained the story that she drove him away believing that a girl should think well of her father. As the series progresses, Katy becomes a manager for Topanga's bakery. After meeting Shawn, she develops feelings for him. The two get engaged in "Girl Meets Upstate" and subsequently wed in "Girl Meets I Do".

Ms. Kossal[edit]

Gabriella Kossal (Aisha Kabia) is the art teacher at John Quincy Adams Middle School who is impressed with Maya's art.


Dewey/Doy[a] (Cooper Friedman) is a friend of Auggie who pronounces his name "Doy" much to the annoyance of Topanga. He does not like his name and cries each time somebody corrects his pronunciation.

Zay Babineaux[edit]

Isaiah "Zay" Babineaux (Amir Mitchell-Townes) is Lucas' old friend from Texas who later moves to New York and enrolls at John Quincy Adams Middle School, who gradually befriends Riley, Maya and Farkle as he gets to know them better. He fancies himself a smooth talker, but his words and actions more often get him into trouble rather than out of it. When Zay and Lucas were classmates at their old school in Texas, Lucas was usually the one who bailed him out. Eventually, one of these situations caused Lucas to be expelled from his old school.

Charlie Gardner[edit]

Charlie Gardner (Tanner Buchanan) is a student at John Quincy Adams Middle School who admires Riley. In "Girl Meets Semi-Formal", he asked Riley to the semi-formal, right before Lucas was going to.


Sarah (Sarah Carpenter) is a classmate of Riley and Maya at both John Quincy Adams Middle School and Abigail Adams High School. She mostly serves as a background character in many episodes, but achieves prominence in "Girl Meets Hollyworld" as a screenplay writer for a movie her father, the director DW Preminger, is casting. The episode "Girl Meets Commonism" shows her on the honor board panel and reveals her last name to be Carpenter.

Boy Meets World alumni[edit]

Further information: List of Boy Meets World characters

The following characters from Boy Meets World make appearances in the series in the form of recurring roles, guest appearances, or cameo appearances. They are listed in order of appearance:

Mr. Feeny[edit]

George Feeny (William Daniels) is Cory's omnipresent mentor who is now in his late 80s. Feeny makes a cameo appearance in the pilot episode, his only appearance in the first season. Mr. Feeny was Cory, Shawn, and Topanga's teacher in junior high, their principal in high school, and their professor in college. Throughout these years, Feeny was the Matthews' next-door neighbor and a close friend to the Matthews family as well as Shawn Hunter. In "Girl Meets Gravity", Cory calls Feeny to check up on him after the death of Mrs. Svorski. In "Girl Meets Pluto", Cory, Shawn, and Topanga, along with Riley and Maya, return to Philadelphia to dig up a time capsule from Feeny's backyard where they are caught by Feeny. He asks Riley and Maya how Cory has been to them as he receives some positive answers. He returns in the season three episode "Girl Meets I Do" where he comes to New York to wed Shawn and Katy. He returned in the series finale.[3]


Stuart Minkus (Lee Norris) is Cory, Shawn, and Topanga's former classmate, appearing as a main cast member in the first season of Boy Meets World, and as a guest star in an episode of the fifth season. Although Cory and Shawn often bullied Minkus, the boys also looked to him for advice on girls and life, and Stuart was good friends with Topanga, later becoming a fierce rival, which carries over to this series. Making his return in "Girl Meets Maya's Mother", it is revealed that he is Farkle's father. He appears at Career Day at school, whereupon he instantly renews his rivalry with both Cory and Topanga, and is proud to mention his position as the CEO of Minkus International. In "Girl Meets I Am Farkle", it is revealed that Stuart is married to Jennifer Bassett, an ex-girlfriend of Shawn's. He returned in the series finale.[3]

Harley Keiner[edit]

Harley Keiner (Danny McNulty) is Cory's good friend and former high school bully. In Boy Meets World, Harley was much older than the rest of the students due to being held back. He now works as the janitor[4] at John Quincy Adams Middle School, as seen in "Girl Meets the Forgotten". He mentions in "Girl Meets Flaws" that Cory helped him get the job. Reminiscent of the original series, Harley likes to address Cory by the nickname Johnny Baboon. Harley is regretful for his past behavior and looks to steer kids from going down the wrong path. However, it is mildly implied that Harley's aggressive side isn't entirely gone as he mentions that without music, he is prone to do things. He returned in the series finale.[3]

Alan Matthews[edit]

Alan Matthews (William Russ) is Cory, Eric, Joshua, and Morgan's father, Topanga's father-in-law, and Riley and Auggie's grandfather. Alan has a close relationship with Cory and owns a wilderness store which he originally ran with his eldest son Eric in Boy Meets World. He appeared along with his wife Amy and younger son Joshua in "Girl Meets Home for the Holidays". He returned in the series finale.[3]

Amy Matthews[edit]

Amy Matthews (Betsy Randle) is Cory, Eric, Joshua, and Morgan's mother, Topanga's mother-in-law, and Riley and Auggie's grandmother. Amy has a close relationship with her children, especially Morgan, who is her only daughter. She would often disagree with Cory and Topanga as a couple when they made important decisions even though she is fond of them. She appeared along with her husband Alan and younger son Joshua in "Girl Meets Home for the Holidays". She returned in the series finale.[3]

Joshua Matthews[edit]

Joshua Matthews (Uriah Shelton) is Cory, Eric, and Morgan's teenage brother, and Riley and Auggie's uncle. He was born premature, underweight, and almost died just hours after his birth. He first appears with his parents in "Girl Meets Home for the Holidays", where he is 17 years old and is still living with them in Philadelphia. Maya has a major crush on him, although Joshua tries to make their three-year age difference clear to her. He visits his brother's home throughout the series, and enrolled at New York University prior to the end of season one. In the season three, two-part episode "Girl Meets Ski Lodge", he helps Cory chaperone his class's field trip. During the trip, he tells Maya that there could be a possibility for them in the future. He also appeared in "Girl Meets Bear" before returning in the series finale.[3]

Joshua was the only member of the immediate Matthews family never to have a prominent role in Boy Meets World; he was originally portrayed by creator Michael Jacobs's son Daniel in Boy Meets World.

Shawn Hunter[edit]

Main article: Shawn Hunter

Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong) is Cory's best friend since childhood, Topanga's close childhood friend, and uncle figure to Riley and Auggie. Since the end of Boy Meets World, Shawn has traveled around as a writer and a photographer. He first appears in "Girl Meets Home for the Holidays" and later forms a friendship with Maya, and develops feelings for her mother Katy. Cory and Shawn have a close relationship with each other that, as shown in Boy Meets World, is at times even stronger than the relationship between Cory and Topanga.

In the season three episode "Girl Meets Upstate", it is revealed that he has a cabin in Upstate New York. At the end of the episode, he gets engaged to Katy. In "Girl Meets I Do", Shawn gets married to Katy. In the series finale, Shawn presents Maya with adoption papers and Maya accepts.[3][2]

Eric Matthews[edit]

Main article: Eric Matthews (Boy Meets World)

Eric Matthews (Will Friedle) is Cory, Joshua, and Morgan's older brother, and Riley and Auggie's uncle. He first appears in "Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels". Like in the original series, Eric is a goofball and lovable, but is quite dimwitted sometimes. Now a full-grown adult, he appears to have matured a little, but is still considered to be the fun uncle in the Matthews family. As evidenced in the original series, Eric has good people skills. Since leaving Philadelphia, Eric has gone on to become the Mayor of St. Upid Town, New York, a fictional community near the borders of New York State and the Canadian Province of Quebec, after all those who would have supported his mayoral opponent died in a landslide, according to Eric.

To blend in with the locals, he wears a hermit costume, an homage to his faux alter ego, Plays with Squirrels, from the Boy Meets World episode "Seven the Hard Way". Running gags include calling Riley his "niche", referring to Auggie as his cousin, and frequently mispronouncing Maya's name. He is eventually elected senator and is later faced with a decision involving his friend, Jack Hunter. He returned in the series finale.[3]

Angela Moore[edit]

Angela Moore (Trina McGee) is Shawn Hunter's former high school girlfriend. Angela makes an appearance in "Girl Meets Hurricane", where she not only reveals to Shawn the tragic news that her father Sgt. Moore (Julius Carry) died in a fishing accident, but also that she has gotten married to a man in the service. Her reason for meeting up with Shawn is to get some advice and counseling about her fears of becoming a mother, because she is worried that she may end up like her own mother. Shawn encourages Angela to start a family with her husband and experience the joy of being a parent. After this, Angela encourages Shawn to pursue a relationship with Katy and leaves to go back home.

Chet Hunter[edit]

Chet Hunter (Blake Clark) is Shawn and Jack's late father who died of a heart attack in the sixth season of Boy Meets World. During his lifetime, he was in and out of his children's lives. Since his passing, he occasionally returns to Shawn as a spirit guide as seen near the end of "Girl Meets Hurricane".

T.J. Murphy[edit]

Thomas Jonathan Murphy (J. B. Gaynor) was an orphan whom Eric met while he was playing Santa Claus at the mall one Christmas. After Eric gave Tommy a toy for Christmas, Tommy became convinced that Eric was really Santa Claus and asked Eric for parents for Christmas. Eric, touched by the boy's request, decided to volunteer as Tommy's big brother. The two spent a great deal of time together, leading Eric to consider adopting him, but he later changed his mind so Tommy could go live with a family who could provide better support for him.

Many years later, he resurfaces in "Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes to Washington" as a political activist and founder of a website called Thorn in Your Side that reports on political scandals, with the latest one being about Senator Jefferson Davis Graham. He volunteers to help when Eric is nominated to run for senator of New York, though the others are unaware of his identity. Later, at a debate against Eric's opponent, Senator Jefferson Davis Graham, Tommy reveals his identity and speaks of Eric's compassion and how Eric had sacrificed himself for Tommy's future. Eric joyfully reunites with Tommy who expresses his desire to continue working with Eric's campaign.

Mr. Turner[edit]

Jonathan Turner (Anthony Tyler Quinn) was an English teacher who taught Cory, Shawn, and Topanga in high school. He was a laid back teacher who wore a leather jacket and rode a motorcycle. At one point, he became a father figure to Shawn and admits to loving him like a son. After his motorcycle accident, Jonathan fell in love with his nurse and married her.

Mr. Turner returns in "Girl Meets the New Teacher", where he is now a superintendent who personally hired Cory Matthews to teach history at John Quincy Adams Middle School. He is called in to oversee the class of Harper Burgess to see if she is worth keeping around after Principal Yancy threatened to fire her and Cory; like Mr. Turner in Boy Meets World, Harper uses comic books in her lessons and rides a motorcycle to work. Riley sees Mr. Turner as an uncle figure as he has formed an even closer affinity with the Matthews family than before, visiting their home often. Although thankful to him for being a good educator, Topanga holds a grudge against Turner because he gave her an A- in high school. He returned in the series finale.[3]

Jack Hunter[edit]

Jack Hunter (Matthew Lawrence) is Shawn's paternal half-brother and was Eric's best friend in college. Jack competed with Eric for the affection of Rachel McGuire. He and Rachel joined the Peace Corps at the end of Boy Meets World, but Jack eventually left while Rachel stayed behind. The two have since lost touch, while Eric and Rachel still talk often.

Reappearing in "Girl Meets Semi-Formal", Jack now works for a corporation that is not environmentally friendly and has been assigned to persuade Senator Eric Matthews to allow his company to build a pipeline somewhere. Eric takes it upon himself to try and show Jack a simpler time to change his ways by taking him to the semi-formal dance where he meets Riley.

Jennifer Bassett Minkus[edit]

Jennifer Bassett Minkus (Kristanna Loken) was once Shawn Hunter's girlfriend back in high school. However, she was an extremely arrogant and vindictive person who tried to keep Cory and Shawn apart. She returned in "Girl Meets I Am Farkle" where it is revealed that she is married to Stuart Minkus, and is Farkle's mother.[5] It is shown that Jennifer is a changed woman proving herself to be a sweet, caring mother of Farkle and wife of Stuart. She supports her son while waiting to find out if he is diagnosed with Asperger syndrome.

Morgan Matthews[edit]

Morgan Matthews (Lily Nicksay and Lindsay Ridgeway) is the younger sister of Cory and Eric, older sister of Joshua, and Riley and Auggie's aunt. Both actresses who played Morgan in Boy Meets World, Nicksay (who portrayed Morgan in seasons one and two) and Ridgeway (who portrayed Morgan in seasons three through seven), returned in the series finale, where both portrayed Morgan on-screen simultaneously. This was the character's only appearance in Girl Meets World.[3]

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  1. ^Credited as Dewey in "Girl Meets the New World", and Doy in subsequent episodes.


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General references[edit]

The episodes of Girl Meets World that have aired are the source of most of the information in this article.

Girl Meets World Funny Moments

Top 10 Boy Meets World Episodes (According to IMDb)

The classic 90's teen comedy show Boy Meets World continues to live on in the hearts of nostalgic 90's kids everywhere. It was ahilarious and heartfelt show that never shied away from serious or emotional storylines.

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The show follows Cory Matthews at the center with his parents, older brother Eric, and younger sister Morgan. Cory has known Topanga and Shawn for most of his life and we see them grow up together and add a few more to their core group of friends. Let's revisit the top-rated episodes of this nostalgic show!

10 Heartbreak Cory (S5 E14) - 8.8

This episode sees Cory, Topanga, Angela, and Shawn go on a school ski trip looking to have a fun time. Things get complicated when Cory sprains his ankle and he tells Topanga to continue skiing with Shawn and Angela. While they're gone, Cory meets an employee at the lodge who takes care of him, a cute girl their age, Lauren (Linda Cardellini), and he starts to have feelings for her. Cory and Topanga talk, but then Topanga finds a note from Lauren that leads to them breaking up.

9 Brave New World: Part 1 (S7 E22) - 8.9

The first part of the last episode of the series sees the characters finally about to part ways as Cory and Topanga are considering moving to New York as she's been offered a job. The episode shows countless flashbacks of our favorite characters we've seen on TV for the last 7 years. It's a heartwarming set up for the finale of the entire series.

8 If You Can't Be With The One You Love... (S5 E18) - 8.9

This episode sees Shawn and Cory at a party. Cory is mourning his breakup with Topanga and Shawn is riding him for being a downer as he's making everyone else miserable around him. Cory steals a bottle of whiskey from his dad and Shawn and Cory experiment with alcohol and finish the bottle between the two of them. The two get arrested and agree to stop drinking, but Shawn is quickly consumed by alcohol and his half-brother Jack reveals that their father was an alcoholic. It succeeds as a serious episode about the dangers of drinking, but it's not as successful as others on this list where the show delves into more serious topics.

7 We'll Have A Good Time Then (S6 E13) - 8.9

This episode sees Shawn and half-brother Jack's father visit them at college, and while Jack is optimistic, Shawn is waiting for his father to run out on him like he's always done. The episode becomes more serious when their father has a heart attack and has to be hospitalized. Shawn becomes frustrated as he realizes he's similar to the father he grew up with and Jack is well-adjusted having grown up in a more stable home. The episode reaches its climax when their father passes away at the very end and the audience knows this is going to be a difficult time for Jack and specifically Shawn to deal with his death.

6 Seven The Hard Way (S7 E16) - 8.9

In the aftermath of a prank war, the core group is fighting so Mr. Feeny and Eric force them to talk through their frustrations. The episode jumps into the future to their college reunion to see what it would be like if they let this fight break up their group. Interactions range from awkward small talk with each other to Eric becoming a woodsman now called "Plays With Squirrels" and we see that all the closeness and magic of their friendships had fallen apart. The episode snaps back to the present and sees the group makeup.

5 A Long Walk To Pittsburgh: Part 1 (S4 E16) - 8.9

This episode starts off with Cory being suspicious of Shawn and Topanga after his brother Eric sees them upset and Shawn kisses her. But in reality, Topanga had gone to Shawn for comfort when she learns that her parents are moving to Pittsburgh and she wasn't ready to talk about things with Cory because leaving him will hurt too much. Topanga and Cory agree that they will stay together and try a long-distance relationship, but slowly realize that it will be a difficult time in their young relationship.

4 A Long Walk To Pittsburgh: Part 2 (S4 E17) - 9.1

Cory is heartbroken after only two weeks without Topanga, and Topanga feels the same way as she travels on her own to see Cory again. Cory's parents have a difficult time parenting in this situation as they try to explain that they're too young to be so enamored with each other and should use this as an opportunity to meet new people. As teenagers, we root for Cory and Topanga, but as we rewatch we understand where the Matthews are coming from, but all works out in the end as Topanga is allowed to stay in Philadelphia with her aunt.

3 Cult Fiction (S4 E21) - 9.1

Boy Meets World was never one to shy away from a serious storyline and "Cult Fiction" is no exception. This episode sees the vulnerable character, Shawn, find comfort in the community of a cult. The episode shows how quickly and how dangerous cults can be when they prey on your weaknesses and fears and manipulate you into thinking you need them and no one else cares for you besides the cult.

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Shawn's former guardian and teacher, John Turner, attempts to snap him out of it and so do the Matthews, but everyone fails and they continue to lose Shawn until Mr. Turner gets into a motorcycle accident and Shawn is snapped out of it when Corey forces him to face the harsh reality. It's an emotional and realistic episode that proves that Boy Meets World was more than a surface teen comedy.

2 Brave New World: Part 2 (S7 E23) - 9.5

The last episode of the series follows the same format as part 1 of this finale, the gang is parting ways and they're all saying bittersweet goodbyes. Cory, Topanga, Shawn, and Eric are off to New York as Rachel and Jack decide to join the Peace Corp. They say an emotional goodbye to the Matthews family and an even more emotional goodbye to Mr. Feeny.

RELATED: 10 Best Mr. Feeny Quotes

Mr. Feeny followed the core group from middle school to high school to college as their teacher and mentor throughout the entirety of the series. Cory, Shawn, Topanga, and Eric return to their old school for the final words of wisdom from him and tearful hugs goodbye. They all leave and Mr. Feeny says he loves them all to an empty room, "class is dismissed," and that's when the audience's tears start.

1 And Then There Was Shawn (S5 E17) - 9.6

The top-rated episode of this series was pretty shocking to see from a show intended for a young audience. The episode starts off normally and the main characters get detention from Mr. Feeny, but then the episode turns into an homage to various horror films and stories, like Scream and the title's And Then There Were None, as a killer shows up at the school and begins terrorizing the core group. It's a pretty intense episode for a teen show, but it's fun with a lot of references to popular culture and deserves the number one spot!

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