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Decoration Ideas for Same-Sex Weddings

As you plan for your same-sex wedding, you will need to decide which traditional décor to integrate into your big day and which wedding customs you will add your own twist to. There are many creative ways to add a personal touch into otherwise unfitting decorations to romantically celebrate your love. We’ve put together some great wedding décor ideas for you and your fiancé to customize and incorporate into your big day.

Lesbian Wedding Photos

Photo Credit: Kerry Ann Duffy Photography

Once your guests have arrived and the hellos and welcomes have been shared, everyone will gather for your ceremony. While in some traditional weddings the ceremony seating is split by sides (“the bride” and “the groom” sides), many couples choose to opt out of this seating arrangement. If you fall into the category of those who choose not to divide the sides, let your guests know in a fun way. As your loved ones arrive, ready to hear your romantic wedding vows and witness this special moment, welcome them with fun signs to let them know that there are no planned seating assignments. There are many cute ways to get creative with this sweet welcome note.

Same Sex Wedding Decor

Photo Credit: Jillian Rose Photography

Same Sex Wedding Decoration

Photo Credit: Michelle Lyttle Photography

You may have seen in weddings that some couples choose to decorate their chairs with cute and classy signs. But who said that you need a bride and a groom to label and customize your chairs for the day? The couples below adopted the chair-decorating idea and personalized it for themselves. To include this sweet idea into your wedding, you can make signs yourself or buy them pre-made.

Same Sex Decor Ideas

Photo Credit: Rustic Daisy Design

Lesbian Weddings Decoration

Photo Credit: Life Long Studios

Lesbian Weddings

Kerry Ann Duffy Photography

Photo Credit: Kerry Ann Duffy Photography

Wedding cakes are fun and delicious and should be completely yours. Once you’ve sat down for cake tasting, chosen your perfect design and fallen in love with the cake, add a personal touch with a wedding topper of you and your fiancé. Your cake topper can be elegant, classy or playful; it may be a silhouette, cake poppers in the shape of two birds standing side by side or an animated version of the two of you. Whichever idea you love best, choose something that will fit you and your spouse-to-be and make you smile on your big day.

Gay Wedding Cake Toppers

Photo Credit: Rui Viera Photography

Lesbian Wedding Cake Topper

Photo Credit: Etsy

Add some creativity into your wedding decoration with fun animations! Whether it’s animated pictures or figures of yourselves, your family and friends, cute animals or fictional creatures, animations are an adorable way to personalize your décor. These signs can be place at the entrance of your venue, on tables at your reception, or in your wedding invitations.

Same Sex Decorations

Photo Credit: Art Fire

Have you thought about what you want your centerpieces to look like? There are so many ways to incorporate personal decorations into this piece of your wedding. Just like with your wedding topper, you can choose whether you want your centerpieces to be elegant, playful, creative or classics.

SameSex Wedding

Photo Credit: Gathrin

Wedding photography is one of the most fun parts of the exciting wedding process. This is your opportunity to truly play around with silly, classy and beautiful concepts and let your creativity shine. Together with your photographer and fiancé, come up with specific shots and ideas that will make your wedding photos artistic, romantic and personal. Have fun with it and don’t hold back just being you! For inspiration, research classic wedding shots, as well as unique wedding photo ideas.

Gay Wedding Decor

Photo Credit: Rhapsody Road Photography

Lesbian Wedding Decor

Photo Credit: Rhapsody Road Photography

Your wedding invitations are another great place to let your creativity and personalities come through. There are countless invitation templates and formats to sift through in order to find the one that fits you best. Along with picking the template, play around with different design options. You may choose to go with an animated invitation or you may prefer to include a romantic engagement photo. If you like the idea of animations, consider including silhouettes or sketches of tuxedos, top hats, bow ties, dresses, heals, birds or two faces looking at one another.

Gay Wedding Invitations

Photo Credit: Zazzle Cards

When choosing your wedding decorations, there are so many ways for you to take otherwise traditional and sometimes irrelevant ideas and make them your own. Use your creativity and personalities to add a unique and intimate touch throughout your wedding venue. Seeing your personalized decorations on the day of your wedding will be another reminder of the amazing reasons for celebration and the exciting decision to commit yourself to the love of your life. Don’t be afraid to get playful and truly have fun with planning your wedding décor!

Same Sex Wedding

Photo Credit: Megan Moura Photography


Decoration Ideas for Same-Sex Weddings

Article Name

Decoration Ideas for Same-Sex Weddings


Planning your same-sex wedding means deciding which traditional decorations to keep. We’ve put together wedding décor ideas to integrate into your big day.


BrideBox Wedding Albums


Same-Sex Ceremony

Same-Sex Wedding in Las Vegas | LGBTQ Wedding IdeasToday marks the second year since same-sex marriage has been legally recognized across the United States.  With same-sex ceremonies on the rise, the demand for diverse and unique weddings has continued to gain momentum. Here are some same-sex wedding planning tips to help make your LGBTQ wedding experience as fabulous as you are!

The Engagement

When it comes to a heterosexual relationship, it&#;s often presumed that the man will propose to the woman, but what about same-sex couples?

Gay Wedding Photo Ideas | Same-Sex Wedding in Las Vegas | LGBTQ Wedding IdeasWhile some lesbian and gay couples are popping the question on one knee, others are doing things a bit differently. Most same-sex couples tend to plan it out together. Photo via:

Expert wedding tip: Make a day-date, and go ring shopping together; this way you both get what you like.  

Lesbian Wedding Engagement | Same-Sex Wedding in Las Vegas | LGBTQ Wedding IdeasIf you are more traditional and like the romantic notion of getting down on one knee, but don&#;t know if you&#;re the one that should be asking or receive the proposal. Ask yourself &#;Do you see yourself asking the big question or answering it?&#; Here are some great same-sex wedding proposal ideas. Photo credit: Angie Capri

Fling Before the Ring

Now that you are engaged to your partner, it&#;s time to have a bachelor/ bachelorette party.

Lesbian Bachelorette Party Ideas | Same-Sex Wedding in Las Vegas | LGBTQ Wedding IdeasMany same-sex couples find that they share all the same friends. Why not combine your parties, and have one big ‘shindig’?! Enjoy the day with all your friends, and your #1 best friend; no need to split up &#; the more the merrier! Photo Credit: One and Only Paris Photography

The Rings

Think outside the box, and get the style that you love! Here are some things to think about when picking out your wedding rings:

Matching Wedding Rings for LGBTQ Wedding | Same-Sex Wedding in Las Vegas | LGBTQ Wedding IdeasMatching bands: show how you two are truly soulmates!

Mix and Match Gay and Lesbian wedding rings and bands | Same-Sex Wedding in Las Vegas | LGBTQ Wedding IdeasSame materials, different designs: show your love & unity, but still incorporate your unique style

LGBTQ Wedding Rings and Bands | Same-Sex Wedding in Las Vegas | LGBTQ Wedding IdeasLGBTQ wedding rings/bands: show your pride by incorporating LGBT colors into your jewelry. See more ideas at for the ultimate guide to same-sex wedding rings.

The Wedding Day

There is no right or wrong wedding theme, be who you are &#; it&#;s your special day! Here are some ways to give your wedding day a subtle splash of pride:

His and His Groom Cake Topper | Same-Sex Wedding in Las Vegas | LGBTQ Wedding IdeasGive your cake a personalized flare with these same-sex wedding cake toppers. Photo via: Etsy

Stylish Gay-friendly Wedding Decor | Same-Sex Wedding in Las Vegas | LGBTQ Wedding IdeasDazzle your guests with stylish LGBT-inspired wedding decor. Photo via: Style Me Pretty

Rainbow Guest Book for Gay Wedding | Same-Sex Wedding in Las Vegas | LGBTQ Wedding IdeasHave a unique &#;pride-style&#; guest sign-in table. Photo via: All Day Chic

Traditional ceremonies typically tend to play to gender roles, making it a bit difficult for a same-sex couples to figure out how to walk down the aisle.

First Look at Lesbian Wedding | Same-Sex Wedding in Las Vegas | LGBTQ Wedding IdeasThe &#;First Look&#;:  Seeing each other before the wedding will allow you to walk down the aisle together. Who better to walk down the aisle with you? Photo credit: Kelly Prizel

Proud Parents of Gay Couple | Same-Sex Wedding in Las Vegas | LGBTQ Wedding IdeasMom & Dad: If your parents are &#;in the picture&#;, and support you no matter what &#; make sure that have both of them walk you down the aisle. Photo via: Luminaire Images

Best Friend Giving Away Bride/Groom at LGBT Wedding | Same-Sex Wedding in Las Vegas | LGBTQ Wedding IdeasClose Relations: Sometimes (no matter who you are), parents just don&#;t agree with your marriage, or may not be in your life. Many heterosexual, and same-sex couples are selecting their closest friends or family members to escort them down the aisle. This is a great alternative for those that wish to have their &#;special moment&#; down the wedding aisle. Photo credit: Kristeen Marie

Mixed Gender Wedding Parties | Same-Sex Wedding in Las Vegas | LGBTQ Wedding IdeasThe Wedding Party: A common trend seen in same-sex ceremonies is a mixed-gender wedding party. This makes for a great photo opportunity with all your friends, you no longer have to leave anyone out because of their gender. Photo credit: Megan Burges Photography


Wedding Photos

One of the most important parts of your wedding day is capturing those special moments. Always make sure you communicate with your photographer; let them know what makes you feel comfortable and what you envision for your wedding photos. Get inspired by these great same-sex wedding photos.

LGBTQ Wedding Photo Ideas you will want to steel | Same-Sex Wedding in Las Vegas | LGBTQ Wedding IdeasPhoto credit: Marc Millman Photography

Cute Lesbian Wedding Photo Ideas | Same-Sex Wedding in Las Vegas | LGBTQ Wedding IdeasPhoto credit: Michele Beckwith

Gay weddings at Chapel of the Flowers | Same-Sex Wedding in Las Vegas | LGBTQ Wedding Ideas

Sunset Wedding Photo with Lesbian Brides | Same-Sex Wedding in Las Vegas | LGBTQ Wedding IdeasPhoto credit: Ideal Imaging

Gay Wedding Photo Ideas | Same-Sex Wedding in Las Vegas | LGBTQ Wedding IdeasPhoto credit: David Wittig

Get more inspiration on Pinterest!

Marry who you love, and pick a gay-friendly wedding venue. Chapel of the Flowers welcomes the LGBTQ weddings, and offers a variety of commitment, vow renewal, and wedding packages that can be customized to fit your personal needs. Contact our wedding planners today to book your same-sex wedding in Las Vegas!

Lesbian Wedding in Las Vegas | Same-Sex Wedding in Las Vegas | LGBTQ Wedding Ideas

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10 Gay Wedding Decor Ideas Every Couple Should Know About

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When you’re planning your gay wedding decor, you have to decide which traditions you want to keep, and which ones you decide to leave behind. In their place, what would you rather have? If you want to add your own twist, or even add a little nod to your personal relationship throughout, that’s totally achievable.

Take a look at some of my favorite gay wedding decor ideas to get your own creativity flowing. Remember, they’re all customizable to suit your relationship – just use this for ideas.

We want to feature your LGBTQ wedding! Send your stories and photos over to [email&#;protected]!

10 Gay Wedding Decor Ideas Every Couple Should Know About

From cute and quirky to elegant statement pieces, these gay wedding decors ideas should inspire you to get creative with your own big day!

FYI, this post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, we earn a small commission at no extra charge to you. 

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1. Fun signs

If you like a bit of whimsy, why not add it to your wedding day? I love cute signs, which add a little giggle to such an important day. Take this “Pick a seat, not a side, either way, it’s for a bride.” It’s fun, and also does an amazing job of bringing both families together.

You can also go for “Pick a seat, there’s plenty of room, either way, it’s for a groom.” Whatever you need, both are genius, to be honest. Etsy has some great gay wedding signs for LGBTQ couples.

2. Rainbow decor

It seems like all gay wedding decor ideas assume you want a riot of rainbows everywhere you look. If you do, great! If not, though, you can add them in random places. This is just a little celebration to your relationship and the LGBTQ community.

This rainbow cake is a great idea if you were thinking of incorporating the pride flag into your big day somehow. What do you think of this?

If you want something a little less subtle, check out this rainbow balloon arch.

P.S something like this can be a DIY project. Grab something like this rainbow arch kit. You don’t have to follow their guide, but it’ll give you all the balloons you need to create your own rainbow-inspired decor.

gay wedding decor rainbow balloons kit

3. The photo guestbook idea

Photo guestbooks are so cute – giving you instant pictures and memories, all from your guests. The personal touch is something you’ll look back on in years to come. Usually, they’re tailored to a bride and groom or are an empty notebook.

It’s super easy to make yourself in your favorite word or photo program. Or, just buy one already designed for you on Etsy.

4. The wedding toppers

Okay, you were probably expecting this one. LGBT couples have to get quite creative when it comes to wedding toppers.

Look at how personal these are – they actually look like the two brides, even down to the hairstyles. This also breaks down the myth that there’s a “feminine” and “masculine” character in every relationship. Perhaps both brides want to wear a dress and veil. Inclusivity – I love it.

Once again, I have to recommend Etsy as your go-to source for super cute gay wedding cake toppers. They have SO many cute ideas!

5. The vows

No more scribbling down your vows on paper – keep them safe forever. Read them whenever you want. Have them in a lovely notebook like this.

His vows and his vows, with names at the bottom. I’ve never really seen vow books before, ever, but I think they’re amazing. Much more sustainable than a piece of paper folded into our pockets, right?

6. Love wins

I don’t have to explain this phrase to you – love wins. It’s become synonymous with the LGBT movement – commemorating how love will always prevail, regardless of gender.

Adding something like this is a little nod to the struggles and the victories. It’s a simple human truth which is used to promote equality.

7. Sweet sentiments on your napkins (aka serviettes)

The wedding meal needs serviettes just to look nice and proper. There’s no reason why these have to plain.

Take a look at these sweet serviettes with “two grooms are better than one” printed on them. To be honest, these can be taken as a souvenir, too. Of course, you can have a “two brides are better than one” serviette, too.

8. The statement piece

There’s nothing subtle about this, and that’s the best thing. Imagine the photos you can get from these?

These actually look really refined in a rustic style wedding. It’s unconventional, but that’s what makes them so amazing.

9. The statement cake

Talking of statements, take a look at this cake. It incorporates the rainbow and is definitely something that will get a lot of attention.

Even in an upscale “refined” wedding, your cake is definitely where you can get a little crazy. P.S check out the LEGO grooms.

Little accents

Tiny little decor pieces, like these subtle rainbow favor cups, are really cute ideas. They’re the little things that people may need to second look, just to notice. Adding bits like that around is a really nice idea.

Take this garland as an example of this, too.

Well, I hope you gained a little bit of inspiration from this. I can’t wait to see how you use these gay wedding decor ideas in your own big day

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What are your favorite gay wedding decor ideas? Share below!

Katie Anderton

Katie Anderton

I’m a freelance journalist/writer/content marketer with BA Hons in Journalism.

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Every couple wants their wedding to be memorable for themselves and for their guests. At the same time, it can be hard to think of ways to make a wedding stand out when you’re in the thick of things. Planning a wedding is, after all, an exercise in dealing with the details, managing the big picture and trying not to lose your mind in the process. So when you don’t have time to trawl through Pinterest, dig deeper on the internet or scroll through inspirational Etsy listings, who can you turn to for help in finding the gay wedding ideas for your wedding? Equalliblog, of course.

Rainbow Centerpieces


Let’s start with a fairly obvious choice, a rainbow themed centerpiece. Using boldly colored fresh flowers arranged in small dishes will give your wedding a pop of color without making it impossible for people to talk or pass things across the table.

Make Seating Easy


Traditionally, seating for the ceremony was based on whether you knew the bride or the groom. These days, a lot of couples don’t want to separate their friends and family based on who knows who and, in an LGBT wedding, it just doesn’t make sense. So place a sign at the entrance letting guests know there aren’t any sides to choose here, it’s all about coming together.

Glitter Vase!


Is it kind of a cliché? Yeah, but c’mon, it’s GLITTER. Also it’s a super easy DIY project that comes out looking expensive – perfect for couples watching the budget!

Make an Amazing Guest Book


Have each of your guests contribute to this amazing thumbprint tree guest book. Give them a different colors to choose from to leave their mark and before you know it, you’ll have a beautiful keepsake from your special day.

One, Two, Three, Four I Declare a Cupcake War!


Inject some humor and a bit of competition into the festivities by setting up a place where guests can pimp their cupcake. Supply them with all the goodies they need then offer up instant or digital cameras for them to document their creations if you want to turn it into a competition.

Cake Toppers

Same-sex couple wedding decorations at fair in Paris

In the rush to get everything done, it can be easy to overlook the small details but they are often where you can put in the most personal touches. An LGBT friendly wedding cake topper is a great example of this. Innovative designers have been making toppers that go beyond the traditional bride and groom for years so it’s pretty easy for LGBT couples to find something that suits them.   There are options for brides and grooms of course, but also for couples who don’t even want to bring gender into play. There are options where the happy couple is represented with animals, garden pairings, robots or typographically.

Create an Amazing Bouquet


Mix things up and opt for a bouquet or boutonniere that goes beyond flowers. This super cute butterfly bouquet can be made quickly and easily even if you’re not super crafty.

Celebrate the Journey


When my wife and I first met, I liked in the UK and she lived in Ohio. This wasn’t a big deal until our relationship became more serious and then the distance seemed like the worst thing in the world. Living 7 hours ahead and an ocean away wasn’t easy but now we look back at those long-distance days with a bit of nostalgia so maps have become a running theme in many of our gifts to each other. This map bouquet is a great way for couples with a long-distance story to incorporate that into their special day.

LGBT Friendly Jewelry


Choosing a gay friendly wedding ring set or jewelry you plan to wear for the ceremony and party is a great way to show some pride. For couples who don’t want a full on rainbow ring as their wedding bands, there are choices for LGBT friendly cufflinks, necklaces and earrings.

Put A New Spin on Yin to My Yang


In any couple it’s the differences that make the connection so sweet – it’s the person who’s the Yin to your Yang, the Peanut Butter to your Jelly or … the Han to your Princess Leia? If you happen to be a sci-fi couple, this sign is a great way to convey how you feel about each other and it makes for a wedding decoration that can also easily find a way into your home.

Word Nerds Unite!


Grab a dictionary and place it on a table where guests can come up and mark words that remind them of you as a couple or as each person individually. Encourage them to mark the page with a post it and to inscribe however they want.

Two Words: Bounce House


Planning a wedding is stressful! Blow off some steam by including a bounce house into your reception. Make sure you order one that’s ok for adults to use and place a mat for shoes right outside the entrance.

Better Yet …


Make it a ball pit. Or do both!

Don’t Be Afraid to Get a Little Serious


Let’s not candy coat this – there are some couples who approach their wedding day with a bit of anger. LGBT couples have been denied the right to legally marry for years which means there are couples who have been together for a long time and who are either just now getting the chance to make it “official” or who have gone through marriages or civil unions in the past only to have them struck down by the courts before this summer&#;s landmark SCOTUS ruling. For these couples, there’s a mix of happiness, relief and, yes, a little chip on the shoulder as they walk down the aisle. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge this feeling if you and your partner have been fighting for this for a long time. Put a new spin on the Just Married t-shirt look by crossing out the Just and substituting “Still”.

A Colorful Send Off


End the evening with a colorful and interactive event by releasing rainbow colored paper lanterns. Guess can inscribe a small message before lighting them and setting them free, making it a chance for everyone to reflect on their own love story while celebrating yours.


Budget & Shopping GuidesDIY Wedding Ideas


Kelly Rice is a freelance writer and lives in Columbus, Ohio with her wife, daughter and three rascally dogs. When she's not busy writing she enjoys hiding somewhere with a good book, hiking, word games and urban exploration.

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Ideas gay wedding decor

20 Super Cute Gay and Lesbian Wedding Ideas

After all the struggle, it’s a win for the strong LGBT community, as you can now express your love legally. The wait is over, and same-sex couples are seeking gay and lesbian wedding ideas for nuptials. You want to make it official and we are oh so happy to be of immense help to you all.

same sex wedding

Frequently Asked Questions

Do gay weddings have a best man?

A gay wedding is a wedding just like any other. The fact that it is same-sex does not mean the rules automatically change. Just like any other wedding, the couple can choose to go traditional or completely reinvent their big day to reflect their personalities. So, if you’re looking for lesbian wedding ideas or gay wedding ideas for having a best man or not, know that it is all up to you to have a best man or best woman.

20 Awesome LGBT Wedding Ideas

While a same-sex wedding does not have to be different from any other. It can also be a good time to throw the traditional rule book out the window, and just have fun.

  • Have your wedding ceremony and dinner party at the same time. Who needs to wait?
  • Introduce cocktail hour during the ceremony. Let guests sip and enjoy while you are joined.
  • Forget a chapel. Find a location you both love and use for the ceremony.

Curved Seating Pattern


The straight-row seating pattern is kind of out of style. Do something creative by seating guests in a circular pattern, so they can witness your love effortlessly.

Same Sex Pride Décor Idea


When you’re thinking of gay wedding ceremony ideas, there are so many ways to subtly or boldly infuse gay pride in your wedding.

  • Use the LGBTQ flag colors for your theme and you can’t go wrong.
  • Have flowers, runners, and bouquets carefully chosen in the flag colors.
  • Your cake shouldn’t be left out. It could be baked in pride colors on the outside or only on the inside, to match your pride décor.

Embrace some of the most beautiful wedding ideas perfect for gay wedding reception photos. Kiss under sparkle rain, show off rings, use a photo booth, hold up love banners, etc.

Beautiful same-sex wedding ideas can come in a plain colored cake with hidden colors within. A simple pastel color covered cake will show off layers of rainbow color when cut open.

Rainbow Inspired Confetti


Having a dilemma with lesbian wedding ceremony ideas for a wedding theme? Add a splash of color to your day by making your confetti a rainbow color affair.

Looking for the perfect LGBT ideas with which to make an entrance into your wedding? Fun signs are the way to go, as your cute pet or bearer walks before you.

Monogrammed flatware for Mrs and Mrs or Mr. and Mr. is the perfect one for the dessert table. One of the best and personalized same-sex wedding ideas to adopt.

Lesbian wedding vows don’t have to be different from any other. They can be just as traditional, fun, or simple as the couple desire.

  • Simple but fun vows would be great for a casual-themed wedding.
  • Traditional vows with an intimate twist would work for a traditional wedding.
  • Heartfelt and unconventional vows would not be out of place for a beach or bohemian wedding.

Minimalist Gay Ceremony Idea


Whether you’re getting gay or lesbian wedding ideas off Pinterest or not, a minimalist wedding makes things so much easier. You can do without a lot for this style of wedding.

  • If your home has a minimalist theme, you can choose to have the wedding there, with only a few close family and friends.
  • You can choose to do without a wedding party, so it is just you and your partner.
  • For your attires, you can go with simple suits or dresses that sport a pride-colored cufflink or brooch.

One of the essentials of planning a wedding is getting the right accessories. Pair it off and show solidarity with your beloved by wearing the same floral design.

For spectacular gay wedding ideas, add cute accents to your attire that make a bold statement in a subtle way.

  • A bowtie in pride colors can be cute and classy.
  • Have matching pride brooches pinned to your dresses or cufflinks for your suits.
  • Try matching pride-colored socks or even sneakers for a casual gay wedding.

Thinking of LGBT ideas that could help you add a personal touch to your wedding? Do so with double Mrs, double Mr., loved up geese or ganders, and other awesome wedding cake toppers.

Love Matching Jackets


One of the best same-sex wedding ideas is love expression. Do that with matching jackets that have inscriptions of how much you love each other.

Another way to show off your pride while celebrating your day is in your shoes. Rock a pair of sneakers with rainbow soles and laces for that color fiesta anytime you raise your legs.

Two Bride – Funny Invite Designs


Everyone knows that the queens of a chessboard are powerful. Show girl power in your invitation by creating funny wedding invitations.

Non-traditional Wedding Attire


If you’re having a non-traditional wedding, then you’re free than most to do just what you want with your wedding attire.

  • Jazz up your gay wedding reception with cowboy boots and cowboy attire for a countryside wedding.
  • Think shorts and bright colored shirts for a summer wedding.
  • If you want a semi-formal look, then wear the matching suits or dresses, but with the personality of each partner shining through.

Two brides, two bouquets, one of the most awesome lesbians wedding ceremony ideas ever. Show the happy guests that two are better than one, and two can play.

Blue colors, pink colors, bow patterns, Cinderella dress patterns, or whatever suits. Cute cupcakes is a same-sex wedding idea that helps you push out your personalities through their designs.

In place hidden colors, show off your pride at first look by making a rainbow-colored cake instead. From the outer layer and covering, to the intricately detailed embellishments, make it an affair of beautiful colors.

Unconventional Brides


Are the Mrs and Mrs not into the princess wedding dress things? Rock on hot and lavishly styled jumpsuits that will knock the breath off your guests.

Not too many creative gay and lesbian wedding ideas in the past. But everywhere is expanding to accommodate the unique same-sex couples, and this includes the wedding industry. Hence, we have drawn up a selection of new, refreshing, and currently trending wedding ideas for same-sex. If you’re having a lesbian or gay wedding anytime soon, check up on these LGBT ideas. From your wedding ceremony to the wedding reception, and after, we’ve got you covered!

Beautiful Gay Wedding in Palm Springs - Chris and Clay's Big Day!

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