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Call for Faculty Participation: McGraw-Hill SmartBook Program

McGraw-Hill Faculty Author Representative Program

McGraw-Hill is looking for Faculty Author Representatives to assist the company in creation or piloting of other OER SmartBooks. The representative would ensure that the McGraw-Hill Education instructional design team is tagging Learning Objectives and building adaptive questions that support the goals of the textbook through providing feedback from within the SmartBook application.

Faculty Representatives can also contribute optionally through exploring existing McGraw-Hill Education Smartbooks, having collaborative sessions with the MHE instructional design team, conducting faculty and/or student focus groups, or authoring a portion of the text. Faculty Author Representatives may qualify for work for hire opportunities.

If interested, please contact Karin Snider at McGraw-Hill Education: [email protected]

McGraw-Hill SmartBook Pilot Program: US History I

In the interest of affordable learning materials and exploration of advanced learning platforms, ALG has participated in a project in which McGraw-Hill Education has worked with Dr. Sarah Mergel, one of the authors of the USG open textbook History in the Making: A History of the People of the United States of America to 1877, to develop a SmartBook version of that text. McGraw Hill is now seeking faculty participants currently teaching with the USG textbook to pilot the new SmartBook.

A SmartBook is an adaptive reading experience that aims to automatically identify content a student understands and does not understand. The material adapts to ensure the student is focused on the content he or she needs the most to close knowledge gaps. The SmartBook provides feedback to both the student and the instructor. More information about the features of SmartBooks is available at:

During the pilot program, the SmartBook will be available to the USG students in the pilot courses at no cost.

Faculty members participating in the SmartBook Pilot Program will receive:

  • An instructor honorarium for the first ten pilot participants
  • In-person training and support from a McGraw-Hill digital faculty consultant

Participants will attend an individualized training and implementation training session prior to the start of the semester’s classes, and then participate in a feedback and data gathering session after the course has ended.

If interested, please contact Karin Snider at McGraw-Hill Education: [email protected]


McGraw-Hill reveals the SmartBook: an 'adaptive' e-book for students

McGraw-Hill Education Unveils Suite of Adaptive Learning Products, Including First-
Ever Adaptive E-Book, at 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show

New "LearnSmart Advantage" suite brings adaptive technology to new aspects of student
learning experience; "SmartBook" revolutionizes reading

LAS VEGAS – Jan. 08, 2013 – Today at the International Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas, McGraw-Hill Education launched a suite of adaptive learning products for higher education that use advanced technological engines to improve learning and student performance.

The new "LearnSmart Advantage" suite takes adaptive learning – one of the biggest trends in education in 2012 – beyond the realm of course study tools by using adaptive technology to provide more dynamic, personalized learning experiences across new aspects of the student learning experience. Included in the suite is SmartBook™, the world's first ever adaptive e-book, which revolutionizes college reading by focusing students' attention on the content that is most critical to their learning.

Adaptive learning is a method of education that seeks to personalize learning by using sophisticated algorithmic technology to continually assess students' knowledge, skill and confidence levels and design targeted study paths based on the resulting data to bolster students' understanding in the areas where they need to improve the most. By allowing students to focus their outside-of-class study time on the topics and concepts that are most challenging to them, adaptive learning has been shown to help students study more efficiently, develop greater proficiency and earn better grades.

Adaptive learning also benefits instructors: By better preparing students for class, adaptive learning enables instructors to spend more time delving into advanced concepts and engaging students in high-level discussion. The LearnSmart Advantage suite builds on the success of McGraw-Hill LearnSmart™, the company's industry leading adaptive study tool. With more than 1 million unique student users "Since the launch of LearnSmart in 2009, we've developed a deep understanding of how personalized learning through adaptive technology helps improve student performance," said Brian Kibby, president of McGraw-Hill Higher Education. "Bringing our expertise and proven effectiveness in adaptive learning to new areas of the learning experience represents an enormous opportunity, both for McGraw-Hill Education and students, instructors and institutions across the country. With the launch of SmartBook and the rest of the LearnSmart Advantage suite, we continue to lead higher education in using adaptive technology to help improve student performance."

The following new products are joining LearnSmart in the LearnSmart Advantage suite:

• SmartBook – an adaptive e-book that creates a more efficient and effective reading experience by assessing students' knowledge and skill levels as they read and highlighting content that focuses their attention on the topics and concepts that they have yet to master. SmartBook represents a breakthrough achievement in reading, as it breaks the centuries-old tradition of books as linear experiences that presume to be read in their entirety, and in a pre-defined sequence, in order to be understood.

• LearnSmart Prep – a "before-the-course" adaptive resource designed to prepare students entering complex courses that are critical to the completion of their major or degree (such as Anatomy & Physiology, Organic Chemistry, or Majors Biology) with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful on day one of class. Students can also use LearnSmart Prep in the early weeks of a course to ensure that they are prepared for concepts and assignments that will come later in the course.

• LearnSmart Labs – a photo-realistic virtual lab experience that uses adaptive technology to enable meaningful scientific exploration and learning while eliminating many of the practical challenges of a physical lab setting. By allowing students to practice their experiments in a virtual lab setting, LearnSmart Labs allows students and instructors to maximize the valuable time spent in the physical laboratory. For online and blended courses, LearnSmart Labs offers the closest thing available to an actual physical laboratory experience, enabling students to put the concepts they have learned in class to the virtual test without requiring access to a brick-and-mortar lab.

• LearnSmart Achieve – a comprehensive adaptive learning system that pinpoints students' areas of weakness and supplies students with targeted content, including videos, interactive activities and additional readings. LearnSmart Achieve gives students on-the-spot tutoring at times when they may not have access to their professors and also provides a time management feature that guides students through the content and resources at a pace that is best for them. The LearnSmart Advantage suite enables institutions to adopt adaptive learning as an institution-wide practice, creating a cycle of student performance improvement across disciplines and classes. McGraw-Hill Education also plans to offer the products in the LearnSmart Advantage suite available to students or their parents to purchase directly. The company entered the consumer market for adaptive technology in the summer of 2012 when it made LearnSmart for sale directly to students and parents.

LearnSmart Advantage Availability

• LearnSmart: Available immediately across more than 90 course areas.

• SmartBook: Available in the spring of 2013 across more than 90 course areas.

• LearnSmart Prep: Available immediately across six course areas.

• LearnSmart Labs: Available immediately for the following courses: Majors Biology, General Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology, Organic Chemistry and Nutrition.

• LearnSmart Achieve: Available in beta in the spring of 2013 across more than 25 course areas.

All products in the LearnSmart Advantage suite will be available directly to students beginning at $19.99.

McGraw-Hill Education at CES

McGraw-Hill Higher Education will be demonstrating the LearnSmart Advantage suite at Pepcom's "Digital Experience!" event on Jan. 7. McGraw-Hill Education will be posting live tweets from the conference through its Twitter feeds (@MHEducation, @MHhighered). Additionally, Stephen Laster, McGraw-Hill Education's chief digital officer, will participate in the HigherEdTECH Summit at CES, a conference designed to bring together industry leaders to discuss how technology can positively impact higher education.

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McGraw-Hill upgrades digital textbook with new SmartBook

A screenshot of the McGraw-Hill SmartBook.

Digital textbooks are available on a variety of platforms and from most of the major textbook publishers. The advantages are clear. They are cheaper, easier to carry around and can incorporate interactive features such as videos or social media to make learning more enjoyable for students who grew up in the "digital age."

At CES, McGraw-Hill, one of the more prominent textbook publishers, is looking to take digital textbooks to another level, announcing its new SmartBook for college students.

The SmartBook, available for PCs, Macs and iOS and Android mobile devices, will aim to change traditional textbooks by offering an "adaptive learning experience" that will act like a virtual tutor, studying the students' learning habits and helping focus attention on weaker areas.

The SmartBook works like this: All students will see a preview of the chapter, allowing the student to get an overview of the material. As the student reads the overview, the SmartBook presents a series of test questions. Based on the answers, the textbook will "adapt" to the student and begin to recommend introductory sections.

The textbook will then continue tracking the student's progress, and continue to adjust with the student as they go through the semester, constantly updating to give them the best way to learn. Similar to a traditional tutor, the SmartBook also predicts what material the student will forget over time and how fast they will forget it. Knowing this, the SmartBook asks students to "recharge" their learning, helping the student to review and better retain the material.

There are further benefits to this technology as well. Using data on what areas students understand best, McGraw-Hill can create a dialogue with authors of these textbooks to help refine areas where students struggle most.

The SmartBook will be available later this spring for more than 90 different courses. No pricing has been announced at this time for individual SmartBooks, but they will be available as part of McGraw-Hill's larger LearnSmart Advantage education software suite, which adds an adaptive "prep" course for taking prior to the start of the semester, a "photo-realistic" virtual lab for science courses, as well as an adaptive tutor.

Prices for the LearnSmart Advantage suite start at $19.99, and it can be purchased as well as rented on a per-semester basis.

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    **For iPad devices only**
    To have the best experience we recommend an iPad device.

    McGraw-Hill Education’s SmartBook® is the first and only adaptive reading experience designed to change the way you read and learn. It creates a personalized reading experience by highlighting the most impactful concepts you need to learn at a given moment in time. As you engage with SmartBook, the reading experience continuously adapts by highlighting content based on what you know and don’t know. This ensures that the focus is on the content you needs to learn, while simultaneously promoting long-term retention of material.

    Study smarter. SmartBook™ highlights the material you need to read now and adapts as you learn so that study time is as productive as possible. The result: better grades, more confidence, and greater success.

    Features & Benefits:
    -Study anytime and anywhere
    -Individualized study plan
    -Targeted remediation
    -Easy to use progress and status reports
    -Personal study calendar

    Available titles include: Accounting – American Government – Biology – Business – Chemistry – EMR – EMT – Fitness & Wellness – Geology – Health – Management – Marketing – Medical Assisting – Medical Terminology – Microbiology – Nutrition – Psychology – Sociology – and more.

    Version 1.10.1033

    Ratings and Reviews

    Minimal effort from MH on this app

    Where does one start when there is so much to critique? You load the app and it asks you to login using your credentials. Get comfortable with this part, because you will do it more than studying. Next there is the remember me button... not sure what it’s there for. It doesn’t seem to remember anything. Maybe it is asking “Remember me?”... yeah little button i do, since I have to log in anytime i put my phone down, we have become the best of friends. Next, you get logged in and it provides you the most spartan of menus... why are my expired purchases the first thing that comes up? I’m not that student anymore... I’m trying to forget that student. Eventually you find the current course you are enrolled in and click the button. Perfect! Now you can navigate to the section of the book you need, before being given an inactivity notification and being logged out. This app is like that tragic first date that you never wanna think about, but you are stuck with because it’s the only date you have ever been on, so it ruins you on dating. You get a cat... and another cat... and another... eventually you smells like cat urine and you haven’t learned anything about the subject you enrolled for because this app is so terrible. If this app were a person, i would push it down a flight of stairs and then set the stairwell on fire.

    Honestly, I hate it

    Don’t you love it when you get kicked out of an app in the middle of your late-night cramming study session? I mean, it’s not like I was doing anything important anyway, right? I just have an exam tomorrow, no big deal.
    Like, I feel like this app and its companion Learnsmart have the potential to be good. I like that it gives you practice questions and lets you know what you need to study more. There are just so many frustrating quirks that drive me insane. It kicks me out after like 20 minutes of reading, and it refuses to save my password. The “Remember Me” checkbox on the login page is an utter joke. It’s completely useless. If the text is dimmed, you can’t click on it to make it darker in the app. Like my eyes aren’t already ruined enough. Additionally, every two seconds a lady pops up to remind you to practice (which would be fine if it weren’t so frequent), but then the practice button is no where to be found. I have to go to the learnsmart app and then do the whole infuriating login routine again. I just feel like the app has so much wasted potential. I hope someday they update it so the students forced to use it will have a slightly better time. Studying already isn’t fun, we don’t need an app to make it worse.

    Easy to use.

    Okay, I just want to clarify. If you are using SmartBook for your class go to your Blackboard. Once you are there open the link for your assignment from Blackboard! This will eliminate so many issues. If it’s your first time using the app don’t sign in once your app downloads. Go back to Blackboard and click your assignment. Click Launch and it will automatically sign you in. The only two issues I have are as follows: I can’t zoom in on questions or pages. When it’s asking me a multiple choice question I’m trying to hit one answer, but the choices are so tiny and close together that it’s hard to make sure you hit the right one. (Some questions are once you hit an answer you can’t change it.) My second downfall for the app is, if you are on the computer version and you need to click the “Read About This” button it takes you right to the spot you need to read about. In the app version it mostly just puts you are the last spot you read from or some random other spot on the page. Overall it’s a great tool if your laptop is down for some reason.

    The developer, McGraw-Hill, indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

    Data Not Linked to You

    The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:

    Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More


    McGraw-Hill Higher Education

    30.4 MB


    Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
    Requires iPadOS 8.0 or later.
    iPod touch
    Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
    Requires macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip.

    Age Rating

    © 2020 McGraw Hill



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    Active Learning and Student Engagement with McGraw Hill's SmartBook


    **For tablet devices only**
    To have the best experience we recommend a tablet device.

    McGraw-Hill Education’s SmartBook® is the first and only adaptive reading experience designed to change the way you read and learn. It creates a personalized reading experience by highlighting the most impactful concepts you need to learn at a given moment in time. As you engage with SmartBook, the reading experience continuously adapts by highlighting content based on what you know and don’t know. This ensures that the focus is on the content you needs to learn, while simultaneously promoting long-term retention of material.

    Study smarter. SmartBook™ highlights the material you need to read now and adapts as you learn so that study time is as productive as possible. The result: better grades, more confidence, and greater success.

    Features & Benefits:
    -Study anytime and anywhere
    -Individualized study plan
    -Targeted remediation
    -Easy to use progress and status reports
    -Personal study calendar

    Available titles include: Accounting – American Government – Biology – Business – Chemistry – EMR – EMT – Fitness & Wellness – Geology – Health – Management – Marketing – Medical Assisting – Medical Terminology – Microbiology – Nutrition – Psychology – Sociology – and more.


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    SmartBook® 2.0

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    • > SmartBook

    McGraw Hill Connect®

    Boost confidence and better
    prepare students for success with
    SmartBook 2.0 - Connect’s adaptive
    learning solution.

    Why SmartBook 2.0?

    With more than a decade of collecting data from billions of questions answered across 90+ disciplines, we've learned a lot about adaptive learning's impact on student performance.

    The results? The evolution of Connect’s SmartBook 2.0. We’ve created a secure space for learning that balances intentional rigor with the freedom to make mistakes. This is an environment that develops self-awareness through meaningful, immediate feedback that improves student success.

    SmartBook 2.0 Assignments:

    Quick to Deploy Assignments that Help Students Learn

    Stay in total control with SmartBook 2.0, whether building a new
    assignment or helping students prepare
    for an upcoming exam.



    Pick the topics, depth of coverage, and even the length of time students spend on an assignment.


    Build a foundation using brand-new chapters and concepts.


    Create assignments from multiple chapters or previously assigned concepts.


    Learning Science:

    Challenge While
    Building Student

    Motivate and build student confidence with the power of learning science built within SmartBook 2.0.

    Deliberate Practice
    SmartBook 2.0 creates a baseline of student knowledge and focuses their time on knowledge gaps.

    Spaced Practice
    SmartBook 2.0 keeps students focused by mixing related topics and reducing fatigue to improve retention.

    SmartBook 2.0 helps students better understand what they know and what they don’t know.

    How SmartBook 2.0 Adaptive Questions Work

    Rooted in several learning science principles like spacing, chunking, and interleaving, SmartBook 2.0 creates mini-cycles of questions that consist of no more than five concepts at a time creating smaller, easier to absorb “chunks” of content. Each mini-cycle works like this:

    1. It utilizes questions that are different but with related ideas.
    2. Once students demonstrate that they understand a concept, the related questions will no longer appear.
    3. If students continue to struggle with a concept, they are more likely to encounter repeating questions. This is how SmartBook 2.0 limits guessing and short-term, rote memorization.

    This unique question approach improves comprehension and long-term retention and sets Connect with SmartBook 2.0 apart from any other adaptive tool on the market today.


    of students indicated it is important for digital learning technology to adapt to their unique learning style.

    Hanover Research


    SmartBook 2.0 Reports:

    Track Performance and
    Student Knowledge

    Guide your teaching and remediation with SmartBook 2.0 class and individual student performance data.

    Instructor Reports

    Easily see class and student-level assignment data, metacognition levels, and even the most challenging concepts.

    Knowledge Gaps

    Get more opportunities to close student knowledge gaps by tailoring your lecture to your class needs.

    Student Reports

    Help students track their own learning with reports that reveal where they’re struggling.


    Usually students don’t read the course content assigned to them. But, when you require SmartBook, they read the material. You don’t even have to assign a lot of points to the homework because studying becomes like a game to them.

    Dr. Debra Kuhl
    Pensacola State College


    ReadAnywhere App:

    Learning that Fits into
    Your Students’ Lives

    Give your students what they need SmartBook 2.0 – a personalized learning experience they can now access on their smartphones or tablets with the free ReadAnywhere app. Help your students study when it’s convenient for them – anytime, anywhere, even offline..

    Offline Access
    The free ReadAnywhere app lets students access their required reading and assignments, anywhere, anytime, across devices – even offline.

    True Flexibility
    Your books are not with your students 24/7, but their phones are. Making it even easier for your students to fit studying into their lives.

    Cross Platform Syncing
    Your students’ progress across devices syncs automatically, so they can pick up wherever they left off no matter what device they’re on.

    Hear From the Students Who Have
    Used Connect with SmartBook

    Learn How Connect Can
    Amplify Your Teaching Style

    Get a no risk, no-obligation demonstration.


    No Commitment – REALLY!


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