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When Does Previous Item Shop And Tour Content Reappear? What Is This System? Feedback

This question is more directed to the Gears of War Vets here that have played Gears of War 4, and now 5 as I have steered well clear of these two games, mainly because of the in game store, microtransactions and the gutting of content from this game.

I did not want to spend a single penny on this game, not at £40 either for a game where almost all of the content is behind a paywall or tour exclusives.

But I have got the Game pass and I have started to play the game, now before this I started to see some people with the Locust Bolter Drone skin, and I thought to myself (what a wonderful world) (not really) “You can get that in Gears 5?”.

So I downloaded the game, booted it up and to my surprise a bit fat ffing nope was the answer that I sadly found out. Even more saddening, it was on the Item Store, and you had to buy it! in a Tripple A game.

And even then, it was gone! because it was in the store in January, and they remove content from the store every week!

WTF is the chuckle f sheez.

So, I would like to know when does this gutted content come back? I swear if the answer is no, and this type of content is never comes back, I really hope TC suffers because to take the game as what it is now, with nowhere as much content as a AAA game should have,I feel sorry for anyone that was let down by The Coalition, and they should be saying that to you, not a fellow customer.

When you get great responses from the TC, they go like this:

“Tour is all limited time stuff. If you miss out, it’s gone and won’t be in the next Tour” - TC Octus - Senior Community Manager at The Coalition.

(Oh yes, let’s not forget TC Octus, the same TC Octus and Dana Sissons - Director of Communications at Microsoft for Gears of War, both made a joke at a guys expensive during a live stream and then laughed at him, simply because the guy dared asked why is there microtransactions in a $60 dollar game, and let’s not forget Rod Ferguson liking Tweets telling fans to f off and shut up, yeah, and you don’t think people are going to get mad at that? Fix you sheez man!).

Now I have seen from the Collation stating when questioned about if microtransactions are really needed, and this was their response:

“Unfortunately it is. It helps fund the post launch. We don’t charge for a season pass or for a map expansion. Running servers for years and making new maps and modes is very expensive. The esports skins support esports. Everything else supports multiplayer” - Ryan Cleven - Design Director

So why does that lead to you creating FOMO then?

Fear of Missing Out - In my opinion, a predatory approach to sales, in which the seller either, arbitrarily increases prices, or removes items or content, by giving the illusion of scarcity of said tiems.

You are tripping yourself up TC with that one then because it’s not about you needing Money/ Funding, because if you put everything on the store instead of vaulting everything, (this is not a Battle Royale game where these items actually have mechanics and game changing effects like weapons that get vaulted for sometimes good reasons, no you are vaulting models and cosmetic items) it’s about control, and power really isn’t it at the end of the day. You can do whatever you want to do, and you know it.

From what I am taking away from all this is:

A), Ok it helps fund the game post launch. Ok, but you don’t charge for a Season Pass, or have everything on the store, that would give everyone the same content, or again put it all on the store then, why do you do the Fortnite style store? and why do you vault everything (Vaulting means remove). No, you just charge for each item, one by one, then you set time and by doing so you have created the textbook definition of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), that is the real thing in what you are saying and doing, so don’t lie to us.

B). Ok it is very expensive to create new content and run the servers, I know that myself because I take commissions to create 3D assets for people to put in their games, so I will give you that one, but riddle me this, why is that other companies, are either doing it so much better, or in a way that has not garnered nowhere near as much flak as the system you are doing?

Eelectronic Arts, (I know this is bad even mentioning them but) look at the resurgence of Star Wars Battlefront 2, new maps, skins, new content, that doesn’t cost a penny to the customers, yet The Colaition is a studio of Xbox Game Studios which in tern is part of Microsoft, so you are not broke by any stretch of the imagination to even justify this. You are Tripple A sutdio, not an Indie developer, and even, even if you was struggling to make money, why don’t you go with the system I just mentioned then? I smell somthing, and I think everyone else can too.

Also what genius at The Coalition worked out the finances and the monetary gains for the practices of this game?
Let’s cut all of the content up,(Yet impliment it so poorly that you are making yourself loose money, unnecessarily I might add), only for people who already own this game, to look at this, who might not now even pay for this kind of content, because some people no matter how good your intentions are or were, won’t entertain this kind of practice even if you paid them to. So now you have lost some more people because they don’t agree with it. (You are doing great so far TC. Hire me instead, I’ll make you money).

You have it where Items go on the store, you create FOMO, and people miss the items on the store because of a time limit, so that’s a another lot of people that have missed the ability to purchase the items they want, (that is more money that you have just missed out on) So now you are left with just the people that either work from home, or don’t have a job and just play the game all day, and people that have the time for it, and I am guessing by the sheer amount of anger about this, it is the veteran, hardcore fans of the Gears of War series that funds you, because the average gamer moves on rather quickly to other games when they come out so, why do this to the people funding this game?

Yes very Stonks that idea is TC, as opposed to just having all of the items that you want to sell, just be on one store page, an example:

You open the In-game Store, a person says, “I want a Baird Skin”, so you go to where is says characters, you look through the filer, and you click Baird. Then it shows all of the skins, and everything for that character has, banners, blood splatters etc for people to buy. No FOMO, no vaulting, no timers, it’s all there for people to buy when they choose to do so.

But yet, we pay full price for the game to play it, unless you go with the Game Pass, (seeing as how TC treats it’s customers by taking all of the content out of the game, Game pass is really the only way to go, again, Big Stonks TC, now you are not getting the price even for the game) but if you own the game, we can’t even access the content that is on the disk. Does this not scream to the Collation, as an open invatation to have people jail break the content that is on the disk?, the same with what people did to Street Fighter because they did the same thing.

How is it The Collation gets away with this? Or I missing something here?

Big Stonks is what I am getting from this, because you would make more money just by having all the content on the store for people to buy at any time, because funnily enough, not everyone would buy the same thing, so something you might not have made a lot on money on,let’s say a banner or something, there might be a player out there that loves them, but because of FOMO, that player now can not buy them because the one s/he wanted has gone, they missed it.

Get rid of the timed rubbish. This is not Fortnite that’s a free game, so they get a little bit more truck and leeway with what they do, but not here. Not a game that is a direct continuation of Epic’s Golden era.

Coalition, if you intend to go down this route, do it this way, for the love of God:

343 done goofed, and that was bad, at least though they are listening to their player base because they know the money will stop flowing, and that’s it at the end of the day, money. Now you are a business, but if I was the CEO of The Colation I would be going mental, because you are loosing me money, and not capitalizing on what could be making me money.

All of content for Gears of War 4 is now available, and you can create everything in-game with scrap, so why does this game need to be A), Dead, or B), A new Gears of War game comes out before we can even access the old content again?

“It’s to make out players feel rewarded and feel special” It’s pixels and polygons on a screen, and I am pretty sure that if anyone heard someone bosting about how they got a skin first in a game, I am pretty sure in the real world you would jsut be laughed out of a job.

Pull yourself together, and pull your socks up Coalition because you need the wake up call, and I’m giving it to you, so take it.



Gears 5

Bound by Blood


Kait Diaz

Kait was born and raised beyond the COG’s formal jurisdiction. Her mother, Reyna, was the leader of her isolated Outsider village. Yet Kait also has deep family ties to the COG: her late father was a widely admired lieutenant colonel during the Pendulum Wars and her uncle, Oscar, was a highly decorated frontline Gear in the early years of the Locust War. Even after her induction into the COG, her true loyalties are unknown, even to her.

JD Fenix

The son of Marcus Fenix and Anya Stroud, JD grew up surrounded by stories of his war-hero parents. Unfortunately, an incident at Settlement 2 left JD deeply disillusioned with the COG, after which he and his best friend, Del, went AWOL and joined an Outsider village. After helping to fight back the Swarm’s initial push, JD has once again attracted the interest of First Minister Jinn, much to his father’s and friends’ dismay.

Del Walker

Del lost both his parents in the difficult aftermath of the Locust War and was siphoned into a boarding school, where he met JD Fenix. As a young officer, Del was part of a disastrous mission at the COG’s Settlement 2, which shattered his faith in First Minister Jinn’s government. Although Del recognizes the need to fight with the COG in the aftermath of the Swarm’s emergence, he is not necessarily thrilled to be doing so—and he is wholly unprepared to learn details about the Settlement 2 incident that JD has kept from him.

Marcus Fenix

After the Locust War, Marcus played a limited role in the COG, even though his wife, Anya, initially led the government. After Anya’s death, it became clear that the COG would favor authoritarian control over civic-minded rebuilding. Now that he and JD have been reunited, Marcus finds himself once again fighting for the COG, but his frustrations with authority, and conflicts with his son, remain ever present.

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Weekly store items

They said on stream the Title Update comes on the week of January 20th. At least, that’s what I heard being said on it. I don’t recall any mentions of Store content other than that the new stuff is only going to come when TU4 drops. Which this week’s What’s Up confirms because they have just put at least some of the previously offered Store character skins back up for this week until new content arrives. So all I can assume here is you trying to get a reaction or falsely associating things to statements.

Either way, I’m not bothered to argue. It’s late, I’m tired and I have to be up very early tomorrow morning. So I’ll just leave it at that.


Let’s talk about last week’s Weekly Store.

Firstly, we want to apologize for the very last-minute notice regarding the Store remaining the same last week. As mentioned in our introduction, the Monday change in our TU deployment plans had some knock on effects – one of which being that the TU contained content for last week’s Store.

The team re-assessed potential Store updates for the Tuesday, but in the end, a call was made on Tuesday to leave the store as is. This resulted in the last-minute notice that we know was frustrating, and something we try to avoid at all costs.

One of the things we heard loud and clear last week was a desire for something different in the Store rather than nothing. With our TU due next week, we’re using this as an opportunity to bring back some past Character Skins for one week only!

All this week’s returning Character Skins (except for Lt. Fahz) were previously released at higher Iron prices before our latest round of reductions. For this week’s Store, we’ll be running a sale on these Character skins to make them available at our current prices for Character Skins based on their rarity since release (750 for Epic, 500 for Rare).

With that said, here’s this week’s Store along with a few highlights on some of our favorite skins this week”


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GEARS 5 TWIG Weekly Store, Torque Bow Tag VS Event, and Black Steel Locust Beast Rider

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