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The Case for a Dragon Age Trilogy Remaster After Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

By Ramon Hara


Now that BioWare's Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is out, the studio should also consider a remastered version of the Dragon Age trilogy.

Yesterday, BioWare released Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, the highly-anticipated remaster of the first three Mass Effect games. With several graphical and gameplay enhancements, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is the dream game of fans of the franchise, as well as an opportunity for those who may not have played the originals to see what the series is about. However, now that Mass Effect has been remastered, what happens now to Dragon Age?

For the uninitiated, Dragon Age is another highly successful franchise developed by BioWare. While it retained many of the elements that made Mass Effect popular, Dragon Age set itself apart with its unique take on the classic high-fantasy setting with an immersive story and challenging combat. While developers at BioWare still haven't revealed any plans as to the possibility of a Dragon Age remaster, here are several reasons why Dragon Age should see a definitive return.

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Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2 Are Flawed Classics

Despite being the oldest entry in the Dragon Age series, Dragon Age Origins remains a fan favorite because it was able to introduce players to the world of Thedas and the game's various classes and factions. Dragon Age Origins was able to encapsulate what the first game of a series should be, as it set the tone that would carry over in succeeding games. However, as wonderful as Dragon Age Origins is, the biggest drawback is its clunky combat. Although the Awakening expansion and several mods have remedied most existing bugs and glitches, a remaster is still the best way to update the game and introduce it to a new generation of players.

As far as Dragon Age 2 is concerned, it is worth noting that the sequel was able to bring massive improvements to combat and gameplay. However, due to EA instituting a shorter development period on BioWare after Dragon Age Origins, the game's overall quality suffered. Dungeons lacked any semblance of variety, weapons and gear were limited, and the story seemed a bit rushed. Both Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age 2 are not even playable on PS4 and Xbox One, so a remaster could pave the way for these games to be released on those consoles, possibly even on the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Remaster Could Prepare for Dragon Age 4

Although Dragon Age Inquisition still holds up pretty well, including it in a remaster alongside all its DLC would be the perfect primer in preparation for Dragon Age 4. Additionally, some players were able to finish the main story of Dragon Age Inquisition, though not necessarily the story of any of its paid DLC, which are essential to its plot and basically sets up the events leading to Dragon Age 4. Having the main game and all of its expansions in one package would prepare new players for the upcoming next installment, and give veteran fans something to do while waiting for Dragon Age 4.

In the end, a Dragon Age remaster would benefit BioWare and the Dragon Age community as a whole. Not only does it open the opportunity for BioWare to the fix bugs and shortcomings of the original games, but it is also a chance for the studio to unify all existing Dragon Age games and DLC with updated visuals and gameplay. That'd be especially beneficial for fans, considering it appears Dragon Age 4 is still a year away at the earliest.

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Will Dragon Age Get A Remastered Trilogy After Mass Effect Success

It is unlikely that Dragon Age will be remastered like Mass Effect, but given the success of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, anything is possible.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition recently released, remastering the original trilogy of Mass Effect games. Currently, Mass Effect Legendary Edition is enjoying the highest number of concurrent players on Steam for a BioWare game to date, though the astounding success of the remaster brings a few questions to mind for BioWare's future plans. The looming question is if there is a chance that BioWare's fantasy RPG, Dragon Age, will receive a similar remaster.

To compare BioWare's two franchises is a difficult matter, as both were made at different times with different teams. One important factor of Mass Effect Legendary Edition's release is that it came only after Mass Effect: Andromeda had launched. The newest entry in the ME franchise left much to be desired and was graced with several much-needed patches before the studio was able to move on. It stands to reason that Dragon Age will follow a similar pattern before the series receives a remaster.

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Dragon Age 4 was initially announced back in 2018 and has experienced several setbacks. More difficulties for the project came with the departure of several developers from BioWare and a product reboot being initiated in response. During that time, BioWare dedicated many resources to try and fix Anthem's many problems, and developer Mike Laidlaw had recently left to join Ubisoft. Presently, Dragon Age 4 has yet to announce a dedicated release date, save for the announcement that it will release April 2022 at the earliest. If Dragon Age is following Mass Effect's pattern, it can be assumed that a Dragon Age remaster is a few years out at least.

Mass Effect & Dragon Age: Different Game, Different Story

Another barrier to a potential remaster for the Dragon Age series would be its latest installment's place in game consoles. Dragon Age Inquisition was released back in 2014 on Xbox One and Xbox 360, but its graphics and gameplay have held up better than most games released during that time. Despite the difficulty in remastering Dragon Age Inquisition, there is another entry in the franchise that is more overdue for a remaster. Widely hailed as a masterpiece, Dragon Age Origins was the game that kicked off the franchise into the fantasy legacy it has today. DAO was initially released in 2009 and has set the precedent for many RPGs since.

Mass Effect and Dragon Age both tackled their stories very differently. While Mass Effect enjoyed the luxury of a set cast of characters that could be expanded with each game, as well as a recurring protagonist, Dragon Age introduces a new cast with each installment. Marketing the original Mass Effect trilogy together makes perfect sense, as it encompasses the adventures of Commander Shepard throughout the Reaper War. BioWare would need to examine whether it would benefit from another remastered trilogy, despite the disconnected stories and cast, or choose to remaster a single installment from the franchise.

While the very idea of a Dragon Age remaster is likely far away, work continues on Dragon Age 4. Given the success of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition remaster, it stands to reason that this is a project BioWare will consider pursuing in the future after the fourth installment has been completed and released. There is currently no announcement for Dragon Age 4's release date, and there is no news on other projects in theDragon Age universe.

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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Sales Success is Good News for Dragon Age Fans

Dragon Age fans have been waiting years for news on the next entry in the series. Developer BioWare has long since confirmed that a new Dragon Age is coming, but the timeframe of its release is still unclear. Fans of the series are also anxiously waiting for news on Dragon Age 4, as some of BioWare's recent releases were disappointing for fans, and some are worried that the same could be true for the newest Dragon Age.

However, BioWare's most recent release, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition was far from a disappointment. The Mass Effect series started around the same time as Dragon Age, and the recent remaster bundled together the first three games with visual improvements and nearly all of the series' DLC on modern hardware. Mass Effect and Dragon Age have crossed over here and there in the past, and the two series are built on a lot of the same DNA and design philosophies. However, the success of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition may be better news for Dragon Age than many fans realize.

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The Success of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition was a real treat for fans of the series. Not only did it bundle all of the games together, but it also featured a new build of the original Mass Effect that brought mechanical changes along with its visual improvements. Playing through all three games in a row with all of the content available is a special experience, especially for players who are revisiting some of their favorite characters. In fact, the remastered trilogy was so successful with fans that it encouraged many players to revisit the less popular Mass Effect Andromeda after completing it.

Like Dragon AgeMass Effect 4 is also currently in development at BioWare. For fans waiting on Mass Effect 4 and hoping it will compensate for some of Mass Effect's previous shortcomings, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition provided a lot of hope. The game did not feature any new content that was too substantial, but it was emblematic of the developer hopefully recognizing what fans love about the original trilogy in the first place. This made those same fans feel a lot more excited for Mass Effect 4, as well as the game serving as a great bit of content for fans while they wait for the next entry in the series.

Why Mass Effect: Legendary Edition's Success Could Be Good For Dragon Age Fans

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition's success, however, could also influence how BioWare and EA handle the Dragon Age series while fans wait for Dragon Age 4. With how well Mass Effect: Legendary Edition performed both financially and critically, it would make a lot of sense for the companies to be considering a similar treatment for the original three Dragon Age games. Of course, it has been many years since Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2 were first released, and they have never received an official remaster or port to more modern hardware. Dragon Age Inquisition is a more modern title, but the first two games in the series could have a lot of their visual elements improved. This would be even better for players who want to revisit the games to understand Dragon Age 4's story.

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Dragon Age 4 also seems to still be quite a ways out from releasing. Development of the game was reportedly restarted after Anthem failed to find an audience, leaving the development team to change the game's focus from a live service title to a more traditional RPG. Despite this change, EA and BioWare have shared very little about the game beyond just a few short teasers. Dragon Age 4 even skipped this year's EA Play Live event, leaving fans anxious to see it. This puts the series in a great position to tide fans over with a remaster of the original Dragon Age trilogy. Not only would that help keep fans engaged while Dragon Age 4 is in development, but it also would help drum up excitement for the new title, and could increase that game's sales as well.

What a Dragon Age Remastered Trilogy Could Look Like

The game that would need the most work would undoubtedly be Dragon Age: Origins. The game's visuals are the most dated, and a similar rebuilding to the first Mass Effect would bring about many welcome changes. However, Dragon Age 2 could also do with some mechanical changes. In Mass Effect: Legendary EditionMass Effect had its mechanics updated to better align with the other two games. Something similar could be done to Dragon Age 2 to help the gameplay more strategically like Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Of course, the trilogy would also likely bundle together all of the trilogy's various DLC packs. This would be a great benefit for fans, as it would provide an easier way for them to get caught up on the series' lore and various characters that will all undoubtedly impact Dragon Age 4 and its villain.

Another benefit of a trilogy remaster would be easing the process for save file imports. All three of the games have many choices for players to make that can have sprawling consequences across later games. As of now, importing save files can be a bit tricky with players having to re-enter their choices in another website to transfer them into Dragon Age: Inquisition. A remastered trilogy would allow Dragon Age: Inquisition to import these files more smoothly and make the experience seamless. It also could allow Dragon Age 4 to do so smoothly. This would help allow the newest entry in the series to properly compensate for the dedication of its fans by being able to bring back Dragon Age: Origins' Warden character with better accuracy to each individual player's experience. Hopefully, players will get some more news on Dragon Age sometime soon.

Dragon Age 4 is currently in development.

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Could the Success of Mass Effect Legendary Edition Lead to a Dragon Age Remaster?

BioWare released Mass Effect Legendary Edition– a complete remaster of the three main Mass Effect games- a few weeks ago and the remastered titles have been a big success for the company. With the Mass Effect remastered trilogy doing so well, it’s impossible to avoid questions surrounding BioWare’s other successful franchise: Dragon Age. The Dragon Age series also has three games to its name, coming out in 2009, 2011, and 2014 respectively, and- much like Mass Effect– there is another game in the works at the moment. Let’s take a look at some key points to bring to the discussion when considering the possibility of a remaster of the Dragon Age series.

Different Game, Different Team

As much as I would love to see a Dragon Age trilogy remaster, the possibility seems slim at best. One of the reasons for this is that despite having the same developers and publishers of the Mass Effect series, Dragon Age was worked on by a completely different team and so the logistics of a remaster may not be as possible for Bioware. This isn’t particularly uncommon- especially for triple-A game studios who have large teams working across multiple franchises- but it is likely to throw a spanner in the works when it comes to considering a remaster

A Slightly Younger Franchise

Dragon Age is a little bit younger than the Mass Effect series and this could have a significant effect on the possibility of a remaster. The three main games in the Mass Effect series came out in 2007 (Mass Effect 1), 2009 (Mass Effect 2), and 2012 (Mass Effect 3) respectively whereas the Dragon Age games came out in 2009 (Dragon Age Origins), 2011 (Dragon Age II) and 2014 (Dragon Age Inquisition). The latest Dragon Age came out seven years ago- which is still a significant amount of time- but the latest Mass Effect game (not including Andromeda, more on that later) was almost ten years ago. It seems like a small amount of time – Mass Effect 3 and Inquisition being only two years apart- but it makes all the difference in terms of game development. Inquisition might be seven years old but it still holds up as a playable game. Mass Effect 3 does too but Inquisition is notably more polished. It doesn’t feel like it warrants a remaster, in terms of both graphics and gameplay. This is likely due to Dragon Age being that little bit younger than Mass Effect. That being said, both Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age II could definitely benefit from a tune up that a remaster could offer, but would Bioware really be willing to recreate only two of the three games? Even if they did, it wouldn’t feel complete without Inquisition and it seems like a waste of time and resources to remaster a game that doesn’t really need it.

Mass Effect Andromeda

Another key factor in the discussion on a Dragon Age remaster is the 2017 game Mass Effect Andromeda. Andromeda is not a direct sequel to the other three Mass Effect games, instead, taking place far in the future by focusing on a group of citizens who have undertaken a 600-year journey to the Heleus Cluster in the Andromeda system to find humanity a new home. The response to Andromeda was average at best, with criticism aimed at the ridiculous amount of bugs, glitches, and painfully poor animations. The less than stellar response to Andromeda left a bad taste in the mouths of Mass Effect fans around the world, which likely prompted BioWare to go back to the drawing board for the series as a whole. Although discussions for the remastered trilogy began two years after the release of Mass Effect 3- in 2014- work on the project did not commence until 2019. The response to Andromeda will probably have had an effect on the developers- thanks to the fans who showed their disdain for the new game and wanted a return to the Mass Effect world and characters that they knew and loved- but Dragon Age has had no such controversy. Dragon Age II was very different from Dragon Age Origins in terms of narrative and gameplay mechanics but it was not hated as vehemently as Andromeda was by certain fans. Inquisition then brought back a lot of what made Origins so great whilst maintaining the elements of Dragon Age II that were praised. Whilst the remaster for Mass Effect may have been impacted by the undesirable reception to Andromeda, Dragon Age has not had that kind of negative publicity and so a remaster may not feel like a priority for the developers from a PR perspective.

New Games Incoming

Both Mass Effect and Dragon Age are expecting new games in the future, with Dragon Age 4 being teased several times throughout the years and a teaser trailer for a game that looks like it may be a sequel to the original Mass Effect trilogy released in December of 2020. Bioware is hard at work with the franchises, so would a Dragon Age remaster really be a concern right now? The company is likely focusing all of their attention on Dragon Age 4– as well as that mysterious Mass Effect title- and this can only be a good thing, even if it doesn’t bode well for any fans expecting a Dragon Age remaster anytime soon.

Whilst Dragon Age Origins certainly lends itself to a remaster, it seems unlikely that the whole trilogy of Dragon Age games will be getting a Mass Effect style of remaster anytime soon. That being said, perhaps the developers may be willing to do a remaster of Origins only. The 2009 game would definitely benefit from a revamp, but BioWare’s focus is likely on the sequels to Mass Effect and Dragon Age at the moment. Hopefully, we will see at least one of the Dragon Age games remastered for a new generation in the future!

Sours: https://goombastomp.com/could-the-success-of-mass-effect-legendary-edition-lead-to-a-dragon-age-remaster/

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